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Sick Kids - Erie, PA

both my preschoolers have sore throats, they had fevers over the weekend but that symptom has gone. But it has been over three days and they are still complaining of sore throats and begging for tylenol. They seem to be eating well enough. I don't want to give them antibiotics for every little thing and i know if i take them to the dr he will prescribe it irregardless, but i also hate to see them miserable for a whole week.
does any one have any opinions on antibiotics??? Any home remedies for sore throats??

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I was also going to tell you that the pediatrician usually swabs their throat. If it is not strep they won't put them on an antibiotic. Strep usually comes with a fever and it is a lot worse then a regular sore throat.

One suggestion i have is warm decaf tea. My kids love it and it helps to soothe their throat. I have one up in bed today that started a sore throat last night. Tis the season i guess!!

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They should probably be swabbed for strep. If it's negative the dr. will NOT prescribe antibiotics and if he does, you need a new pediatrician!
If it's not strep, give Tylenol, push liquids, keep foods soft (jello, pudding, smoothies, soup, etc. Run humidifier in their rooms at night to combat the dry scratchy throat.
Allergies are RAMPANT right now so it may be drip from the stuffiness of the nose.
Weak tea with some honey may help (decaf of course!).
When my son is sick, I let him eat whatever he wants, even if it's 10 freezer pops per day!
Hope they feel better soon. Good luck!

If it seems to get worse at night, then it may be allergies
If it was strep, they would have fever and white spots or streaks on the back of their throats.
Change doctors--no kids should receive care that is so cavalier. Ask some of YOUR friends who they like and go from there!

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From my experience with strep:
It can come on suddenly. One minute they are fine, the next minute they are feverish and down.
ASk those who have been in contact with your kids if any particular bug is going around. If the daycare kids all have viral sore throats, it's a pretty good chance it's viral.
With strep the breath can have a peculiar *strep* odor. Use your nose.
There are a few types of strep and different kids act differently when they get it.
Look for the spots/streaks in the mouth that the others mention.
Lastly, if you decide not to treat, and it is strep, it WILL return in three weeks. It cycles, so always mark down when your kids have sore throats and look for an infectious pattern.
Also, if you are getting a lot of strep, there is such a thing as a strep carrier: someone ( even your dog!) who is not getting sick from the strep but is harboring the germ in them.
I don't know how accurate the instant throat cultures are. ( My ped said the instant ones were iffy, but that was a long time ago) but the cultures they send out are accurate.
If you have any doubt, ask for the culture!
And if you are not happy, look for a new doctor. Your husband's work colleagues may have different medical situations than your family and each family is different. If hubby protests, then HE has to take the kids and deal with the doc! NO doctor should NOT be questioned!!! Half of them graduated inthe bottom half of their class and all the rest are only *practicing the art of medicine*
The honest ones will tell you that. Run from the rest!
The best way to find a good doctor is to ask nurses who they go to!

Dottie...mom of 5, granma to 6; I don't Dr.-shop, but don't think I'll believe everything you tell me just because you have a white coat.

My experience with our peds has been that they are cautious about giving out antibiotics. If they don't think it is necessary they won't give it. So I trust their opinion on that. I would be concerned about strep, however, and would ask you to consider taking your kids for a throat culture. Untreated strep could make them very sick. As far as the Tylenol, I would give it to them to see if it helps with the sore throat pain. Sipping liquids should also help. Good luck, I hope your kids feel better soon.

Dumb question here -- who is your doctor ? If YOU aren't satisfied, change doc's anyway. (Do you go to Dr. Almquist?) I live in Greenfield, and we went to a pediatrician for a while (in Erie), but the guy was so condescending I went back to a family doctor after I found one I liked for me. I look for straight talk and good explanations from my doc's.

Anyway, Strept often comes with a rash, too, on the tummy, for the most part. And sometimes you can take your child in early on, and the culture will be negative, because it hasn't fully developed. I've also heard that you can actually fight a strep throat without antibiotics -- they give the antibiotics to protect you from complications.

At any rate, also remember that the common cold lasts 10 days. You can take meds or not, but it will still last 10 days. Post nasal drip can cause sore throats. Dry homes can cause sore throats. (and it IS the beginning of heating season) go for fruit juices for vitamin C content, you can even make ice cubes of it and chip them so it's more "fun" if you want . . . keep them hydrated, take a few rest breaks, (watching a favorite TV show or something so they don't fuss over it) and know that if it IS bacterial, the temps will zing up to around 103 or more, and you'll know something is wrong.

Strep is also not as contagious as you think. We had a 4 yr old get it, and no one else in the family did. when I was growing up, my sister got it a whole lot, and I never have. Once she (who is now a nursing instructor) was 99% sure I had it, but the test came out negative (one of those too soon things), and I fought it off myself. I've never had it since. So either I just never got it, or I got it once and have antibodies now. ?? who knows?

Doctoring the kids is one of the tough things we do as parents. It's always a guessing game, so just do your best. I think the fact that the fevers are down is evidence they are on the mend. (Fevers also come with dehydration, BTW, and a doctor once told me that the adult human body makes 1 quart of mucus a day to protect soft tissues . . . when we are sick, just IMAGINE how much it needs to make !! that's why you push fluids. -- also to help your kidneys cope with the things they are cleaning out of the bloodstream to get you healthy again)

Best of luck !!

I would not hesitate to take them to the doctors. They might have strep throat and you run the risk of much bigger things letting it go untreated. The doctor can assess whether it is antibiotic worthy. Most doctor do not prescribe antibiotics unless they are necesssary. Leave it to the professionals to decide.

I would check in and see if they have white spots ..try vaporizer or humidifier..may be allergies...my doctor rarely gives antibotics...those vapro plugs good..may be just worn down and tired...if our dr reccommends it i use antibotics..allergies very bad right now also

I was also going to tell you that the pediatrician usually swabs their throat. If it is not strep they won't put them on an antibiotic. Strep usually comes with a fever and it is a lot worse then a regular sore throat.

One suggestion i have is warm decaf tea. My kids love it and it helps to soothe their throat. I have one up in bed today that started a sore throat last night. Tis the season i guess!!

Hi Kristi,
I would call the doctor.
You don't have to go in but I would ask for his opinion.
Sore throats could turn into strep throats or even scarlet fever.
Antibiotics work if they are not precribed all the time. As an advocate for your child you always have the right to say no. Just because the Dr. prescribes it doesn't mean you have to fill it.
Popcicles and just sucking on plain ice works great.
anything cold will help.
If they will drink it Hot tea with lemon helps too.

Most dr's know better than to prescribe antibiotics for anything but an infection. I would take them to their dr.

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