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Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired!

I am desperate for some kind of solution here. I have been sick off an on since October. Whatever is going around, I catch, and I just can't seem to recover. I am better for maybe a week before the next one hits. The week before and of Christmas I was down with an infection (either sinus infection or bronchitis...maybe both - the dr. just gave me antibiotics because it was clear I was just going to keep getting worse). I finally started to feel better last week when I started getting a sinus headache midweek, and this weekend, I've just been miserably congested.

I've been doing everything to treat what I'm catching: steam, saline nasal spray, cough medicine (if applicable to the cold of the moment), sudafed, etc. As a pre-emptive strike, I have also started taking vitamin C and a probiotic supplement in addition to my regular multivitamin. I try to get as much rest as I can, and schedule "me" time. However, I've been so sick, I haven't been able to exercise since October, and it is really getting to me. I eat healthy, keep as clean a house as possible (without going overboard on disinfectant), wash my hands regularly, run the humidifiers (keep them clean)...I'm doing everything I'm supposed to!

It's killing me - I'm using up my sick time, dipping into vacation time, and just feeling totally ineffective personally & professionally because I'm sick ALL the time! Airborne hasn't done a thing, so that hasn't been a solution either. Any thoughts? Please send help.

ps- My daughter hasn't been getting sick nearly as often. She's had one cold through all of this! I also have a really supportive husband who had been just shaking his head all weekend because I'm down again. It's to the point where it is just absurd.

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Holy cow! What an overwhelming response. Thank you all so much for your good thoughts & advice. I seem to be almost out of the woods, though I'm still recovering from the last bout. I've weeded through all your suggestions and have tried a few, particularly the dietary supplements, which seem to be making something of a difference.

Again, I really appreciate all the good thoughts & advice. It's also just nice to know that there are so many strangers out there so willing to help! Thanks again.

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I could've written this about a month ago. I have a 2 year old girl and a 4 month old boy and was sick constantly after his birth. A good friend recommended that I take Vitamin D rather than Vitamin C. She's a yoga practitioner and has a relative who has a PhD in nutrition and said the latest research shows that Vitamin D does a better job of boosting the immune system and in the winter folks often don't get enough Vitamin D. So far it seems to be working for me.

Good Luck!

Chronic fatigue Syndrome can sneak up on Mom's. Especially if you've got symptoms of lost weight, constant sore throat, tired all the time, irritability etc... If not sounds like you need to get some blood work done.

Rest up & Feel better

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Your one sentence description under "A little about me" says it all. You're probably not getting enough rest. Any possibility of cutting back work hours a bit or getting help with the house work?

Hi Kat,

I had similar issues about a year ago-- I caught every 'germ' within a mile of me. I found acupuncture to be very helpful in improving my immunity, energy level and overall positive outlook. Hope this helps!



I know alot of people who have had similar illnesses which just linger and linger. I feel your pain. Sounds like you are trying to do the right things. Continue with drinking plenty of fluids and eating right. But, also are you sleeping enough. Rest is vital to recovery and most people simply do not get enough. Stress is very harmful to the body and you must try to limit it. I know today's world makes it difficult to live at a healthy pace, but, do try. Also try to do a little excercise even if you are tired (a short walk) sometimes we are lethargic from lack of activity and fresh air always helps. If your symptoms do persist or worsen go back to your doctor. Though unlikely more serious conditions can lead to this inability to recover from illness. The length of time you have been sick does not fall outside of the range of normal even though it does not feel normal to you. If you have severe headache, fever or other pain seek medical assistance immediately.

J. L.

Please learn more about Tahitian Noni Juice and the new beverage called Hiro Vitality that we have to give your immune system an extra boost. I live by this Hiro Vitality beverage, especially when I feel stressed or symptoms of a cold or flu. It has noni juice and lots of whole herbs. Funny thing is that it is only 10 calories and it is filled with noni juice, vitamins, herbs, and antioxidants. I drink 1-2 cans whenever I filled flu or cold symptoms and instantly I get relief. I mean literally I feel better within hours and take no medication. My 2yr old son has also greatly benefited from this product. If you would like more info, you can either visit my website at www.tni.com/1049768 or call me at ###-###-####. Hope this info helps!

Check out the netti pot, Oprah show. There is instruction and a picture. It is a saline wash, and seems to be very effective.

Hi K.,
My girlfriend swears by an over the counter medication called Zicam. When you feel a cold coming on you take this and it is supposed to work wonderfully to prevent getting a full blown cold. Have you tried "Emergen-C"? It comes in a packet you mix with water or juice, it a vitamin mix.
Stay positive and just focus your thought on feeling better, Spring is almost here!!

You need to boost your immune system. This is great advice. I hope it is okay to post this on here. I am new here.

Hi Kat, have you tried acupuncture or any other alternative treatments?


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