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Sick 3 Week Old and VERY Worried Mom!

My 3 week old son has recently came down w/ a cold! He's miserable! His nose is all stuffed up and his eyes just started to run! He isn't running a fever thank god! i called his doctor and they can't get me in an appt. til NEXT wednesday! he is even having a hard time w/ breastfeeding =( can anyone help me in maybe some home remidies to make him feel better?? i feel so bad for him but there is only so much i can do..his sister never got sick this young! any help would be highly appreciated!

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So..after all this alarming information about RSV,allergies and kids dieing I rushed Connor to the ER. They simply told me he has a slight cold and to use Saline drops and to suck out the mucas! To keep his head elevated and all that great jazz...he's doing fine as of today but just wait til I go to the doctors on Wednesday..they sure are going to get an earfull from this concerned momma! Thank you for all the great advice =)!

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I found that the saline nose SPRAY (not drops) were helpful when my infant was stuffy because the saline would really get up there and usually would cause him to sneeze after a minute or so (which was much nicer than trying to suction out his nose). Also, just putting a vaporizer/humidifier in his room (with no additives) will also help with his congestion.

Can you put his mattress at a slight incline? That's supposed to help. Plus a vaporizor. Get some eucalyptus oil at a healthfood store and add it to the water.

Maybe rub a little Vicks on his chest?

Just keep him hydrated, but insted of only breast feeding try some warm water in a bottle. The milk from the breast sometimes causes MORE phlem. Also, sit in the bathroom with the shower going on HOT for baout 30 mins. you can even feed him in there. that will loosen everything up, then suction it all out. Continue doing that, and everything should clear up in a couple of days.

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for one if he's sick and your pediatricin can't get him in for a week than you need a new pediatrician.The only reason I say that is he's three weeks old he is a High priority. Try to suck his nose before feedings. Run a pot of watter on the stove when it starts steaming reall good hold him over the steam. Just his face so his nose can drain and get most. Or you could sit in the bathroom with the shower running. Use the nose sucker. I wouldn't use a any type of rubs on him. But you should call the pediatrician back.

My kids are 18 months apart and my second son was sick WAY more often and much sooner than my first ever was. Hopefully your family won't get too much sickness over the summer.
Looks like everyone covered some great advice on here :)

Hang in there!

Call the drs back. If they can't "fit " you in before closing today hang up with them, and start calling other drs. Switch drs!!!
Stress the fact that the nursing is being hindered... And you don't feed with a bottle...
If noone will get you in before the end of the day then go directly to the emergency care or ER... At least your fears will be soothed until you can get an appt with a new dr...
At 3 months I was visiting family out of state when my 2nd child got a cold... He was having a really rough time breathing because of the congestion... I knew I wouldn't sleep a wink because of the fact I could hear him breathing laborously from across the room... I did take him to the Urgent care and guess what? had to pay out of my pocket for it... But I was relieved that it wasn't anything the drs thought was an issue and was given permission to give some meds to him... I slept alot better after that...

Hope you find a dr that actually cares about seeing those not real emergency, but could easily turn into a really big emergency cases...
Good luck!!

FIND A NEW DOCTOR! I cannot believe that any peds doc would make you wait that long for an appt-esp with a newborn! I work in the peds ER and many babies are coming in testing pos for RSV and influenza right now. Either get a new doc quick or take him to an urgent care clinic to make sure it isn't anything serious. You should never have to sit around and worry about your baby.
I've taken my kids to the urgent care on Dixie in Clarkston and they were pretty good there-and it's 24 hours/7 days a week.
Good luck .

My son was in the hospital with RSV at 9 weeks. The doctor should see him TODAY! Call them back. If they won't see him take him to ER.

When you do get to see the doc, make sure they are informed that the staff refused your request for an appt. Often the doc is unaware that the patient even called!

Hi J..
First and foremost--call your dr back TODAY, and insist they see the baby. He is TOO young for them to put off any concerns a week. Most pediatric offices would never do that. Make sure they understand that he is sick and needs to be seen. Even though there is no fever, you are a new mom and need to feel secure that he is ok. If they really will not see him, then you need a different dr.

--In the meantime until you get that cleared up, use a cool mist humidifier. Take it everywhere in the house that he is. If you are in the living room, move it into the living room, etc... and keep it in close proximity to where he is. If he is in the bouncy seat, sit the humidifier next to him, not spraying right on him, but in his direction.....and he should definately be sleeping next to it.

--You can use saline drops for his nose and suck the mucus out with an aspirator, they probably sent you home with one from the hospital, those ones are better than the ones you buy in the store. Just drop about 2 drops in his nose (he will NOT like it) and then suck the saline/mucus out.

--Also, keep in mind that November through April is RSV season. RSV is a respiratory virus that can be very dangerous, especially to newborns (my son got it at 5 weeks old). Watch his breathing and if he is becoming really labored, call your dr. right away.

--Elevate his crib mattress. Lift the mattress up, put a pillow underneath the mattress, between the mattress and the bottom of the crib and lay his head at the end you elevated. This will help keep the mucus draining instead of all stopping up in his nasal area.

--Last and not least, trust your instincts and follow them, to the ER if necessary. I am 33, but had my first one at 18. I was not assertive enough with the dr.s and so forth. I trusted what they said and didn't question it much. I felt worried and helpless. Do yourself a favor and find a dr that will truly listen to you, so that you do not have to sit and worry. Feel free to contact me via email privately too if you have questions. Also, remember there is always the ER or urgent care if you feel like something is really wrong. Good luck :o) and hold faith that things get less scary and more second nature as you go along. :o)

I'm with the other moms....find a pediatrician that will see your baby TODAY! My son's pediatrician always gets him in right away and would never wait a week...especially at that age.

I hope everything goes well for you and your little guy gets better soon!

I just want to say GOOD FOR YOU FOR BREASTFEEDING YOUR SONS. I'd say that having 2 small children qualifies you for having a life that's already fallen into place! Your plans for school are awesome too. The breastfeeding will give your baby antibodies to fight this thing he's gotten, so that's the best thing you can do. Can you clear his nose with a baby nose syringe and saline just before you nurse him? Keep a close eye on him and take him to an urgent care if you need to or keep calling your own doctor. Don't let him get any sicker, even if you have to go to the ER. Check his temperature often and nurse as much as you can to keep him hydrated. Good luck, J.!

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