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Sick 2 Month Old. - Mesa,AZ

Hello all.. first time asking for advise. I have a two month old son. (my 1st week back to work and it's horrible) He's come down with a cold. He has a cough. No runny nose.. no fever.. still eating (breastfed) still pooping & peeing. His cough sounds horrible and he's starting to get the rattle in his breathing. I took him in to the doctor last week and they told me he just has a cold. The Doc listened to his lungs and said they are clear.. that he just has to stick it out. I took him to the sitters this morning.. and didn't make it an hour at work and she's emailing me/calling.. suggesting I take him in to urgent care. I am concerned that my son is sick for the 1st time.. but worried that the sitter might be freakin out toooo much. I had my dad go pick up my son (in case he needs to go to urgent care) but my dad says he's the same. Any thoughts.. suggestions?

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Just wanted to thank everyone for your responses.. my little boy is doing better.. he just had a cold.. and decided to share with his favorite mommy.. :O) he just had his two month check up on Friday.. and got a bit of a fever, but he's over that too. Thanks again for all the great advise! You gals are the best...

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This time of the year, babies are prone to RSV. This is a cold virus that adults can tollerate, but children have a tough time fighting the virus.

The other problem is that at this age, the baby breathes through the nose which is now stuffy.

So, I would watch the baby and if he starts to breathe by pulling in the muscles in his chest, then he needs to be seen promptly.

Good luck

I would recommend taking him back to the dr. When I started going back to work my then 6 month old got sick, at first the dr said it was a cold... she did not get better I took her back and it was the croup...they had to give me a nebulizer and treatment for me to give her at home.
hope this helps!

It is more than likly just a cold but if you can prop him up to sleep his breathing will be easier, sleeping in a swing is great.

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Your son does just have a cold. it is an upper respiratory infection. This is a virus and can not be cured by antibiotics. It has to run its course. The congestion and rattling you hear is just sputum in his upper airway. make sure he is well hydrating because this will keep his mucous thin versus sitting in the back of his throat. Suction his nose out to keep it clear because babies are dominate nose breathers and if they can not breath out of their nose they will not eat. Using a cool mist humidifier at night will also help keep his airway moist. If his cough seems really bed and is keeping him awake take him in the bathroom, close the door, turn the hot water on full blast and sit with him in the steam fro about 20-30 mintues. This will help loosen up his upper airway. Do NOT give him any over the counter medications, he is too young. If he gets a rectal temperature over 101.1 than you can give him infant tylenol. Be patient, he will get better. A virus can take 7-10 days to get better. If he is still sick after that take him back to the doctors. Ii hope this helps. A mother of five and registered nurse. M.

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Dear Cande S,
I have been an RN for 12 years, teaching infant care to new moms, and I have three children of my own. You may hear differing advice from many well-meaning people, but none of them are your baby's mother! It doesn't matter that you're a first-time mother. Trust your instincts!! YOU know your baby the best. If your baby is eating,peeing, pooping, and ACTING NORMAL with no fever, and YOU feel he's fine with just a bad cough from a cold, then continue to watch him for any CHANGES while you're waiting for him to get over it. (By the way, you are doing the BEST THING for him by breastfeeding, as that gives him a stronger immune system!) However, if it's been a WEEK since the doctor listened to his lungs, and you're hearing a 'rattle' that has worsened, then monitor his temperature closely. Fluid in the lungs of an infant is very serious and he'll spike a temp! You'll also notice he'll breastfeed in short 'spurts', because he'll become 'tired out' too easily. Above all, if YOU, as the MOTHER are concerned, then by all means, take your baby in to be seen by a doctor. I realize you said you were at work, but if you picked a babysitter that you trust, then you'll need to try to get your boss to understand that YOU need to be the one to check YOUR baby. That's one of the hardest things to do for a mom returning to the workplace because we're made to feel guilty for leaving work, but then we feel guilty if we're not home when something happens! Whatever the case, DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU!! My prayers are with you and your baby,
D. G

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Hi Cande, Look for these signs just in case. My son had this and it is VERY important to monitor them. My son ended up getting a precautionary steroid shot to help. Also sleeping with a humidifier helps with the breathing and rasp.

Symptoms of Croup
The general symptoms of croup include:

* harsh, high-pitched respiratory sound called a stridor

* a brassy, barking cough

* a hoarse cry

* difficulty breathing

In addition to the above stated symptoms,a child with viral croup may also experience:

* low-grade fever

* rattling sounds while exhaling

* scattered crackles in the chest

A child with spasmodic croup may also experience:

* runny nose

* noisy inhalation

* rapid pulse

* clammy skin

* labored breathing with retractions (chest sinking in)

Hi Cande. When your little one (and so little) is sick, it can be really unnerving! My little guy had a few colds when he was really young, and I would get really concerned, but we got through them. If your doctor listened to his lungs and thought they sounded clear, that is good. Are you using a cool mist humidifier at night? That is helpful. Also, having him sleep on a slight incline is helpful for congestion. My son spent a lot of time sleeping swaddled and strapped into his McClaren infant chair for that very reason when he was just a couple/few months old. Even if he doesn't have a runny nose, he may have some post-nasal drip. That's great that he's still breastfeeding well. Just keep a close eye on him and don't be afraid to call the doctor if you become concerned. Take care!

Hi Cande -
I'm a mom of 3 kids (11, 7 and 4) and have a degree in health promotion and wellness. I just want to encourage you to keep breastfeeding your son through this little cold and let you know that based on the info you've provided it seems that he'll get through this the very best with your milk and some love and rest. I would not take him to urgent care. Not only would you be exposing him to countless new germs, but it doesn't sound like he is in need of intervention at this time. Recent studies in the news have reported that Western medicine drugs for colds can actually be very harmful to infants. Your own milk will help him more than anything else, and his little immune system is getting stronger through all this as well. It's always disconcerting when our little ones get sick (for the first time especially!) and he is so young, but your breastmilk will give him just what he needs to get better. Did you know that your breastmilk changes to meet the needs of your baby? It's very wonderful and you are giving him such a gift of continuing to nurse him even though you have returned to work. You probably have some antibodies in your milk to help him fight whatever little bug he has right now. I would NOT suggest juice, particularly for such a young nursing infant. Your milk is the only thing he needs right now! A vaporizer might also help with the cough. It's so dry right now in Colorado. Hang in there!! And trust your intuition!!


This time of the year, babies are prone to RSV. This is a cold virus that adults can tollerate, but children have a tough time fighting the virus.

The other problem is that at this age, the baby breathes through the nose which is now stuffy.

So, I would watch the baby and if he starts to breathe by pulling in the muscles in his chest, then he needs to be seen promptly.

Good luck

Hey Cande S
I had a similar experience with my first daughter. I think it is just the babysitter freaking out a liitle too much, it is just a little cold and I am sure the baby will get over it. I noticed babysitters do not like the babies to come if they have a simple little cough or runny nose, even though most of the time they got the cold from they babysitters in the first place. So as long as your baby doesn't have a fever I am sure your son will be ok.

I would recommend taking him back to the dr. When I started going back to work my then 6 month old got sick, at first the dr said it was a cold... she did not get better I took her back and it was the croup...they had to give me a nebulizer and treatment for me to give her at home.
hope this helps!

I have a three month old son, who has gotten a cold as well. When I took him in for his 2 month well baby visit, his doctor said his lungs were clear and that everything was fine. He hasn't had a fever and no runny rose, but you can hear the congestion in him. So I got a cool mist humidifier and I put it on every time he is sleeping. It has really helped.

I would stay in close contact with your doctor and let him/her know that the cough has not improved. They should be more than willing to see your baby again, particularly in the height of flu season.

I would listen to what your doctor says and if it truely is worse take him in. You know the difference and should follow your instinks. Call your DR and ask him what he thinks? FYI my doctor is open 7 days a week so that his parents never have to take their children to urgent care. If you would like their info let me know.. Dr Levin is awesome . Good Luck and hope your little one feels better.

hello, I am also from Flagstaff. I have a 7 & 8 year old...I think givent he age of your baby, anytime you are in doubt of him being sick you should take him to the doc. If he is running any kind of fever especially. Sometimes a few days can chnage the course of the cold, either getting better or a little bit worse. So to call the doctor and say I would like you to see my baby again I dont think hurts. I always go with better to know what is going on than to doubt...It will give you Peace of mind! hope that helps!

I would keep taking him into the doctor till he is better because it could turn into RSV very quickly. If the cough is a barky cough, it is croup. My daughter just got over RSV and a croup cough.. Its a scary thing...

How does his cough sound? Does it sound like a seal? If so, he may need a cortizone shot. Those types of coughs are very painful! If it's just a deep cough, and the doctor said his chest is clear, if it hasn't cleared up with meds after 3 days, go back to his doctor and insist on a chest xray. To calm your son, you may want to rub vicks on his chest. I'm not sure if he's old enough for the mucinex for children, or if his cough is congested or if it's just a tickle in his throat. These are things to explore.


It's ok to freak out a little this is prime RSV season pneumonia too. If his cough has been around for longer than 5 days get him back to the doctor. Just cause they have a white coat doesn't mean they are always right. If YOU think your son needs care than get on it - better safe than sorry. Been there done that.


Does his cough sound like a barking seal? If so, it could be croup. Unfortunately, there is nothing they can do unless he gets to where he's breathing so hard you can see his ribcage. If that happens, you need to take him in the bathroom and turn on the shower HOT as to steam up the bathroom. Also, taking him outside so he can breathe cold air helps too. If his breathing didn't get better, you'd need to take him to urgent care.

If he's not barking like a seal, then just keep a humidifyer going in his bedroom at night and during naps. That will help keep the air moist to help his cough.

I know it's tough when your baby is sick. I still freak out when mine are sick and they are 5 and 2 years old. Just use your intuition. If you're worried about his cough, take him back in to see the doctor. If you feel he's okay, then just really watch him closely, check to make sure there is no fever and monitor his breathing. He is still so young that a simple cold could turn into something quickly, so never hesitate to take him in if you feel his symptoms have changed. Good luck and hang in there.

Yes, Cande - Your sitter is a spaz. It is not unusual for babies to get sick when they are first separated from their moms. It's like a physical manifestation of separation syndrome. As long as you assure him that YOU are ok, he will be ok too.

I am a mom, a grandma, and a pediatric nurse, call you Doctor every day to give them an update on his progress. If he starts running a fever then take hime in!!!! J.

I hate it when the little ones get sick, because they sound so horrible and they are so tiny. I agree with the doctor. I think you need to give your baby a few more days and he will start sounding better. If in a few days he doesn't sound better and he gets a fever, then he has something. I think that fever is really the clue that they are really sick. My babies always get coughs when they get cold's and they sound horrible!

Hi Cande, I have a 7 week old and she also has a cold right now. The doc told me the same thing, they just have to wait it out. If your son doesn't have a fever and his symptoms are still the same as when you went to the doc last time then I think your sitter may be overreacting. I know it does sound horrible b/c they are so little and they have no way to really get all that mucus out. Besides us plunging their little noses! Poor things, I hope he gets better for you soon!

My kids just got over a 2-week wicked cold/cough/runny nose. A humidifier at night helped them through the worst of it.

This will sound crazy, but in recent months it has been on the internet to treat coughs by putting Vicks on the bottom of your feet. I've tried it myself and it actually works! I was thinking since there are so many negative stories about giving oral cough medicine to babies, maybe this would be a safe alternative. You might double-check with your doctor to be sure. If he laughs, but thinks it can't hurt, try it!!

I feel for you and understand. It is very hard to deal with your childs first cold and at that age. You fear for everything, but you know what, that makes you a good mom. You are conserned for his health.

If it was my self, maybe I would just call the nurse at the office and ask her for some advise. Tell her that he was seen already by a doc. and tell the nurse his current conditions. I would say if he gets a fever or starts to cough up blood or stops breathing, i would take him to urgent care.

I think a call to the nurse/doc would ease your fears and concerns. Also, have you put a humidifier in his room at night and have one on during the day. That really helps babies and children with colds and breathing.

hope that helps, keep us updated.

Hang in there,

My son is also 2 months old and the exact same sitation. Just make sure the doctor checks him for RSV and if his lungs are clear its probably nasal congestion. I use the saline drops and booger sucker alot because my son sounds the same way. Also at Walmart there is a battery operated booger sucker that works good too. Its by safety first and its about $20.00. And of course the humidifier and hot showers work well for clearing the babies up too. Hope this helps.

Hi, cande, since this is wednesday and your letter was sunday, hopefully your baby is better...but you are right to want to keep an eye on a 2 month old. If he were to get fever, or start breathing with more effort(as in working harder) you'd want to have him seen right away.I remember going back to work when my kids were 2 1/2 months old...it was very hard! The sitter should have a handle on how to know when the baby is worse. If your pediatrician has some parent info on infant colds/coughs, that could be helpful to her. Anyhow, it WILL get easier! C..

Do you have to work full time? Is part time an option? Are there any expenses you can cut in order to be there for your baby without having to work so much? The cost of childcare, sick days, gas money and stress is almost too much to make going back to work full time worth it. I can feel your heart breaking...

My first thought was croup. Although your child may not have it here's what I do when my girls come down with a bad cough (one of them has asthma so I always jump on a cold and cough right away). Sit with your baby in a warm steaming room, I run the shower at the hottest it will go and then close the bathroom door and sit in there for about 20 minutes and let my little one breathe in the humid air, then I take them outside to breathe in the cold air. Apparently, the two contrasts help a lot with coughs, I know for croup it does. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable taking my two month old outside but if it's not freezing, you might. At least get a humidifier in his room to help as well. I hope this helps. M

Yes! Your sitter is a spaz! He just has a cold and is in the last stages of it. The cough or whatever symptoms he may have are his body ejecting the germ from his system. Just use a cool mist vaporizer at night and give him plenty warm baths. Juice is good too! My little girl is sick with a cold too but she's getting better. She had the cough first and then the sniffles came. It will take about 2 weeks for the cold to disappear. She's now 3 months old and we're both sick but getting better. Don't worry, just do what you can to make things more comfortable. Do NOT give him cold medicine! Just an extra bottle of juice.

You got a lot of really good advice here. Just remember, honey is not recommended until baby is one. Something about botulism spores and babies' digestive tracts not being able to filter them out. Good luck - follow your intuition.

Have you asked about croup. My son had croup around 3 months old and their cough sounds horrible like a barking seal it is very scary because it sounds like they can't breath. The advice I was given was cold air helps shrink the broncial tubes and they can give him a shot as well that helps.

A two month old can go from a cold to something more very quickly so watch out, better to err on the side of safety. Now for some things to do to help that crackling not turn into pneumonia. Lay your baby across your lap with head lower. Cup you hand, then not too hard so you injure, but forceful enough, start at the base of his back and work your way up ....you are trying to clear his lungs of phlem. He may cough up gunk after doing this. This is percusion to help lungs expectorate the mucus. If he develps a fever take him in, if he just doesnt seem right, take him in, and if the raspy crackly turns to a croup cough, try taking him into the steamy bathroom and then outside to the cold (of course bundled appropriately.)
Good luck with your return to work....ask your sitter to take digital photos of those special things you might be missing.

Hi Cande,
As my husband puts it "if you have insurance, USE IT". I take my kids in a lot when they are sick and dont seem to be getting over it. I also know that here in Tucson, the RSV virus is BAD this season. I would take your son in just to be sure if that is your gut feeling.

My 5 month old had the same thing at the beginning of Jan. I brought him to the doc twice and he told me it was just a cold, not in his lungs - nothing you can really do. As long as there is no fever and he was not vomiting, not to worry. We waited it out the 2 weeks the doctor suggested and he was fine. He sounded pathetic, but fine. He did pass it along to me and I was sick for 3 weeks even with the meds.

My nephew has had that barking, rattling cough but his lungs were clear...his doc said it was croup, and to try putting him in a closed bathroom after a shower when it's all steamy. Seemed to help him, maybe it will help your little one? Good luck.

Hey, my daughter, now 4 months, had the samething when she was about the same age. It was horrible but it went away after about 3 weeks. I took her to the doctor because of the rattling and they said the same thing. I gave her tylenol and that seemed to help her feel better. It will pass,but it is hard to here the little ones in pain.

First of all you did great taking him to the doc. You can never be to careful. The babysitter is correct, if you have a sick baby she can not take a chance on getting her other children sick as well. Never ever hesitate to take your child to the Doctor, especially if you are gettig concerned. You know in your heart how sick your child is and make the Doctor run the tests, blood work if necessary to make sure it is just a sniffle and not that RSV?, not sure what is is called. But also better safe than sorry.
Well Cande S. I am a 59 yr. old mother of three sons and 10 grandchildren.
Here's is what I used to do if they had no fever and their lungs were clear.
Either soak a small rag (white cotton) with rubbing alcohol, do not, I repeat do not put it against his skin, make sure you have clothes on him and again wite cotton preferred. Put the alcohol rag close to his throat and leave it there for several hours. See if that doesn't help the cough.
Or get some mentholatum and take a very small amount and rub it on his throat.
That is what I used to do with my kids and grandkids (who are all 7 and older). It got rid of the cough, and usually stopped any of it going into their chests.
That's my scoop for the day.
Good luck honey and congratulations on the baby boy. They are a handful.

Hi Cande,

Just becareful, the everyday cold can turn in to RSV very quickly this time of year. When my daughter was a week old I took her in for her one week check up, she had some congestion, etc. Within two days she was hospitialized with RSV so just watch the little guy! Good luck!

HI, While I was reading your story Im remembering my sick 2month old. He was always sick, NOT big enough for hospital But enough to make me think he would die. Fevers, colds, Crup Cough, fever...It just went on and on... A Cruppy cough should be closely monitored by the Doctor if it does not improve. Every 3-4 days. To be sure lungs stays clear. In the meantime, You can do SOO much for your baby right at home to relieve his symptoms. Try a very hot steamed shower room, with a warm moist towel over his head, and the hot steam rolling out of the shower. Keep the baby covered (thats a chore in itself, to keep a warm towel over his head and not on his face. (thats to trap the steam in his face so he breatsh it in) and not drop him.I get that-do your best Maybe having him in his infant seat, that will give a tent with the handle) Also my biggest advice is to stay with your baby till he is better. Thinking back, I thought I would die I was sooooo worried about his health. Time and a lot of personal attention by me to AGGRESSIVELY help him. Doing for him what he cannot do for himself. If he's sick you should be home with him, he should NOT be at the sitters. A grandparent is good too (your Dad) as they are close enough and will go the extra mile to help his cough.
Take him back for a check of the lungs...Then get him into a steamed shower room. He will have improvement in 6 hours. I Promise. I finally had my guys Tonsils and Andenoids taken out and he has hardly been sick since. We did not do it until 2 grade. Would have done it much sooner if someone would have suggested it. Go home and take care of him.
Good Luck

Please take your son to the ER. My son at 5wks (Feb 2007) sounded the same my doctor also intially said that it was just a cold. Two days later he stoped nurseing adn we took him to the ER. He had RSV. This is a very serious virus (not to scare you) but is managable with proper treatment. This it the prime time of year for RSV. Please let us know how he is doing.

My son has the same type of thing. He's had a cold off and on since november and been to the ped. at least 3 times...my sister and husband were sure somthing was wrong, but the Ped says: the lungs are clear, it's a cold. typical for this age and he goes to a baby sitter 2 hours a day. I use childrens saline spray to help clear his nasal passages and steam from a hot shower when the cough gets really bad, but "they say" there's nothing you can really do, no medication to give them for their symptoms. I know it's horrible to see/hear a little baby who's sick and can't tell you how bad or not so bad they feel. But what can you do when the doctor tell you it's nothing serious?! My Ped told me my son would probably have his "cold" November through April, that's just normal for little ones.

It is more than likly just a cold but if you can prop him up to sleep his breathing will be easier, sleeping in a swing is great.

If I where you I wouldn't hesitate to take him back to the Dr. if his cough isn't getting better or he has having trouble breathing. They might be able to have him do breathing treatments to help keep the cough loose.

It could be RSV (or bronchiolitis), which is a respritory virus that occurs during this time of year. In adults its just a cold, but can make infants very sick and difficult to breath. My son had a cold when he was about 1 1/2 months and I stuck it out for a while before calling his pediatrician. They said that anytime a baby under 6 months has a cough they would like to see him. He did have RSV (but it never got too bad).

Over the course of a week, a lot can change. I'd take your little one back in for a second opinion. Or, maybe since your Dad already has the baby, he can take him in to the dr for you, so you don't have to leave work. My 3 old daughter just got over croup a couple of weeks ago. When we took her to the dr, her lungs were clear, but she had a horrible barking cough. We took my 5 mos old in to the appt with us and the dr was actually more concerned about him (though he was showing no signs of illness) than my daughter. He said croup can cause the vocal cords to swell which in infants can cause difficulty with breathing. RSV is another respiratory illness you should be aware of this time of year. It can be very serious in infants. I don't want to scare you, but if your gut is saying something is still wrong, take the baby in again.

There is RSV, both my nieces had it bad, it's very dangerous. I have a 4 and 3 year old, go with you gut, take him back in to the pediatrician. Better to be safe!

First of all, don't stress and don't hesitate to take your son ot the doctor. If your sitter is calling, she is doing the right thing. A cold can turn to something more very quickly. I have 16 month old twins who were premies and sick a lot the first 5 months. To help with the cough, put your son in a bouncer or car seat in a small room (we used the bathroom). This will him with his cough. Good Luck, and it does get easier!

Hi, I am an ER nurse and am seeing lots of the respiratory stuff going on right now. It's stressfull when your baby gets sick for the first time, especially when they are so young. It probably is just a cold. Here are some things to look for that would mean you should seek more immediate medical attention. 1. Not eating. 2. Not having the normal amount of wet diapers. 3. Fever. 4. Increased effort to breathe, (babies don't have normal, even respirations, they are uneven and irregular) If they are having to exert themselves to breathe, it's a problem, you may hear a grunt at the end of a breath and they won't be able to cry because they are trying so hard to breathe. If this happens, they need immediate medical attention. 5. Green or Yellow sputum from nose or cough. It's wonderful that you are breastfeeding. Keep it up. All the little bugs going around are being fought by your immune system and you pass that bug-fighting action to your child. I hope he gets to feeling better soon. He's probably being exposed to new things in the air at the new babysitters and may have gotten this little cold. He'll fight it off and be feeling fine in no time!


I'm sorry to hear your baby is sick. I have a 4 yr old and a 21month old. If your baby is congested and sounds raspy or loud breathing, good, quick relief is running a hot shower and hold him in the bathroom to breathe in the steam. Amazing how quickly it works! Also, I always use a vaporizer (warm steam) in their rooms when my children are sick. The dr. will always suggest a cool mist humidifier just so little ones don't burn themselves if they get to it, but since your little guy is too young, that won't happen. Also, you can buy "baby rub" (menthol cream) to rub on his chest (ask your pediatrician first). Just make sure you apply it under his onesie and don't let him touch it b/c he will get it in his eyes and it will burn.

Good luck!

It's very hard to be a first time Mom and leave your child. I struggled with it for about the first month but it really does get easier. If you need the number for a great daycare provider, her name is Martha Petersen ###-###-####. She's the best! And she's acutally the one who introduced me to Mamasource. Good luck!

Cande, I think you need to go with your instincts. If you're not satisfied with what the doctors tell you, take him to a different doctor. It is RSV season and a cold can develop into other things if not watched carefully. It's good that he doesn't have a fever because that means there is no infection. When my daughter was 6 months old she had the same issue during the winter and we had to use a nebulizer (breathing treatments) to break up the cold before it spread any further. You can borrow/rent one from your doctor's office and some insurance will cover the cost so you can even keep the device. You do have to get a prescription from the doctor for Albuterol to be used in the nebulizer. If the doctor won't give it to you then I would see another doctor. Don't be afraid to get a second medical opinion. It's hard being a first time mom and not knowing who's advice to trust. I have three kids and one more on the way and my kids are prone to allergies. Our nebulizer is our best friend. Also, some doctors will suggest a humidifier when the baby is sleeping but be sure that you only buy a COOL STEAM humidifier. My aunt is a neonatal nurse and she says to dress them very warmly so that they don't get cold. A warm steam humidifier is a no-no because it can cause respiratory problems in infants. I hope this helps. Good luck and go with your gut!!!

I know it's scary especially the first time. But If you are really concerned, ask for a second opinion. Sometmes from the first time they are seen until the second time, things can change. I find that sometimes mom's intuition is a good measurement and I certainly woldn't hesitate to ask to be seen again. Especially since he is so young. Did your dr suggest using a vaporizer which helps alleviate congestion? This is a simple thing which used to help my kids tremendously. Good luck!

How dry is your house? A humidifier might help. Is the baby acting sick otherwise?....energy, mood, behaviour. Perhaps there is an allergy component...Does he only breastfeed? If not, try changing or eliminating formula. Have you been taking new medications or food that might make its way into your breast milk? New pets, household cleaners, detergents, etc.? How about at the sitter's?

hi, cande!
don't be too hard on the babysitter. be thankful she cares for your baby so much, that should give you peace of mind, that she is watching him for you. at that age anything can turn into a respiratory infection, and i mean from one day to the next, so always listen to the person who has him at the time his condition appears to have changed.
i'm sure you're doing what the doctor told you, and he's being kept warm. (my grandmother's tip: when they're sick at this age and especially at this age, use a warm cloth to "clean him up" rather than a full bath, make sure he is dressed warmly enough.
i just wanted you to know (it's hard being a first time mum) that what the doctor told you 2 or 3 days ago may not necessarily be relevant now, and if your babysitter is experienced with children...(more than you) listen to her wisdom.

remember you're both on the same side, you both want the baby safe and healthy.

It might be worth a little check up. How long has he had the cough? My littlest had the same thing, cough but nothing else, and I didn't do anything because with having 2 other kids you learn not to jump to conclusions. After a few days I took him in and he had croup. It's just a cough and he gets put on antibiotics. It's nothing to be really concerned about, but should be checked out.

It's scary when your little one is sick and you aren't sure if they will be okay. But you might as well get used to it! Because he will probably have a lot of colds his first year. My son is 14 months old and he has had a succession of illnesses his first year from diarrhea to ear infections and high fevers . . . the works. I think your son will be fine, especially if you have already taken him to the doctor and the doctor said he was fine and if he's not running a fever and he's getting enough milk, I wouldn't worry. If the cough persists longer than a week, maybe take him back to the doctor, or call the doctor and see what's the best course of action but I wouldn't over react and tell your sitter not to either!

I too have a young child (he is now 5 months), when he was about 2 months old he was congested as well. I put a warm mist vaporizor in his room while he is sleeping. You can get one that you put Vicks Vapor Rub in/on the device that will circulate the vapors in the air without having to put anything on your baby. In fact, we are doing that right now as well as our entire family has a cold and cough. It truly helps. On the other hand, as I am sure you know, if he starts with a fever you should definitely take him to the doctor. Good luck!

Labored breathing out of the mouth is the thing to watch out for. It will sond raspy, but if he's not worse than he was when you took him to the doctor, you shouldn't need to go again unless it worsens. We took my boy to urgent care last year, when he was about 7 months old, because of breathing problems and a fever. They said it was good to bring him in, but all they did was give him Tylenol to reduce the fever. They also hooked him up to a machine that is designed to suck snot out of the nose and lungs (It might be called something like "breathing treatment")- they didn't get much out from him, and it was like torture for my little guy to go through.

So, hopefully that gives you a little more to work with in your decision. Usually, we new moms get concerned too much, but never overlook any strong motherly instinct that you have. I always just pray, settle down all the fears, and then figure out what decision I'm really leaning toward strongly inside of me.

The bottom line is that you NEED peace of mind. Being a first time mom is hard, and it takes time to learn when you need to take your child to the doctor and when not to. AND, there's nothing wrong with getting a 2nd opinion. Who know? You may save your child's life, by simply getting a 2nd opinion. Or, you'll at least get peace of mind. Isn't that what you're looking for?

Just a suggestion: Go to www.icpa4kids.org and find a pediatric chiropractor near you. It's a great way to boost your little guy's immune system and help him through this cold quickly. Is he having trouble breathing? Does he get blue around the mouth? Or does he have to use his neck and chest muscles to help him breathe? How is he sleeping? As long as breathing problems don't seem to be an issue then, it is just a nasty cold that needs to run it's course. But, a pediatric chiropractor would be able to help immenseley. I know it's hard to have a sick baby. Especially the first time. Hang in there.

You can never be overly concerned, especially for a baby who cannot tell you exactly what he is feeling. You may want a 2nd opinion from another DR who will be more meticulous and have you call back during the week to report your baby's progress/non-progres after they've evaluated him. If you are doing all you can--giving him liquids watching him and his diapers closesly, getting him fresh outdoor air, and using a humidifier in his room, (there is also nothing wrong with some occasional liquid suspension or infant drops--they need rest to get better!)--than you are doing great. It is so hard when you are so worried and med professionals shrug you off. It is RSV season, so keep up your vigilance and good luck!

Has your little guy been checked for allergies? The croop will also show the same kind of symtums. Both of my kids had the croop. There isn't much you can do about it except keep them warm and hydrated. A humidifier at night helps a little too. You can also check on webmd.com.

It seems unfair to blame your sitter for not wanting to be responsible for your sick two month old baby. Most child care centers don't let you bring in a child with a cold. That's when it's really great to have your family nearby.

As for the cold, I heard recently that everyone gets over them faster if you *don't* medicate to treat the symptoms and ride it all out.

Perhaps you can work something out with your boss to make up hours when you have to be home with sick baby?

Best of luck!

I'd take him in for sure - RSV is too rampant this time of year and too scary - my son had it at almost 2 months and had to be hospitalized right about this time in 2004. Better safe than sorry I say - it'll make you feel better to know again that he doesn't have it.

Try a little of warm 1 tsb vinager water, 1 tsb with 1/2 tsb honey,and 1 tsb lemon juice. It may not taste that good, but it might not hurt either. Try it 3 times a day fot about 5-7days and tell if it works or not.


Follow YOUR instincts! If you think that he is doing okay, then he probably is. However, if your sitter is telling you to get him to urgent care, maybe she is just going off of previous instances from other kids she has watched?

As for going back to work, I just went back to work for the first time last week too and put my year and a half old in daycare. It was terrible my first couple of days back but everyday it seems to get a little better. Good luck!!

When I went back to work and took my 8 wk old to daycare, he was sick all the time, from snot to ear infections, conjunctivitis and even thrush. I missed work all the time because the day care would never take him if he even looked sick. Take him back to your doctor again if he is not getting better. I'm glad you have a sitter who is concerned about his health. Isn't that better than her not calling?

Some colds can cause children to have bad coughs that just sounds horrible. And the cough may stick around for 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately with a virus, you don't have many options but to stick it out and make him as comfortable as possible. You might try raising up his crib to about a 10 degree angle to help drain any fluids and help him breathe. You also should run a humidifier. If his cough turns into a 'seal bark' you should definately take him in as he probably has croup. Or if he stops eating, has yellow/green mucus, or is not very responsive. Beyond that, you are his mother and if your instinct tells you to act, I would act. You may feel silly if it turns out to be nothing, but you will feel extrememly relieved if it turns out to be serious and you catch it early.

The fact you have taken him to the Dr is great, if you think he is not doing well, YOU BE THE DECIDER, not your family, not your sitter, you have a God given gut instinct. Babies that young you just don't mess around with illness at all.
Try putting him in a steamy bathroom on your lap for a bit. Croup in babies sounds awful and can lead to other issues.
I think it is GREAT you have a proactive babysitter, I mean if I had a 2 mos old that I was watching that sounded awful I sure would want the mom to be aware! This sucks being a single parent, I know, that is why I am here at home struggling as I have two and couldn't miss work at my old job with kids being sick, HUGS! Don't ever think you are foolish to just not take a Dr's advice, do what you feel is best for your baby and if it is a second opinion, so be it!

Definitely try a cool mist humidifier. My daugter had a cough that lasted a couple months and the humidifier really helped it clear. Also, if you both are prone to allergies, I would advise getting your air ducts cleaned if it hasn't been done in at least 5 years. My daughter's morning stuffiness and sneezing went away after we did that.

My daughter (4 months old) got the same cold and it lasted for over two weeks and the cough lasted even longer. My ped said that as long as they don't spike a fever over 101 rectal then it is most likely viral. If it is in his lungs, they will get a high fever. The cough and congestion is scary though, I agree! I thought it was in her lungs too and took her to the doctor twice to get checked. Your sitter is sensitive and probably just doesn't want anything to happen on her watch. If you are really concerned, call the ped office and see if they can check him again instead of going to urgent care. Less wait and less money! Good luck - it's so hard when they are sick!

Yes everything you are feeling is COMPLETELY NORMAL! When they get sick fo rthe first time its hard because they are so little and helpless - Put a humidifier (cool air) in his room or where ever he sleeps and naps it might help with the congestion a bit - As long as he is still eating and going to the bathroom its all fine I would say i am not a Dr but I have 2 little boys and freaked out too- its hard for a sitter also ,so staying with your Dad today is great - just give him lots of love and comfort .He is building up his immune system and it takes time this will be the first of MANY colds and you are helpless for sure just keep a close watch its doesnt get worse with a cough or green goop from his nose then it could be something more in a few days THEN you can take him back to a Dr. for now try and get the humidifer! Good luck and always remember a mothers instict knows BEST !

Relax. I had my son 7 weeks early and we went throught the smae thing. They seem to rattle and it can be scary but maybe finding another babysitter will be best. Between there breathing being differnet from ours at that age they seem to rattle more. I was the mother who brought my son to the doctor with every cold and cough. Trust your gut and your doctor. The weather changing can cause so much sickness with little ones. If your are not conforitable with the babysitter freaking out all the time find a new sitter It may help and daycare understand more when a child needs to see doctors and home stitters can just want time off and send kids home for no reason

Hi Cande,
This is the first time I have responded or posted on this but I wanted you to know that I also have a 2 month old and a 2 year old at home. My 2 year old had a cold about 1 1/2 weeks ago and then gave it to my 2 month old. A lot of the symptoms sound like mine, however about the 5th day of his cold he started having a hard time breathing and we ended up at The childrens Hospital for 3 days. The virus he had turned into Bronchiolitis and he needed oxygen. He too was still eating and peeing and pooping had no fever the whole time he was sick and no runny nose....just a horrible cough. If I were you I would take him back to the doc just to make sure it hasn't turned into something else. I have been reading some of the other responses and I did all the things they are saying to do...the steam baths, the humidifer, no meds, etc. and still ended up in the ER and the hospital for 3 days. Better to be safe then sorry!

Is he having a hard time breathing?? Try a humidifier. We used one for my son when he was little and it really helped. Make sure his nose is clear because if it gets stuffy it could be running down the back of his throat making him cough. Other than that there really isn't much you can do for him. Just keep and "ear" out for his cough and if he gets a fever take him to the doctors or urgent care because it could turn into bronchitis.


Everything in the first 3 months is worth freaking out over. After that, you can relax. :-) We suffered for 3 months because of a stomach flu my son got at a week old. A normal virus can affect newborns much differently. They are very fragile. We were in the hospital for a week. So from my viewpoint, it's better to get it checked out. Any type of cold or flu can be serious. You won't always have to be this careful... just right now!

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