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Sick 2 Month Old

I have a 2 month little boy and he is sick he has an ear infection and now also a cough and it is a deep cough, so much he throws everything up. any suggestions or easing the couch?

What can I do next?

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thanks for everyone input he does seem to be getting better but still a bear in the morning.

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from my experience, kids stay sick longer when they are constantly laying flat. keep baby propped up as often as possible for drainage. as babies, my kids napped propped up in their boppy. humidifier is a MUST - crank that sucker too! baby vicks is GREAT for helping that cough - rub on chest & back... maybe a little under the nose.

When my 3 year old was very little she had lots of colds and ear infections. To keep things draining, we put her to sleep in her car seat. We just put the car seat on the floor in whatever room we were in so we could keep an eye on her. It seemed to help.

Sleeping in a more upright position will help with the cough. However, he needs to cough to get rid of the phlem. When they cry the sinus cavity opens and the phlemruns out the nose and down the throat. If they don't cough the phlem can't come out as fast to get rid of it. Otherwise they swallow and the phlem ends up in the stomach which does not digest
there...throwing up is the only way to get it up.

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J., so sorry to hear about your baby.

The 1st thing I would do is bring him back to the doctors. If the doctor does not listen or have any more excellent suggestions, then find another pediatrician. Sometimes you have to go thru a few doctors until you find one who is excellent.

2nd. I just had that cough and it is still with me after 3 months. And what it did was cause acid reflex. I went to see a pulmonologist and he told me to elevate the head of my bed by putting 4x4 blocks of wood under each of the two legs. That totally stopped my coughing at night. But I am an adult and you have to take care with newborns.

My suggestion is to find a pediatric pulmonologist. The doctor that I see is Mark Fisher. Phone # ###-###-#### Perhaps his office can give you a referral to a pediatric specialist. That is the route I would go because a pulmonologist looks at things much differently than an allergist. And sounds like your little one also has an infection.

The most important thing is to get him to see a doctor again right away. I am a grandmother, have been thru a lot of this stuff, was married to a doctor for 27 years, managed his office for 15 (am not medically trained) and my son and grandson have asthma. You don't sit around and wait when this type of thing occurs.

Good luck to you.

That has to be so miserable. I guess I would just let him sleep in his carrier until hes better. Good luck. poor baby.

Oh J., I am so sorry! The coughing sounds a lot like what I went through with each of my 3 children. I don't know if you've talked to the doctor since the ear infection diagnosis, but if not, you may want to call again. Maybe it's developed into a secondary infection (upper respiratory or bronchiolitis). It could very well be nothing at all, but with a 2 month old, I wouldn't hesitate to call. Two of my 3 ended up with asthma and the late night coughing can get like that when they are sick. What we do that seems to help is to sleep upright with them. Laying flat always aggravates their situation. And our doctor (pediatric allergist) has always told us not to use a humidifier or steamy room to try to loosen the chest. It will work wonders for the nose, but make chest congestion worse.

I hope your poor lil guy gets well soon, J.!!

Looks like you have a lot of good advice. The only thing I would add on top of doing all of the other things is at night when you put him to bed rub Vick's Vapo Rub on the bottom of his feet and then put socks on them. I know it sounds funny but it works to quit the cough and help him to get a good nights sleep. I did it with my now 1yr. old, she was about 10 months when I did it and I've read other posts on here who have tried it and it also helped. Good Luck.


I am assuming you have already been to the doc since you say he has an ear infection. The cool mist humidifier in his room when he sleeps and saline drops in the nose every few hours or so during the day help relieve some symptoms. Also if he is really congested try sitting in the bathroom with him with a hot shower running. The steam helps to loosen the mucous so he can get it up. I actually think the fact that he is throwing it up is a good thing. Better out than in when it comes to the congestion. He doesn't know how to clear his throat like an adult, and this is his way of releiving himself. That all being said, if you notice any signs that he is getting worse or something new develops, head straight to the doc or ER as your child is very young and it could be serious.

Hi J.,

My 4 yr old was the same way when he was 2. He kept getting ear infections and colds. Nothing I did would ease it. So I took him to his pediatrician and they were giving him antibiotics which only work for long. After so many treatments of antibiotics he had to have the tubing put in his ears to release the infections in his ears. Now at 4 he has not had any problems with eat infesctions and he rarely gets cold. So my advice would be to follow up with your pediatrician.

from my experience, kids stay sick longer when they are constantly laying flat. keep baby propped up as often as possible for drainage. as babies, my kids napped propped up in their boppy. humidifier is a MUST - crank that sucker too! baby vicks is GREAT for helping that cough - rub on chest & back... maybe a little under the nose.

Bring the baby into the bathroom run a hot shower keeping him in an upright sitting position. Lightly tap on his chest to break up the congestion. He may throw up but don't panic. Try this 2 to 4 times a day. My one son had severe allergies and congestive small airways whe he was a baby . I understand,My son grew out of this.
He will only get better! Just don't take him out in the cold after these steam treatments. I hope I helped!

My suggestion is that you consult your doctor bcause of the age of your child. He may need to see an ENT specialist since he has a cough. Take his temp to make sure he doesn't have a fever which could be a sign of iinfection. My daughter had a high fever and other problems developed. My advice is: Call your doctor today.

If he is coughing so hard he is throwing up, he should see a doctor. It may be that he has pneumonia.

Having 3 boys of my own, my best advice to you is sit in the bathroom with a steamy shower running. You might have to do this several times a day. Also, plenty of water in a bottle.
N.-Nutritional Mom

Get him to a doctor!

Dear J.,
Speaking from experience my son started having frequent ear infections and coughing at an early age. Medication was given several times and didn't solve anything. He was 1 1/2 and my husband and I opted to have a procedure done to insert surgical tubes into his ears so that they would drain the fluid off of his ears that kept reoccuring. Afterwards, I noticed an improvement immediately. His speech began to develop and he didn't frequent any ear infections for awhile.He is almost three years old and doing fine.Try to keep the baby's nose suctioned as much as possible and have he/she sitting up most of the time so that the drainage that is probably coming from his nasal passages is not causing the cough.Also purchase Little Noses saline nasal drops,but consult with your pediatrician before administering. This is suppose to keep the nasal passage moistened. A humidifier in the room always helps too. In the meanwhile make a follow up appointment with the pediatrician to state your concerns before this turns into something more serious. Good Luck!

Make sure you are putting a cool mist humidifier with him in the room when he sleeps. This will help thin the mucus and it will drain better. Also stack some books under the end of the mattress that his head is on when he sleeps. Elevate it about 3 inches. I also use a vapor plug in the room my little one sleeps in when he is sick. It does help. The ear infection should clear up with medicine and give some infant tylenol for the pain. Hope this helps. God bless.

B. F

if he is on antibiotics, it will clear up, if it's deep it may be bronchial related and you should buy some mucinex-trust me i have 3 girls, one with asthma, one with bedwetting problems, and the other still fighting mono (a complication from strep throat) i've been through it all and then some. this is what your doc will prescribe anyway, and like i mentioned if he is on antibiotics-he'll get better. i'm not sure on the age bracket for mucinex but if not age appropriate you can also give him ol' fashioned robitussin DM, this will help him cough it up better.

Hi J.,

First before anything make sure that he doesn't have what they call ('croop') It's when a baby coughs are hard and deep itmay last up to 10 days and are often confused with just a ear infection. My son got it and he was diagnosed with an ear infection but the coughs were unbearable. we took him back in and thats whwn they founf it we used a cool mist humidifier in his room which seemed to help with his breathing. Mucus keeps the infection from leaving, and I know it's hard with a 2 month old to try not to give milk
so try after feedings not to lay him/her down right away even if they're asleep. Hope this was informative to you. Congats on you new BABY!

Hi J.! First I'd like to congratulate you on being a mom.... its a hard job, but very rewarding. As for your little one, I'd have to say be patient. Its really tough to treat coughs at this age. because as mother's we just want to fix it. I would let it run its course, since in about five days or so he should start to feel better and it will help him build his immune system. If he is stuffy, you can try a humidifier and a saline solution to help him breathe. I pray he feels better soon...take care and have a great day!


Sleeping in a more upright position will help with the cough. However, he needs to cough to get rid of the phlem. When they cry the sinus cavity opens and the phlemruns out the nose and down the throat. If they don't cough the phlem can't come out as fast to get rid of it. Otherwise they swallow and the phlem ends up in the stomach which does not digest
there...throwing up is the only way to get it up.

Get this baby to a doctor if he's still doing this.

With a baby that little I would get in touch with his pediatrician asap. RSV is an ugly thing and babies get it so easily these days. Also using a cool mist vaporizer makes a big difference. I just read that, not trying to scare you, just he is so little, don't rely on home rememdies or over the counter meds, go straight to the man or woman that knows what to do, your doctor!

Hope he feels better soon!

Try using the Vicks BabyRub [vapor rub for babies] on his chest, and use one of those new Vicks plug in thingies w/the little pads w/the menthol on them. That will ease his airways. Also try bathing him at night in the vapor bath. It is very soothing. If his nose is stuffy use some saline drops/spray.

When my 3 year old was very little she had lots of colds and ear infections. To keep things draining, we put her to sleep in her car seat. We just put the car seat on the floor in whatever room we were in so we could keep an eye on her. It seemed to help.

try a cold mist humidifier at night or during naps, it helps with the cough.


Turn the shower on sit in the bathroom. the steam will help alot. Just stay in there as long as you want.

He may be a little dehydrated. Make sure he gets enough fluids. My son is now on his way to being two so I kind of don't remember what he was taking in at 2 months.


You will have to talk with your doctor about doses, but I use Delsym cough suppressant on my son. I am not for sure if you can use it on children that young, but it is worth asking your doctor, b/c the stuff really works. You can also go in the bathroom and close the door and turn on the hot water and have him breath in the moist steam. Hope this helps.

Hi J.,
I know this may sound funny but a friend of mine told me about this and it totally works. Put Vicks on the bottom of his feet before he goes to bed...or when ever sine hes not walking and then put socks on. I know, it sounded crazy to me. But we as mothers will try anything it seems and to my surprise it worked. Also its non toxic. Give it a try let me know if it worked for you.
Good Luck,

My friend's 10 week old just went through the exact same thing. Her doctor recommended a tiny bit of rice cereal in the bottle to thicken it up. Also, try feeding small amounts (1-2 oz) at a time and increasing the frequency of feedings. Less in the tummy might be better to keep your son from getting sick. Keeping him upright for awhile (20 min or so) after feeding might help, too, or even letting him sleep in a bouncy chair instead of laying flat.

I would also recommend Vicks Baby Rub and a humidifier in your sons room. These will both help to sooth his sore throat and loosen the mucus in his chest.

Unfortunately, you might just have to let it all pass. My friend's daughter had trouble for one-two days, and did not sleep well at all. I know it's rough because you are getting no sleep and feeling completely insane because you are exhausted and your baby is miserable. It will get better!

Eucalyptus is great and keep a humidifier running in his room. Cool mist NOT a vaporizer. Hot Mist (Vaporizers) grow germs. If persists I would get to the Dr. The following is the signs that he may have croup.

Croup is characterized by a loud cough that may sound like the barking of a seal and may be accompanied by fast or difficult breathing and sometimes a grunting noise or wheezing while breathing.

At first, a child may have cold symptoms like a stuffy or runny nose for a few days and may also have fever. As the upper airway (the lining of the windpipe and the voice box) becomes progressively inflamed and swollen, the child may become hoarse, with a harsh, barking cough.

If the upper airway becomes swollen to the point where it is partially blocked off, it becomes even more difficult for a child to breathe. This happens with severe croup. With severe croup, there may be a high-pitched or squeaking noise when breathing in (this is called strider). A child will tend to breathe very fast, and the stomach or the skin between the child's ribs may seem to pull in during breathing. The child may also appear pale or bluish around the mouth because he is not getting enough oxygen.

Symptoms of croup often worsen at night and when the child is upset or crying. In addition to the effects on the upper airway, the infections that cause croup can result in inflammation further down the airway, including the bronchi (breathing tubes) and the lungs.


Most, though not all, cases of viral croup are mild. Breathing in moist air seems to relieve many of the symptoms. Doctors will also sometimes treat with steroids, which helps with the airway swelling.

One way to humidify the air is with a cool-mist humidifier. Having your child breathe in the moist air through the mouth will sometimes break a croup attack. Or try running a hot shower to create a steam-filled bathroom where you can sit with your child for 10 minutes. Try cuddling and reading a bedtime story while doing this to help calm your child.

Sometimes, during cooler months, taking your child outside for a few minutes can help break the attack because the cool air can shrink the swollen tissues lining the airway. Parents can also try driving the child in the car with the windows down to bring in cool air.

If your child has croup, consider sleeping overnight in the same room to provide close observation. If you are not able to break your child's fast breathing and croupy cough, call your child's doctor or seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Medical professionals will need to evaluate your child if the croup appears serious or if there's any suspicion of airway blockage or bacterial infection. Medications such as epinephrine or corticosteroids may be given to reduce swelling in the upper airways. Oxygen may also be given, and sometimes a child with croup will remain in the hospital overnight for observation. As with most illnesses, rest and plenty of fluids are recommended.

An old school remedy for ear infections is sweet oil or mineral oil. With them being all natural they're harmless. Put two drops in infected ear and apply cottonball for about five minutes. Then take out cottonball and let ear drain. Now a cough..... one good remedy is honey. 1/2 of teaspoon of pure honey every 4 hours will do it. Honey coats the throat so it quiets the cough. Give a little (2 ounces)of warm water about 2 to 3 minutes after ingesting. Most people listen to doctors'. Well I work in a doctors' office. I am a phlebotomists and a c.n.a. and I can tell you holistic or natural healing is the best. The baby will be teething soon so when he starts put an egg(raw straight out of the refrigerator) write his name on it....drop it in one of his socks and hang it over the door he goes in and out of the most...You will never hear him cry ove ra toothache.

Hi J.!
Bless your heart - it is SO hard when your baby is sick - and he is SO little too!

Have you called the doctor? That would be my first suggestion to you - -

Next, if you take him into the bathroom and put the shower on hot where it will steam up the room, many times that will ease the cough - however, some children do better with a cool mist steam than the warm mist. You should be able to tell by his breathing - - after a few minutes in the warm steam his breathing should get better and his cough should lessen.

I am a HUGE fan of Vicks Vapor Rub and they do have an infant formula of it too - so it won't be too strong for someone so young. I not only would put it on my children's chest, but their back where their lungs are and also I'd put it on their feet paying special attention to between the toes (as that is where the nerve endings are for sinuses and upper respiratory are) Then I'd put socks on their feet and cover them with a very light blanket - if it is cold where you are you can use a heavier blanket as long as he is not running a fever.

I have three grown children and three grandchildren - seven, three and one - - I am the 11th child in a group of 13 kids - so my Mama had many home remedies to help us get through the night - and I was always one who had upper respiratory issues... the Vicks has always helped me - and despite people saying it doesn't help if you put it on the feet - it has ALWAYS helped me and even my grown children put it on their children's feet and their own when they are ill.

I hope that baby gets better soon - - if he doesn't get better call the local ER if you cannot get into the doctor and ask for some advice...

Let us know how he is getting along...

My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Back in the day when my children were small like your baby, I used the vaporizer/humidifier in their rooms and I used a tiny bit of Vick's vapor rub mixed with vaseline on them. I rubbed it on their spines, the bottoms of their feet and the tiniest bit on their chests, and under the nose at bedtime.
I also put socks on their feet afterwards and made sure their necks/chest was covered when I put them to bed. Now they make a medi rub for smaller children. Try the vaporizer/humidifier. They have them now made by Vicks -that you can add a vicks vapor to the water or humidifier spray and it provides relief.

I would go to your doctor. Your child may be having a hard time breathing and may need assistance especially at 2 months. I wouldn't guess at that age.

Hi J.,

Everyone responded with great recomendations (elevate crib mattress, shower steam, humidifier, taping chest).

I just went through the same thing with my infant in December. I took my son to the ER (doctor recommended becuase it was the weekend). His oxygen level was low. Turned out that he had a mucous plug in his chest - he was admitted to the hospital for two days. This is common but very dangerous for newborns. It was scary to be in the hospital, however, a relief to have experts in charge.

He was coughing up all his breastmilk/bottle too. This is good because he was getting the mucous out of his body.

I am sure you have a follow-up visit with your doc. If not, listen to his breathing. If it sounds different, I'd bring him back ASAP so they can listen to his chest.

After the hospital, my little guy was back to normal in two weeks.

Good luck. - M.

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