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Sick 10 Month Old! Help!

Hi my daughter is 10 months old and for the past 6 days she has a very bad cold. She has a low grade fever for the whole time, she is extremly congested with a runny nose. Well for the past few days, she hasn't really wanted to eat, she is lucky if she gets about 16 oz of formula and a few bites of solid food. She is also sleeping alot during the day which is VERY unusual for her. I did take her to the doctor on Friday and they said to alternate between tylenol and motrin which I have been doing. I am concerned becuase she is not getting better and like I said now her eating and sleeping habits have changed. I am going to call her Doctor's office after they get back from lunch..Do you think I am worrying too much? Any advice.

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Nowadays it does take a good amount of time for a child to get over a cold. Try to get her to take in a lot of fluids, use the saline nose spray to clear her sinuses, and give her cool baths to bring fever down. The more she sleeps, the better since her body will heal better when sleeping. It's her body's way of fighting the infection. Try gatorade to keep the fluids in her. Don't panic, sometimes these things just take a bit longer than we expect.

Take Care,
T. (mom of 4)

NO, I do not think you are worrying to much! Try a humidifier, saline drops, and a suction bulb. Thats worked for us. Hope she gets better soon!

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You're a Mom: Worry is your job!I'd get off the milky formula and go to pedialite. Sick people sleep, it is repare time for the body.I'd also get some saline water nose spray to help break the mucus and a humidifier

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I would not be too concerned as long as it is a low grade fever.
Are you using a humidifier? If she's staying congested I'd suggest keeping a humidifier in her room. If you don't have one, then sit in the bathroom with a hot shower running allowing the room to fill with steam. It will have the same affect as a humidifier.
She's probably eating less because it's hard to drink a bottle or eat when you can't breath through your nose. Maybe try feeding her after you've tried sitting in the steam for a while? That way she'll be less stuffy and more comfortable eating.
One other thing though is a bad cold can turn into an ear infection pretty easily so keep a close eye if she starts showing signs of an ear infection.

**I agree with Tammi about the fever and NOT treating it. I've also been told several times that it's best to let the fever run its course and do its job!

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I don't think you're worrying too much-- I do the same thing!! Unfortunatley, sometimes it just takes time for these viruses to work themselves through their little bodies and all we can do is keep them comfortable and "force fluids". It's such an aweful sounding term, but really you do need to get fluids in her. Popcicles, watermelon, and jello are ways to get it in her if she won't drink much water, but it's important that she gets fluids running through her so she can pee out the virus. Be happy that your doctor didn't rush to put her on antibiotics-- much of what our kids get is viral and antibiotics won't help. They do have warning signs that it's bacterial and apparently she didn't have those signs. Call the office back and ask them what you should be looking for as a reason to bring her back-- they may say if the symptoms don't get any better within a certain amount of days that they'd like to see her again. Being sleepy is a good thing-- my daughter usually sleeps practically 'round the clock when she's sick and wakes up feeling much better within a few days when I let her rest and force fluids. One of the docs in our pedicatrician's office once told me that with a low grade fever sometimes it's best NOT to medicate because the fever is the body's natural way of fighting off the infection so unless she's miserable, let her go ahead and have that fever and sleep it off and pee it out.

I have been experinced with my daughter same thing when she was one year old. tylenol and motrin these I tried with my girl which not work because these were too weak dose, Her allergric specialist put her on pencillin antobodies it was much helpful. I suggest you to take ur baby to allergric specialist. see if wheather or not your baby allergric to anything or has mild asthma because extremly congested it might lead into brochittis which need to put her on an antobodies.

C., Since you went to the Dr. and still no change, go to your pharmacist and tell him/her what the Dr. sail and ask him/her what decongestant would be good to help your baby. M. H.


It is normal to get worry about your little one being sick and not eating much. I used the Tyleno/Motrin combination for the fever but I used an old remedy, Vicks Vapor Rub. It comes in an infant formula (pink top). Rub a penny size on her chest and or back to alleviate the congestion, which is the main reason for toddlers not to eat and it surely drains them out. Also, you might want to ask her doctor about using a vaporizer in her room during the night to help her breath better.

Is she on cereal? If so, you might want to give her the formula by itself for now.

Good luck and don't forget to give her a lot of TLC.

You can get Hyland's Cold Plus Tablets. They are
homeopathic so they are safe for a child your daughter's age. They are tiny tablets that dissolve almost instantly. Because they are homeopathic, you do have to give them often. When my little one was that age, I just gave them to her every time she had a diaper change. You can also use a humidifier when she naps & sleeps at night. You can put peppermint oil drops into the water which also helps with congestion. You can get these items at most health food stores. Simply Saline or any type of pure saline drops can help her nose also. You can get this at any drug store. If she is only running a low grade fever it may be best to avoid the Tylenol and it probably is not going to do much for her unless she is also teething or has a possible ear infection but other wise does nothing for congestion, runny nose etc. Good luck and I hope she feels better soon!

Hi, I do not think you are worrying too much and I am not trying to scare you but this happened with one of my kids and I took her took the doctor three times and he just said its a cold but then she started coughing and I took her to the er and she rsv and pneumonia. I went by my gut instinct and boy I am glad I did take her to the er. Good Luck and never bad about calling the doctor as we are our childrens voice!! Thanks.

It's normal to worry - she is your baby daughter. AND, although we take them to the Dr.s....we STILL think it must be more! They didn't find something!!! I've been though this with both kids and it was just a virus (which there is NOTHING you can do). Except wait it out. I've seen my daughter so misreable that I SWORE she had to have SOMETHING with a name. Nope.....as soon as I'd take her - like the next day she'd start getting better (as my husband had predicted). BUT - I still felt better taking her.

The only things you can do for viral are liquids, humidifier, raising her up for sleeping - vapor baths and baby vicks. I like the VICKS humidifier ($12 at Wal-Mart) that you can add the high-dollar Vicks liquid to). The Saline drops and the suction cup make a world of a difference as well. It gets the stuff runny and then for about a minute - it just starts flowing = helping her even more.

My Pediatrician also advised for a cold - not to alternate the Tylenol or Motrin because Motrin actually helps reduce swelling allowing children to get an added benefit by it helping them breathe a little better.

I know you're worried but a virus may take 7-10 days to run it's course. She'll be OK! Just make sure you get liquids in her and make her as comfortable with all the other ways possible. My daughter goes into cling-on mood - doesn't eat for days, has a fever and her naps and sleeping get all messed up. ALL NORMAL for a virus. Her throat may be yucked up which makes eating hurt....(my daughter has been tested TWICE for Strep when it was just a nasty viral that made her throat all white and yucked up). Normally they say, children under 2 do not get strep and they've been right so far. GOOD LUCK! You're a great mommy for being here!

As a mom, we all worry over our children. My little ones had colds that could last 10 days or so. I did the alternating of tylenol and motrin - it helped some. Unfortunately, it just had to run its course. It is so hard to watch your little one suffer - you feel so hopeless. You are NOT worrying too much! You know your daughter better than any doctor or anyone else for that matter. I would call whenever you feel that it is getting worse or something just doesn't seem right. Hang in there and I hope your little one is feeling better soon. Your doing great - she is very lucky. Oh, ask about pedialite (if her appetite has slowed). Best wishes.

Any time symptoms change, take them back in. That's my rule of thumb that I go by with my 4 children. Something that starts as a simple cold could lead to bronchitis or a sinus infection, ear infection or any number of other things. Get the advice of the doctor. Better safe than sorry. I don't like to wait long before taking them in the first time and I don't hesitate to take them back when things either don't improve or symptoms change.
Keep her away from public as much as possible. Even at the doctor's office, keep her on your lap and sit at least a chair or two between other people. It's much easier to catch things when you're already ill. Go pick up her meds, if he gives her any, then go right home. Try to keep things extra clean and wash her bedding at least every other day while she's sick. When she coughs or her nose leaks on the soft surfaces it can trap the germs that she can pick up again later. Hard surfaces aren't as bad. And don't worry about cleaning everything in sight. She's used to the kind of germs and bacteria that is normally in your home on a regular basis.
It's hard when the kids are sick, especially at the age where they can't tell you how they feel. Hang in there!

NO, I do not think you are worrying to much! Try a humidifier, saline drops, and a suction bulb. Thats worked for us. Hope she gets better soon!


Nowadays it does take a good amount of time for a child to get over a cold. Try to get her to take in a lot of fluids, use the saline nose spray to clear her sinuses, and give her cool baths to bring fever down. The more she sleeps, the better since her body will heal better when sleeping. It's her body's way of fighting the infection. Try gatorade to keep the fluids in her. Don't panic, sometimes these things just take a bit longer than we expect.

Take Care,
T. (mom of 4)

Definately not!! You're a mother and you are resposible for her. I will tell you that I have taken my kids so many times and all just to hear the dr say, it's a cold. Every child is different. My first got colds all the time and never had an ear infection. The colds would last about 7-10 days. My second son got an ear infection everytime he got a cold. Just keep that in mind. The dr said that you would know if they had ear infections b/c they would have a high fever, but Noah never had fever and he's had a ton of ear infections. You have to keep her hydrated. Popsicles, juice, whatever she will drink so that she has at least one wet diaper ever 12 hours. I wouldn't worry about food, just fluids. Her appitite will return when she's feeling better. Get a cool mist humidifier and keep it right beside her as much as possible. Especially when she's sleeping. Get some saline nose spray and spray wait a few min then suction her nose to clear her breathing. You may want to ask your dr able possible allergies as well. Hope this helps.
God Bless,

Oh poor girl! Colds can take up to two weeks (and sometimes longer)to get over--and sleeping a lot and not wanting to eat much is very normal. My son is now 3 and I always know when he's not feeling well because he won't hardly eat anything!
So just keep her fever down with the motrin and tylenol--let her sleep when she needs to, offer her food but don't force anything--and she'll get back on her feeding and sleeping routine when she feels better.
I would call your Dr if she starts to get a persistent dry cough, or sounds like she is wheezing or having trouble breathing or if her fever gets over 103 with the medications you are giving her....

Take her back to the Doctor and make sure that the Doctor checks her ears and all of the things that they need to check for. You are doing a great job for her keep up the good work.

If you do not have a humidifier then you should go to
Wal-Mart and pick up a cool mist humidifier. Put A SMALL AMOUNT OF BABY VICKS on your daughter’s chest and back.

Hold her as much as she wants and I would keep her in my bed with me to make sure that her breathing is good through out the night.

Try to give her water and give her as much as she will take.

Talk to the Doctor and ask the Doctor if her Temp. gets as high as 102.5 or higher if HE / OR SHE ( the Doctor ) wants you to give her Motrin and Tylenol at the same time to bring down the fever.

To help bring down the fever give her a cool bath. Start it out like room temp water and then a tiny bit cooler but do not give her a COLD bath because it will put her in a shock. She can stay in the bath for about 20 to 40 minutes or as long as she can take it. She might only be able to be in the bath for a few minutes depending on how sick she feels and how bad her body aches.

When you go to the store to look for a cool mist humidifier, look for BE COOL PATCHES those are cool patches to put on her forehead or back or chest to help keep her cool.

Keep a close eye on her and comfort her as much as you can.
Give her lots of love. LOTS of hugs and kisses.

Take her outside for some fresh air and so that she can get some sun.

I wish you the best and most important PRAY to GOD for her and for Great health.


You think this is a teething thing? From all the advice I've been given from other moms, these sound like they might be teething symptoms and maybe she's about to cut a tooth. It hurts my daughter's mouth sometimes and she won't eat. Is she batting at her mouth or ears? This is what indicates to me that Taylor's teething issues have flaired up. It'll be a'ight, mama! Hang in there!

I just saw this article from babycenter.com and thought you would appreciate it: (might have to cut and paste)


It is so hard when they are sick and not themselves. They can't tell you what is wrong and seem so helpless. It is perfectly natural to worry. One thing is for sure keep fluids going. Make sure that when she cries she has tears.
She might have a sore throat and that is why she is not eating. My boys and husband had a similar virus with a sore throat last week. Popsicles in this case would be the best all around.
I wish you all the luck and I hope your little one feels better very soon.

Babies handle a cold differently than adults. We go to work or do our daily duties (like I'm doing now -- sick w/ a cold and at work) because we can strive through it easier. Ask a doctor/peditrian what he/she how long a cold is suppose to last. You are doing fine and your daughter is doing fine. Babies are made to conserve engergy like that. Let her nap longer, as long as it doesn't interfer with night sleep. And just make sure that you are watching the doses and times you give it to her. I know it's hard to see the little one sick... it really sucks to see them and not be able to give them much. But our bodies are made to fight the bugs, so just keep a closer eye on the symptoms.

You are doing a great job!


My son was sick like that about that age and I went to the health food store and got him something that was all natural and he took it every 20 min. until he was better and then twice a day for a few days. I can't remember the name of it, but anything all natural is going to help her get better a lot faster than medicine from the drug store. Your doctor may or may not be a supporter of all natural products, but you are the mom and you have to decide what you feel good about giving your baby.

Most all natural products that I have suggested to any of my doctors for me or my baby, they just shrug their shoulders and recommend only prescriptions. However, I have ALWAYS got better lasting results from all natural products. Do read the labels on the back and ask for help from the people working in the health food stores to make sure the products are for babies.

Also, try to keep her away from day cares or church nurseries untile she is better.

Hope this helps!

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