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Ok, I need some help and fast!! My 2 year old daughter has show and tell tomorrow at daycare and she needs to take an item that starts with a Q. I thought of Quail (her daddy is a hunter but doesn't have a quail), quarter but that is too simple, quilt (she doesn't have a special one) and quiet but I would have no clue what to take for that! Anyone have any easy yet unique ideas?? PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Thank you all for the awesome ideas!!! I guess I didn't really think about how many different "Q" things there are out there! So, this is what we went with! My daughter loves animals so her dad had the idea of taking a duck and then she can tell her class what a duck says - "QUACK QUACK". Her uncle loves to duck hunt and he gave her this one duck decoy so that is what she took. I hope it goes well. One other kid was getting there the same time as her this morning and he didn't have show and tell so at least she will have something to share with her class!!!

Thanks again to you all! Have a fabulous weekend!!!!

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Lips closed.

Finger in front of the lips with: Shhhhhhhhhh.

Hope this helps. Good luck. D.

Queen, Q-tip, quadrilateral, quadruples, quail, quill, quarter, quart, quilt, quadrillion, quiche. My son had to find as many q's in the house and bring them to school for Kindergarden.

ha ha ha show n tell letter Q! They skipped X and Q at my son's pre K

how about a queen? Can always pull out one from a deck of cards.

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OK--some Quick ideas:

quail (picture of)
Quaker (oatmeal box) or granola bar
quart sized container
quartz crystal
Quebec (map of)
queen bee
question mark
quesadilla recipe
quilt (ANY quilt!)
quilted toilet paper
The Who's Quadrophenia
Quaalude? Just kidding!
Queen CD (The Freddie Mercury kind!)

Hope this all doesn't make you Queasy!

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Do you know anyone with Quintuplets, get her a picture to take in or have her draw it. Good Luck

Queen was my thought. Since I know my daughter has a ton of princess-esque stuff.

Why not make a Queen's Crown from construction paper and glue on as many "Q" words as you can find from the grocery ads, magazines etc.

For Quiet you could find a photograph of your daughter sleeping. presumably quietly.

Good luck, At least you don't have X.

Are pictures ok? If so, download a picture of a quince (like an apple). Or does she have any dolls or toys that are queens?

Question, quart, queen, quill quarter (4 parts..not the coin)

Q was so hard, until another mom told me, Quarter.

Have a great day.

she is 2 why not quarter?


Lips closed.

Finger in front of the lips with: Shhhhhhhhhh.

Hope this helps. Good luck. D.

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