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Should I Give My Breastfed Baby Water?

I have a 4 month old breastfed baby, people (older women usually) keep telling me to give my baby girl sugar water?? They are shocked that I dont give her water supplements. It is my understanding that breast milk was all they needed right now....anyone have any suggestions???

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GOOD JOB for you!!!!!!! All your baby needs at this precious age is your breast milk. I too nursed my 2 children and never supplemented my breast milk for anything else. I remember when we had our son, everyone always has their share of advice. But with all things you must learn to trust YOUR motherly instinct as to what is best for your little girl. I would recomend that you look into La Leche League International (they have a book titled "The motherly art of breastfeedig") (I highly recomend that if you have not read it to check for a copy at your local library...it has a lot of valuable information that may help you now and in the future), as they have the most reliable information when it comes to nursing. Also have you consulted with your doctor? I have always consulted with my docotor, but at the same time I always went with what worked best for me and my 2 little ones. How far do you live from Chamberlain as I would not mind loaning my copy out so long as it was returned. :0) If there is anything you ever need to ask about brestfeeding please feel free to contact me. I am not an expert but I will willingly share with you all of my experiences. I know that finding a good support system was very helpful for me. I wish you the best.....just remember that Maya is your babygirl and that it is your instinct to naturally do what is best for her. Y.

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Well, think about it, do you want a tall glass of warm milk on a hot, sunny day? Water isn't going to hurt your baby, there is no need for sugar! Baby's are moving more and getting more active daily, they can't tell you their only thirsty! Help keep them hydrated! It's not going to hurt them, more so help! You don't take away or replace nursing which IS BEST! Don't stuff water down them, simply offer it!

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This has to be outdated informtion. None of my friends that nursed advised me to supplement with sugar water, nor did my doctor. Sugar water has no nutritional value.

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HI A.,

I believe breast milk is the only thing your daughter needs right now. I think by adding water will only give her problems. I wouldn't introduce until you introduce solids. I have 3 wonderful children and I am still nursing my 18month old. (she drinks water too, but I didn't start her until we started with solids). I hope this helps.


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The only reason that I know of for giving an infant sugar water is if they are jaundiced, and that usually happens the first few weeks of life, and certainly wouldn't be a concern at 4 months. I have 3 little ones and have gotten all sorts of crazy advice on what to feed them, etc. Trust your instincts and your doctor's advice, you can't go wrong.

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No- it is not necessary. I went through the same thing with my Mom- every time we talked on the phone "are you giving him water yet?" And her inquiries were becoming more intense because she was convinced he would have jaundice if I didn't give him water. I had to have her talk to my doctor, 2 different nurses and then finally a friend of hers told her- NO WATER. As medical practice changes, so does information on breastfeeding, etc. I think in my Mom's day it was probably common practice- but not so now.

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No, there is no reason to give your baby sugar water if you are breastfeeing. I regularly attend a breastfeeding support group, and have learned a lot about breastfeeding. However, most pediatricians do suggest a vitamin supplement such as Tri-Vi-Sol (a liquid administered by dropper) once a day until 6 months or until solid foods are a regular part of their diet. This helps fight problems such as britle bone disease. Otherwise, breastmilk only is good until around 6 months!!

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Hi! I have a 2 year old daughter who is still nursing. I didn't give her water until about 6 months and only once in awhile to help her learn how to drink from a sippy cup. She never has had a bottle - only a sippy cup and me of course. My daughter is beautiful and healthy -- your breastmilk is the best thing you can be giving her -- just make sure you are drinking lots of water -- and sugar water, no way -- I never even put sugar on the baby rice/oatmeal --
Hope this helps.

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