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Should I Give My 13 Month Old Vitamins?

Hi mamas,
I wondered if any moms give their babies vitamin supplements. I don't give my baby anymore formula since he turned a year --he now drinks whole milk. He eats healthy but I thought maybe I should get in the habit of giving him some liquid vitamins. I was told that Poly Vi-sol by Enfamil is a great one. But I wanted to get advice from other mamas. Thanks so much!

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My 14 month son's pediatrician has been recommending that he take vitamins (Enfamil Tri Vi Sol...not Poly Vi Sol) for the past several months...probably since he was about 6 months old. He eats well and balanced but is still definitely on the small side. Tri Vi Sol is difficult to find. The CVS pharmacy orders it for me.

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When my daughter was about that age, we asked her doctor about vitamins. He told us that if she was eating healthy (which she was) there was no reason to supplement with vitamins. She is now a healthy nearly eight year old (next week). She didn't have her first chocolate until she was 2 1/2 (darn that Halloween) and didn't start having any soda until a few months ago.

I think you should ask your son's doctor to see what he thinks. I highly doubt that he will suggest supplementing with anything since your son seems to eat well.

My daughter's doctor gave her prescription vitamins that contain floirde. she has been on them since she was around 1 and is 5 now. No cavities and is tall and healthy. So we are happy with them. She is not the best eater. you may want to talk to your dr about it.

My son is 14 mons. and I still gives him the poly vi-sol every morning with his breakfast. I give him the vitamin about 5x/week in his oatmeal. He eats a healthy solid meal 3x/day, and 15-20 oz. milk and some snacks in between. He is about 25 lbs. now. He is healthy but i still gives him the vitamin anyway, it doesn't hurt getting extra vita.

My pedi let me know we probablly didn't need to as long as they were on a balanced diet, but if it made me feel better (and it did) he reccomended poly vi- sol. We used it with both girls.

I read this article once that said that the parents who want to put their children on vitamins are probably the kids who don't need it because their parents are obviously concientous (sp I know) of what kinds of nutrients their children need.

My boy’s pediatrician did advise vitamin supplements. I did use the Poly Vi-Sol vitamins on both. I feel that vitamins are an extra insurance to fill in the nutritional gaps that may be in your diet.

Hi D.,

I have twin boys that are 12 months old and a five year old. I haven't added vitamins to my twin boys' diet. They eat a lot of fruits, veggies and protein. I have, however, added probiotics to their diet since they were about 3 months. With the probiotics, it helps their digestive systems to fully absorb the vitamins in the foods that they eat. Thus, it's a great boost for their immune system.

Also, since they turned 1 year old, I started them on whole goat milk instead of cow's milk. I've consulted a nutritionalist and the goat milk protein is more like human breast milk than cow's milk. I think the cow's milk can be more difficult to digest. So you might want to consider that also.

Hope this helps.

Alright, I'll be the one to bring up the other side of the story :) I would say it depends on his diet, general health, and whether of not he goes to daycare. I have given my kids vitamins consistently because it supports their immune systems and fills the gaps in their diets that inevitably show up.
My kids are generally healthy, but I know that most produce has very little of the nutrients they once had 50 years ago before farmers started using chemical fertilizers and stopped rotating their crops. Not to mention the pesticides and other pollutants our children's systems have to put up with on a daily basis. If your son eats a very balanced diet of whole, organic foods and rarely has refined sugars, junk food, or fast food, then no, he probably doesn't need vitamins. However, if he's eats like most kids, the vitamins could be helpful in keeping him healthy.
Another note, studies have shown that regular intake of vitamin C and zinc are helpful in warding off colds and flus, but not very helpful if you only start taking it once you are sick. Since most toddlers go to daycare, they are exposed to all kinds of illnesses, so I think it's not a bad idea to facilitate the immune system's ability to fight off the bugs.

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