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Should I Get a Pack 'N' Play for 15-Month-old? EDITED!

Up to what age/weight/height, etc. can a child nap in a Pack 'n' Play? I have made it this far without owning one, but my son and I have started visiting relatives who don't have one or some other safe place for him to sleep. Should I get a Pack 'n' Play or is there an alternative? Do you have any product recommendations? TIA!

EDITED: My concern, also, is keeping him contained in something so that if he doesn't go to sleep right away or when he wakes up he's not playing in underwear drawers or nightstands at grandma's house! :) How does naptime work at a home in which you are a guest? I know how to do it with an infant that can't get into things, but this is new territory for me. I'm sure you can relate! :)

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Thanks for all your input ladies! I asked my mil if I could use the one that she keeps at her house to take to other people's homes. She said yes. Duh! Why didn't I think of that in the first place?! :)

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I LOVE my pack and play. I have used it with all three of my children. I got the one that can be used as a bassinet or as a play pen for older children. I currently use it as a bassinet for my 3 month old, but when we go to my moms, I pack it up, and set it up as a playpen for my 2 yr. old. She weighs about 24 pounds. I think this is one of the most useful things we have. We have taken it on vacations to use as a crib in a hotel, and as a playpen at the lake.

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My 12&1/2 mth old still naps in his pack/play and he's fine with it. I also still use it for when I need to shower. That way I know he's safe. It's great for traveling. One word of caution: if your son has never slept in one before, get him to nap in it occasionally before you do any traveling. That way, he'll know that it's his own space and be comfortable with it. I would get the cheapest and most basic one though since he won't use it much longer (about $40). I think the height restrictions are about 35 inches tall and weight is about 30 lbs, but the packaging will tell you on the box. Unless they crawl out sooner, then obviously you'd stop using it. I am positive that if I put my son on a blow up mattress at this early age, he'd never go to sleep. He would get up and play!

When we're at Grandma's, I do my best to keep his routine & schedule the same as if we're at home. As long as you can put your son in a quiet room for naps, he should be ok.

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It is not safe nor comfortable for a 15 month old to be in a Pack n Play. We found a great alternative for my son at One Step Ahead. Here is the link: http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId...
It is a blow up travel mattress that is kind of sunk in so you don't have to worry about them falling off. It is quite comfy and my son calls it his "camp out bed". It is less expensive than the pack n play and much safer. Good luck!
***The reason that I say it is not safe or comfortable is that even with the padded insert for the pack n play it is still like sleeping on a rock and my 17 month old climbed and fell out of it head first.

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Try to borrow a pack & play if you can. They are great but at that age, it might not be worth it to buy brand new. I used the pack & play for travel (naptime and night time sleeping) for both my kids even up to almost age 3. Might not be the most comfortable bed ever, but it worked fine for short term vacations, and your concern about him staying contained and safe will be resolved.

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I wouldnt buy one at this point. Wight limits on those things are about 25 - 30 lbs.

One step ahead has a Deluxe Secure Surround Play Yard. That he can play in and you can lay down a blanket and pillow in case he gets tired.


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not sure why people think it's not "safe" or "comfortable" for a 15 month old to sleep in a pack n play - most of them hold 30lbs or better and are rated up to 35" - you would have to have one LARGE 15 month old to be over that lol! anyhow, if i were you, i would probably get one. i think the chances are greater of him getting injured getting into something than getting injured in a pack n play. my kids have travelled with a pack n play up to 2 or 2.5 years of age. look at getting a used one or borrowing one from a friend if you don't want to spend the money.

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The other child in our nanny share sleeps in a pack-n-play when she's at our house. She's 2.5 years old, although she's on the small side. Never had any problems. Our playard is rated up to 30 lbs. She's probably right around that, maybe a little more.

Another alternative would be a Peapod bed: http://www.kidco.com/main.taf?p=4,5

Smaller and cheaper than a pack-n-play, and they supposedly work up to 5-6 years of age.

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Hi J.
If I were you, I'd consider a couple of things before shelling out the money. The cost for new generally runs $100+ and comes with extra accessories (ie bassinette, changing table, mobile) that you may not need. Plus, it is likely that your son may not be fitting into it for too much longer.

Is this going to be your only child? If so, I'd consider checking garage sales or resale shops for a second-hand one (heck, you may even find someone here who is looking to sell theirs on this site). Chances are he'll only get months (vs year) use out of it depending on his height. Course, if you're having more children, you will obviously have the chance to get more use out of it. (I've had several friends in two-story houses who used it like a bassinette when their newborns came home and it saved them tons of running up and down stairs for every little squeak. And now that I've had my second, I intend to set ours up in the shade outside when big sister is outside playing/swimming.)

Also, something else you may want to consider, I don't know how tall your son is, if he's walking or not or if he's much of a climber, but I would definitely take that into condsideration before purchasing one. The more nimble/clever kids can find their way out...

Hope this offers some perspective. Good luck with your decision!

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I wouldn't get one at this point. We had one that we used as a bassinet when my boys were babies. We traveled with it and it was great when they were little, but by the time they were walking they didn't like it so much. If you just need it for sleeping I would save the money. I have seen blow-up mattresses with raised sides to keep the little ones on it. Look in Bed Bath & Beyond, or on the web. I think I saw them in the One Step Ahead catalog. We had a little fold out sleeper sofa for the kid, but they did out grow it quickly. It is just foam, no frame, so it travels well. You could always just make a pallet out of blankets for him. I know it sounds bad to put them directly on the floor. I am always reluctant to do it too, but the kids really don't mind, and you don't have to worry about them rolling off anything. Well good luck finding what works for you!

You can also get a bigger-sized pack n play, which should still work for you for a year or so. You can definitely get a basic model without the bassinet, changing table, etc, for well under $100--look at Walmart.com and sort by price. I'm with you--my 13-mo-old is into EVERYTHING, and would never sleep if she weren't in a crib/playpen where there's nothing to do but sleep! Do be careful about not putting many if any stuffed animals, pillows, etc, in, since your son could use those to climb up on to get out. Also be sure to set it up away from anything he can reach--my DD pulled some curtains down on herself once! I agree about having him "try it out" at home first, so he's used to the idea of sleeping in it. The mattresses are hard, but my DD doesn't seem to mind. You can also buy a more deluxe mattress, if you want, although it's probably not worth the money unless you use it a whole lot, or if your son is a real prima donna sleeper. Good luck!

My bil and his wife just borrowed our Graco TotBlock Pack 'N Play for their son (1 1/2) to sleep in when they visit my inlaws.
It is square instead of rectangle, with squeaky, rattle, mirror and something on the side. Just make sure they have room to set it up, or won't mind you moving a bed over to make room for instance.
So, my opinion is to get one, unless you want to be on guard and running around for every second of your trip.

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