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Should I Get a Futon or a Daybed?

Should put a futon or a daybed in our spare room? At the moment, this room is a playroom/tv room, but it's pretty empty. We've been talking about putting a futon or daybed in there for when we have guests. Now, one thing to add is that we hope to become foster parents soon and if so, this room will be their room. I'm not sure which one is more comfortable for everyday use. It could be a situation of a couple weeks or maybe a few years. HELP! What are your experiences- are futons comfy?

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Thanks for all the help. After reading all your posts- futons are out. It's a good thing because I did find out for sure that foster kids can't have futons- must have a bed of their own. Thanks to whoever said that because I'm glad I checked into it! Hey, I would have done the daybeds anyway after all your horrible experiences! :)

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Sleeping on one of the modern futon/couch is miserable unless you are 10 or under!!! If this is about providing a comfortable night sleep for guest...go with the daybed with a true twin mattress.

I think that you'd be happier with a daybed. It's essentially like having 2 twin beds, and it's nice you can tuck one away underneath for when you're not using it. I grew up with a daybed; it's great for sleepovers! I've slept on futons before but they're not that comfortable as far as daily sleeping. Futon may be fine for a weekend visit, but probably not for long-term use for sleeping.

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I have had a futon bed, and they are ok as long as you don't use them everydsy. The cushion is so thin it is just uncomfortable. I really like s daybed, the matress has cushion and it is so much more comfortable to sleep on. They even look better. I hope this helps some

Sleeping on one of the modern futon/couch is miserable unless you are 10 or under!!! If this is about providing a comfortable night sleep for guest...go with the daybed with a true twin mattress.

I have slept on our college son's futon recently. It would be ok for a night or two. I would reccomend investing a little more and getting the day bed. I would suggest a pull-out couch, but only experience with them is in condo's at the beach and they are ok too for a few days. A more expensive one might be like a real bed I don't know.

For an average size adult - a futon is an ok experience... I sleep on ours fairly regularly. For larger people, they are not comfortable and do not hold up well. My kids have absolutely no problem sleeping on our futon (the $150 special at wal-mart, no fancy mattress). Folded out, they are not especially comfortable IMO - in the couch position, it's a very good nap. :)

Daybeds on the other hand don't make very good couches but are infinitely more comfortable for anyone - of any size - to sleep on.

Good luck


You might consider getting a daybed before you get a futon. I got a futon for my son and it wasn't three nights he slept on it the brads broke in it he only weighed around 50 lbs. So that being said they are not very good to sleep on seeing how you have a bar going across your back when you sleepthey don't have a good support. Now if you want it for a guest room and want to make sure your guest only stay for one night it would be great. Who wants to sleep on a bed that is not comfy. lol Hope this helps.


Ok.. The futons are ok if they are not slept on everyday... But with the possibility of having someone extra I would go for a day bed...
We have a futon in the living room.. it is great for sitting... its lumpy now because it was slept on for over 4 months when we had a guest...
Letting you know

I say day bed. Futons arte ok for a 1 or 2 night stay.

I have had (and slept on) both daybeds and futons. Cheap futons are not worth the money. Good futons are exensive but are comfortable for both sitting and and sleeping. Daybeds are Okay for sitting, but it always feels like you're sitting on a bed (too high, too deep) but are much more comfortable for sleeping. It really depends if you plan to have people spend more time sleeping or sitting on it

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