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Should I be worry if my 12 month olds head is bigger than others?

I have a 12 month old son. Every time I take him for a well baby check the doctor tells me that my son's head is "off the charts". I ask them what to do about this and they say that they will just continue to monitor it. He has met all of his milestones right on time or earlier. He is a very happy child. I just dread going to the doctor because they make such a big deal about his large head but don't seem to want to do any tests to make sure he is OK. I am just nervous that something might be wrong and we are not fixing it. Should I push the doctor's to do some testing or should I just continue to wait and see? Does anyone else have a child with the same issue?

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Each child develop on a different pace, check with your pediatrician for consultation and read the article for more opinions.

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Thanks so much to all who replied to my message. It helps to know that I am not alone, and so many other parents have children with " off the charts" heads. We have an appointment with the doctor, I am going to be honest with her and tell her that she cuses me alot of anxiety when she makes such a big deal about his head, and that it makes me vey upset. She probably doesn't realize how much her comments upset me and cause me stress. I am also going to ask her to measure mine and my husband's heads, I have a feeling we both have large heads, I guess I just never noticed before! Thaks so much for all of your advice.

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Don't worry, I was always told the same thing, "wow his head is off the charts". My son eventually grew into his head, and now is a perfect.

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Hi L.! The next time your doctor worries you into a frenzy, prepare yourself with a smart statement that will not only let him/her know that what they're saying is upsetting you unnecessarily but also that high intelligence runs in your family.

My 12 month old son has a big head too, just like his dad who IS a genius (a give and take situation, as far as I'm concerned. ;-D He likes to say, "Big grape, bigger brain than you" to anyone who gives him a hard time about his big head.

If the doctor only said your son has a big head and nothing else, then there is nothing to worry about. Dumb doctors. When will they understand that that there are some things you don't say to a concerned mother? I know they spend a lifetime in school but seriously, some are just idiots.

Don't worry until you need to!

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My daughter has a large head also which is off the charts but the doctor doesn't seem to make it a large concern. I don't believe there is anything wrong with your child unless there are developmental issues.

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James, my daughter's cousin, had a head so large as an infant that it impeded him crawling (very heavy!), and was always commented upon. His parents worried, but the doctor did not, other than remarking upon the 'off the charts' size.
Now, at six, James is beautiful, very tall, very smart, and in no way out of proportion. He's growing out of size 7 clothes, and reading very well - a sweet and lovely boy.
I would not worry a BIT, if the doctor doesn't think there is anything to test for.
I'd attach a photo if I could figure out how to do it. . .

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Hello L., You not alone on this..My parents adopted a little boy who's head is bigger than normal.( They got him at 2 weeks old) People would see him and comment on the size of his head even the dotors.My mom has always had a hard time getting shirts on him..But I have notice that now that he is 19 months old his body is starting to catch up..Either that or his head has stopped growing for now. The good thing is that your little one is right on when it comes to the milestones. Little Levi is not. He walks and stuff but he seems to be delayed when it comes to being able to communicateing. The only thing is that the doctor has asked for him to be tested threw Inland Regional Center.
I hope this helps.

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My DS has always measured in the 95th percentile for head size (and under 10th for height and weight) As long as his head stayed growing at the same rate the doctor wasn't worried and just fifures he has a big head. They did monitor it (by measuring it every week) for about a month when he was about 6 months old bur it hsdn't even been brought up since. Good luck to you. My son hit most milestones early. We just figure he's going to be an evil genious - short and skinny with a giant head. LOL

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well when i hear "large head" i think, hydrocephalus, that's a condition i was born with. however, if there are no other signs like being listless or problems with coordination or anything like that, then they must not see that as a possibility. Maybe you could at least ask if they could do a CT scan to find out for sure.

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I think you should only be concerned about head size if it grows a lot over a short period of time. Your doctor probably isn't concerned because there are no other warning signs. And, although they say head/brain size has nothing to do with intelligence, I think it does because my daughter is really smart and is in the 95th percentile of head size. But again, talk to your pediatrician and ask him what it could be if there were something wrong, but only if you think knowing would help- I know some moms it would only make more paranoyed.

With all due respect to moms who say "force the doctor to give your child a cat scan," I think there is a lot to be said for a mom's intuition, but some moms confuse worry with intuition. And forcing doctors to do very expensive and unnecessary tests is part of what is wrong with our health system- doctors give in because it's easier than arguing with you, the insurance company pays for more unnecessary tests, the insurance company charges more... and so on. Anyway, leave it to me to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

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My twin boys both have large heads-- big enough to have their own "head size" charts. My Dr also wanted to monitor it-- but before getting too concerned she measured both my husband and me. It turns out we all have large heads-- it just kind of runs in the family. I would ask them to measure you and your husband. It isn't usually something to really worry about unless it is continually getting bigger not in relation to the rest of his body-- OR if he has developmental delays.

As a side note-- a lot of actors/actresses have big heads for their frame. I guess it looks better on camera.

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