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Shoe Organization Help Needed for Family of 6 - Sherwood,OR

I have a family of 6, including me and my husband. We have a 19 year old girl, 18 year old boy, 6 y/o girl, and a 4 y/o girl. We are drowning in shoes.

We have a house policy that shoes are to be removed before going up stairs. We do allow shoes downstairs because we have hard wood. Shoes are left every where. The main place where the shoes are to be stored is in the garage. I have one of those big plastic shelves with 5 shelves on it. We each have so many different pairs of shoes that it is always over flowing and just looks terrible.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this shoe clutter under control?

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Wow .. what a response, Thank you all. I am going to Ikea this weekend to check out the storage bins they have. I am also going to put up all the seasonal shoes and have a NO SHOE RULE PERIOD! I think that will help tremendously!! Thank you again for taking the time to help me out of this shoe problem.

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HI Maria ,

My name is J. and I also have had this problem. I have found these large stackable drawer bins ( appx. 2 1/2 W by 1 1/2 D by 1 ft 2 in H ) at target, fred meyer and even costco prices range from appr. 18$-25$ they work great and you can put you name on each bin or decorate, and because they are enclosed you do not see a mess of shoes. Also, a word of advise for every pair of new shoes you buy get rid of an old pair.Donate to you closest charity.

Good Luck hope this can work for you!

J. from the emerald city

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I have only a family of 4 and we have plenty of shoes too. We each have a shelf on two shoe racks by the back door. There are only allowed to be as many shoes as fit there. The other shoes (seasonal etc) have to be in each person's closet. My ds has a dresser drawer with shoes. They will get in the habit of carrying their shoes to their rooms I guess. Also we put more shoe racks in the coat closet on the floor below the coats; these are for boots mainly.

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I was just at Ikea not too long ago and they have a great shoe rack that consists of several pull down bins that close for hidden shoe storage! They come in different colors and are stackable so you can have as many cubbies as you need. I've been thinking of getting some to control my husband's shoe parade all over the house....they're also plastic, so easy to clean, now i've talked myself into it!

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I would keep the childrens outdoor shoes in the garage, like boots and old tennies, but all the other shoes can be kept in their own closets and just carried down when needing to wear them. The rule would have to be, take them up when you go to bed. I keep ours in the coat closet on the floor for during the day.

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Dear A.,
We also have shelving for our shoes, but we are allotted only one shelf for each person. Once it is full, we are responsible for taking the excess shoes to our closet. I also have 2 shelves to accommodate company. To encourage people to use the shelving, I had to put it right where the shoes were to be removed. In our case, that's right inside the front door. Because it's in the house, I used a bookcase that has a good appearance and covered the shelves with plastic and then indoor/outdoor carpeting.
I raised 3 girls and am a grandmother of 4. God bless!

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Your oldest two children are really young adults they should take responsibility for their shoes. They're a bit old for consequences but I suggest that any shoes, including those of everyone in the household, should lose those shoes for a period of time. Each evening, after everyone is in bed, the last one up could go thru the house picking up shoes and then put them in a place that is not easily accessible.

Another idea is to provide a laundry basket for each person so that they can just throw them into a basket. Ideally the baskets would be in an area thru which the person could be going on their way upstairs.

It's time for a family meeting to find other ways to control the shoe issue. An order from on high probably won't work with the teenagers.

You could also make it a policy that shoes unworn for a set period of time, say one week, will be put someplace else than the shelves in the garage. This could be a laundry basket or boxes.

Good luck!

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Have you heard of Flylady.org?

She recommends limiting the # of clothing so clutter does not become a problem. Pick one day of the week to cut down the # to 2-3 pair each person. More than that has to be returned to the room or donated. Also keep only the season appropriate ones on hand. Flip-flops in the way during winter months is only stress producing.

hope you can get it under control.

Learning to cut the clutter,

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What I do is I have the kids put the shoes in their room that dont get worn as often. This helps the clutter. The rule in the house wheI was growing up was only one pair of shoes were to be left out (there was 5 kids at homeso you could imagine the shoes!).

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I have this same problem but only have 2 boys - no girls. I can't imagine! So I made a place in each person's room where they keep all of their shoes except the TWO pairs they wear most often. For us it's the regular walking shoes and muddy boots. Those "high-wear ones" get a shelf of honor, like your spot in the garage. Everything else gets carried out of the bedroom and put on at the door, then returned to the room by hand, (no trapsing around in shoes in my house either) and put in their designated spot in the room. All this said, we are NOT shoe hoarders by any stretch, and I go through regularly and weed them out. Hope this helps!

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I have 2 girls ages 2 1/2 and 5. We also have a no shoe policy in our house. I ahve trained my kids to take off thier shoes and put thier shoes in the hallwway closet shoe rack. (hangs on the door one side is for my older daughter and the other side is for my younger daughter). It holds about 10 pairs of shoes each (2 pairs of shoes per pockets). Yes they can't reach the high slots for thier shoes, so I place shoes they do not normally wear up their (church shoes, seasonal shoes). This works great...no scramble for shoes every morning. I'd do this for the 2 younger kids and make your older kids have thier own shoe rack in the garage. If they can't put the shoes away simple take away their shoes...trust me they will learn to put their shoes away! Good luck!

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I have this same problem! We are a family of six and with the motor bike riding, horse back riding, gardening ect that we all do there is a need for so many different shoes. It drives me nuts. I asked a professional organizer and she suggested the shoes organizers. Well in theory that would be great BUT it's so hard to get everyone to comply to putting their shoes IN the organizer. What I do is go through and throw away shoes. In my mind I allow people four pairs each. I take the extras and store them AWAY if not toss them. This helps a little but they just seem to creep back up to unbearable numbers. I have no answers...I just share your pain.


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