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Shaving Legs

My 10 yr old is getting self conscience about her hairy legs. I think she's too young to shave, but she's really bothered by her hair.. when do you let them shave?? She already wears deodorant , puberty started not long ago... but I really think she's too young yet..

What can I do next?

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Hi W. -
My mom bought me my first electric razor at 1o years old because I kept stealing her razors. Electric is a good way to start because it's a lot safer than a razor blade and if you don't give her an option she will get rid of the hair on her own (and probably with a lot of cuts!) Hope this helps!
Lots of Luck, T.

Hi W.,

My daughter is 11, and really has NOT started puberty. But, it seems "all" the girls her age are shaving their legs. I felt she was too young also. At any rate, I bought her an electric razor at Target & she is now delighted. No harm done & everyone is happy!

Good luck,

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Hi W. - If she is already going through puberty and wearing deodorant, let her shave every few days. It sounds like she really needs to. I am speaking as a 5th grade grade teacher AND a woman who went through puberty at age 10 myself! It can wreak havoc on her self-esteem if she is self-conscious about being "different" or more advanced than the other girls, and can't so anything to make it a little better, like shaving to remove some of the hair. Just teach her how to do it gently and let her shave just a couple of times a week, or whenever she has time. Don't make a big deal out of it, just let her be educated and come to terms with what works for her.

I have dark hair and I'm half Armenian, so I was blessed with the hairy gene, and as a young girl it was really hard for me to feel okay with going through puberty early. My mother always helped me try to use strategies that would help, like shaving or making sure I had clothes that fit my body, not just what was in style at the time. Once all the other girls caught up, it got much better, and today I'm very athletic and happy with the way I look. Anyway, I see the social dynamics that go on with 10-year olds and I think it's important for your daughter to feel good about herself but also do what's best for HER, even if 10 seems young to you. I agree, it is young, but know that so many girls go through puberty at that age. You should see the range of shapes and sizes in my class any given year, boys and girls alike! Good luck and don't worry - it will work out okay for both of you!!

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My daughter was 9 when I allowed her to start shaving. I too felt she was too young. Not only was she bothered by it, but she was also being teased at school. I decided to allow her to shave because I felt it was important to her self esteme. To me it was such a small thing to help her feel good about herself. I would much rather teach her how than have her try herself and maybe hurt herself.

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You said it all when you said she's self conscience of her hairy legs. I know how hard it is to see them grow up so young. My goddaughter had her period at 9, and was extremely self conscience about everything that came along with it.Her Mom followed the child's lead and when she felt the need to shave she taught her. While parenting is not always smooth sailing, the bond between them grew from the confidence that the child had because of the mom allowing the child to shave. And your daughter will have confidence in being able to talk to you if something is bothering her. Think of how you would feel if your legs were that hairy right now. Allow that to guide you in your decision and good luck.

I am 23 but I remember FEELING this way and I would just have a mom and daughter's pampering night... because I shaved behind my mom's back because I was afraid she would be mad at me. If you did it together, it would be a little bonding thing and you could show her the "right way" to do it so that she doesn't cut herself. I used to cut myself all the time, because I didn't do it the right way. You guys should get some little masks, and popcorn and make a night of it! Good Luck and let us know what you did!

When it was time for my daughter to begin shaving, I bought her an electric razor. (No nicks or cuts!)

If she is feeling self conscious...depending on how fair-skinned / dark haired she is...let that decide--not a specific number.

let her shave. I purchased a electric shaver for my daughter a couple years ago for safety reasons we started with that now she is 13 and uses a razor and shaving cream. kids are very self conscience at that age make her feel comfortable with the changes.... mother of 13 11 8 adn 14mths K.

I agree with those who suggested to make it a bonding experience and fun to teach her. My mom wasn't approachable on this kind of thing. So, I did my own legs at this age (and my arms too!!) using her razor. I got a giant cut when I unthinkingly tried to "wipe" the hair out of the razor with my bare finger. Ouch. Your understanding her concerns and teaching her the right way to take care of herself will mean a lot and help to keep those channels of communication open.

My youngest daughter was 10 when she started her period. She was the 2nd girl in her her to "mature". I knew then it was time for her to shave her legs. There are many different products out there to assist her. I have an older daugher who was 16 at the time so she assisted Brittani with shaving etc. Brittani is now nearly 15 and I do not regret her starting to shave her legs when she was young. Kids can be cruel. I wish my mom would of been more supportive when I started to mature.

Are you worried about her handling a razor, or would you just prefer that she wait on these more womanly tasks? If it's the razor you don't like, try the new Veet products - there are 2 kinds with a plastic tool to remove the hair. Have her carefully put the cream on her legs while she is standing in the tub. By the time she finishes the second leg and her armpits, it's time to remove the hair from the first leg. Anything that drips ends up in the tub, and then she can shower off, using a washcloth to remove extra cream. No razor nicks.

If you would prefer that she wait a while, that's okay - you have to stress to her that appearance isn't everything, she's fine and natural the way she is. She shouldn't let outsiders (or the commercials) dictate her self-image. The problem is, she may have peers who are already shaving, having their periods, etc. If she has other signs of puberty, then it may be difficult to get her to postpone the personal care options until later. She should be briefed on all of the changes she is going through and prepared, so that there are no surprises and so that she gets her info from you and not exclusively from friends. There are some great books out there too - try the bookstore, and see if your library carries some. Good luck! I know, they grow up so fast - and with all the hormones in our meat, milk and other foods, it gets earlier and earlier.

It might not be about age since she has already started puberty, you need to think about her self esteem and also if she is being teased..if her hair is dark it is really standing out and you do not want her getting picked on at school as that will only cause her more pain and embarrassment.

You need to get past the Age and onto what is best for her, if this isn't about just being in with a click or for other reasons, but really is a source of pain and embarrassment for her..you need to help her there and be there for her. This will not go away and she will be happy next week..it is the summer..this could make or break how strong she feels aoubt herself as she may just start wearing pants Only and be afraid to show her legs and from there her other strong points may suffer too.

What about using Nair? It doesn't shave as close as a razor but it does the trick. You could also purchase an electric razor so she won't cut herself. Children are much more aware of these things in this day and age. I don't remember caring as much about my appearance at the age of 10 but nowadays it seems like there is so much more pressure on our children!!!

Oh please! If she is really self conscience about it & she already started puberty is wearing deodorant then she is old enough to shave!
I was about 11 already went through puberty & started my period by then. I never asked my mom if I could start shaving yet because I thought she'd day no. So I decided one day to go ahead & shave what could it hurt? Well my parents were out & my 19 yr old brother at the time was "watching" me...yeah right. I thought no one will be the wiser and I shaved, well I took a huge gouge out on my leg, took several layers of skin off (I think I needed stitches) & bled like crazy. I never said a word and was able to hide it. The next day I said "mom when will I be able to shave" she said I think you are ready now. Well needless to say I still have the scare on my leg & that was 19 years ago! So if you don't let her and she wants to she will do it anyway behind your back. Moral of the story just let her do it. Show her the "right" way to do it first though.

Hi W. -
My mom bought me my first electric razor at 1o years old because I kept stealing her razors. Electric is a good way to start because it's a lot safer than a razor blade and if you don't give her an option she will get rid of the hair on her own (and probably with a lot of cuts!) Hope this helps!
Lots of Luck, T.

I was 10 when I started shaving - and I was one of the last girls in my class, I was so embarrassed that my mom made me wait that long. I think in the grand scheme of puberty, this is minor. Unless there is some reason why it's very important to you that she waits, why not?

LOL W. boy does this bring back memories!! I had hair too at a young age, my cousin taught me how to shave while we were camping at the grand canyon....with our father's razors! LOL We got caught (poor dad with his dull razor)and then my parents proceeded to have a family discussion about whether I could shave (brothers and all)- OUCH!! How embarassing. If she's got hair, I say let her shave. Ditto on what others said - show her, make it a "girl" thing and have some fun bonding together. My mom wasn't a girly girl either so i had to teach myself makeup, shaving, etc etc etc....If I had a girl baby I would change all that :)
Good luck!!

You know something it's time .. but only let her do from the knees down. There is a product out there that's on the market -- it comes with a razor with a rubber strip on it but you have to use the shave cream that comes with it .. I think it's like a Nair product but it will get her into the habit of manuvering a razor without cutting herself. The real deal will come soon enough but it will satisfy her need to do it. Mine just turned 13 and just discovered the Venus which she is excited because you don't need shave cream, but it still has a razor and she is an old pro now! Good Luck!

you should let her shave if it is bothering her...you don't want her to feel bad about herself at such a young age and whats really the big deal.

I think if she feels that strongly about it and she is entering middle school then I would let her. Have her use an electric one. It is safer to start off with.

I'm not at this stage yet with my daughters, but 10 does seem young to use a razor. Are her friends shaving yet, or even concerned? I ask because my daughter doesn't notice things like that til other kids at school talk about it. The only suggestion I might have is I just saw an add for a teen version of Nair... That might be a compromise?

Hi W.,

My daughter is 11, and really has NOT started puberty. But, it seems "all" the girls her age are shaving their legs. I felt she was too young also. At any rate, I bought her an electric razor at Target & she is now delighted. No harm done & everyone is happy!

Good luck,

Oh W., It was very hard for me to see that my dd did not want to! Being teased just made her rebel more - than one day,
She finally used the Veet. Like nair it does a great job and keeps it gone longer. Legs are smoother too. I bought the stuff when she said she was noticing others were shaving in the 5th grade, 10ish and she waited till 7th. I saw nothing wrong with her waiting. Her hair was not all that noticable unless the girls were really looking for it, and they were! Please think hard about what is best for your daughter. It sounds to me like nair is a good choice. Cheap razors are cheap and the others are just as much as "Shower nair". I would stay below the knee for a while. She may choose to do more later. Take Care!

As much as you don't like it or agree with it, as you said puberty started! (AAAHHH right?)

If you really want to hold it off, tell her she can start when she starts middle school/jr high (whatever it is by you). Kind of a right of passage thing.

The desire to shave is only going to become more intense when her period starts too!

Hi W., I am only pregnant with my first so I dont know from experience. It sounds like you've got some good advice. She is going through puberty a little earlier and if you do decide to let her, I would go with the Veet and ONLY up to the knee. Tell her how much thicker it will grow in and I'm sure the thigh hair is barely noticable anyway. If you let her use a razor, might I suggest the Intuition one. It's great and pretty gentle too. Being embarrased is not fun. I know we try to teach our kids to not let other's bother you. I mean, are all her schoolmates shaving their legs too?? Either way, I am sure you will teach her the womanly responsibility. Goood luck.

Let Her, its probably peer pressure, i remember my dd bugging me to do it a couple of years ago also. Her Friends had started and they were all looking at each other at gym class and recess.
Just remember to go out and really look at whats our there in the marketplace for teens to shave with.
My dd accidently cut herself with a razor on her knee badly, and needed a couple of butterfly stitches last year, she had not asked permission to use the razor and i really liked to supervise if i could and/or know when she was using it.

good luck to you

I have a motor skill challenged teen who I just went through this experience with. I think the rule of thumb is how she feels and how obvious and dark the hair is. For our first round we used "neet" with the foam and rubber razor. She sat on the side of the tub, applied the cream and used the rubber mallet to "shave" It worked great and there were no injuries. You can also point out that once she starts shaving she'll then have to be committed to doing it regularly, that is sometimes a deterrant.

I think kids are grow so fast and are ready for things before we are ready to let them do it. But where she has gone through puberty and currently uses deoderant - I say - why not let her shave her legs???

Its some quality time you get to spend with her teaching her to shave her legs right.

I also suggest using the veet cream or something like that. Its a mock razor with hair removal cream. So she will get used to the motion of shaving without the possiblity of cutting herself. They also make saftey razors (but I personally have never used nor seen one).

Let her shave. If she's asking, it's because she's either self-conscious or she's getting teased...I think it would be cruel and pointless not to let her shave her legs if she wants to.

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