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Sharpie on Leather Sofa

Hi Ladies!

My budding little artist found a Sharpie marker and decided to redecorate my brown leather couch. I tried to rub it with a damp rag and all it did was NOTHING! Does anyone know of anything that will take it off without ruining the leather? Thanks!

What can I do next?

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my daughter did the same thing on my mother's hardwood floors... a "magic eraser" took it right off. I've used this to take regular pen off of leather seats... if anything will work, this will! Good luck!

I've used whats called awesome.. You buy it at the dollar tree.. It's only a dollar and use it full strength.. It also works on blood, ink,and grass stains too.. also oil and grease for a car.. Good luck

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Isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol will remove Sharpie marker.

Hey A.!

You need Sol-u-Mel!!! This will remove crayon, permanent marker, grease and call kinds of good stuff. It will leave your sofa looking like nothing ever happened to. I work from home and help others do the same, I just set up customer accounts with Melaleuca---where you can get the Sol-u-mel from. If you are not already a customer, let me know and request info. from my website and I can help you out. www.2abetterlife.com or www.livetotalwellness.com/cindygeoff

Sorry to hear about the sofa. I do know that rubbing alcohol will remove the Sharpie. Pour a very small amount on a paper towel and tab a small spot of marker. I do not know how the leather will respond to the alcohol but Sharpie does come out with it. Good Luck!!!

OK, this sounds like something my boys might do so I was interested. I found this link on the net. Let me know if any of these ideas work , good luck!

Try the MAgic Eraser it works on everything!! I would try on a non noticeable place first though to make sure it wont ruin your couch.


Try a Mr. Clean magic eraser. They advertise that it can take sharpie off of wood furniture, so maybe it will work on your couch. It should be safe on the leather as well. The other suggestion I have is rubbing alcohol. I would test that on a small spot of your leather first to make sure it does not fade it. Good luck!

I use Sol-U-Mel to take Sharpie marker off of ANYTHING - even suede couches and tile floors! It's the best thing there is - and it's safe for kids, too! Feel free to email me and I can tell you where I shop for it - you can contact me through my website...www.healthyhome4family.com

Hi A.,

I know of an amazing product that takes sharpie and anything! It is called Sol-U-Mel, it is from Melaleuca and you can only buy it with a membership but it is worth it every penny. I got rid of sharpie on white leather and on my daughter plastic ski boots and ink from the carpet and crayon from the wall paper, it is awesome and it is all naturally based with no harsh chemicals. Let me know if you are interested.
I truly never have experience anything like this product before.
Hope you can get rid of it soon!
M. Abadie

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