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Severe Stomach Cramps

Since last Friday, I have been having major stomach cramps off and on. They will be really bad for 2-3 hours and then go away...sometimes until the next day. I didn't think too much about it until Monday, I was at work and my stomach was cramping so badly that I felt I couldn't walk. This hurt as bad, if not worse, than contractions because it was constant pain for a couple of hours. I made a doctor's appointment for later in the morning and my husband came to pick me up. We went to my mom's house (as she keeps my son during the day) to wait for the appointment. While I was there, I threw up a bunch of food and liquid - sorry - gross, I know! I felt much better after that, but the cramps came back that afternoon. I still went to the doctor and he felt it was just a stomach bug because the location of the pain was right in the center of my abdomen...not where he'd be concerned about ulcers or galbadder or appendix problems. He just told me to rest and take advil as I am breastfeeding and didn't feel other medications would do well with nursing. He did take my blood to test for anything more serious (not sure what that would be), and I haven't heard back about the results. I'm guessing no news is good news, but I am still having horrible cramps. I have not been throwing up since and no diarrhea except for a little last Saturday (sorry - again). I'm starting to worry because it seems my milk is starting to decrease and I'm not able to eat alot without feeling sick. I want to be able to fully support my son's nutritional needs, but I am considering supplementing with some formula.
Does anyone know what this could be? Do you have any suggestions for something to eat? I've been eating chicken noodle soup (sometimes its okay and sometimes I cramp while eating it), crackers, and jello...and even drinking pedialyte to keep me hydrated.
Also - I have not had a period since before I was pregnant with my son...could it be trying to come back?
Thanks for the help!

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Thanks so much for the response! I am feeling better since eating all the "brat" I can! With that and the tea suggestion, hopefully I will be able to keep up my milk production. I'm still sore and cramping just a little on and off. I will lay off the advil. I think he actually told me to take that for back pain, as I've been having that off and on for a while, carrying around a new baby. I guess I just thought it would help my tummy too. I've always been a big yogurt eater, so never supplemented with acidophelus, but I've cut out dairy due to my son's acid reflux...so no more yogurt. I will definitely get the supplement!
Thanks so much for all the support and help! I also got a full night's sleep last night! My husband had to work late and my parents live closer to my job, so my son and I stayed there last night. They insisted I let my son sleep in the pack 'n play in their room and they got up to give him a bottle in the middle of the night instead of waking me to nurse him. I feel wonderful after my first full night's rest since before my little one came along!

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Try BRAT diet - bananas, rice and applesauce whenever your stomach has been assaulted by a virus. You can eat quite a bit of these 3 things while your stomach is recovering and not upset it.

Hello K.,

I hope you're feeling better. if you have bad bacteria in your GI track, maybe you need some acidophilus and/or other probiotics. you can find it at sprouts/wholefoods. so your GI track gets balanced. Also, if you're having gallbladder issues, avoid fatty foods. also you may need to take digestive enzymes. stay on a 'bland' low fat diet and start eating things little by little. keep up your liquid intake. Good luck breastfeeding. by the way, anise seed tea and star anise tea are very soothing to the GI track and it helps increase your milk production! you can get anise seed or star anise at sprouts at their bulk spice section. I've seen anise seed at walmart (much more expensive than at sprouts).~C.~

Hi K.,
You sound like you have the tummy bug I had last week. It was no fun! It effects people with different severity. My oldest son was only sick for a day, but my youngest and myself were sick for a week. The cramping had me doubled over in pain and groaning in my sleep (according to my hubby, who went to sleep on the couch). Definitely stay hydrated, it should help with the cramping. I ended up living on toast, crackers, chicken soup and pedialyte (the unflavored kind that I mixed with OJ) for 3 or 4 days. I did begin feeling better after throwing up, if it's any consolation. Hope you feel better soon!

My family of six passed around a bad tummy bug a couple of weeks ago. And like one poster said, it affected everyone diffently. My youngest only threw up once, but her tummy was a little tender for a few days, appetite down, etc. Some of us were VERY sick, to the point of being in bed. The worst part lasted two or three days, but we weren't back to 100% for a full week. And yes, the pains were REALLY bad.
Good luck to you. I hope you feel better soon!

My husband had something similar last year. The pain lasted for 3 days solid. By the third day, we were worried it was something serious, so I took him to the ER. They gave him IV fluids because he was very dehydrated and morphine for the pain. Within 4-5 hours, he was fine. They never figured out what it was. They just classified it as "Gastroenteritis" which is a catch-all diagnosis for strange digestive discomfort.

Definitely stay hydrated and avoid medicines that are hard on your stomach (like advil). Also, can you take pepto bismal before eating? That can coat your stomach and help your food digest without aggravating your stomach/intestines. You know you're well hydrated when your urine is very pale or clear in color. If it's bright or even dark yellow, you definitely need to drink more. If you're drinking pedialyte or other hydrating drinks, alternate each gulp with a gulp of water. These drinks help your body absorb more water, but if you're not also drinking water, then it doesn't have anything to absorb.

i'm not a dr, but ibuprofen is generally hard on your stomach, i would NOT take that if my stomach was already upset... it sounds like a virus or food poisoning. i hope you are feeling better soon, don't stress about eating, try to stay hydrated. go back to a dr if you are not feeling better by tomorrow or friday.

That's great that your feeling better! If you continue to have problems then I would seek a second opinion about your gallbladder. I recently kept feeling that my uterus was coming out and constant UTI's so I went to the doctor and she said everything was ok and that my body has changed due to 3 kids so I was like ok. Well after 5 months of still having problems I decided to seek another opinion and to my surpise my uterus had dropped quite a lot and that was the reason for all the bladder and falling out feeling. So go with your instincts because in my case I knew something wasn't right but when your doctor says it is you believe them but found out that is always not the case. Hopefully you just had a bug but if it continues then go somewhere else. S.

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