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Severe Nausea During pregnancy...PLEASE HELP!!

I am experiencing extreme nausea as I did with my first two pregnancies and I would much rather be in labor the rest of the nine months than to continue being this sick. All my favorite foods taste like garbage and I can't even wear my favorite perfume for fear I will ruin the fragrance for after the pregnancy. (I can't wear Glow by J. Lo because even when I'm not pregnant it makes me nauseous now) I've tried all the crackers I can stand, I'm really close to setting up a special doctors appt. specifically for the nausea. Anyone have any suggestions that worked for them??

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Thanks to everyone with all the wonderful responses! What I found to be working is sucking on a lemon half and then squeezing some lemon juice into a tall glass of water and sipping on that throughout the day. I thought I had tried everything. Food still doesn't taste the same and I still have spells where I just feel like laying around all day, but the lemon seems to suppress it somewhat. Thanks to all!!

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I read that protein helps with nausea, and my husband eats two boiled eggs every morning, so I started eating one with him, first thing in the morning. It totally helped. I also had to have a full stomach before I took my vitamins.

I can't help by personal experience, but my good friend has severe nausea with both of her pregnancies and her doc prescribed her some anti-nausea medicine - the same stuff the chemo patients take for nausea.

Hi -- Sorry you're going through this. Things that helped me: taking my prenatal vitamin at night rather than in the morning, ginger ale, peppermints, popsicles, and eating small amounts more frequently. Good luck, and congratulations!

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The nausea is your body's reaction to your hormone change. I had it with my pregnancies also. Fortunately it let up after the first three months. I took no drugs. I found that the more rest in bed I got the less the nausea would be. I couldn't stand the smell of food especially in the morning. So my husband had to eat cold cereal for breakfast. What did you do in your other pregnancies? AF

I've used Ritz, saltines, grape nuts, shredded wheat, and my recent favorite - boiled potatoes with a bit of butter and salt. All of them are super bland, and work well for me. Good luck.

I am not sure if someone already wrote this but you can try motion sickness wrist bands. they have a plastic button in the middle of them the triggers an acupunture point on the wrists. they are usually made for motion sickness but I found that they took the edge off of the nausea. I wore them all of the time for a while and helped when I slept because I wouldn't wake up and feel like throwing up!
I also found that eating a lot of snacks almost constantly helped me the most.
anyway, I know it is hard but it will pass. And hopefully the rest of your pregnancy will be much easier!
good luck!

The drug Zofran (prescription) was very helpful to me!

I read that protein helps with nausea, and my husband eats two boiled eggs every morning, so I started eating one with him, first thing in the morning. It totally helped. I also had to have a full stomach before I took my vitamins.

Try wearing the wtisbands that prevent motion sickness. They go on your wrist at a certain pressure point. They worked great for me. Other cures: eat a little bit every hour to keep something in your stomach; minty things; ginger ale. Good luck! It won't last forever!

Hi I am also a mother of 2 with one on the way. I'm also feeling nauseas but it sounds like yours is worse. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law both got VERY sick with thier pregnancies. My mother-in-law went to her doctor and got vitamin B shots and said it worked wonders and she was able to eat again and keep it down. I think you can also take Vitamin B suppliments orally but might mess with your stomach. Ask your doc about vit. B shots.
Hope it helps!
J. :)

Ask your doctor, they may have medicine you can take. Mysister-in-law got medicine when she was pregnant because she was so nauseus

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