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Severe Gas in a Newborn

My daughter is 5 days old and every night except for one she has been up screaming with gas pains. Last night she screamed from 11pm until 4am. I can hear her poor stomach growling and she just screams in pain. The doctor told me that it was normal and that I can us Mylicon drops but they don't seem to work. I don't remember having this with my first child. My daughter is breastfed and I burp her after every feeding. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or had any tips for soothing her or getting rid of the gas. Someone recommended switching to formula but I really wanted to breastfeed. Thanks!

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My son went through the same type of thing. He was eventually put on zytrec for almost two years. I took things out of my diet and nothing worked. I would not change to formula, that could really aggrevate the baby's stomach.

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Mylicon should help - but if they don't try Gerber Gas drops. I've heard that some kids do better with one over the other, so that might be something to try.

Something else to try, since you would really like to continue breastfeeding, would be to start really watching what you eat. Meaning, start eating some really bland things: jello, mashed potatoes, etc. Then you can add things in slowly at certain times to try to see whatever you're eating might be the culprit. A nutritionist might be able to help with that, or maybe a lactation consultant?

One other thing to try would be to make sure that for about 30 minutes after she eats, that she's "upright". If she falls asleep, put her in the car-seat.

Good luck!

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A., you do not need to switch to formula! Formula I believe would be worse! Try a few of these things: 1.try Gripe water, either "Little Tummies" or "Nature's Bliss" 2. Try a warm compress or tummy massage before bed. 3. Try doing a rectal temp. before bed, it helps to stimulate passing gas and stool. 4. Also, pay attention to your diet, too much fiber or dairy? Maybe try to eliminate one at a time, those two are common factors in gassy babies. Just for the record, Mylicon didn't work for my son either, it just made it worse. Another thing, maybe let her sleep in a swing, that might help relieve gas and help her to sleep better! You are not alone, I've been through it all, this will pass!

This may have already been said, but it is probably something you are eating. My daughter had problems with gas when I was breastfeeding her. I learned later about foods that can cause gas in babies when breastfeeding moms eat them. Caffeine, broccoli, and green bell peppers are a few that I can remember. You may be able to find a site on the internet with a complete list. Good luck!

I feel for you but switching to formula will make it worse. Make sure the baby gets a bottle of water a day, mixed with brown sugar. The Mylican helps, but Meijers & GNC carrie a treatment for infants that is strictly organic. All natual stuff. Try to avoid gashes foods, but I didn't even think about that and I breast feed 2 out of three of my kids. the first one I breast feed, drank nothing but breast milk & I could hardly leave her, so with the second one I gave him a bottle of Enfamile a day or water, to help him move on to mommie being able to leave him. my daughter though was a problem for a while she had colic daily for 3 months, and you can tell it's collic they have belly aches, liked to me in motion at all times or lay on their belly or tightly held. It lasted from 9 pm to 11:30, by 11 pm I was exhausted and in tears so I put her to bed and she cried herself to sleep. But I always baby sit in my home and one great-nephew had the gas problem & I purchased the all natural at meijer & GNC and his troubles ended, rubbing their belly and a warm rag is great

No, there's no reason to switch to formula. You may need to modify your diet. Check Kellymom.com, breastfeeding.com and askdrsears.com for how your diet can affect baby. First, anything that might mak eyou gassy can definitely make her gassy. There there are a lot of things that can do it. Good Luck:)

Congratulations on your new little one! I was going to suggest the same things the Moms already did. My newborn was gassy and I think it was from what I ate-especially garlic and Mexican food. I noticed that for several months. However, if after a few weeks you've tried gas drops, bicycle, gripe water, food diary, and cutting out food, then you may want to check if your baby is having a protein allergy. The baby of a friend of mine had a similar reaction to breast milk and some formulas and is now happily on a special formula. I hope the breast feeding works out!
Also, you can get target brand gas drops and gripe water at Target for less.

First of all, it's my understanding that breastmilk is MUCH easier to digest than formula, so I think continuing to breastfeed would be best--for so many other reasons, too. Second, you might want to try infant massage--you can learn more here:

There is a particular move that can help the baby's belly, if you look at that page for the I Love You massage.

Also, I highly suggest taking your baby to Dr. April Dunnington in Centerville. She's a chiropractor and has a lot of great experience with helping babies through the transition from birth to being more acclimated to the world. Her phone number is ###-###-#### .
Your baby is still getting used to being out of the womb, and I'm sure this will get better as she grows. Good luck!

Girl, my son was the gasiest little thing!! My sitter even said she'd never seen a newborn be able to clear a room before. Our doc told us to give him Mylecon drops every few hours, like a prescription. It helped, but didn't solve the problem. Fortunately he just grew out of it. He's still incredibly gassy, but it doesn't bother him anymore....LOL.
Good luck.

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