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Severe Diaper Rash - Houston, TX

my daughter is 2weeks old; she has a severe diaper rash...we have tried putting Butt Paste and Desitin and havent seen a difference...what else should we use to put on her rash...please help!!!

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Air, Air, Air Have her go commando 24/7 if necessary to let her get better. Don't use wipes, when she needs to be cleaned just use tepid water and gently blot dry. Poor baby, and I know it breaks Mama's heart too. A lot of those creams prevent the air from getting to it.

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When my girls were little I found Aquaphor ( might be misspelt) works good. They have at Wal-Mart by the lotions.

When my children were babies I had the same issues. My Mom told me about taking corn starch that you would cook with and adding a little water to it, Browning it on the stove and then put it into a container and use it like you would baby power. It worked wonders.

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I think that you have received great advice from all these great Moms.
I am highly offended that Deborah M called the other mothers "fools".
You know Deborah, these Moms are not fools. They are giving the best advice that they can. It is what has worked for them. Doesnt mean C. HAS to do everything she reads. They are all mearly suggestions.
I have read many posts of yours "advertising" your business. If you want to offer your products, then feel free to do so. But, I think "poo-pooing" other peoples advice and opinions is wrong, not to mention the name-calling.


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Air, Air, Air Have her go commando 24/7 if necessary to let her get better. Don't use wipes, when she needs to be cleaned just use tepid water and gently blot dry. Poor baby, and I know it breaks Mama's heart too. A lot of those creams prevent the air from getting to it.

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Leaving my son's diaper off was not an option as he frequently sprayed. Try Corona Small Animal Ointment. It's in a yellow tub with a red lid and an be found at your local feed store. It works unbelievably well, contains a lot of lanolin and an antiseptic, and cleared up his yeasty-looking rash in ~2 days and we have not had any problems since starting it. My son is so sensitive that I can not use papmers diapers nor wipes, so I have tried everything. Give it a try and I almost guarantee that it will work for you!

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It sounds like it's prolly a "yeast" diaper rash. My daughter used to get those a lot. They get pretty bad pretty fast.
What worked for me was the common cure for it, which is Tinactin anti-fungal cream. Apply 3-4 times a day. Especially important to put that on right before bedtime. The rest of the day apply a heavy healer/protectant like Aquaphor cream.

I use Dr. Smith's, it comes in a small white jar & it works great! Hope your baby's rash clears up soon.

I haven't reviewed what everyone else suggested but my is short....an old fashion remedy I guess. Crisco oil in the can works well on rashes. God Bless ya!

As often as you can, let her go without a diaper at all. When she naps is a particularly good time. Just put a pad under her so that she does wet or soil her bedclothes. You will find that exposure to air is diaper rash's worst enemy. It should clear up in a few days. Then you can use the products you mentioned to protect her skin and keep the rash from coming back.

Not sure where you live but here in tx they sell what is called dr. Smiths, it used to be perscription only but now is over the counter, i know they do not sell it in every state, try your local walgreens,or cvs and look for dr. Smiths. It worked great my two that got real bad diaper rashes.

Arbonne diaper rash creme' will get rid of the rash completely. You'll be blown away. Send me your address and I'll get you a sample. I've got several peadiatrician letters recommending Arbonne's baby products over everything else for ezema and diaper rashes.

C. Taylor

The problem may be an allergy that is making her break out so bad. Try changing formulas - if it is a gluten intolerance, any formulas made with any kind of wheat will be causing it. Have the Dr check her out for it.

hi mom of three here. I have always used a cream called nystain cream . I think u have to get it from the doctor. It works wonders and is away in a day or so . Destin cream just covers it up .

When my son was the same age as your daughter, he also had awful diaper rashes that I couldn't get rid of. I was breastfeeding and found that when I cut wheat out of my diet that the diaper rashes went away. It was hard to do for me, but it worked for him. Another plus - after cutting wheat out, I went from a size 12 to a size 8 in 2 weeks!

Good luck!

Since she is so little take her to the Dr.
If all else fails try Aquafor.It is in the lotion area by the Eucerin lotins. It is a grainy vasoline type ointment. When my son was a baby he had a prescription for it and it works well.

Doctor Smith's Ointment period .... you can get it at Wal-mart or HEB. It is the most expensive but completely worth it. It will clear up bleeding diaper rash in a day.


Dr. Smith worked wonders for us.

My son has very sensitive skin. He used to get the worst diaper rashes when he was a baby, and conventional diaper ointments only made them worse. My mother suggested old-fashioned corn starch. Not the baby powder kind--the kind you cook with. It's all-natural, and doesn't have any added chemicals or fragrances, so it didn't irritate his sensitive skin. It worked perfectly, and I've used it ever since. Argo Corn Starch can be found on the baking aisle of your local grocery store.

My pediatrician recommended Dr. Smith's and I never used anything else after that.

Hi C.! I used A&D on both my children and I never had a problem. If they ever started getting a rash, I would put it on and the rash would be gone by morning. Good Luck!

I used Caldascene powder on my little man when he got a diaper rash. I know that they sometimes recommend not to use powder due to respitory issues but I just turn away from my baby, shake some in his diaper and then put the diaper on him. My mother in law had 5 kids and told me that was the only thing that would work for her. I tried it and the diaper rash cleared right up. Now I just sprinkle a little in his diaper at night and that is the one and only rash he ever had. If you decide to try it, you can purchase it for about $5 at Walgreens or CVS. Best wishes and congratulations on your new little one!!!

Try A&D ointment for today. It wipes off easily so you can wipe her off gently at every change and apply a new coat. If the A&D and the other otc ointments aren't working you need to take her to the doctor tomorrow before the offices close for the weekend.

Gia- SAHM of four sons.

The best thing I have found for both of my kids when they were taht little was to clean them and put them on their tummies on a water-proof pad. I just let them dry out really good for about 15 minutes, then put on cream for them. Desitin never worked for my son, he was strictly a Vaseline baby, Daughter was a powder girl. When either one had a really nasty rash, I would use DR. SMITHS Diaper Ointment (our ped. gave us a sample and it worked great). There are lots of creams and ointments out there. The really best way is to just buy small containers if you can and try what works. When the babies are that young, they are so sensitive anyway and each baby is different.
I hope this doesn't discourage you. I know you are asking for advice, but just keep trying different creams and such, you will find something that works.

Try Dr. Smiths it is the best!! keep the diaper off as long as possible to air out and don't over dress her in lots of layers to sleep in. Don't use soap on the area. Watch the soap to wash your baby clothes in -no bleach! no perfume! just something very mild -hypoallergenic something like Dreft.

Pure aloe vera is great for diaper rash or any skin abrasion. If you have access to a plant, just split a "leaf" in half with a knife and the interior will be wet. Use that substance, the consistency is like liquid soap, and cover the area. If you don't have a plant, you can get pure aloe at any good health food store. In addition to many healing properties, it is soothing and feels wonderful when it is applied. There are no side effects, and you will wonder how you lived without it once you try it! Tip: When you apply the gel, let it dry before you put a diaper back on your baby. Better yet, let her "air out" for as long as possible to further promote healing.

My advice to you is to take her to the doctor. My daughter now 3 1/2 had a terrible rash that wouldn't go away when she was a few weeks old. Her pediatrician didn't even properly diagnose it, he would prescribe things that didn't work. We finally decided to take her to a dermatologist who said it was a yeast infection. The symptoms are different than what we women experience. Deep red patches with a definite border were what they looked like. The dermatologist prescribed oral augmentin and a cream also. Hope this helps.

Try Udder Balm or Bag Balm-it is in a square green can. Near the lotions... I get it at Walgreens. Works great.

Johnson's has a 3in1 formula diaper rash cream. It's in a blue tube and that's what i've used and it clears up fast. Or maybe it's an alergic reaction to the type of diapers you use, have you tried a different brand?

When my son was an infant, his pedi told me that if boudreaux doesn't clear it up then it is most likely a yeast infection not a diaper rash. she prescribed an ointment and it went away very quickly. Infants can also get a yeast infection in their mouths. It is called thrush. It is a white substance that develops on the tongue, inside cheeks, and gums. It will not come off when you try to wipe it off with a warm wet rag.

Go and get Dr. Smith's oint or the best is Lanaseptic ointment. You should be able to buy both over the counter at any pharmacy (Walgreens or CVS), maybe even Wal Mart. Put a good amount because you have to have a barrier between her butt and her pee or poop. She will need to be cleasned with a warm wash cloth...NO WIPES!!!!!!!! And change he everytime she gets wet or dirty. You will see a difference in 1 day!!!!!! I PROMISE!!!!!!!

I am sorry to hear that you are having to deal with a case of diaper rash already. Hopefully it's a diaper rash and not a yeast infection. My doctor swears by this one diaper cream and I have to back him up and say it's pretty awesome. The only diaper cream that I use and works is Dr. Smith's. You won't be able to find it at a Walmart but you should be able to find it at Kroger, Walgreens, etc. This is a little pricey but it works. My son had a horrible wash at 5 weeks and I used every cream out there and nothing worked. I talked to the doctor he recommended Dr. Smith's and within 1 day the rash had cleared up drastically! If you use this and it doesn't clear up after a couple of days, you will want to call your pediatrician because your daughter more then likely has a yeast infection. Which you can use anti-fungal foot cream for yeast infections but with your daughter so young I would talk to the doctor first. Good Luck!

Vaseline....works really well!

Try putting liquid Mylanta on it, and allowing it to dry before covering it (it needs to air out, anyway.) If that doesn't work it could be yeast.

When my daugter who is now 15 years old had what I thought was a bad diaper rash , her grandmother stated to me that it wasn't a diaper rash but a bad case of yeast infection. She began to use a vaginal cream and believe it or not, it cleared quickly. Never had that problem again.

I know I'm late responding,and the diaper rash is probably gone now but I would like to say that if the diaper rash is gone everytime you change your baby sprinkle a little baby powder down there,it helps keep your baby dry. Alot of people don't use baby powder but you have to use something to keep your baby dry, and try not to leave them wet too long. Try it and you will see that it WORKS really well.


My doc told me to let it air out as much as possible and powder with cornstarch.

It may be a yeast infection. You can use lotrimin, yes, its an Athletes foot cream. The docs say to use it and not our adult kind because it is too strong. If that doesn't work,you may need to take her in to the doc. She may be allergic to the wipes or diapers you are using. Maybe try a different kind?

Desitin never worked for me. I use Vaseline. If you use power, stop until the rash clears up.

I swear by Dr Smith Diaper ointment you can find it at HEB its a little more exspensive but works really fast. I used it with my kids when they had really bad rashes and with in a couple of hour or overnight i should say you seen a drastic inprovment. I hope this helps good luck.

Make sure it is not a yeast infection. If there are red dots that are a little raised, it might be a yeast infection. Ask a pharmasist or doctor. If it is a yeast infection, you could try Lotrimin.

there may be a problem with yeast as well. talk with your doctor because if this is the case you will need to get a rx for some nystatin.

Mix Milk of Magnesia and Bag Balm together to make a paste. Sounds funny, I know! I'm not sure what makes it work, but trust me, it does work! I have used Boudreaux butt paste and Dr. Smith's for my son and they didn't work for the really bad rash like you are describing. This mixture worked for us! I hope you give it a try! Good luck.

I have tried all kinds of diaper creams also, but the best that worked was Aloe Releaf cream. The Aloe dries up the diaper rash and heals the skin. Is your child allergic to the kind of diapers you are using? It might not be protecting her skin.

Dr Smith's and plain old cornstarch. My son just got over a case of diaper rash that was so severe that he was blistering. This made it go away in a couple of days.

Hello, Congratulations on your new little girl!! I'm a mom of two little girls and both my girls have suffered from severe diaper rash in the past. I agree with those that said you may want to try a different brand of diapers. I know several kids that have had rashes due to the chemicals used in some brands. We found that the HEB diapers work great for both of mine but they broke out from pampers. I also found a great wellness company that offers two amazing products for diaper rash. They offer a wonderful lotion that can be used for normal cases and they also have a fungal creme for more severe cases. If my girls get diaper rash now it is usually gone within a day!! This company also offers many other everyday products that are safer and healthier for your family then many store brands. You have probably been seeing on the news all the reports about the toxins in our products and we have found a great alternative to keep our family safe. Did you know that many baby shampoos contain an ingrediant called quaternium 15 which is a formaldehyde releaser linked to cancer! As a mom, I'm passionate about sharing the dangers with other parents because I'm so thankful that I was informed when me girls were still young. If you want more information visit www.livetotalwellnes.com/freedom
Hope your little ones rash clears up soon!

My son used to have terrible diaper rash. Even the ointments and treatments the pediatrician would prescibe did not work. One day out of despiration, I tried a concoction that worked VERY well. I took a small container and mixed together Ponds Cold cream (this took out the burn) and Milanta (seemed to cut the acid in his pooh). The mixture did wonders for him, and I used it for the full time he was in diapers, whenever he would get a rash. His rash's seemed to get much worse when he was teething, so I will always mix up a batch at that time and lather it on. Hope this helps.

Hello Chistina,
I have a new grandbaby who is now 2 months,but when she was 2 wks old she had a mad diaper rash that just wouldn't go away and if that wasn't bad enough she also had thrush which we found out that it's all because of yeast well because she was so young we didn't want to give her medication so i went online to find a more natural cure for diaper rash and thrush that was just as effective and the antibiotic and we came across Acidophilus which is sold at GNC.We began putting it in our baby bottle twice a day and the diaper rash is completely gone and so is the thrush and has not returned as a precaution we continue to use Acidophilus once a day (it has no side effects and is all natural) and we also uses Palmer's Bottom Butter which has coco butter with every diaper change. you will not disappointed.---Good Luck

Hi C.,
Have you tried switching diapers? My son would get diaper rash from perfumed diapers when he was younger. We switched to Huggies naturals. Also I would sprinkle a little baby powder on him during every diaper change. The butt paste never worked for us. Lastly at your son's age I would only use warm wet gauze pads to wipe not the diaper wipes you buy in the stores.

Good luck:)

Hi C.,
You should try a cream called Vusion. You will have to go to the doctor though because you need a prescription. It is AWESOME!!! My baby had a bad rash and Vusion CLEARED it up in one application! I hope this helps.

My younger daughter had horrible diaper rash as a baby/toddler from having to be on antibiotics so much. Try using corn starch. It works really well. Also, if there is any way she can go without a diaper for any length of time, the air will help heal it. I've heard that Gold Bond works well also but I never used it.

Take the diaper off and put her on a cloth diaper during the day.I used ____@____.com ointment that works good. If that does not help your dr can give you a cream to clear the rash up on the baby.

Don't use a creamy ointment like the Butt paste or creamy Desitin. I like original Desitin or Dr. Smith's. I also used the Caldasine on top of that. Give her an oatmeal bath every night and try to let her air dry for a bit. Also, are you breast feeding? If she is having lots and lots of poos everyday, she may not be getting the hind milk. The milk that comes out first is sugary and the milk that comes out last has more fat. If she is getting too much of the sugar and not enough of the fat she will be pooing more frequently which can further aggravate the rash. Try to pump and dump each side for a little bit before you feed her.

I just read that docs don't write scripts for diaper rash...they did for my son. He had a bleeding rash that wouldn't go away..desitin or beaudreax's wouldn't work. He gave me a cream that was more for yeast infections...but for infants. You can get enough samples at the office to never have to buy the script. I would never take it upon myself to use an adult cream for a 2 wk old baby. If you are breastfeeding, cut down on your acidic foods...look them up...dont' just stop eating fruit!! Most foods w/ acid cause an alkaline affect on the stomach...so check out what's good vs bad!! And, cut out your dairy for a couple weeks. If your baby gets better, she might be lactose intolerant. I couldn't have dairy milk on my cereal w/ either of my babies. Also, rinse your wipes out w/ warmish water. I always did w/ mine. The less chemicals on those delicate rashes, the better! Best of luck!

My daughter had the same thing when she was only a few days old and here's what I did:

Don't use baby wipes, use a damp paper towel or rinse her in the bathtub

Put her on a towel infront of a window where the sunshine can hit her bottom. Place her on her tummy with no diaper and let her just relax with the open air.

I used butt paste along with "naked tummy time" and the biggest thing was to try and keep her as dry as possible. If you know she's wet, change her as soon as you can.

It only took a couple of days and my daughter was back to herself, no rash!

Best of luck and congrats on your new bundle!!

Hi there,

We used Dr. Smiths and it was great! However, no matter what type of ointment you use, make sure her little bottom is completely dry before using it. My daughter had a bad case of diaper rash when she caught a virus. We actually kept a hair dryer at her changing station and would run it on low on her bottom before putting the ointment on. If you put the ointment on before she is completely dry it seals in the moisture and makes the rash worse.

Hope this helps!!

I second the airing out...and Dr. Smith's was a life saver. HEB carries it and it was the only thing that would work on my son's bum (we tried every ointment on the market...and my son was allergic to Desitin). I also second calling the pediatrician, because I got a prescription ointment to use when the Dr. Smith's wasn't enough.

Since she is still such a new born and won't move around much. leave her open to air. put a diaper under her to absorb anything, but try to leave her "open" as much as possible. And definitely talk to the Dr. it may not be a normal rash...could be a yeast infection...If you think it may be a yeast infection, there is a cream you can get at the pharmacy OTC called "BAZA" cream, it works great, We used it at the Nursing Home I worked at for several years, it has 2% miconazol, and is a moisture barrier, also it takes VERY little to get the results you want.
Good luck and enjoy being a mommy,.

My daughter came home from the hospital with it....it was horrible. Our pharmacist recommended Li'l Goats (40% zinc oxide) and that is the only thing I ever used for her and now my son. It's in a yellow/red tub. And I bought it at Target. Good Luck!

My daughter's goes away with a bath.... also try not using a diaper for a few hours.... I know it is messy, but that usually helps.

Good Luck- and congrats on your new baby! It gets better and easier each week....

I understand. I had this problem with my first son. His got so bad that it would bleed. Here are a few things that we did that really helped.

1. Change diapers. We went through several brands of diapers until we found one that he didn't have a constant diaper rash with.

2. Dr. Smiths Diaper Rash cream. This stuff is wonderful. I tried several brands and once I tried this one I haven't switched back in 2 years.

3. Stop using baby wipes and either use a wet cloth or make your own wipes. Here is the recipe that my pediatrician gave us that worked. Take a roll of paper towels, cut in half. Place in 2 quart rubbermaid. Mix 2 cups water, 2 Tablespoons mineral oil and 2 tablespoons baby oil. Pour over paper towels. close and let soak up. They are now ready to use.

First, it may not be a regular rash, it could be a fungal infection (ie yeast infection). Cornstarch works well on a regular rash (even if its a bad one) so I would try that first along with changing her diaper frequently.
If it doesn't seem to help get some anti-fungal cream like an athletes foot cream. When you put it on make sure to rub it in well. Diapers are made to absorb urine, but at the same time they are going to absorb any cream or ointment you put on the baby. You might even want to lay down some towels and let her lay with the athlete's foot cream on and no diaper. If that doesn't work than you may need Niastatin which is an ointment that would have to be prescribed by your doctor because it also contains steroids.
Also, someone mentioned using acidophilus (good bacteria) that is a fabulous idea. If you are breastfeeding you can take it and sprinkle a little bit on your nipples before nursing. If you are using bottles just open the capsule and sprinkle a little in her bottle before feeding her.
I have 3 children with number 4 on the way. Cornstarch almost always works at the beginning of the rash and if I can't get it under conrol the anti-fungal cream has always done the job.
Hope this helps!

Have you taken her to the doctor? There is a precription diaper rash cream called vusion, for my baby it was like miracle cream. Her diaper rash was so bad it had little blood dots on her bottom, but in one day of use with the Vusion it cleared up in one day. I couldn't believe how quickly it worked. Hopefully you have insurance because the cream is extremely expensive. Luckily my insurance covered the whole amount. Good Luck I hope it works.

single mother of 2 one 5 yr old boy and a 4 month old baby girl.

A good wiping with water rinse and then a liberal amount of petroleum jelly is the best to prevent rash. DO NOT use petroleum jelly on the rash because it won't allow the area to breathe. Use a different type of moisturizer, cream until you can see that the rash is going away. Get some tea tree oil to medicate it naturally and provide relief.

There is this stuff called Dr. Smith's. It's in a white jar. It does wonders. i know Walmart sells it.

Try putting Vaseline first and then put Desitin on top. The Vaseline helps keep the moisture off their bottoms. I've always used both but I've also heard of Vaseline working by itself. Hope this helps heal your baby.

When my first born was a newborn, about 2 weeks old, he had really bad diaper rash. He would cry. I tried everything out there and took him to 3 different doctors who prescribed steriod cream. I finally bought a tube of Calendula cream, sold in health food stores like sun harvest or maybe trader joe's. Worked instantly. It's a little on the expensive side, but worth every penny! Good luck.

First, stop using packaged baby wipes. Wash her gently with tepid water and barely pat dry or air dry. Let her spend some time with her skin exposed to air, no diaper. An oatmeal bath/soak is very soothing to damaged skin (boil some oats in water, strain them out and use the cloudy oat water to bath her, don't rinse afterward. (this works better than aveeno products) I would just give her skin a break from diaper products until it begins to heal up - these products can help prevent a rash but they don't HEAL one.

try dr. smith's -- best diaper rash ointment i've ever, ever used. also, it may not be just diaper rash - could be a yeast infection which needs and anti-fungal cream - both my boys (who are 6 & 10 now) and my 2 1/2 yr old daughter have had yeast infections under their diapers - use an anti-fungal cream (like the kind for athletes foot) and make sure to keep it as dry as possible - pat dry after diaper change and/or use a hair dryer on a cooler temp.

A baby that small get infections sooo easy. My advice to you is get her to a doctor for antibiotics. In the future you can use corn starch as a powder.

Colloidal silver is safe for babies (they use it in babies eyes at birth to prevent infection) and fights many types of bacteria and fungas that cause diaper rash. You can buy it at Whole Foods or Central Market in a spray bottle. It is a bit spendy, but well worth the extra sleep you all will get!

Have you tried a different brand of diapers? My son had a rash for 5 and a half months (that's how long he was in the hospital before we got him home the first time) and he had a horrible rash the whole time. The doctors tried everything to get it to go away, including steroid cream and shots! When we finally got him home we pulled out diapers that we got for our shower and his rash went away in a couple of days. It turned out he was allergic to anything but Pampers!

Hi C.,
Congratulations on your baby girl! I have myself a newborn son who is six weeks old today. We also had a diaper rash issues when he was about three weeks old. We caught it pretty early so it did not get too bad but I started to wash his bottom under running water in the sink instead of using the wipes, then make sure to dry him with a towel very well and let him air-dry for a while if possible. Air is the best treatment. Then you try to change the diaper often and it should get better.
Good luck and don't worry, she will be OK.

If it's a yeast, bacterial, or viral diaper rash Corona ointment will clear it up. You can find it online, or at any feed store. It's an animal creme, but perfectly safe for newborns. I found out about it from a friend whose baby had leukemia and was undergoing chemo at Texas Children's Hospital. A pharmacist there approved for it to be used on her baby as he was undergoing chemo treatments and would get fungal (yeast) and bacterial infections in his diaper area.

The problem could easily be the diapers and/or baby wipes you are using. (After months of diaper rash, I found this to be the solution for my baby.) All regular brands of diapers and baby wipes in the grocery store/WalMart/Target contain chlorine and many other chemicals that are harsh on a babies skin. Try switching to a non-chlorine diaper and baby wipe. You can find them at Whole Foods, other health food stores, and online. www.tendercarediapers.com is a great diaper, and they will ship them to you on a 2,3,or 4 week interval. They are the makers of the Whole Foods generic brand diaper. If that does not work, or if you prefer the next solution better, go to cloth diapers and wipes. I found mine at www.nurturedfamily.com. They carry everything you need to cloth diaper, and are great friends of mine. They're very helpful, and located here in Houston, so shipping to you will be very fast. I have had great success with both the non-chlorine disposable and the cloth diapers, after 3 months of non-stop diaper rash that no doctor could figure out! The Corona creme helped, but as soon as it cleared up, the rash would come back because the root of the problem was the chemicals in the diapers.

The best thing I've used for a diaper rash is Aquafor.

She could have a yeast infection. Certain really bad diaper rashes aren't really rashes at all. The are yeast infections that form on babies' little bottoms. If you bottle feed you could buy some powdered acidophilous, and put it in her bottle, but if you breast feed you could take the acidophilous yourself. Ask the doctor if it doesn't go away, but until then try to keep her little bottom exposed to as much air as possible. My youngest daughter used to get HORRIBLE diaper rashes! We'd strip her diaper off, and let her lay on a waterproof pad for as long as possible. It really helped her! Well I hope this helps you! God Bless!!!!!

When our daughter had the diaper rash to the point that it covered every inch of her bottom and front we changed the brand of diaper we were using then finally found one that was latex free. Found she had very sensitive skin. We had to stay away from the more popular name brand diapers. Don't use the scented wipes that could be also causing problems.

Take her to the peditrician. It could be a yeast rash and over the counter creams will not work. My granddaughter had this same thing when she was just weeks old and the doctor gave her a cream but we also discovered that she was allergic to the baby wipes. Because she would pee or poop so much and you wipe them every time, it just helped to dry out her skin. I started using disposable face cloths, no soaps of any kind or just warm wet wash cloths.

Balmex is the best diaper rash cream I have found. I use it every time he gets a rash and after just 2 or 3 days it is gone. Use that and powder with cornstarch (or corn something) and it works like a charm. Not instantly but I doubt anything will really work after just one use. But really it only takes him 2 or 3 days and it is taken care of. I doubt you are giving her juice yet but if you are, stop, and start giving her a little water every now and then. That will make a big difference. (From experience)

Hey C. call your Peditrician and see if you can get a prescription for MYTREX!!! My cousin uses and swears it is the best stuff ever. Could it be a Yeast Infection? My best friend thought her baby had diaper rash really bad but turns out it was a Yeast Infection. Hope this advice can help you!! B.

Hi C.,

Look into your baby's mouth and check on her tongue and on the side of her cheeks to see if she has thrush (yeast infection in her mouth), that can be causing the rash. OR she may have a yeast infection. This is the first thing the doctors check for when they have a real bad rash. And for these infections she would have to get treated w/medication.
But don't work yourself up just yet, nothing may be wrong just a simple diaper rash. Follow these steps: On every diaper change instead of wiping w/a wipe just run her bottom under the sink and wash her up w/soapy warm water and let her air dry. Then put some generous amount of butt cream or Dr. Smith diaper rash ointment (these worked wonders for me) The one that really worked right away for me was Dr. Smith. If she poops then of coarse gently wipe her off w/a wipe and then wash her up. After putting the rash cream then you can sprinkle some cornstarch just like you would with baby powder that helps control the moisture. If you do this continously she will get better in no time. Try to let her be w/o a diaper as much as possible so her bottom could breath some fresh air. When you lay her down put a thick towel so she won't wet everywhere. This tips helps alot.
Other things you may consider....is changing her diaper brand she may be sensitive to a particular type of diaper or don't use scented baby powder she may be sensitive to the talc or perfume that's in it.
Well, I hope your little one gets better. Hope these tips help you out. But if she doesn't get any better after these steps then do take her to the doctor and they will prescribe a medicated ointment.


The poor little thing. I would take her to the pediatrician quickly! They will give you a prescription cream. It is not normal for this to happen. Also you might consider using cloth diapers until she gets over it. Air is good, too. Leave her on her tummy with no diaper as much as you can. Hope this helps you.


it could be a yeast infection... call the doctor for a perscription ointment....

Hi there C.,

First, if the rash seems to be worse or not getting any better call your pedi. It could be a yeast infection. If your pedi says it's not a yeast infection then I'd (if possible) wash her with a washcloth and try a different diaper maybe even a cloth diaper. Your daughter is only 2 weeks old. Any chance she's allergic to the diaper? My sister was allergic to Pampers. Just a thought.

Good luck!

You've received a ton of good advice already, so I will keep this short. Whenever my boys got a bad rash that wouldn't clear up after using 3 different ointments it was time for a dr visit and prescription ointment. Otherwise when everything was normal I made sure to use a wipe on the entire diaper area, tried to make sure their skin was completely dry before applying Aquaphor, then diapered.

Personally I can't stand using ointments that leave tons of residue. Aquaphor is a great product to moisten dry skin, protect delicate skin, it doesn't have an odor, nor does it stain. I still keep some on hand for everything from chapped lips to extremely dry skin.

When my children were little - I always bought Dr. Smith's diaper rash ointment. Back then- it was located behind the counter at the pharmacy. No prescription needed - you just had to ask for it.

I think there is something called Dr. Smith. Not for sure if it is over the counter or if it is prescribed. Ask your pediatricin.


there is no substitute for letting her air out. It will work. Good luck-A.

My kids are 10 and 12, but when they were younger I used a special Pampers especially for diaper rash (as well as rash ointment.) The diapers were wonderful in keeping urine off their skin. The diapers are more expensive but worth the price. I don't know if they come in newborn size. Good luck and congrats on your new baby!

I found that Dr. Smiths works wonders. It is a bit pricey but I love that stuff. You can usually find it at Walgreens. Good luck!!!!

We used cloth diapers and never had even ONE episode of diaper rash.

Stop using baby wipes and start using damp washcloths to clean her. Also try using Aquaphor - it works wonders. If it doesn't improve, call the doctor - it could be a yeast or bacterial infection. Hope this helps.

Hi C.,
This is going to sound crazy, but my mom told me about "browned flour" for diaper rashes. She calls it the "old school way". It works like a miracle.

Just take regular baking flour and brown it in a skillet or pan until it turns the color of pie-crust. You have to stir it constantly so that it doesnt burn. Once it's the color of pie crust, remove it from the heat and let it cool in a tupperware container. We use a cotton ball (like a little powder puff) to apply it to our daughter's bottom. You'll be AMAZED at how quickly the diaper rash goes away. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. :)
thanks - R.

Hi Cristina,

I would take her to the doctor. She may have an infection.

My son is now 3 and I had tried everything in the book. But what works is vaseline. it puts a potective bearier over the rash and when you wipe it does not tear the skin, like diaper rash creams do when they dry up. Trust me it works. also my son could not eat certain foods ,like baby squash and mango, it made his poor little but so red. But like another mom said it might help if you switched diapers. I never liked the luvs. Try swaddlers or huggies newborn. I now using the vaseline will help. You can also give her infant tylonol to ease the pain a little. good luck, K.

Whenever my child has had severe diaper rash, I would use 100% pure Vitamin E oil (I get the small roll-on tube at GNC). You need to make sure that in the ingredients, it only states Vitamin E oil (nothing else).
Regardless, it sounds like your child may be having an allergic reaction to whatever you're feeding her. Are you breastfeeding? If so, what foods are you eating? If you are eating spicy foods or foods with certain spices in them, you may need to switch your diet to a fairly bland one. If you are giving her formula, you may need to switch around and try different ones until you see an improvement in her diaper rash.
My heart goes out to your little one. She has so many things to try and learn and figure out and I know she is definitely not doing it very well if she's in constant pain.
Another thing you can try is gold bond powder. Have you spoken to your pediatrician? That may be one of the first things you try.
I'm sure you are changing her diaper frequently throughout the day, right? That's the only other thing I could suggest if you're not doing so already (and that is to ensure that you check her often and if she's wet her diaper even the littlest bit that you immediately change it so she's not sitting in the wetness so as to cut down on the rash as much as possible).
Best of luck and I hope it's all very temporary.


C., I know exactly what you are experiencing. The only product that has worked for us is Arbonne Herbal Diaper Rash Cream. It is botaniclly-based, non-greasy and formulated without petroleum. Email me if you would like me to send you a sample so you can see for yourself and bring relief to your daughter. It truly works!
Take care, S.

Hi, i am a stay at home mom of 2( 2yrs and 8 mos.) i was on the phone with their doctor for everything! I know its nerve racking to be new at it but it's better to be safe than sorry...call the doctor! For any concern you have. Dont ever feel like you cant, that's what you pay them to do...give you answers.

Hi C.!
I have a 2 kids. Our youngest is a 3 month old little lady. She, too had some diaper rash in the early days that the cream wasn't helping. It could be yeast (which they tend to get early on). You should try Lotrimin (yeah, the jock itch cream) and see if it helps. Our pediatrician recommended it with both kids and it cleared it up after a day or so. Also, I never had much luck with Butt Paste or Desitin. I highly recommend Dr. Smiths. They carry it at HEB. Good stuff. That said, we're not really using that much cream this time because our pediatrician also suggested just patting the bottom dry after using wipes and before closing the diaper up. I didn't think it would make a difference but it's working really well. And, like I think some other people have mentioned, it might be an allergic reaction. I think dairy can cause that. I breast feed and have ended up cutting out most dairy.

Good luck!

Dr. Smiths is the best diaper rash cream. You should also airdry her bum after you wipe her clean when diapering....that will help with the rash. If the rash continues with Dr. Smith's it could be a sensitivity to the dipaers. You can buy diapers at whole foods without chlorine or some of the other chemicals that irritate some babies. It could also be a yeast infection, though this would be unusual unless she's been on some kind of anti-biotic medication recently. Yeast infection rashes need Lotrimin lotion on them to clear them up (it's an adult creme).

Good luck,

My sister's baby had the same problem, the doctor said to mix an antifungal cream and a hydrocortisone cream, about 1/2 and 1/2, it really helped. These are both over the counter creams so I don't know of any danger in trying it. Good luck!

Poor sweetie.

You have gotten some good advice.

Change diaper brand (consider cloth, al least for a little while), change often, use thicker layers of ointment. I've liked Budreaux's Butt Paste.

Also, try bathing her more, leaving her bottom soaking in warm water a little longer. You can wash germs away (maybe not poop) just by pouring water over and over without even touching it. If she isn't active, you can just lay her down on absorbant material, without pressing it up against her sensitive areas.

Good luck.

You can try Vusion. It is only available through prescription though. One of the parents at the daycare where I used to work used it for her son and it is wonderful.

Use baby wipes to clean area after each wet or soiled diaper.
Do not use powder with talc in it.
Try dusting area with corn starch or powder with corn starch in it.
Should clear up in a few days and applications.

Balmex worked for my kiddos. let her be naked too. You might need to warm the house up cause she won't like the cold breeze.

C., Since Butt Paste didn't work I'd take her to the doctor. My sister-in-law's sister has a son who has very sensitive skin. She had to get a prescribed cream for his diaper rash because nothing else would work. Don't forget to let her air out between diaper changes. Just put a towel under her. Hope it gets better.

Talk to your ped. Be sure there's not a yeast infection. Yeast can look like an angry red rash too. Keep it clean and dry. Wash the bottom under warm water with baby bath soap and pat dry with a towel rather than using wipes. (The wipes burn...even the "gentle" ones.)

We always used Weleda Calendula cream (smells heavenly - like little little rosebuds and spices...) and bought it from a company called Natural Baby.

Keep the diaper off the clean dry bottom as much as possible.

My first (nearly 11 years ago) had diaper rash pretty bad early on. You THINK you're getting them clean - but you miss stuff. At that time my ped. recommended laying him on the bed and using a blow-dryer to help dry it out several times a day. It's VERY important to keep the back of your hand right by the area you're blowing (on low warm - not hot setting) so you can feel how warm it's getting.

Hang in there - the next one will be easier ;0)

S. - Dental Hygienist & Homeschool Mom to 3 manifestations of my mothers curse to have "one just like me"

When my children were babies I had the same issues. My Mom told me about taking corn starch that you would cook with and adding a little water to it, Browning it on the stove and then put it into a container and use it like you would baby power. It worked wonders.

Try plain ole baking soda. It works on everything else.

At the hospital I work at we use "Calmoseptine". CVS carries it, but you have to ask the pharmacist for it. It is not by prescription, it is over the counter. I have seen it work miracles on the kids I took care of in the ICU, and those kids had some really raw hinnies. Frequent diaper changes and keeping the bottom dry and not using wipes also helps! God Bless!!!

hey C.,

definitely ask your dr. before trying this b/c your baby is so young but my pedi & mom-in-law (who use to wk in ob) recommended vagisil (yeast infection cream). it is thinner than desitin & such. you just rub a small amt. on like you would other creams. it worked GREAT on my daughter's rashes both yeast & from dirties. hope she gets better & congrats!

I'm a grandmother of three and had four children of my own. This may not be normal diaper rash - get your baby to a doctor right away.
My granddaughter came home from the hospital with MRSA last Fall. Please call a doctor today and make an appointment. If it is only diaper rash then thank your lucky stars. If I had not turned up 10 days after the baby was born I don't know what would have happened to our baby girl. The new Mom thought it was baby acne - but it was MRSA which was transfered to the baby in the hospital. We took her in to the doctor's office and had it cultured. There are strong strains of germs in our hospitals today. Please don't feel foolish - take the baby in today and have the area cultured. Better to be safe than sorry. Grandma L.

Take her to the dr. if nothing is helping. If it is not getting better with over-the-counter meds, it could be a yeast or a staph infection. Both are easily curable with topical prescribed meds, but could be life threatening if not treated since she is so young. My son got a staph infection and we got a prescription. It was gone in a day and a half.

Just a little two cents. If it turns out to be a yeast infection and you are trying to use the OTC yeast creams, but can't get it to stay on the skin. It always seemed to be aborbed by the diaper for us. I mixed it with vaseline and presto within a day she was getting better. Hope this helps.

My daughter had severe diaper rash and the only thing i found that worked great is lotrimin. It is for jock itch but my dr told me to use that and i swear by it. Kindof expensive but the little darling is worth every penny!!! Good luck with your little angel!!!!

If you have any breastmilk, I would use that. My son's bobo was clear as a bell until I ran out. Just dab it on with a cotton ball. When we ran out, I really had a diaper rash problem and the doc recommended Resinol. Resinol has calamine, corn starch, lanolin and zinc oxide. I can find it where you would find the calamine. If you can get both, use the breastmilk, let it dry, and then coat it with Resinol. I've had very severe diaper rashes gone by morning with this.

I would also try an anti-fungal cream (like for athlete's foot) if it's related to that.

However, breastmilk and Resinol are what I've found work excellent. Good luck!!

When my girls were little I found Aquaphor ( might be misspelt) works good. They have at Wal-Mart by the lotions.

My daughter had the worst diaper rash all the time...so bad she was always bleeding. Someone finally told me about some stuff called Corona (not the beer). You can usually only get at feed stores, yes...the animal ones. We can get it at our local Tractor Supply Co. It comes in either a yellow tub or tube, either way. I get so many funny looks, but those that have used it too come back and thank me. It is a lanolin cream, and is completely safe for people of ALL ages. It also works wonders on cracked and dry heels (put a thick layer on at night, and some socks and you will notice a difference).

My son had severe diaper rash too. The pediatrician told me the "air it out." I took his diaper off and put him on his tummy for about 30 minutes a day.

I used Vaseline's petroleum jelly. It worked better than anything else for my son's diaper rash. Just keep changing her diaper more often especially after you feed her.

In addition to Desitin try giving the baby a little naked time after a diaper change. Just put her on top of a few absorbant cloths or towels. The exposure to air will help. Try this a coupl of times a day until it gets better. You can also try switching off store bought wipes - even newborn and sensitive ones are often too harsh for baby bottoms. We used the flat square or oval cotton pads (buy in store next to cotton balls). JUst wet them under the tap, squeeze out excess water, and place in one of the diaper wipe containers with a lid. It is much more gentle on the baby's bottom, cheaper overall, and still disposable.

My two both had horrible diaper rash but these helped greatly! Also, you can up her bathing schedule a little (more than once a week but don't go to everyday yet), it helps to get the area cleaner then just wiping.

Hi C., my name is T. and I have a 23 year old son and a 13 year old daughter. My son had an allergic reaction to cranberry juice when he was a baby and his bottom broke out very badly, he was in so much pain. I took him to the doctor 3 different times and got 3 different medications and the they did not work. My sister-in-law uses things from the earth and she told me to put white flour in an iron skillet and brown it and put it in a jar and put it on his bottom. I did that in within 3 days the rash was cleared up completely. I kept browned white flour after that. His babysitter used it for her husband who got a bad heat rash. It is a wonder drug and we all have it in our house. I also used it for my daughter when she was a baby.

She most likely has a yeast infection. The doctors always gave us Nystantan, I may not have spelled that correctly. Take her to the doctor.

She could have a yeast infection and may need medicine from your doc. My brother and I, plus a niece on my hubby's side, were allergic to disposable diapers so that could also be a possibility. I read some of your responses and some people think it could be her diet. If it isn't diet or yeast, you may want to try cloth diapers and see if that helps.

Might be a yeast rash, try 1c white vinegar in the bath 2 times a day.

My daughter had terrible bouts with diaper rash when she was little. We tried EVERYTHING!!! The only thing that worked was Aquaphore. It was a lifesaver for us.

When we brought our little one home she had the WORST diaper rash. Seriously, she bled when we had to clean her little bottom. I cannot tell you how angry I was at the nurses in her NICU! I called them and asked them what we should use and the nurse immediately told me about Aquaphore.

Once we got over the trauma of her cries and screams of pain during that diaper change, I applied a large amount of Aquaphore. I'm not exagerating (sp) when I tell you, her bottom was much better at her next diaper change and was completely better by the next day!

One tip, we always applied the Aquaphore whenever we cleaned her bottom. Our daughter's skin was so sensitive that she'd get a diaper rash if she was in a dirty diaper for more than a few minutes. Thankfully, she outgrew that but it took a while.

You should be able to find Aquaphore where all the other diaper treatments are. If not, then look in the pharmacy section where the lotions are. It's a thick consistency like vaseline. You can get it in a small tube, like something you'd carry in your purse, and a big tub. Try the small tube first b/c the tub is kinda expensive. It was worth the money to us though, once we knew it worked.

We swear by Aquaphore, as I'm sure you can tell. My mother had breast cancer several years ago. The doctors couldn't agree on her course of treatment so she went through chemo and radiation treatments. The radiation burned her and she used this product on the burns, it helped her. Also, my dad has the worst excema (sp) and has used this, it has helped his skin tremendously. It also helps with seriously chapped lips and skin in the winter months.

If your baby's tush doesn't clear up soon or it gets worse then I'd call your pediatrician. I hope this helps you. I'll be praying for your little one.


Dear C.,

My daughter had the same trouble with my grandson. We ended
up buying A & D Ointment & it worked great! Good luck!


I was over worried about my son being wet at frist thati changed him constontailly.But even now that he is two I have to change him frequently or he will get a rash that just looks horrible. So I know where you are coimng from. When I discussed what to use with his doctor hhe suggest the same diper rash creams. but after using several types which only made the rash worst. I finally took him to the er and they sugested trying cool baths and antibiotic ointmrnt or cream. The one with pain medicine / relive may help, if the baby shows sings that is hurting her and not just iritation.

I would check with your pediatrician before doing this, but some diaper rashes are actually caused by a yeast infection. When the body's normal flora is comprimised either from antibiotics or other illness, the yeastie beasties can take over. Some babies get thrush in their mouths and some get skin breakdown type diaper rashes. My daughter has several health issues caused by cystic fibrosis and horrible diaper rashes are one of them. I tried every single diaper rash ointment on the market, and finally our doctor had us get one of the OTC yeast infection creams (miconazole etc.) We applied it everytime we change her diaper. I was shocked that it worked immediately. HTH and please ask your pediatrician first.

Here is some information about the person who called all of us "FOOLS" in her effort to promote her natural products. This is a post she made over a month ago about yeast infection diaper rashes (apparently she flip-flops in her views about natural products.):

Hi again, xxxxxxx!

For the rash you can try Dr. Smiths Diaper Rash Cream, which is awesome. If you think it is a yeast infection, apply womens yeast infection cream, like vagisil, to the area at every diaper change. That is what the dr has always told me to do. Have a wonderful day!

Deborah Mattern-Muck
The MOM Team
"Raise your income and your rugrats at the same time."

I have always sworn by Dr Smiths. It can be found at Walgreens. It will clear it up within the day! You may want to check with your doctor though. It could be a yeast infection that needs a perscription. The diaper rash medicines only cover and clear for awhile then it comes back. Hope this helps!

Dr. Smith diaper rash cream is AWESOME! It did wonders for my son.

I like A&D ointment. It was the best for my daughter.

When my son came home from the hospital after being in there 2 weeks, he developed a diaper rash a week later he had his circumcision and had to use vaseline. I piled that stuff on him because I didnt want him to be in pain, but at the same time it healed his diaper rash. That wasnt my intention but it did the trick for both thngs

my son had diaper rash really bad when he was that age and it turned out that the wipes we were using had shea butter in them and that's what was irritating his skin. we switched to unscented, plain huggies wipes and it cleared up a couple days later. i also read that you should try to give them at least 10 minutes a day naked to let their butts air off. my son loves this =) hope this helps. congratulations and savor every moment!


Weleda makes a wonderful calendula rash cream. I am an all natural mama, haven't been to the doctor in years. Natural products work better because they do not have petro-chemical mineral oil in them which leaches moisture from skin.

Good luck!

Just use powder for awhile - and let her air out without a diaper several hours a day - do not add anymore moisture with the ointments - lastly , check with Dr. to make sure it is not yeast infection.

My son is now 20 months old and never really got a diaper rash but let me tell you when he did it was so bad and nothing seemed to work. If the rash is bad you might want to stop using wipes, it will irritate the rash more and burn her skin. I recomend that you call the doctor's office and have then call you in a perscription diaper rash medication. Since they did that for me it is the only thing that i use. He had a rash that was so bad and i tried to treat it for about a week and he was so raw. This worked in a matter of two days. I believe that his is called SES, it is initials for some big name. The nurse said that it is also used on children that have burns to help heal and sooth their skin. Hope this helps.

Good Luck from one first time mommy to another!!

There is a prescription cream called Vusion that works very quickly. It is expensive, around $100 a tube, but it is probably covered by insurance. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it really works great and seems like a miracle when your little one is in pain.

I am going thru the same thing with my daughter (10 months). This is her second diaper rash (she's on antibiotics and gets diarrhea from it). I ended up getting a prescription from the doctor. Please don't hesitate to call your pediatrician and tell them she has a rash. You don't even need to make an appointment to go it. Just ask them to call something into your pharmacy. I have tried 2 different things from the doctor. One is called Cholestramine (it's actually a medicine used to reduce cholesterol!!). they mix it with Aquaphor. The cholestramine binds to the bile salts in the stool making the poop not burn the skin. Our pharmacy did not mix it well and it was gritty and painful to apply to my baby's bottom. So my doc gave me another med. It is nystatin with tricamalone (a bit of steroid with antibiotic). That's the one that helped TREMENDOUSLY!!!! Her skin looked like it had an acid burn and she would arch her back in pain when I tried to change her diaper. I swear the nystatin/steroid combo cleared it up within 2 days. It actually looked 80% better the next day. The doc told me to put the nystatin/steroid cream on first then a thick coat of the Desitin overnight cream on top.(Desitin original is very healing. It has cod liver oil or shark oil in it which heals the skin). ALso, if you could keep her diaper off (I know...playing with fire!!!) so her bottom could airdry helps alot. Make sure her skin is good an dry before putting any creams or diaper back on. The mositure on the skin, if not totally dry, is a good background for diaper rash. I actually blow on my baby's bottom before putting her creams/diaper on!!!!
Good luck!!!!

Try A&D ointment. The same thing happened with my infant son and A&D cleared it right up.

See the doctor. my daughter just got over a 2 week diaper rash. i was using the new desitine that is clear it helped then it came back so i switched to a&d ointment. also depending on what it looks like it might have a yeast infection with it so then just monistat on the areas. i didnt use diaper wipes i used just water and a wash cloth. and had her diaper off as much as possible. its probably gone by now but thats what i did and its finally gone

She is young enough not to turn over so you are lucky in a sense. Air out her bottom. Lay a bunch of cloth diapers or towels that you can wash easily under her during the day. Put her on her stomach - bottom up. Make sure to not have a diaper on her, but completely naked. Urine is sterile and won't hurt her. She will wet, and that's ok. You can change the towel right away, or wait until it is truly wet (remember she's usually in somewhat of a wet diaper). Wash the towels with 1/4 cup of vinegar to disinfect and take out the odor (it disinfects the same as bleach) for your own conscience sake and when/if she has a bowel movement. Keep that bottom aired - no diaper - no creams -- as much as possible. It works well when they are this young and can't really move. Then when you need to put a diaper on her, make sure you put some cream on to help protect her. Any cream with zinc oxide "burned" all 3 of my kids and was painful when they had a BAD rash. I began using A&D ointment which is mostly lanolin and it never was painful to them.

Try Dr. Smith's. It helped my son's diaper rash so much better than Desitan or Butt Paste. I get it a Target.
Good Luck!!

Hi C. -
In a baby tub have enough water to just to cover her bottom. The water should be tepid, not too warm. Then add a couple of table spoons of baking soda. Soak for about 5 to 10 min. I did this a couple of times a day. Then after that get as much air to it as possible. If it doesn't start clearing in a day or so take her to the doctor.
You might bathe her after a wet diaper or b.m. instead of using wipes during this period for her comfort.
God bless.

C., try using Pampers Sensative wipes if you haven't already. Some of the wipes will make the diaper rash worse. Also, if her cord has fallen off then give her a good sudsy bath every day using Johnson's baby wash. Try to eliminate all the scented washes, ie.lavender. The best diaper rash cream is Dr. Smith's diaper ointment. Reapply after every changing. At night really give her bottom a good coat. Good luck!

Dr. Smith's diaper rash cream...find it at HEB. Or...get a prescription from your pedi for Silvadene Ointment. Meant for burn victims...it is THE BEST! I swear by it and my daughter is 2/1/2 and potty trained and we still have to use it sometimes. It is inexpensive too.

My son is 4 1/2 months, and just got over a pretty good diaper rash himself. He even had a couple blisters. But he got his from diarrhea, poor little man. Anyway, I had called his doctor at one point and they said to use Lotrimin AF (it's actually Athlete's foot cream)3 times a day. I did this, and used petroleum jelly and desitin for the rest of the time. It did clear up in a couple days. Check with your doctor or his nurse first though. Since your baby is only 2 weeks, they may suggest only 2 times a day or something. I feel for your baby's bottom!! I know it hurts.

First of all, take her to her pediatrician. My daughter had bouts of severe diaper rash and it turned out that she had a very bad yeast infection AND had contracted a bacterial infection as well. It was horrible! But the dr. gave us medicine for both and that plus LOTS of bare bottom time cleared it up. I also bathed her after every diaper change in warm water with baking soda. I had a little blow-up bath tub that I put on the kitchen counter in view of the TV, put on her favorite baby video and soaked her for about 15 minutes. (She was about 10 months old.) Butt Paste worked some, but so did Dr. Smith's.

But I would take her to her dr. first, just to make sure it's nothing more serious.

Hope this helped!

Try using Aquaphor. It is an ointment for severe rashes. Used it on all three of my kids and have recommended it to others. The rash should clear up within 24 to 48 hours. It can be found with in the ointment aisle in most grocery stores. It is a little expensive but a little goes a long way. It was first recommended by our pediatrician and I have continued to use it.

Hope it works for you and good luck.

Hi C.,
I learned with my daughter that the 'normal' diaper rash stuff didn't work for her. Like your daughter, it would not help at all...and in some cases, it made it worse.
We ended up having to make a trip to the doctors office where he gave us a perscription. It works beautifully for her.

She was allergic to something in the over-the-counter creams. You might call your doctor, it can't hurt. Hope this helps.

are you open to just letting her bottom breathe. Let her lay without a pamper on periodically.

I didn't experience diaper rash much with my son, my mom swears it is because I kept him in water all the time. Anyway, I would clean him up and leave the diaper off for awhile. That's wasn't easy leaving a diaper off a baby boy, you had to approach with caution:-)and cover where he laid with lots of towels.

Sometimes there is just too much mositure trap by the diaper, not only from the urine but from her own body sweat and it can lead to breakouts, especially if there skin is sensitive. If that doesn't work consult your pediatrican because not only is it uncomfortable but it can be painful for her as well.

Good luck.

When my kids had a really bad diaper rash it was caused by a yeast infection. you can try to use the "female" yeast infection cream. It should start helping after the first diaper change.....then you know if it is a yeast rash. I think you use the cream for 3 days after the symptoms go away.

I don't want to disagree with ony other posts but try the yeast meds alone for a few diaper changes..see if it helps. IMHO you don't have to use diaper creams with every diaper change the diposable diapers absorb really well.



From my experience, cloth diapers work really well at removing and preventing diaper rash. I believe it is for two reasons, less humidity on the diaper area, and more frequent changes. I currently use Fuzzi Bunz, and they're super easy. If you want more info on how to use them or if you have any questions in particular, send me an email offline, and I'll help you along.

Hope this helps,

Hi C.,

If you haven't called her pediatrician about the severe diaper rash yet, then you should. At 2 weeks of age it's OK to call the pediatrician about just about anything. The doctor knows you're a first time Mom and they're used to being called for all sorts of things with the little newborns.

The next thing you might try is leaving her diaper off, lay her on a soft towel for several hours and let her bottom stay dry and BREATHE for a while. Don't put any kind of ointment on her at all during this time. Sometimes her skin just needs fresh air without urine or poopy up next to her.

Another thing you can try is applying straight Zinc Oxide Ointment to her skin. It comes in a tube. Yes, there's zinc oxide in Desitin, but there's also other stuff in Desitin that she might be allergic to, like the scent that makes it smell good.

I hope these are helpful and that her little bottom clears up very soon. It's SO uncomfortable for them, much like it would be to you.

Best of luck!
J. L
Round Rock

I didn't read through all of the responses, so this may have been mentioned. If it's been lingering for a couple of days and not being resolved with diaper cream, washing, and airing out - you should call your dr. Babies can get yeast infections in their diaper areas that need prescription cream to resolve. Boys and girls can get it, and some children just produce more yeast. My middle son had a yeast infection in his diaper area about 4 times as a little one, all cleared up really quickly with medicated cream prescribed. HTH ;o)


I could be an allergy. You didn't say if you were formula feeding or breastfeeding, but if you are using formula you might try switching to a different kind -- maybe a soy formula.


If you can leave her diaper off as much as possible so that air can get to the area and it can stay dry, that will help. You can get those waterproof lap pads to put under her while she's "airing out."

One of my sons (I have 3 mo old twins) had a similar situation at about the same age, and air (and Butt Paste when he was wearing a diaper) definitely helped. His little digestive system also needed to mature a little bit; and as that happened, the diaper rash improved and hasn't recurred yet. And the airing out procedure is much easier with girls!

Good luck, and hang in there! It gets easier every week.


Hi C.! My 3 1/2 month old daughter JUST got over her horrible rash (very raw) and come to find out she was reacting to her formula. We've now had to switch to the most expensive kind. Before I figured this out though, I tried EVERY brand of diaper rash cream out there and they didn't touch the rash! I'm not sure if you are breastfeeding or formula feeding but you could try cornstarch and bathe her with baking soda in the water. Make sure you let her air dry completely before putting anything on the rash. Also, you can lay her down without a diaper in direct sunlight in your house or you can use a lamp. That sometimes helps to dry it out. Hope this helps. Sorry if any of this was repeated. You got a lot of responses!


I used Balmex and it worked great!

Have you changed the diaper brand you use? If not try pampers they were the best for my son.

There are all kinds of creams and ointments out there which may help but may not get at the root of the problem. There's a good possibility that she's sensitive to something she's eating, either her formula, or something she's being exposed to through your breastmilk. You can go to some good websites like askdrsears.com or lalecheleague.org to get some info about how to reduce allergens in her diet. Best wishes to you!

Dr. Smith's is the only kind that works on my son. If it doesn't get better, I'd go to the pediatrician. It is possible that it is a yeast infection and you need a prescription cream. Good luck!

Try Dr. Smith's Diaper creme for regualar use - comes in a little round white plastic container with a lid, red and blue label - is sold behind the Rx counter at Target, on the shelf at Walmart in the Rx or Baby section, behind the counter at other places but not all palces carry it - think WalMart is the cheapest - it is expensive ($7-$8 for a contianer) but it is the absolute best I've used - was suggested to me by another mother with similar rash problems when my preemie daughter was born - the others just don't work as well - in fact, this is the only one that works as far as I can tell.

Also let her go diaperless when you dare and we found tha tthe colloidial oatmeal baths were helpful for severe systemic (not urine exposure related) rashes.

Good luck!

Dr.Smith's is the best cream in the world!!! My daughter is almost five and I still use it on her when her bottom gets red. She has very sensitive skin.. I also use the Dr.Smith's on my hands in the winter time when my hands get so dry and cracked no matter how much lotion I put on during the day and it helps with that too! I use a generous amount each time and within a day, the rash is gone! Good luck to you and your little princess!! =)

Hello C., I am just going to take a stab at this. Does your daughters' rash have any type of dark red bumps? Also, does she have any eczema problems? My daughter went thru a rough time with rashes and it started with one at a young age like yours. It ended up taking medicated medicine. If you would like to email me directly, you can at ____@____.com or you can call me if your okay with that. ###-###-####. Hope to hear from you soon! D.

She might be allergic to the diaper. They use chlorine bleach in disposables. At Whole Foods and Kroger (natural foods section)they have some diapers that were not chlorine bleached. I'd switch to those at least until the diaper rash clears. Another option is to cloth diaper, which is what I do. Mine have never had diaper rash wearing cloth diapers (although I do change them more frequently.)

May sure you change her right after she pees. This will help keep the acid off her skin and hopefully she'll clear up soon.

Like others said, zinc oxide, dr Smith, prescription zinc oxide (though I thought it was very similar to dr Smith) Make sure the bottom has been cleaned and dried BEFORE applying the cream. Let it air dry as long as possible- you can lay her down on a towel on the floor and talk to her or even do some baby massage. My Dr said that leaving it exposed to air is the best thing.


When you change her diaper, rinse it with water. Then make sure you wipe the area dry. If you could let the area uncover as long as you could, that would be even better. Apply a generous amount of petroleum jel like vasaline in the diaper area before you put a diaper back on. Do this everytime you change her diaper. If the rash doesn't get better within a day or two, maybe you should consult her pediatrician. Don't use the diaper rash cream because sometimes it irritates the skin even more. I use petroleum jelly for everything...head to toe :)

Hope that helps.

Have you tried Triple Paste? They sell it at WalMart and if you can't find it- ask the pharmasist...sometimes they keep it behind the counter even though you don't need a prescription. It's three different ingredients together-
Hope that helps.
:-) A.
Mom to a 6 year old
and twin 18 month olds

Congrats on your little one! Try a different brand of diapers and/or wipes. My daughter cannot wear anything but Pampers or she gets a diaper rash. Also, airing out her bottom between diaper changes helps too. If the rash looks like dots all over the place with clear skin between them, there's a good chance its a yeast infection, so you'll need to see your doctor and get a Rx diaper cream.

Good Luck!

try vasoline and corn starch..vasoline will keep the wetness off and the cornstarch will help the itch. if that doesnt work, try yeast infection cream..

I would talk with your doctor because there are perscription strength creams that might be better. Also you might not be dealing with diaper rash. It could be a yeast infection. That is usually bumpy with the red.... I would just talk to your doctor. My nephew had a similar problem at about the same age (yes boys can get them) and they gave him a cream and diaper changes are a bit of a longer process (you have to wash her bottom everytime and do NOT use any wipes) but I saw it clear up in a matter of a day or so.... and he had it almost from his belly button to his tail bone.... it was really bad. I would just play it safe and talk to your doctor.... let us know what happens.

It's kind of a pain to do but what we did with my daughter is change her in the bathroom wash her off with water and then tried to soak her a little with a water and baking soda bath. It worked for us. Hope you can get her comfortable.


Try Miracle Skin Salve. My sister swears by it!

Here's a link:

http://www.beeyoutiful.com (it's under Hair & Skin)

wow you have a lot of responces! I didn't read them so this may be a repeat. Obviously, change her as soon aspossible and use a soft washcloth that is wet with water to wipe her. Even baby wipes can irritate her. My dr's nurse told me to use Mylanta (the stomach medicine) on a cotton ball on the affected areas before you put diaper cream on. It really helps my son when he gets a bad one. But I would probably call your doctor soon since she is so young. Good luck! Oh yeah, let her go without a diaper for a while too. Potential for mess I know but it is suppossed to help.

My daughter is now 16 months old but when she was 9 weeks she got the worst rash. It was so bad she had blisters on her little behind. I took her to the Dr. and he told me to swab some Mylanta Original Liquid (this takes the acid out) on the affected area and then sprinkle Caldasene Medicated Powder on her and close her diaper. It took all the red out in one application. I still use this method and it's easy to find. You can get both items at your local drug store. It definately works wonders!

Take her to the doctor and see if they can prescribe you something. My oldest daughter had a severe diaper rash when she was an infant and they had the pharmacist make a cream to put in her bottom. we still have it and we have used it on our yougest daughter. It might cost a little more but it is well worth it.

Sween Cream works the best I have found, but I have not been able to locate out here at any of the stores. I also prefer the thicker Desitin, since there are two types last I saw.

However, if she is still showing a severe rash, I would take her into the pediatrician to have something prescribed.

Another way to help minimize the rash is soak her in a nicely warm bath, pat her dry, and instead of putting a diaper on, let her be "free for several hours" of the day. I would just put a towel under my kids when they had a bad rash...that would help it heal and create less irritation. plus they seemed to like "being free for alls" :)

in the end though, if none of that works, its time to go to the pediatrician and have them prescribe something.


TRIPLE PASTE. Is available at Walgreens (not at Randalls, not HEB). Brace yourself for the fact that it is expensive. Like, $20 for a round tub, $10 for the tube. But its the only thing I've found that really works on an existing rash.

I know this sounds funny, but use jock itch cream. It works, my daughter had a bad rash. This cleared it right up.

Go to a feed store and buy Corona. It is a yellow tube with a red lid. It is loaded with lanolin. My oldest had high acidic urine which would burn her little bottom. Corona would make a difference just between one diaper change.

It also works on bug bites and any type of burn. I know it sounds strange, but it works! I have been using it on all my children: ages 14, 10, 18 months, and 4 months.

hi C.,
there's a lotion that has worked for some;
email me for the link,

I would try the Dr. Smith's diaper rash ointment... I love this diaper rash cream: it's thick and covers very well and it doesn't smell bad... I used it with both of my children.... and if that doesn't seem to work, your daughter might have a yeast infection: if so use the Lotrimin AF or the Wal-mart Equate brand works just as well, cover entire area at every diaper change and that should help clear up everything... I actually still switch between these two creams with my 22 month old son, even if I think he has a diaper rash or yeast infection coming up down there... Hope this helps and Good luck!!!!

mr dr swears bt dr smiths...try a different diaper too, mine gets rash worse with pampers. also try letting her stay naked.

Try an anti-fungal cream such as Lotrimin. If you need added protection, add a&d or something similar after applying the Lotrimin.

I have found when you continue using wipes it makes the rash worse. Try using a wash rag instead of the wipes, pat dry the area and use Aveeno diaper rash instead of the other brands available. Your baby may have very sensitive skin. I hope this helps.

When my daughter was a baby her skin was super sensitive, and none of the over the counter stuff worked. I got a prescription for micalog antibiotic cream. This stuff is fabulous!!! You can see a marked difference in their skin overnight. Pediatricians don't want to write prescriptions for diaper rash. My sister-in-law is a nurse & she told me what I needed. Thank goodness I had an ENT who didn't have a problem writing me a script. A few months after I first started using it we moved & I had to find another pedi & found one that didn't have a problem with giving me a script for it. This stuff saved me & the baby alot of suffering!!! Good luck!!

My son had severe diaper rash when he was about that age. It was so bad it looked almost like a sun burn and he would scream if I used Desitin or butt paste on it. I coated his little behind with vasaline at every diaper change and it was gone in a day or two with out the screaming.

Hi my name is T.. I was just wanting to tell you that I used A&D with my baby. She is almost 5 months old now and she had diaper rash real bad the first few weeks after she was born. I tried the balmex and desitin and they didn't work for her. So I bought the a&d and it cleared it right up. They have one to treat it and then they have one to prevent it. I don't know if it will work for you but it helped me out. I also have a 3 year old that recently got potty trained and I've used it on her too. Anyway, just wanted to let you know.

When we adopted our son, I was completely clueless when it came to this stuff even though I had read all the books and talked to all my friends. My 90 year old grandmother gave me a home remedy that worked like a charm and started clearing it up in just one day.

You take 1 cup of corn startch and a heeping table spoon of boric acid. Mix them up in a bowl really good. Put it on like a powder after each change. It really eased my baby and kept the wetness away from his skin.

Of course you should check with your pediatrician. We also used Dr. Smith's...if they do not have it in the baby isle you can go to the pharmacy some places keep it back there. If you use just a little at ever single diaper change your baby will likely never have diaper rash again...it is also great at clearing up any diaper rash they already have. I don't know what part of the country you live in but they defenitely have it in San Antonio. If you have trouble finding it contact me and I can send you some. It is truly a miracle worker. Good luck!


Although there are chemical prescriptions that take care of diaper rash the best product that I have used is an all natural, 100% organic salve from EARTH MAMA AGEL BABY. It is the AGEL BABY BOTTOM BALM. It also works great for Eczema.
Here is the web site www.earthmamaangelbaby.com

M. K (mommy of three toddler boys and soon to be born baby girl)

My daughter had the worst rash too. Make a paste with baking soda and water. It truly works.

I have always used Desitin with great success. Be sure that it is just diaper rash and not a yeast infection. My son got a yeast infection and I thought it was just diaper rash until it wouldn't go away. I also had to switch diapers for him to Huggies Supreme which is one of the only ones without some kind of chemical in it (forget which one). I switched diapers and the rash went away - he has been rash free ever since. Hope that helps!

Hi C..
When my daughter was a baby, she had a severe diaper rash and her pediatrician said to use plain zinc oxide, which you can buy in the First Aid section at Wal Mart. It's a white box with red on it. It's less than $2 per tube. You need to look closely because they stock them in the shelves with only the square end showing, not the full face of the product. Anyway, her Pediatrician said, "glob on an obnoxious amount of zinc oxide and cover her rash, completely." You need to cover the area so that you can not see through the zinc oxide to the rash or skin. Almost like cake frosting. So buy about four tubes. We did this after each diaper change. Her rash was completely gone almost by the next day! Just be sure to change her quite frequently.
If the zinc oxide doesn't work then it might be something that needs to be medicated for so I would take her in to see the Pediatrician.
Take Care!

This rash could be a yeast infection, get some Lotrimin creme for athelete's feet and use that on her bottom you should see a difference by tomorrow.

We were having the same problem recently, C..
Turned out to be a thrush infection.
We used anti-thrush ointment (rub it in well) and on top of that the doctor advised using a mixture of cortisone in aqueous cream (the pharmacist made it up to the doctor's specifications). Finally, the zinc butt paste.
Ask for some cortisone mix.

Try vaseline, it will make her urine bead up, and absorb into the diaper instead of making her skin wet. I use both vaseline and Desitin at the same time.

Try Lotrimin AF (for althletes foot) and then a diaper cream on top of that. There could be a little yeast infection going on and the Lotrimin will take care of it.

Good luck.

I very highly recommend Weleda products that can be purchased at Whole Foods. The Weleda Baby-Diaper Care (for diaper rash is amazing and smells great). It comes in a white 2.8 oz. tube. The Weleda products have calendula in them. The Baby Cream in a yellowish-orange tube is also really great for any type of skin irritation on the body. I love these products!

OK C. I don't know if this still works but when my kids were little and had a severe diaper rash a doctor told us to go to the feed store, yes you read right a feed store for animals and get udder butter. The stuff they use on the cows udders when they get rashy or cracked. This worked like a charm. Now that was about 16 years ago and we lived in a small town at the time. It's worth a try. Hope it still works.

Don't use baby wipes. Use just water and a wash cloth. Continue to use the creams. I have found that Desitin Original works the best. Make sure her booty is completly dry before you put anything on it. If you can, let her lay around naked for a little while. Just lay some towels down and let her air out. Good luck.

I have two little girls, 3 yr. old and 17 mnth old, and both of them had really sensitive skin when they were newborn so they almost always had diaper rashes. I tried everything you tried and none of them worked, until I tried Arbonne International's baby line called ABC. Their diaper rash cream was the only thing that cleared up their diaper rashes. Because I liked their baby products so much, I began selling them and all of their other products that they offer. If you need any info or would like to know how to order let me know and send me an email.

Try Triple Paste.. sometimes you have to ask the pharmacist for it, but lately I have seen it on the shelves. Also, when you give her a bath, put a little bit of baking soda in the water, and just lay her down naked for a little while. If that doesn't work, you may need a prescription. My son gets terrible diaper rash when he gets diarrhea. Good luck, poor baby girl.

This may sound a little wacky, but it worked for us! I am a first time mom of an almost 10 month old baby girl. She had a terrible diaper rash one time and my mother told me to put olive oil on it! Olive oil???? Yep! Plain ol' Extra Virgin Olive Oil. She was clear the very next day - just overnight!!!
It is all natural, so you shouldn't worry about any side effects!
If you try it, please let me know if it worked for you! All the best and God Bless.

I use Triple Paste. It's sold at Walmart in the baby area, comes in a white tube and is a bit pricey (around $8) but is the best thing ever. My daughter would have bad diaper rash and this was the only butt paste that helped prevent and heal. You just need a little bit since it's very thick and coats. I would also add Lotromin into the mix since bad rashes are usually aided by yeast infections. Good Luck.

We had the same problem. Sometime it is the wipes or diapers you are using. I know if you are using pampers they are scented and for some babies that is the problem. I have used all brands and found on my super sensitive baby that Huggies have treated his tush the best. Also try using sensitive wipes, not just unscented but either pampers or huggies sensitive, this will help with the process, as some babies will gradually grow out of how sensitive they are and others (mine) has not. Best luck

ok i may only be 32 but aside of Desitin, the other best one for us was Dr Smiths ointment. It smells bad, but it works. Like i said I'm not too old but if this doesn't work put plain old powder starch. Seriously just plain powder starch works better than anything else. Old Mexican remedy! I use to put some in a baggie in the diaper bag just in case.

Hi C.,

I have a 3 month old daughter, and she developed a rash and the pediatrician advised me to use Eucerin products, and they work wonderful, there is a cream called calming cream that I use for her arms and legs just as an everyday lotion, but there is one for her bottom rash, I can't think of the name of it, but it's a small container, and it says it's for rashes try it, I hope it works..FAST!
I wish you the best of Luck!

Plain Vaseline works like a charm! Good luck.


Hi C.,

The best thing that I found for my daughter was a cream called Dr. Smith's. You can buy it at your local grocery store and it is a bit more expensive than other rash ointments but it's worth it. This stuff really works. Hope this helps.

I have a 4 week old that had the same thing at 10 days. Went to the pedi, and he had us apply Lotrimin(over the counter for athletes foot) twice a day for 7 days. Plus Desitin original Make sure you use the original. Worked within 2 days. Best of luck!

Best advice, ask your doctor. My advice from my doctor was to let to clean the rash let it air dry then apply athletes foot cream. It worked awesome!

You might try using carbolated petroleum jelly (brown jar) and corn starch. Give the area as much air as you can (easier w/girls than boys) and you don't mention whether you are breast feeding or using formula. Also, thrush can cause this problem. Good Luck.

Your doctor can give you a perscription rash cream. I used to be a daycare teacher for infants-two year olds. The most commonly perscribed that I've seen is Nystatin and IT WORKS! So call your pediatricion..It should be about time for her first check up at two weeks anyway.

Hi, Did you change diaper brand? I ask that, because my niece gets bad diaper rashes when she not in Pamers brand diapers. Well, I thought that might help.

Try using the new Destitin that is clear and when you bath her put some epison salt in the wather w/ NO soap.

May be a yeast infection. Both girls and boys can get them. My pedi- gave me a cream call nystatin. It's wonderful and should fix your prob. Call your pedi. and ask about it,also Dr.smith's is THE... only... rash cream I use! It's the best for non yeast rashes. My niece also swears by mylanta. It's supposed to help with the acid. Good luck!

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