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Severe Diaper Rash - 18 Month Old Boy

My son has a severe diaper rash. He is 18 months old. It seems to get worse every day for over a week now. His skin is bleeding in several places. I have put diaper rash ointment (Bourdaux's) on at every changing since this started. I change his diaper (Huggies) frequently - almost once an hour and immediately when dirty. Any ideas what is causing this or what I can do to get rid of it?

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After 6 long weeks of terrible diaper rash on my 18 month old son - raw skin bleeding in several places, I FINALLY got rid of it - with your help!! I tried several things first - took to doctor, got antifungal prescription cream, had 4 stool tests done, got special diaper cream from pharmacy called Calmoseptine, tried overnight diaper cream with high zinc oxide, changed diet, eliminated baby wipes, etc..... Nothing Worked!!!! Finally, I tried a suggestion a few of you mentioned (that I ignored at first because I thought it wasn't my case) and changed his brand of diapers!! Apparently he gets a reaction from Huggies brand diapers!! I realized that I had usually used Kirland brand from Costco and had only recently switched to Huggies, which I thought were comparable (and I couldn't get to Costco for awhile). On a long-shot, I bought a box of Pampers. After 4 days, his excrutiatingly painful diaper rash was gone. I was amazed! Thank you - i NEVER would have tried that suggestion if you hadn't mentioned it!!

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I agree it may be a yeast infection. My youngest son also had a rash and raction with Huggies. The thing that worked the best for eiher of my boys was to leave the diaper off as much as possible. I used cloth with the oldest till he was almost a year old. At 18 months you should beable to start potty training him. But seriously take him to a doctor if it is bleeding and let the fresh air get to it.

I suggest good old fashioned corn starch and alternate with aquaphor.

Oatmeal baths help too!

Good Luck

My wonderful pediatrician had me use Triple Paste Cream and Aquaphor ointment. My son has not had a rash or irritation on his bottom since.

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Hi C.,

Our twins use to get really bad diaper rash. We use to put maloxx on them when we changed them instead of diaper rash cream. And depending on how bad it was we would rub maloxx on it and then some corn starch. They have bad diaper rash because of the acid in their pee and the maloxx helps clear that up just like when you have heart burn. The corn starch does the samething, just a dry one.
Good luck!

If his skin is bleeding I would take him in to the pediatrician. You don't want him to get an infection. In terms of diaper rash ointment, I might also try the triple paste brand and even some aquaphor over the really bad areas. Good luck and God Bless!

Hi C.,
Think about anything that has changed since he started having the horrible rashes - detergent, fabric softener, new foods, new vitamins, different brand of diapers, etc. Anything different could possibly be something that he is allergic to.

Have you tried some neosporinn to help with the area where it is bleeding? I would also call the dr. My daughter had a severe diaper rash shortly after she was born and then actually prescribed an ointment to help clear it up.

The diaper rash could be a fungal infection. Get an antifungal from the drugstore, you can ask the pharmacist which one to use. Usually the same antifungal that is used for vaginal yeast infections. If it is a fungal infection, and each one of my kids had at least one, you should see inmprovement within a day or two, but use it for the full time it is recommended or it could come back. If that doesn't clear it up,or if it gets worse, it could be a bacterial infection, and you would need to see a dr. for a prescription.

My daughter had same thing at around that age, I took her to the DR and he yelled at me about her diet, saying if she didn't eat so much greasy food she wouldn't have that problem which she didn't eat a whole lot of greasy food, and so he gave me a script and I left his office to never go back again, he was not nice... but the script worked. My advice, see the DR and see if it is something he is eating.

I would definitely take him to the doctor. My friends son also had this happen and it turned from a yeast infection into a really bad infection. If they decide it is just diaper rash, ask for some good ol Magic Butt Cream! Works wonders!! My twins needed it for a while and it cleared up within 2 days!

Give him daily baths until it is gone. That helps keep his skin clean (acid free). I use A&D Original Ointment and just smother it on real thick after his skin is completely dry. That stops the urine and acid from strong bowel movements from penetrating his skin.
If this does not help. See you pediatrician. They have prescription rash creams that are amazing.

Good luck with you little guy. Hope it clears up quickly.


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