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Sending My 3 Year Old to a 6 Hour Preschool.

I dont know if I should send my daughter to a 6 hour preshool. My son only went to A 1 hour 45 min. preschool til he went to kindergarden this year. he is doing ok but i this he needed more. My daughter is going to that preschool too. I think she needs more too. I just found out she can go to our new preschool program at our school. I think thats great but I just dont know if its gonna be too long of a day for her.8:50am-2:45pm she still takes a nap in the afternoon.(2pm) They said they take a nap there but i dont know if she will. She never went to daycare. my mom wathes her when i work. What should i do???

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Hi K., This is my opinion, and I know it is not the current trend, but I would NOT send her to 6 hour pre-school. She is 3, and the time you have with her is so limited before she DOES go to school full day. Take the extra $ you would spend on the day care, open a college fund, and SAVE IT FOR THE FUTURE. They need time at home playing with toys, or going to the park, or baking with you or your Mom,.... This is not the time to be concerned with knowing your colors/numbers/letters. All that will come easily in the next couple years. NOW is the time to build her self-esteem by praising her art work, and crazy play dough creations.

My kids are all in school full time and doing great. They only went to 4 yr preschool for 3 hours/3 days-week and were NOT behind socially, emotionally, or academically when they started kindergarten.

That is my opinion--which you requested, but here is another thing to think about---

Only YOU know your situation, and you should ask yourself "why" do you think she needs more school? Is there a pre-school that is somewhere between 2 hours and 6 hours that would work for you?

Best wishes for you and your children.

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Hi K.. I think you should at least give it a try for a few weeks. You'll want to go long enough for everyone to settle into a routine before you make a final decision. A few extra hours of school each day will not hurt your daughter, and could make a huge positive impact! Good luck & best wishes

Try looking into church preschool programs. My daughter went to one last year that was in the afternoon. They also had morning classes. Her class was 12:30-3:30. They only last about 3 hours, have small classes for individual attention & don't cost much. You can choose how many days a week as well.

I would say go with your gut instinct. My daughter turns 3 in January and I want her to go to pre-school as well but since she has been home with me the whole time. I feel the long hours would be too much to start. She naps 2-3 hours still during the day. So interrupting that to me is a sin,they still need to grow and learn. How can they learn if their not receiving the information because they are tired. I personally would feel more comfortable with 3 days a week 2 hours per day to start out with.
I am sure whatever you deciede will work out just fine!

is kindergarten a full day ?

depending on age, they are required to take a nap.

K. M. Sadly children are not allowed to be children anymore they all have to start school so early and be able to read and do things at a much younger age. One advantage about being in school for that long of time is that fact that she will have the same head start that all of the other kids will have. Another advantage is she will be used to those hours for when she is in the upper grades. Things are not easy for children today by letting her go to the longer preschool will be one less struggle for her. One more advantage is she will also learn to be a little independ of you if she not already.
The longer day care will also give her social skills that are very important and helpful to have. It is just sad that little people can not continue to stay home and be little people (have time to bake cookies with mom and do things like that) it just does not work in this world today. Good luck with your decision and I also wish your daughter luck.

Hi! I am going to take a stab and say that she will do just fine. I just recently returned to work after being a stay at home mom for two years. My lil guy who's two, just started going to daycare for 8 - 9 hours daily. First time away from mommy!! Like you, I was worried about the length of time he would be there, whether or not he would get a nap, and everything else mom's worry about. Well, he does really well with everything. He didn't take a nap maybe the first couple days, but once he got used to his surroundings a lil bit, he started crashing out with the other kids. His naps arent like what he gets at home on a weekend, but I do my best to get him fed, bathed, and into bed a lil early if he comes home cranky. Just like with everything else kids go thru, just gotta see what works!! Good luck and i hope this helps you!!!

I think that what ever you decide will be fine. A lot of kids are in care 6 or more hours a day-- what is more important is if it is a high-quality program. Since she's never been in daycare this may be a big adjustment for her, so expect a couple of potentially rough weeks. But she will also be getting wonderful socialization, and developing the ability to operate on somebody else's schedule-- which is going to be important for pre-k or kindergarden.

Again, I think it would depend on the program-- and your daughter. Are they flexible about schedules? Do they provide free time? Go spend a day or two there WITH her and then you'll better be able to make a decision.

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