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Selling My Home - Denver,CO

We are putting our house on the market soon...Does anyone have any tips for showing their home? I am trying to stage the house--get rid of the clutter, personal pictures, etc. I would love some tips and does anyone have a sense as to whether it makes much of a difference? Any other tips would be appreciated! We are only moving down the street, so there won't be a change of schools or friends for the kids.

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with my husband being a finish carpenter, and us renting a house,
I know that right now the "market-time" for selling a house is not good.
It will be better , though.
If you still need to sell it soon and fast, I wish you good luck;
otherwise, a bit later you'd get it sold sooner for a much better price...
All the best to you!!!

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Our house had an offer in a week after putting some fresh flowers in the planter. Also, if you don't have time to bake, I've heard you can put a cinnamon stick and some sugar in a tea pot with a lot of water and leave it on low for the same effect. There is research on which smells are the best for selling, but I'm not sure where you'd find it. I know cinnamon is high on the list, but not at the top. Good luck!

Hey K.,

My husband and I are currently in the "home buying" market (in Idaho). My realtor, is also my co-worker at my "day job", and she said that people have a hard time visualizing themselves in a house when the house they are looking at, has a lot of "stuff" in it.
She warned me on a couple of homes that we viewed, because there was a ton of stuff. Fortunately, my husband and I are able to look around all that and visualize without everything that's there, but not everybody can.
So, keep everything as spacious and simple as you can, is my only suggestion. All the other stuff in the 2 previous suggestions is really important and excellent advice, too.
Good luck & God bless,

L. Amason

Bake cookies or bread - the smell creates the feeling of home. Getting rid of the clutter is huge. I wouldn't take all the personal photos out because then the home becomes stale. Create an environment that they can see their family in- a place they can call home. Curb side appeal is HUGE!
Some pretty planters or colorful hanging baskets is a great touch for people wanting to look into our home..

Fresh paint is always good too- try to give it a current modern look because that is what everybody seems to want to do. They want to be able to move right in with little remodel.

This advice come from selling 2 homes - our first was gone in 4 days in a fast market and the other 30 days in a slow market.

Hope that helps!

with my husband being a finish carpenter, and us renting a house,
I know that right now the "market-time" for selling a house is not good.
It will be better , though.
If you still need to sell it soon and fast, I wish you good luck;
otherwise, a bit later you'd get it sold sooner for a much better price...
All the best to you!!!

In my opinion, the staging, decluttering, lack of personal pictures, etc is not as important as the price. We just bought a house after looking for 10 months, and when we walk into somewhere, we're looking at the house, not the clutter. I didnt' care about paint colors, appliances on the counters, photos on the walls as much as the actual structure and condition of the house. So rather than paying for storage, or spending too much time making it staged, I would suggest fixing up the little things that tend to go wrong with a house in time. For example, if you have a broken door, fix it. If there's outdoor trim that's peeling and falling apart, paint it. If there's a loose screw or nail in a railing, tighten it. Make it look well cared for rather than staged and organized. The absolute most important part to selling a house, though, is the price. If you have a perfect house, but the price is higher than comparable houses in the area, yours won't go as quickly as it would if the price were right with or slightly below the others. Those are my opinions on the matter having just sold a house last Nov. in Phoenix, and bought one last month here. I've been on both ends very recently. Hopefully that helps some. Good luck!

We just sold our house in Febuary (without a realtor!) We had a fairly small house, and wanted to accentuate the space, so we rented a storage unit, and moved out all the non essentials. We were actually lucky enough to be able to stay with my parents which made it so much easier, b/c I wouldn't have to clean up every second after my 18 month old. We actually sold our house to the first couple that looked at it. They kept saying how clean and neat it was, compared to the other houses they had looked at. We got full asking price!
In addition to making the house spotless, we fixed all the little things, like the squeaky door, ect. I think all in all we only spent around $50 on supplies for all the little projects that needed attended to. We also painted our blue living room to a nuetral color. Which I think paid off b/c the buyers said all the colors were perfect for them, and they were not going to have to do any maitance just move right in. About a month later my best friend sold thier house, (again w/out a realtor) they also had a smaller house, so they went through and cleaned out all the closets, cupboards, and extra pieces of furniture. They had to live there while showing it, but they got an offer during thier first open house...full price as well. So I think it is very important to clear out as much as you can. In our rooms we had 2 dressers, and we got rid of one to create a more open feel. We also got moved out a couch and huge coffee table in the living room. It is amazing how getting rid of a few pieces of furniture can make your home all the more spacious and allow the buyers to see how their things will fit. Good luck!

I think it does make a difference. Removing the clutter and personal items is huge. You want people to be able to picture their items in your home - they can't do that with your personal items in the house. Remove furniture to make rooms appear larger (like taking a leaf out of a dining room table, etc.) Also, just make sure the house is really clean. Have your carpet cleaned and put a fresh coat of paint on if needed.

Good luck!!!!

Hi K.,

It's a very competeive market right now any any way you can stand out may make a difference.

I have worked with Courtney Amens of Amen Interiors with my home and she has the touch! She is flexible and can work with your budget. She specializes in real estate staging.

She may have some great advice since she is in the industry.

Amen Interiors


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