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Selling Clothes to Once upon a Child

Hello everyone! I'm sure all of you know how quick our little ones grow out of their baby clothes. Well I am trying to figure out what to do with my son's baby clothes. I am waiting for my cousin to find out what the sex of her baby is and if she is not having a boy then I thought about selling them to Once Upon a Child because I could definitely use the extra money. Has any of you ever sold clothes to them before? How do they decide how much everything is worth? Just curious...

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I have sold to Once Upon a Child once so far. They seemed fair to me. They like to take what's in season at the moment more and the less they have of something the better. If they have a lot of a size or say a bunch of pajamas for example they won't give you as much for them and they have to be in good condition for them to take whatever you have. Hope this helps.


I have never sold used clothes there, but I am actually getting more into Ebay. The good thing about that is that you keep all of the asking price. With Once Upon a Child I think you only get to keep 30 percent of the sale price.


I was going to sell my oldest sons clothes there and they don't want to give you much. (b4 I knew I was going to be able to geet pregnant again. And had another son, though we wished for a girl. Oh well I love him. That's all that matters) They only want to give me 5 dollars for 6 brand new plush blankets. I didn't sell them to them for that cheap. And they were very picky about what clothes they buy. I had a huge bag of clothes they only wanted 9 clothes items. They gave me I $3.50.

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I must say that I have not sold anything to them. I do however sell my girls clothes on ebay. I even sell there shoes. Just last week I sold one pair of baby lulu overalls that my daughter out grew for a little over 17.00 plus shipping chrges (they pay). The great thing about it I only paid 11.00 for them a year ago. I have my daughters shoes on ebay right now. It is a great way to make money. The even better thing is there are people that will list and ship your items for you and then cut you a check. I do this at times for my freinds and family. I have been selling ond buying on ebay for the last 4 years. It is a great way to make a little extra cash. If you are intrested in this and need some help let me know. I would be glad to help you out. You can email me at ____@____.com or send me a message here!

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I personally haven't been impressed with Once Upon A Child. I think you would have better luck/greater profitability selling at a resale event (group of moms get together and have a large sale, clothes usually sorted and hung by size, tables for toys, books, equipment, etc.) Hundreds of people come to shop at these sales. You can check out a list of some here http://home.comcast.net/~sbreaden/outsideGAsales.htm
I've sold at the Parents Who Care sale in the past with good results.

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Ebay used to be a great deal, but for about the last year, I have not had the greatest of luck with that. I took my last big stack of clothes to Once Upon a Child, and I was truthfully not very happy with the outcome. I brought in a TON of like new, big named clothing and got about $1.50 a piece for them. Lately I have been using Kizoodle.com. On this forum, you trade clothing. There is no money involved (except for you have to pay for your own shipping). But I have gotten a lot of great brand new, with tags still on clothing for my daughter. I really love it!

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I have used Once Upon a Child several times and have mixed feelings. I have gone with three laundry baskets full of clothes and they only accepted a handful of items to keep/buy. Most of the time they will accept nicer label clothes (no stains). Some stores want seasonal items only and some take clothing all year round. During one visit I brought what I thought were nice toddler clothes and they didn't want them and I didn't get a straight answer as to why. They look up your items on the computer and then determine a price based on some sort of market value. When I had tons of baby clothes and baby items, bathtub, toys, nursery items, it was worth it to bring all that stuff. I have had mixed results with just bringing in clothes. They do have decent clothing and some new clothing to purchase and you can get a store credit or get the cash back. It is a lot of prep work and hauling to sometimes net a few bucks, it depends on if you have the time and patience. You usually bring your stuff in and they will take anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes to go through your items, depending upon how busy it is and how many items you have. If you are trying to just make a little bit from your nice items which you really don't want to throw out or donate, it might be worth it. Good Luck.

Try a site called GumdropSwap (http://gumdropswap.com). You can swap from anywhere in the US by sending the clothes your kids outgrow to this kids boutique in CT. It's instant gratification instead of waiting for an annual event lik e"Mommy and Me". As long your things are in good condition they don't turn down anything because of brand, size or season. They take everything unlike resale store like Once Upon a Child! They give you points to shop on the website and send the clothes that fit your kids. It's great if you don't have time, patience or know how to do consignment, Ebay, craigslist, tag sale, etc.

SOOO Not worth it. It will not be worth your time, and you probably won't get enough to pay for your gas, but expecially if you shop while you wait for them to go through it all. If you don't want to sell them on your own (yard sale) then I would donate. The tax break will be worth more than the hassel and what little you get from a place like Once Upon a Child. I work with someone who does charity work for a small place in northern Hamilton Co, if you're interested in donating please let me know. They are in great need of children's clothing.

You could try Craigslist first...craigslist.com. It's free to list. If you don't get what you're looking for on there then I would try ebay.

I wouldn't bother if I were you. I brought in bags of clothes, thinking I would make enough to buy a few cute outfits. The saleslady was rude & loudly announced that they don't take drop-offs on Sundays, before we'd even made it through the door. We had to make the drive again a few days later (we left 3 HUGE bags of clothes). They called us with an offer 3 days afterward, saying they were only interested in 35 items, & we'd be getting a check for $22! I had to drive out there, pick up 80% of my stuff, & get a measley check. I thought I might as well shop while I was there, so I picked out a pair of shoes, a bathing suit, & a few outfits. I paid more than that check was worth, and when I got home, I realized they had put all the clothes on the wrong hangers, so even though they said 9 months, they were 3 months or 6 months. So, all that driving, shopping, and frustration for no money and outfits that didn't fit. It was aggravating, to say the least. Not to mention that their store was really dirty & disorganized. I wouldn't recommend it. Good luck!

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