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Selling Baby Furniture/items on Something Other than Craigslist

Hello, Moms! Wanted to seek some assistance. Given all the recent press about Craigslist, I have been a little leary advertising things for sale. Wanted to know what other moms have done, besides a garage sale, to sell their new/gently used baby's things. We have a beautiful brand new never used crib (decided to cosleep after the baby was born) which I have been ready to sell but wanting some other options besides Craigslist. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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If you are okay with joining groups on Yahoo, I belong to this one:

I get e-mails digests everyday. It's been great for selling and buying.

Good luck!

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Call Once-Upon-A-Child and see if they would be interested in buying it. I sold (and bought) most of my baby things at these kinds of stores. The better the condition and the quality of the item, the more they are willing to give you for it. If they can't take it, they can ususally give you ideas of other places that will.


I've posted things to my mom's groups. One of them is on meetup.com and I posted on the message board.

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Hi T.,

I take my baby stuff to a baby second hand stores and put it on consignment. You should call a local store in your neighborhood and ask them what is the selling policy there. Alot of parents like to go to baby consignment stores. I did. Good luck!!

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If you are okay with joining groups on Yahoo, I belong to this one:

I get e-mails digests everyday. It's been great for selling and buying.

Good luck!

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Hi T.,
You can sell it at the Just Between Friends Sale coming up at the end of August. They have their sales twice a year. Check out JBFSale.com. Good luck!

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There's a consignment store for baby/kid's items at Cambrian Plaza in San Jose (corner of Camden & Union - store faces Union). There als used to be one in the "Burbank" area of San Jose, on Bascom near Stevens Creek. You might also consider donating some or all of your gently used items to a women's shelter. They're always in need of help.

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Hi T.-
In Bakersfield, Ca there is a place that swaps gently used furniture for things you need like clothes and furniture for older babies. It's called something like my sisters closet I think. Anyway, it's a trade on value. It's not worth it for everyone, but it may be an option for you. I am pretty sure most areas have something similar. You can also sell on e-bay, but you have to have an account and I believe you have to start small before you can sell larger items.
I hope this helps!
Good luck!
-E. M

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Try consignment stores in your area. Moms clubs may have newsletters or other avenues to sell stuff as well.

Hello T.!

I actually just recently sold a bunch of items on Craigslist-not baby items though. It was a major success, however there were a few attempts to be scammed. Don't ever sell or respond to anyone that says they will send you a money order without seeing the item and they will have some service pick it up for them. Or anyone that says they will buy it for more if you take it off CL and you send them your information, i.e: name, address and phone number. I really tried to not have the buyers come to my home and had my husband meet them elsewhere. However in your situation you may not be able to. I would just recommend you store the item in your garage, or place it in the garage when someone comes over to view it. It keeps them out of your home and on more common ground. Good Luck! I think CL is the best and it makes you fast cash! I have sold many items this year alone, so I know it is a great tool to utilize.

Another website someone told me about is kijiji.com. I have looked at it briefly. I know it is free to advertise.
Hope this helps!
Otherwise, a consignment shop would probably be best.

You dont need to be afraid of Craigslist. The people who advertise back rubs and massages that in reality are prostitution rings are the ones to fear. Regular normal decent people can post and buy thru Craigslist and not worry as long as you use common sense. I dont mind posting a phone number for a contact. I set a time for them to come buy an item and take my house keys, and phone outside with me for the transaction. I lock the house and meet outside where neighbors can see. Sometimes I even have a neighbor come outside with me if I know its a male and I am home alone. If the item is large, such as your crib, I arrange to have someone with me to help load, but also as "back up" just in case. Only take cash, and wait till they drive away before going back in the house. I have also arranged to meet at a public place to make the deal. I waited outside Burger King once and when the gal got out of her car with a baby gate in her hands, I knew she was the person I was looking for. I dont have a clue where she lives and she didnt know where I came from. I got the gate, she got the $5. You just dont need to worry about a great service such as Craigslist. Someone is looking for a perfect crib for a better price and you could make thier dream come true if you just stop worrying and be smart about how and what you post on Craigs.

Try the Pennysaver...it comes weekly in the mail.

Greetings T.: I have for the past 10 years been a collector of furniture for families in need. I have always found it rewarding. Have you considered contacting a church?? Many young parents are always looking for items and Grandparents that are setting up baby spaces in their homes. I have found that at my church all we have to do is post an item and with 3 wards meeting throughout the day and people at the church several times a week items go fast.
Good Luck, Nana G

I know there is a consignment event that takes place in Sacramento and Roseville for used baby items. It is organized by a group/business called Just Between Friends. Here is the website for more information: www.jbfsale.com.

Go to www.jbfsale.com/sacramento (justbetweenfriends) you will find what you are looking for. Have Fun! JC

Hello T.,
My husband is trying to get the word out for his website where you are able to post and sell your items. The address is TheCyberYardSale.com If you like the site and have a good experience with the sale of your items, we encourage you to spread the word. Best of luck with your items!

I'm not sure if Craigslist works the same way, but try Ebay instead. You can list your items and people bid for them. I believe buyers and sellers are rated by other buyers/sellers, which will give you an idea of how reliable someone is. Obviously you wouldn't want to sell to someone who has a low rating/negative feedback. If you're new to Ebay, check out their learning center to learn more info on how to buy and sell. My fiance uses Ebay all the time (he has done both buying and selling with no problems). Hope this info is useful. Best wishes!

What about the Penny Saver?

I am not sure where you are located, but you could sell it at the store "A Wee Change" in Pleasant Hill, It is a high end consignment store. You get 60% of the selling price.
My daughter works there so that is how I know about it. (They have a web site) Just a thought. I have not had a problem selling things on Craigs list though. I know you should never put personal information on it, let the buyers contact you through the craigs list e-mail. I sold three items with no issues at all.

I've posted things to my mom's groups. One of them is on meetup.com and I posted on the message board.

You can sell things through Berkeley Parent's Network. You need to join in order to participate(no fee to join) but they have several types of newsletters including a House and Garden list which is where I think things go up for sale. I don't have their exact link but you can find Berkeley Parent's Network through google and then sign up from there. They are on break until August so right now there are no newsletters.

One thing though - their general newsletters are big and cumbersome (I like Mamasource much better).


Kelsey's mom has great advice. I to just sold some things on Craigslist and had no problems. Either put it in your garage so they don't even have to come into your house or have it right by the door if you get a good vibe from them on the phone.
Good luck, don't be afraid of Craigslist. Plus, there is no fees for using them.

Dear T.,
I have never personally used Craig's list, but I know quite a few people who have with no problems. That said, I'm a little leary about advertising things too because I'm a single woman and I'd rather not have a bunch of strangers knowing that my son and I live alone.

I'm not sure if you have them in your area, but we have consignment shops for children's items. They either buy the items from you flat out or give you a percentage of the money when the items sell. I know a lot of people who take their things to stores on consignment and it's a lot easier than a yard sale and negotiating with everybody over prices, etc. I hope someone will know of one of these places close to you so you can look into that option.

Best of luck!

You can check your area for local classified papers (penny saver, etc.) and list it in there. You list it in your local newspaper. Or you can take it to a local store that sells used baby stuff. But I wouldn't worry too much about craigslist, just be aware that there are scams and don't take anything but cash from people.

This is a great baby consignment store in the Sacramento area:
Little Bo 'Tique
4201 Manzanita Ave, Carmichael - ###-###-####

They have clothes, toys, and all kinds of furniture on consignment.

This is a great question, and one my bride and I used to ask often. In fact, this very question (and having 2 kids under 5) inspired us to create StorkBrokers.com--the best way to buy or sell a bundle of kids' items. We are launching Feb 23rd, however, if you are a parent with a baby stroller, clothing or toys for sell, email me if you'd like early, private access before the Launch. We'd love to get all of your opinions and suggestions to make it better. Thanks.

--S. (____@____.com)

Not sure what part of town you are in, but you can try Once Upon A Child, in Elk Grove, Sacramento or Roseville, they buy gently used baby items & clothes, and there is Babies & Beyond in Sacramento as well.
Good Luck!

I'm not sure what area you live it...but have you ever thought about selling your stuff to Once Upon a Child??? I LOVE that store..and I'm sure your crib could come in handy to someone who needs one. I'm not sure how fair they pay for stuff...but it would be worth it to check it out. I know what you're saying about Craigslist though...I don't want to buy anything off there...and I had looked up Maternity clothes to buy a few months ago...not anymore!!! LOL!! But at Once Upon a Child, I love to buy my kids some clothes from there, cuzz they are pretty cheap and in almost new condition.
Another option would be The PennySaver, this other moms website called Sacramento moms like me, which is partnered with News 10, so they are safe!! Good luck to you. Are you selling other baby items besides a crib??? I might be interested in some stuff...or baby clothes. Were they for boy or girl???

A great place for those kinds of items are mom's clubs. Many of them, (I belong to the
Ross Valley Mother's Club in Marin if you are in this area) have a large online component, such as Big Tent or Yahoo. You can advertise it there and I'm sure you would have great luck selling it and maybe make a new local mom friend in the process.

S. Pool

Hi, well I shop on this wonderful website called ilenasboutique . com . They have a wonderful selection of baby clothing items. They quality is excellent. I would highly recommend them.

Have you thought of donating them to a pregnancy help center or somewhere like that that helps teen pregnant moms?

Or we have a moms club in our area and either just give stuff to each other knowing others will give to us in the future or on larger items, we'll sell them to each other at meetings or using our group emails (ours are on yahoo).

Right now we're fundraising for a mom who's 4yrold has terminal brain cancer and needs money so we're pooling our stuff to have a yard sale to give all profits to her. Whoops ... I had put the website for donating to Khylee but then I re-read the no-spam policy and realized it's not appropriate to put websites here so I quickly removed it.

Good luck.

how bout right on here....LOL - what do you have, I need some stuff!

Call Once-Upon-A-Child and see if they would be interested in buying it. I sold (and bought) most of my baby things at these kinds of stores. The better the condition and the quality of the item, the more they are willing to give you for it. If they can't take it, they can ususally give you ideas of other places that will.


i have bought and sold on craigslist with no problems. the other posts give good advice about it.

be careful of consignment. you will often get much less, many times store credit and not cash. some places you get nothing at all unless the item sells, so you have to wait until it sells and then collect "your cut", usually only 30% or so of the final sale price. consignment is good if you don't want to bother with any of the buy/sell business, but if you're trying to get as much $ as possible, it's not the best way to sell your used things.

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