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Seeking Thoughts on Recent Acne Breakout and Eye Rubbing in 13 Month Old

In the past few days, my 13 month old daughter has had a bad outbreak of acne on her face. She hasn't really had this problem since she was just a few months old.....and that I chalked up to "sensitve newborn skin". Now every morning it seems she is waking up with new pimples or red spots on her face and we have no idea why. We haven't changed her diet or soaps or lotions. I don't use wet wipes on her face at all. Then tonight, I noticed that she was rubbing her eyes constantly and while the whites of the eyes aren't red, her lids are a bit puffy and red. We have been giving benadryl, but not really long enough to see results, I guess. Any thoughts? I don't have allergies but my hubby does. Any suggestions about how to cope?

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Turns out my child had impetigo. Sounded gross but turns out she is totally fine now after anti-biotics.

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It may not be an reaction..or could be?? It is always hard to tell with little ones. My friends little girl's face broke out when she was small. She used Cetaphil (a soap) on her face and it cleared it right up after about two or three uses of it. I thought you might want to try this before any big changes. Good Luck! :-)

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Hi, C., My son also had a rash and itchy eyes from about 3 months to 4-6 years of age. We tried everything At four, the dr ran allergy tests because I had taken him off anything that bothered him at all. No paper diapers, milk, etc. (does your daughter have loose stool?) Anyway, my son was allergic to everything, wheat, peanut butter, chocolate, milk, all products associated with these things, grass, trees, flowers, dust, molds mildews, you name it, he was allergic to it. Spring and Fall were a nightmare. He also ended up with asthma, and all the misery associated with allergies. So. The best thing is to find out what the allergies are and then try to avoid as many as possible. There are allergy shots and it sounds like she is just one of those lucky allergic children. Benedryl is good but it tends to make them sleepy or hyper depending on the child. I would definitely talk to my physician. But if he just blows it off, go to another Dr. It took four long miserable years for my dr. to check out allergies in my son.

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It may not be an reaction..or could be?? It is always hard to tell with little ones. My friends little girl's face broke out when she was small. She used Cetaphil (a soap) on her face and it cleared it right up after about two or three uses of it. I thought you might want to try this before any big changes. Good Luck! :-)

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You may need to see the pediatrician. Many times community acquired MRSA has this same presentation. I've treated many cases that looked like pimples and came back MRSA on culture. If it gets into her eyes it can cause many problems. Also, it may just be a common bacteria causing it that an antibiotic would clear. The main concern is the puffiness around her eyes, which may indicate infection there that needs to be treated promptly.

any questions let me know.

I would take her to the pediatrician. I would also take note of her diet and see if certain foods cause the outbreak. Any new pets? This is also allergy season. She is too young to have pimples. If you wash her face with mild baby soap and a cool wash cloth does it help? Definitely call the pediatrician.

Could be excema...my 15 month old son wakes up that way at least 2-3 times a week. Use 5% hydrocortisone cream (found at any pharmacy). It will clear up and stop the itching.

Hi-- it sounds like allergies causing your daughter's symptoms. I would talk to your pediatrician about another allergy medicine besides benadryl, since benadryl can make kids sleepy and has to be taken a few times a day.


Hi C.,
As a holistic nutrition consultant I am a big believer in using more natural treatments for ailments especially concerning my children. Some things that can trigger a rash-like outbreak (it could be eczema) that hasn't been mentioned by responders would be exposure to saturated fats or dust allergies)from inhaling dust. Are you giving your daughter formula? Sometimes the protein in the formula can cause a rash. One of my children has eczema. The breakouts aren't that frequent but during this time of year (they are allergy related - from plants and air)he has them. I use to use olive oil and a Bach Rescue Remedy cream to treat my sons condition but I use a the Baby Care line of products(all natural!)from Arbonne International. I see great results on my son and highly recommend this product to all friends and clients. Adults can use this too! Along with being a holistic nutrition consultant I am also an Arbonne consultant. I would love to speak to you further and give you some samples to try on your baby. You can email me at ____@____.com!

We battled a rash on my daughter's face, starting around 7 months of age. After many trips to the dermatologist, as well as a pediatric dermatologist (who are very rare and hard to book an appt), it wasn't until recently that we concluded it was a sensitivity to the sun. Her rash began to follow a pattern: appeared in the spring, through summer, then went away in the winter. After trips to AZ and FL in the winter, it would reappear. For my daughter, the redness, sometimes pimples, break out mainly in her eye area, including her eyelids. As far as I know, there is no treatment besides keeping her out of the sun, as well as a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses. I also discovered a sunblock (after trying many) that seems to really work.
I hope it's not a sun allergy or sensitivity, but something you might consider or rule out. I know how frustating it is to not know what's causing something. It makes it especially hard when it's on their beautiful faces!!

It definitely sounds like she is allergic to something. If you haven't changed anything it could be something that she has grown to be allergic to. I would change her sheets and wash her cloths in the Tide Sensitive Skin. THen I would write down what she eats every day and when it seems to get worse I would look at what she had that day or the day before and see if you can't see something that may ring a bell with you. If you have animals, I would make sure they didn't come in the house and vaccuum her room and the entire house really well. It could be something outside that she is getting into. You never know. But first I would use the Tide, wash with a baby shampoo or some kind of shampoo that is allergy free and baby soap or Ivory soap is supposed to be good allergen free. Don't put lotions on her for a while, that could be doing it too. Also wash the towels in the TIDE SENSITIVE so she doesn't get old detergent from them either.
Good luck. Keep giving the benedryl also.

I would suggest using Arbonne baby products. They have only pure, safe, and beneficial ingredients and actually feed the skin. The products on the market today are full of some harmful ingredients. I am an Arbonne consultant and my daughter uses these products on her children and the baby wash has eliminated cradle cap, as well as acne and other skin conditions. Good luck to you. J. Sorensen

She could be developing a sensitivity to whatever you wash your laundry in and what you bathe her in. Even if you have not changed recently, she could just be getting sensitized to it. Most detergents, even those that claim to be gentle, contain fillers and other ingredients that can irritate the skin- especially in a baby. If you think about it, they spend a lot of their days laying on those sheets.And the most popular baby washes contain quaternium 15 which is a formaldehyde releaser! It is very irritating to the skin. Our skin problems cleared up completely when we started using products made by Melaleuca. They are non toxic and extremely gentle. They are safer for your home and since your husband has allergies, better for him as well. You can check out all of their products at www.melaleuca.com and www.saferforyourhome.com. Then if you want to know how to open an account, contact me at ____@____.com love how well the products work and the fact that I am no longer bringing dangerous chemicals into my home.

My Son (now 2) has had little red pimples or spots on his face since he was an infant. We thought it was baby acne but our pediatrician said he would have outgrown that and that it probably is exzema. She told us to try using cortizone cream on his face for 10 days and put Eucerine lotion on his face a couple times a day. It really hasn't gone away. But it seems to get worse when it's cold. And he doesn't seem to have it anywhere else on his body. I have no idea what causes it except that he must have an alergic reaction to something. He has always had very sensitive skin. There's nothing else I can do except keep putting Eucerine lotion on his face and hope that he will grow out of it.

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