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Seeking the Best Place to Deliver and the Best Doctor in the Plano Area!

Hi. Does anyone have any doctors/hospitals that they want to brag about? I am looking to deliver in November 2007 and am trying to find the best hospital and OB/GYN doc located in the plano area, for the process. If anyone has a fabulous doctor or birthing experience (of anykind -my options are still open!)I would love to hear it. Thanks so much!

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I can't say thanks enough for all your feedback!! You all are making my life so much easier! so far Dr. Garrett Garner and Dr. Steven McDonald at Presbterian Plano were most recommended, as well as Dr. Dennis Eisenberg at Medical Center Plano...I will be going down the list as soon as possible and checking everyone out -- thanks again for all your wonderful input!

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I delivered at Presby Plano and had the best experience ever. My first son was delivered at Trinity Medical Center in Carrollton and let me tell you Presby Plano blew it out of the water. My Dr. who came HIGHLY recommended to me is Dr.Bryant Herzog. His office is at Presby Plano. I tell anyone and everyone about him.

Dr. Garner at Plano Presby! He's WONDERFUL!!! And the hospital is top notch!!



I go to Dr. Dennis Eisenberg. He is at Women's Specialists of Plano and I really like him...very easy to talk to and nice. He is right by Plano Medical Center which is where I will deliver. I have not personally delivered there, but will in June. Some of my friends and family have delivered there and had a great experience.

I will say that I have heard wonderful things of Plano Presby also! The thing that I keep hearing the most about presby is the food is GREAT! But that's not the only thing great...I just heard it is a wonderful place to deliver.

Good luck! Just wanted to give an opinion on Plano Medical as well! :)

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I HIGHLY Recommend Dr Christopher Riegel
Here's his website:


I've been seeing him for about 4 years now. His is the only dr who has taken my feminie issues seriously! He delivered my son Giovanni (now 2) and it was the best delivery I've had (I have 4 kids). He was all about what I wanted! We talked extensively about things like episiotomys, epidurals, walking during labor, etc. Although I was in the hospital (he delivers at Plano Presby) - he allowed me a lot of control over my delivery and my choices. He listened to all my concerns and everything I wanted and was or wasn't comfortable with.

He had gone out of town one weekend and I was under strict orders (lol) not to do anything that might cause me to go into labor (I was 3 weeks until my due date) and the Sunday he was due to come back -- sure enough, I went into labor. When I got to the hospital my contractions were really irregular, but I was dilating, and they tried to send in the OB on-call -- but I didn't want anyone but my dr --- so finally around 10 pm -- the nurse told me Dr. Riegel called the hospital to check on me (they had left messages), he had literally just walked in the door from his vacation! I labored for 12 hours (very irregular) and he came to see me and told me I could go home if I wanted, or he could break my water to induce labor (although it was 3 weeks early - the baby was ready!). He gave me all the choices!

He was also my dr when I lost a pregnancy and was very attentive. When we found out I lost the pregnancy, he was due to go out of town the next day for a conference. It was Thursday and he was leaving Friday morning and wouldn't be back until Monday. He asked if I wanted to let the miscarriage happen naturally (I hadn't yet miscarried), or if I wanted him to do the d&c --- I told him I wanted him to do it, so he sent me straight down to pre-op and scheduled me for first thing Friday morning (he couldn't do it right then b/c I had already eaten that morning) --- so he came in that Friday morning (when he wasn't even supposed to be there) to perform my d&c because he knew I didn't trust anyone else to do it!

He is also performing my hystorectomy in about 3 weeks. He is the only ob/gyn I've ever had who took my menstrual problems seriously (and I've been to at least 10 different ob/gyns). He has given me all the options w/ my hysterectomy, making every part of it my decision! He is aggressive in the sense that when there is a problem, he takes an aggressive approach to solve it, instead of just waiting to see what happens -- that is something I have really appreciated about him, knowing that he has not let my condition progress unneccesarily!

I have absolute faith and trust in him! He is a great Christian doctor, who really feels women should be informed and involved in all areas of their pregnancy and delivery process, and in all areas of their reproductive health!

Good luck to you and Congrats!


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Well if you must go to the hospital (I deliver at home) Then go to Dr. James Powers with Northlake OB/GYN at Plano Presby and have you baby there too. It is a great hospital. The 2 that I delivered there the staff was great and they were all good natured.

Of course my best thing that I have ever done was having a homebirth with my last one. If you want me to tell you about that then PM me and I will be glad to give you the story.

If you want to try a homebirth with a midwife then you can call Pam Holland with Natural Birth Services in Allen. The number is ###-###-#### and the website is www.naturalbirthservices.com

I hope that helps.


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I highly recommend delivering at Plano Presbyterian. I had an Awesome experience. The nurse was great and made the entire process wonderful. My ob is also located in the hospital. Her name is Dr. Katrina Lee. She is young, funny and very professional. She was very involved and took great care of me. Good Luck with your findings.

I ditto Presby Plano and in fact my Dr is in the same practice as the other person mentioned. My Dr. was and is WONDERFUL!! His name is Dr. Steven MacDonald. I love his office, him and the hospital all together...


I delivered at Presby Plano and had the best experience ever. My first son was delivered at Trinity Medical Center in Carrollton and let me tell you Presby Plano blew it out of the water. My Dr. who came HIGHLY recommended to me is Dr.Bryant Herzog. His office is at Presby Plano. I tell anyone and everyone about him.

I delivered at Presby Plano 9 months ago! I loved it. The nurses and the rooms are wonderful. My OB is Gwen Webster. She is really understanding and made me feel at ease with my pregnancy. I was with another doctor before who told me I would probably loose the baby because I had a cyst rupture, I got a second oppinion with Dr. Webster who told me everything looked great, and today I have a healthy 9 month old girl..I highly recomend her! Good luck! Her website adress is:

Ditto Dr. MacDonald at Presby Plano!! LOVE him!!

Hey..well I don't have a favorite doctor in Plano, but I had my little girl at Medical Center Plano and I think they are Awsome!!!

My little girl was born 15 weeks early and stayed there for 80 days, so needless to say I knew the hospital in and out. LOL

The nurses are great and the Doctors there are great to. Also their NICU is the best around.

Hope this helps. :)

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