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Seeking Song Suggestions for the Making of My Daughters 1 Year Old Birthday DVD

I have some songs to go with photos and video we have taken of the first year of her life but I need more song ideas. Does anyone have some suggestions of some up beat songs for her 1st Birthday DVD? We are not really into country or religious songs and more into rock and alternative. I have a lot of slow songs so I need more fast songs. I have searched lists on the internet and there are a lot of country songs, songs for boys or songs that are beautiful but slow and reduce me to sobbing LOL. I have also found lists of beautiful songs but they seem like better for a memorial tribute not a first birthday DVD. I want to play the DVD of her first year at her first birthday (small gathering with Grandparents and an Uncle and Aunt). Would you sit through 15 minutes if you were immediate family? It is so hard to cut it down.
So far I have these on my list of possibles:
I dare you to move - Switchfoot (a clip of "welcome the planet")
Baby beluga - Raffi (her favorite)
If your happy and you know it
The more we get together - Raffi
The time of your life - Randy Newman
You got a friend in me - Randy Newman
My Darling - Wilco
What a wonderful world
Some where over the rainbow - Hawaiian version
Ordinary Miracle - Sarah McLachlan
You'll be in my heart - Phil Collins
Have a little fun with me - Glen Phillips
Chasing Cars - Snow patrol

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Don't know if anyone else has suggested it but I personally am a fan of the "oldies but goodies" on the Free To Be You And Me album Marlo Thomas put out in the 70s. "Glad to Have A Friend Like You" and "When We Grow Up."

Great idea for the DVD though! My baby girl will be one in October, I have some time to try to pull one together for her.

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"My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw
"In My daughter's eyes" by Martina McBride

I love the song "Time in a bottle", by Jim Croce. I think it would be appropriate for a 1st birthday, but yes, it does reduce me to sobbing!

Dan Zane has some great stuff out. "All Around the Kitchen (Cock-a-doodle-doodle-do)" "Father Goose", "The Wabash Cannonball," "Waltzing Matilda". My kids loved him. Also if she's not discovered "The Wiggles" yet, there's lots of good ones from them too. Captain Feathersword does a great "Eagle Rock" and there's the "Rock-a-bye-your-bear" song..hmm..mostly that's it..but think on using the Muppets too. Sesame Street has several soundtrack albums..with some great artists. (There's one by John Legend...I space the name now of course but he sings it with "Hoots" the Owl and Patti LaBelle does the best ABC song ever :) Hope that helps some. Oh..I forgot...look into Nickelodeon. Check out "They Might Be Giants"..they have a really good one about "Makin' Noise" and having a pretend band. Oh and last but not least..as I said..the Muppets..Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem! OMG I forgot all about them..they are great! Kind of Rocka-billy. Actually most of the soundtracks from the Muppet Movies I highly recommend..especially the older ones. The first one being the best. (Movin Right Along, Rainbow Connection, Happiness Hotel, "It's Not Easy Bein' Green". Kermit the frog also has a "ABCs In the Swamp(knee-deep)"
Also look for John Lithgow..he has a couple of kids' albums out that are really quite neat. One was on video and I think they called it "How Does Your Garden Grow". It's not rock music but its very cool for kids' music :) He has one album for sure that I know of called "Singin in the Bathtub" and it has songs on it like "From the Indies to the Andes, in His Undies", the "Mommy song" "Inchworm", and the A-D-O-R-A-BLE song (A-Your ADORABLE, B-so BEAUTIFUL-C-A CUTIE full of charm" ) Guess I thought of a few more :)

Don't know if anyone else has suggested it but I personally am a fan of the "oldies but goodies" on the Free To Be You And Me album Marlo Thomas put out in the 70s. "Glad to Have A Friend Like You" and "When We Grow Up."

Great idea for the DVD though! My baby girl will be one in October, I have some time to try to pull one together for her.

My lil man has always loved Michael Franti and Spearhead (reggae/rock) and he currently loves thier song "say hey". I sing the chorus to him and he laughs histerically and screams again,again!!

Paul Simon's song "Father and Daughter" is wonderful. Here's a link to his site with the lyrics:
Somehow makes me wish I had a girl!

I love the list you have so far! We used the "Somewhere over the rainbow - Hawaiian version" for my daughter's newborn video...I still love that song! One of my favorite kid's CD's is "Sounds Like Fun" that Discovery Toys distributes. My 19 month old son has just started singing along to it - and my 3 1/2 year old daughter knows the words to all of the songs - which is great since some teach letter sounds, addition and subtraction, and some Spanish, but I digress...

The song on the CD that I'd suggest is "I love you so much" - the words are "I love you so much. I love you so much. I can't even tell you how much I love you. You're special to me. You're special to me. I'm lucky to have you as part of my life." It's sweet - easy to learn - and probably captures your feelings at the moment! And when your daughter starts singing along with it to you from the back seat of the car, it will just melt your heart.

Anyway - just a suggestion! And you have a wonderful idea for documenting her birthday!! Have fun and good luck with it!!

My favorite children's music artists are Ralph's World, Justin Roberts and They Might Be Giants. They all have great, fun songs that adults actually enjoy. There are too many songs to mention, but you could do a search and probably listen to some snipits from each band. I often give Ralph's World CDs for presents, and they also put on a great show. We've seen them in concert many times.

Celebrate good times come on! Cool and the Gang

You say it's your birthday! Beatles

Hmmm...that's all that comes to me. Great idea! Good luck!

Jimmy Buffet :Delaney..the father daughter song.(favorite)
Elvis Presley :Teddy bear
Jimi Hendrix: Little wing
The Beattles :Good day sunshine
99 red balloons (that german gal)
Celebrate: Kool and the gang
Also Ziggy Marley he used to do the music for the kids cartoon show Arthur...good stuff..my daughter loves regaee
Good for you!!

Wheels on the bus go round and round
round and round
round and round
the wheels on the bus go round and round
All around the town

The wipers on the bus go whish whish whish.
whish whish whish
whish whish whish
The wipers on the bus go whish whish whish
All around the town

The children on etc...

And you can add your own verses.

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