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Seeking Small Group Birthday Party Ideas for a 7-Year Old Girl

Help! Need an idea for a birthday party activity for a 7-year old. It's a small family party with her 9-year-old sister, 4-year old and 2-1/2 year old cousins, her daddy, aunt and uncle, and grandparents. We've done the Chuck-E-Cheese before and don't want to repeat that. She thought she might like to go bowling. Any ideas will be helpful. Thank you!

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Hello Everyone,

Many thanks for everyone for their responses to my question. I learned that there are several locales where duckpin bowling is available, unfortunately they are somewhat distant to where we live. We did, however, enjoy an evening of bowling with the larger bowling balls. It was a small party with some of the 7-year-old's cousins, and they all enjoyed it very much; we even had strobe lights during the game time!

Thanks again to everyone who responded to my request. You are all great!!!

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Bowling sounds fun, but if you don't want to do Ten Pin bowling, there is a Duckpin bowling alley in Southside Plaza (on Hull St), the balls are about the size of a shotput ball, so they're easier for the little ones to roll. They also have bumpers which makes it even easier for them.

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My son just turned 7 in August and we did a bowling party. It was great! They can put the bumpers up for the kids and even have a ramp the real little ones can use. We had a great time.
T. D.

Bowling sounds fun, but if you don't want to do Ten Pin bowling, there is a Duckpin bowling alley in Southside Plaza (on Hull St), the balls are about the size of a shotput ball, so they're easier for the little ones to roll. They also have bumpers which makes it even easier for them.

What about Build A Bear or something like that? You could also have a tea party at a local tea room or even have it at home. There is a place called "Little Ladies Tea Parties" that serves the Maryland, Virginia, DC area. You can find them online or at ###-###-####. You could get recipes for tea sandwiches for kids online, like chicken salad, PBJ, egg salad, anything that kids will eat. If you have a place near you that has an indoor pool, you could have a pool party? There is a place near us called Adventure Park (Frederick, MD), that has lots of stuff for that age group. Another idea would be I MADE THIS, a place where they paint their own pottery. The Little Gym or My Gym (this might be too young) but any Gymnastics place could be a neat place. Michael's or AC Moore has birthday parties. There is dinner theater's for kids.

I hope these give you some ideas that are helpful.

Take care & God bless,

If the weather is nice you could take all the kids to one of the local playgrounds and pack a picnic lunch. Mini golf, skating, painting pottery, most places that cater to family entertainment will have a birthday package deal. Maybe a children's museum or Maymount park in Richmond or the National Zoo or Aquarium? You could also look at doing something service oriented as a family depending on her interests - for instance if she loves animals you could see if there is an exotic animal refuge that would let your family spend a few hours helping with a project all together and then have the family go out to dinner afterwards.

I'm sure she'll have a great time as long as her Grandma is there!

Bowling is actually an excellent idea. I did this for my sons 3rd birthday. Bowl America actually hosts parties and they make sure you have the smaller bowling balls as well as a ramp to slide the ball down. It is perfect for all ages. We had toddlers to teens there.

Have you thought about doing pinatas. Kids love that.

Hello J.,
My daughter is turning 7 in 3 weeks and she is excited about her birthday party - she chose bowling, can't say it's my favorite thing to do, but it seems to be what's in with the 6-9 year olds these days.

If you are planning something at home and need a game or two. Try hot potato - this is how you play - you go out and get a bunch of small gift (gender specific this makes the game a little more fun) about 12 or 15 or so depending on your list and how many gift per child you want for the gam. Then wrap each gift in some seasonal paper doesn't have to be birthday paper, then wrap each gift in a page of news paper until the "potato" is huge - have the birthday girl and Daddy paint the top layer of news paper brown with white dots (to make it look like a real potato) once you are ready to start the game at the party, have the party guests sit in a circle, start and stop some music (like musical chairs) and each time the "hot potato" stops the person holding it can open one layer of paper to reveal the wrapped gift, they can then keep it or trade it - if they unwrap the present they cannot trade it - however, if the unwrap it and someone else wants to trade they cannot say no they have to trade it. it's indoor fun for everyone.
You could also try a large game of UNO - we did that at a 4th of july party and we were laughing more than playing.. I'm surprised we got thru the game with all the cards in tact.
Classice for girls - cookie party - get some cookie dough and have them decorate their own cookies - serve hot with some Ice cream!! wow what a treat!
Anyway - hope some of this give you some ideas
E. C

I went to a birthday party last weekend at my gym in germantown md it was great for all of the ages you mentioned and its private. I'm not sure of the costs but you could probably find out online at my-gym.com. There were all types of activities and everyone enjoyed themselves (including the adults). check it out. good luck

Hello! Last year for my daughters birthday who turned 7 we had a birthday party at build a bear in the Lynnhaven Mall. You can also combine the food with the food court. You can look up all the information online. It was alot of fun! All of the kids enjoyed it. I hope this helps. Good Luck finding the perfect party spot!
Take Care,

If she wants to go bowling I know that the bowling alley we have here in Dover has birthday packages to include pizza, soda & bowling. You could also do one at the skating rink years ago I worked at the skating rink & we could give the kids pizza, balloons & a drink plus skating. Not sure what else maybe in your area to do.

Another good idea is Jumping Party -- there is one in Newport News and one in Williamsburg (Jumping Jacks) that I know of, and mabybe others. All you have to do is show up -- they usually provide pizza and such. The kids get to play on the jumps and have a ball. My sister did this for her daughters (6 & 8 years old) and it was a huge hit and painless for her to put together.

Well depending on where you live, xbos in Smyrna is great. they have soft play for the younger kids, arcade games and bowling all in the same place. and of course the food area. with everything ranging from pizza to root beer floats. I always have a good time and so do the kids. Prices aren't too bad depending on when you go. Hope this helps.

we did the bowling party at bowl america for my son's 4th. it was good and we had mixed ages. they put up "bumpers for kids to make it fun. we had a couple of lanes for the kiddos (didn't keep score, just fun to roll the ball) and a lane or two for any adults who wanted to play. we got pizza and a few other snacks from the snack bar. there is a menu for the kids that's included in the price of the bowling.

it was pretty fun! also a friend of mine just went to a bday party on some pirate ship in annapolis. may be too expensive and too far, but sounded different and fun for everyone!

For little girls, a spa day is always nice, but can be kind of messy. How about a tea party? They can dress up, serve small finger sandwiches and whatnot. If you live near Bel Air, my co-worker says that there is a place that hosts tea parties, but I don't know much more than that.

Treasure Hunt - put numbered bits of paper in eggs or balloons, scatter around yard - give plastic grocery bags for children to run around and gather. Numbers correspond to prizes, such as:
1. juice box - 2. fruit snack - 3. matchbox car - 4. balloon - 5. coloring book - 6. crayons - 7. stuffed animal

You choose how many of which number go into the eggs or balloons or whatever - but make lots! The kids have fun running around gathering, everyone gets stuff, and the mystery of WHAT the prizes will be peaks interest.

Pinboys at the beach is always a good time. Try PottsnPaints (a paint your own pottery studio), The Jumpin' Monkey (moonwalks and slides!) or a place called JW Tumbles( an interactive gym) all of these I have either don or attented and my friends all have children of various ages, and all were big hits! Good luck, I know its hard to please everyone!

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