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Seeking Reliable, Low Priced Energy Company.

My last electricity bill about knocked me off my feet! I am looking to switch providers. Does anyone have recommendations for a lower cost, reliable company in Coppell or surrounding area? We are currently paying over 15 cents / kw. Best option would be no contracts, no fees for switching, etc

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Wow!!! Thanks for all the quick responses!! Some interesting tidbits I found out: www.powertochoose.org website is very helpful. Shows all the options in your area. I ended up going w/ a TX company called Texas Power at 13.4 cents / kw. No fees to join/leave, no deposits - pretty straight forward. Got a lot of referrals to Stream energy which appears to allow you to do network marketing to bill for energy & make money for those who sign up under you. Interesting concept, but requires a little more effort than I want to undertake with a 3 week old!!! Another thing to consider, they don't switch you until you complete your current billing cycle - I won't switch until late August....Expensive lesson to learn. BTW - I had Green Mountain before thinking I was helping the environment - more expensive than TXU even! OK, so maybe gas is just as good as wind - but not worth the extra $$ during a hot TX summer!

Thanks for all the tips!

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Cirro Energy charges around 12 1/2 cents a klw. We are happy with them.

mom to five grown children, childbirth educator and doula

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Hi :)

My friend Hsiao works for an electric company with deregulation rates - the electricity is provided through the same lines as TXU, but the rates are lower.

Hsiao-Ling Dawson

This is a letter that my husband sent out to all of our friends and coworkers. A little about me: We are expecting out first baby girl (I am 19 weeks pregnant) and totally agree with the you on the outrageos prices of energy. Take a look at our email.

Just wanted to inform everyone about an oppurtunity in saving money with your monthly energy bill. Chad has taken on a summer project with a Company Called Inginte. As home owners we all are aware of increasing energy costs and S. and I believe that we are in a situation that we can offer you the same service at a lower rate.

The summer project is working with a Company called Ignite. Ignite is a marketing firm for the company called Stream Energy. Stream Energy is a Energy Provider for areas in the State of Texas. We are basically selling a service to home owners that you already pay for but at a cheaper rate. Granted this service is not going to make you rich over night but does and will save you money.

Stream Energy provides energy to home owners just like TXU, Reliant, Green Mountain & other energy carriers but offers their services at a lower rate. In North Texas TXU has the strong hold on this market. Deregulation has provided customers with opportunity of choosing there own provider. With TXU having the monopoly in this area the state regulates their rates and by law are unable to offer lower rates than what is mandated. They are the price to beat. Meaning TXU must offer a certain rate at all times providing this area with e So if you have TXU (or any other company) for your home electric provider we can save you about 6% monthly as well as savings over other electric providers. The agency that reads your meter and fixes all problems will remain the same per PUC regulations. The electricity is the same, you will get your bill from a different vendor that charges a lower rate. So if you are interested in saving money on a monthly basis give us a chance to show you how we can save you money....remember it's the same electricity……nothing will change...you will just pay for it at a lower rate...

Take a look at our website http://foxgroup.igniteinc.biz/index.asp and you can watch a presentation and a news report. It is really easy to switch. You can do it at this website.

Please give us a call at ###-###-#### or you can email us if you have any questions.

Chad and S. Fox

Check out www.powertochoose.org. I'm doing the same -- TODAY!! I bet my electric bill would put yours to shame...and we use Reliant!! Everyone should switch to the lower priced providers in my opinion. If everyone left TXU, which sets the "standard price to beat", they would have to lower their rates and the rest of the companies would follow suit! Good luck!

Follow-up: I went to powertochoose.org and found that First Choice Power was the cheapest for my area. I initiated the change and will look forward to saving money soon! I hope you will as well! :-)

We use Stream Energy and so far it has lowered our electricity bill tremendously. They charge around 12c/kw I think.

You can check them out at:

This is recommended by a friend of mine, Delic Organ, so please do put her name down if you decide to go with it.

Please go to www.edsmith.igniteinc.biz. My husband is an independent associate for them and this is his web page. I believe they are cheaper than some of the other major companies in this area. Please give him a call if you would like to learn more. His contact info. is on the page

We switched to Excite about 3 monts ago and so far we like it.
But it seems we switch providers about once a year to try finding the cheaper option!
Recently we compared our Excite bills with other family and friends and ours was much lower than theirs. We purchased it from a friend that sales it but I think you can do a search for Excite Energy and get it online as well. If you can't find it on the web I can give you his phone number and e-mail.

Cirro Energy charges around 12 1/2 cents a klw. We are happy with them.

mom to five grown children, childbirth educator and doula

I know what you mean by being knocked off your feet! Last summer we switched from TXU to Reliant and the bills have been much easier to handle!!!

Just an additional tidbit on Price to Beat - I believe it's going away in January so look for some competitive pricing to happen next year!

we switched to reliant a couple of years ago, they are cheaper than txu and we have had no problems

Hello P.! I can actually help you. Stream Energy is a provider with prices that will always be below the "price to beat".

Call me at ###-###-#### or go to my website at www.MpowerEnergy.com

I know what you mean! I just about hit the roof when I got my bill too. I still am having to turn my air up (78 during the day & 74 at night) to cut cost. It's the price of gas that has increased the cost of energy. Still you can save with Stream Energy.

If you don't understand how energy is purchased (it all comes from the same place-the Grid) then I'd be happy to explain it to you. The only thing you're switaching is the "billing" provider which is referred to as the REP or Retail Electric Provider.

Kindly, S.

I currently use stream energy through ignite. My bills have gone done since swithching over. My website is freedomtobe.igniteinc.biz. there is no cost to switch over, TXU will refund your deposit within 2 weeks. Check out the website, you might be interested and it is a great program. Their motto is "get paid every time you turn on the lights" or just save on your every day bill. Thanks, D..

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