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Seeking Recommendations for a Good Double Stroller

I am due in June and already have a son. When the new baby is born, my older son will be 19 months old. Can anyone recommend a good double stroller for those ages? I can only seem to find ones for two infants or one where the older child has to be older than 2 1/2. Thanks.

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I have a Graco Duo Glider...it was great until my 2 year old didn't want to ride in it. She was a "big girl". Now I am trying to sell it.

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I purchased the graco duoglider four years ago when I had our second child. They were 22months apart. My husband thought I was nuts and I wasted my money. Then one day he got stuck out with both of them and ever since then he makes sure I have it. Now we have our 17month old and our infant in it. I lay the back seat down and her car seat fits right there. I don't think it is too heavy at all. I even lifted it when I was pregnant. It is big (of course, it has two seats)and it did not fit in my car trunk with the front sun shade and cup rack on it. BUT, I found that leaving that off for things like the mall, or what ever makes it really nice. The toddler in the front does not seem so enclosed and they sit really nice. They are easy to take off and on so it is not a big deal to pop it on if you are going out in the sunshine.
Hope that helps.
(by the way, like I said, we have used ours atleast once a week for four years and we have never had an issue with the quality.)

Don't get the KohlKraft double stroller! I received it as a gift, and I was excited about it cause it fits almost any infant car seat. To my dismay, the first time I used it was at the State Fair. It is VERY hard to control. It doesn't turn unless you physically pick up the back end and move it, which is dangerous for the kids. I was so upset, I wanted to leave it there and rent a double stroller! But it was a gift, so I kept it, and it remains in my basement, used only once. My suggestion is the Graco DuoGlide, I've heard nothing but positve comments about it. You can use it with a Graco carseat! Look online, like target.com, and research your options. There are comments posted by moms there, too. Good luck!

My two Kids are about 22 months apart and I had purchased the Graco Dou Glide Stroller and I absolutely hated it it was too big and I could not steer with one hand my oldest even sitting in the back was to hard to steer. I then sold it and went with a sit and stand. The one were there is one seat that will hold a infant seat with an attachment and then converts back to a regular seat. There is also a spot for the older child to sit on a seat with a seat belt and is also equipped for the child to stand with another belt for safety. I Love it my sister has one and it is very easy to steer with one hand and my oldest loves that she cans sit or stand. I got mine on sale and paid $120. Target has them so does Babies R Us and many other stroes if you search online. Good Luck with your pregnancy and in finding a new stroller!!

I just bought the graco duoglider for my kids and I really like it. If you go with it, be particular where you buy it from because Graco makes higher end and lowerend models depending on the store! The material will be different and the way the back seat goes down is different. At Burlington Baby, the back seat laid flat by undoing 2 clips (which took 2 hands at once). The back seat of the version we bought at USA Baby folded down by pulling a lever with one hand! The USA Baby model was about 30 dollars more (I believe we paid 169), but it was smoother, more stable and prettier. I was shocked to find there was a difference, but there is. The stroller came highly recommended from several friends, but I know I wouldn't have liked it if I bought the lower end Graco duoglider XL

I would sit tight and wait to see if your older child wants to sit. If he does you have to get a Maclaren for sure....they are the best and DO FIT through all doorways! You just have to make sure you are going through straight on. They are so light and turn on a dime!

I don't like anything made by Graco or Evenflo. I would recommend the phil and ted E3 although it is really spendy or the Maclaren. I have a Zooper and also like that.

I have a Graco Duo Glider...it was great until my 2 year old didn't want to ride in it. She was a "big girl". Now I am trying to sell it.

My boys are 3 1/2 years apart, so I didn't want to purchase a double stroller because I knew my oldest would want to walk once in a while, so I got a BabyTrend Sit 'N Stand stroller, and it was the BEST $125 we spent! It holds an infant seat and then is a regular stroller, but the back is a jump seat, older child can sit on the little jump seat or stand on the foot rest. My oldest loves this, he stands on it all the time and its very easy to push, folds flat, its not bulky at all compared to regular double strollers, and its actually very convenient, and really does grow with you. My boys are now 4 1/2 and 15 months and we still use it all the time.

I don't know if that is what you are looking for, but this was my solution to the double stroller problem.

My son was 15 months old when my daughter was born. I have always been one to conserve and not always buy everything new. I found a double stroller (Graco--front to back) at a garage sale and it worked great. I reclined the back seat so my baby could lay down. My infant car carrier also fit in the back seat---not perfectly, but it worked---so either way it was great. Once my daughter was 6 months old the sit up seats were wonderful and worked well until I got rid of it (for the same price) at a garage sale this summer. So, my total investment was nothing and it worked well for me.

my friend has an Eddie Bauer double stroller. we have used it together with her 11month old and my 5month old. one seat can turn around so they face eachother, and it fit my graco stroller while her son sat in the other seat. it manovered quite well.

I would recommend you get a regular front to back (not side by side because they don't fit in a lot of places!) double stroller. I went through this awhile back and found that my new baby fit fine in the back seat (which reclined so he didn't fall forward) and my toddler sat up in the front seat. You probably won't need anything super expensive because by the time your toddler is 2 1/2, he'll want out to walk and probably will only sit in the stroller when he's very tired (at least that was my and many friend's experience). Then, you'll go back to a single stroller for most outings. Good luck!

I don't recommend the graco duo-glide (or whatever it's called). It's very heavy and feels rickety. I hated it. I don't think I recommend any doubles. Just make the 19 month old walk.

Graco Duoglider or Peg Perego

My two boys are a little over 2 years apart. I purchased a double-stoller right away because I knew I'd need it. I think I have used it twice. It is a front/back version rather than side by side and it is just so big and bulky and awkward to move around. Instead, if I'm with my husband, we both push a stoller - one regular-sized and an umbrella one that fits in the bottom of the regular-sized one. If I'm alone, I'd prefer to bring the baby backpack and push the single stoller. Too bad you don't live closer to me. I'd just give you my double stoller to use.

I have a Graco Duoglider LXI and love it (my boys are also 19 months apart)! It is a little on the heavier side, but not at all difficult to lift into a trunk. It steers really easily (even 1 handed), and I can fit it in the trunk of my sedan with luggage for a wknd for a family of 5. They are now almost 3 (March) and 14.5 months so we'll change to a sit 'n stand soon, but I've gotten a lot of use from it and will use it again when #4 is born in early Sept.
However - if it had existed 14 months ago I would have gotten the Baby Trend Deluxe Sit 'n Stand (they have it on Target's website). It's a tandem stroller, and you can remove the back seat and it converts to a Sit 'n Stand - so it's a stroller your children could grow with.

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