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Seeking OBGYN Doctor Reco's in Temecula Area

I am soon to be pregnant with my #3 child but have never delivered in this area before. I am looking for an OBGYN that is fairly close to Temecula. I will probably look to deliver at Inland or Rancho Springs. Please help me find an OBGYN. I would love to hear about any doctors that you have and your experiences, good or bad. I would also welcome any input into those two hospitals. Thanks so much!

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Well, thanks to everyone for the advice. I used to go to Temecula Valley OBGYN when I had a PPO but they do not accept HMO's and that is what we have currently. I am thinking of looking into Patti Dimette. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences. We are hoping to be pregnant in the next few months.

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Hi E.,
Dr. Pattie Dimmette was my OB/GYN - Inland valley AND Rancho Springs - she's the best! she delivered both of my children.

I highly recommend her. Congrats with baby #3 and I hope this helps.


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I went to see Dr. Brian Byrne and he was fantastic. The wait is always a little long in his office, but it is so worth the wait. I felt completely comfortable with him and I knew that my son and I were both in good hands. His office is across the street from Inland and that is where I deliverd. I had a really good experience at Inland. Depending on when you have your baby though, you may have it at Rancho if they finish the maternity ward that they are currently building. It is supposed to be finished early next year and all of the maternity patients will go there instead of Inland. Good luck!

Rancho Springs Medical Center, Murietta, CA…just a few reasons to seriously consider before choosing to deliver your baby there…from the viewpoint of One Pissed Gramma.
Positive - the location is good. Location is not everything.

When entering the Medical Center, do not be confused by the two office buildings that look like they could be the hospital. It is the one story building that looks like a very old Nursing home. Hope it is not raining, the front desk person directs you thru an outdoor courtyard, to a phone, to call into the delivery area. There was a group of about 15 tired, anxious family members that had been there for 24 hours, waiting for the delivery of the new family member. They were communicating via texts messages for updates and pictures. They talked about how pregnant women would arrive, they were refused admission, told to call back in 2 hours to see if a bed was available. Oh, the waiting area consisted of long wooden benches, about 8 inches deep, against the wall. They did have what once may have been 1” padding, covered in plastic.

Our delivering mom was placed in a closet…formerly a sleeping area for Dr. This process took a couple of days. Dad tried to sleep on the floor, no pillow or blanket was offered. He was rather invisible to the staff.

Now, for the really important stuff for your family… the Visitor limit is 2, so if there is a Dad present, that leaves only one person that is allowed to share in the miracle of birth of this new baby. The nursery is closed for viewing, so the time spent warming those 8 inch plastic covered wooden benches is not eased by the viewing of new babies.

After your new Grandbaby, or niece or nephew is delivered, while you are warming those 8 inch wooden benches for extended HOURS, there is an hour of bonding time. That time still does not include the bench warmers. When you are FINALLY allowed to enter, they are whisking the baby away for another hour…without even offering for you to NOW get to hold or see that baby up close. Only thanks to a request, did they now allow the holding of the new grandbaby.

A few more things to consider. No hot water for patient showers, the visitor bathrooms were closed for repair, both for men and women. Mom was moved to four different rooms. On the first visit out of the delivery area, we asked the room number. As the two grandmothers walked down the hall, we were chased down by the person at the front desk that informed us that ALL visitors were BLOCKED by this patient. After checking with the mom, we were allowed to enter, glad we did not take their word and leave. Construction workers had better access than the grandparents. We brought food for each meal…it looked really nasty.
While this new Gramma warmed the bench, having just lost out on one of the few “best life experiences” of her life, actually it was stolen from her, since she can never get it back, due to the “Hospital Rules”…she asked an employee if there were comment cards that could be completed. The person was actually the Chief Operating Officer, Gino Patrizio. One Pissed Gramma was seething, and was looking to make some very specific comments on the “unfriendly Family experience”.
His response included offering me a cup of coffee, or water. HE also wanted to state that the new wing would open in two months. The new wing held NO consolation to me…it would not change my extremely negative experience at this facility. I asked him to WALK AWAY. As he continued to stress how great the new wing was, I STRONGLY asked him to WALK AWAY, NOW! A cup of water was not a good trade for stealing the birth of my Grandbaby from me. Somehow, I do hope that he, and all the administrators of this hospital get the same experience in the birth of their grandchildren. Still not good enough…I will never get that experience that this hospital stole from me.
Overall, the Rancho Springs Medical Center provided a VERY NEGATIVE experience for a new Grandma. Keep in mind, you do have a choice of where to deliver. Does location really outweigh the rest? Take the opportunity to research this big decision on line. There are LOTS of postings, about 95% are less than glowing. Also, check out quotes from different news article:

“MURRIETA: State denies Rancho Springs Medical Center expansion. History of violations causes state to halt opening anticipated since the new year”
“Southwest (Rancho Springs Medical Center) received word from the Department of Public Health that it was in jeopardy of losing federal funding under Medicare/Medicaid and that a process was underway to revoke its hospital license.”
“State letter details reasons for possible hospital license revocation action”
“Federal Medicare officials told two Riverside County hospitals yesterday that they would no longer pay for seniors' care after June, signaling the end of a three-year process of trying to get the hospitals to follow basic care standards.”
“Three of the five delivery rooms at Rancho Springs Medical Center have been temporarily closed due to possible mold contamination resulting from water leaks”

I was scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Byrn after a miscarriage in murrietta and when I got there the receptionist said they had cancelled my appointment and had left me a message... I never got that message. The next time I went in they said he was gone to a birth and one of the other four women who were sitting in the waiting room said "Oh, don't worry about it, I've never had to wait more than four or five hours."..... HOURS??? So I left. Fast foward a couple of months, now I'm pregnant and made an appointment with Temecula Valley OBGYN... LOVE IT! I'm in month 6 now of my pregnancy and am seeing Dr.Glaser, I have also seen Dr.Elfelt who was also very nice. They try to get you in to see the other Drs besides your primary in case they aren't on call when you go into labor. The lab is right there in the office for blood work ect, and the reception desk is super nice. Everyone is patient and relaxed, I would highly recommend this office - and you can choose whether you want to deliver at Inland or Rancho, they do both :) Good luck!

Dr. Nerissa Saffie of Inland Valley. I think she also works at Rancho Springs. She is the greatest. She delivered my daughter in 2006 via C-section and did a WONDERFUL job too. I believe she is Harvard educated as well. She is very caring and you'll just fall in love with her.

I also recently saw Dr. Sissi Selinger for a GYN appt. but I am not sure which medical group she's with. You can look on the Medical Board of CA website or ask your ins. company. I can definitely vouch for Dr. Saffie though! Hope that helps!

I dont know about OB's around here but you do NOT want to deliver at Inland Valley def. go to Rancho Springs if you get the option. Good luck with #3. I have 3 girls and live in Murrieta so you can caht mw anytime. :)
I have been to Dimmintee for normal OB yearly vist she is really good but the office is very busy!

Hi there -

I am pregnant w/my third baby as well and go to Temecula Valley OB/Gyn... I have Dr. Glasier but also like Dr. Yang -my sis in law had Dr. Lebo there and said she was awesome. Dr. Glasier was my doc for my last pregnancy/labor as well and he was great. The area hospitals are a little (actually a lot) less than luxurious, even a bit dirty in my opinion... I am in a bind right now b/c I would love to drive somewhere out of the area to deliver (either Palomar or Mary Birch in SD) but my last labor was only 3 hours long so I don't know if that is the greatest idea for me. I expressed my concern to the Dr. last time I was in and he said that he felt that Inland was cleaner than Rancho, however years ago I heard so many horror stories about Inland that I never even considered delivering my baby there. Now I might have no other choice than to check it out. They are building a new L&D unit at Rancho Springs but the opening has just been pushed back to Jan '09 which is very disappointing. If you are able to drive to another facility and are not particular to who actually delivers you then I would honestly consider it. I understand that that is not really practical w/two kids though so we will probably both be stuck here choosing from the two hospitals we have. Good luck to you, and congrats on baby #3!!

Temecula Vly Obgyn is awesome, I am on my 3rd pregnancy w/them... they deliver at either of those hospitals, your choice. I have had Dr. Yang and Dr. Glasier.... Lebo is good too. Those three are all awesome. Good luck, when are you due?? :)

I had Dr. Cerrone with my 1st and she was great.. she just keeps moving around and so I stopped following her.. I now have Dr. Dresbach and I am about to deliver in 5 weeks, so far I really like him, no experience with delivery yet.. I deivered and will deliver in Fallbrook and although the hospital seems older, I have not had any problems.. but my pregnancies have been easy.. I have also heard not such good things about the hospitals here.. Inland and Ranch Springs.. But meet with the Dr.s and tour the hospitals. your mother intuition will tell you what to do...

Dr. Michael Andersen is good...doesn't take HMO's though. I really like Dr. Calinisan, but I had to switch because of insurance. I just went to Dr. Dresbach. He was very nice and spent a lot of time answering questions. Good luck!

Hi E.,
Dr. Pattie Dimmette was my OB/GYN - Inland valley AND Rancho Springs - she's the best! she delivered both of my children.

I highly recommend her. Congrats with baby #3 and I hope this helps.


Hands down Dr. Lebo and Dr. Glasier are the best in the Temecula area. They work at the Temecula OBGYN and I LOVE them! Lebo was my doc throughout my pregnancy. At first, I wasn't quite sure of her...but by the end I knew that she would do anything for my baby and I and she truly loves what she does. Glasier ended up delivering me.....and I was so glad. It had been an extremely long 48 hrs and then when it was time to go he came in the room and was my little cheerleader. He has the additude that every child is an absolute miracle and it shows!
However, the hospital situation was a completely different story! Forst of all, let me say that the nurses at Rancho Springs are AMAZING! They are all so sweet and compassionate...take their time with you....I can honestly say that I miss those nurses! (I was in and out of the hospital several times with gall stones...) But on the other hand the cleanliness is really bad. The hospital is 15 years old and it really shows. I was there for two days after delivering and I never took a shower because the facilities were so bad. The night I went in to deliver I was actually there because of a gall stone and was throwing up. They had no beds for me so I stood out in the hallway and was throwing up into the trash can. The security guard went and got me a towel to wipe my mouth with and when it was time to go he told me to put it on one of those baby warmers and he would have the housekeeper come and get it. Being in the state that I was in, I couldn't argue....that was Tuesday night. On Friday night when I was leaving...still there! So gross.....I told the nurse and she nodded her head like she had heard it all before!
That was my experience....there are always good and bad. I would say if we could get some updated, clean facilities here to go with the wonderful nurses and docs then it would be perfect!

Dr. Hayton at Temecula Valley OBGYN is amazing! Before we moved to the area in 2002 I read somewhere that to find a good Dr. that you should ask OB nurses. I went to the hospital and the nurse there suggested Dr. Hayton or Dr. Lebo, they are both at TVOBGYN. I have been seeing her ever since. She has helped me through a lump in my breast, two babies, a miscarriage, and cervical cancer. She is very conservative and thorough and her nurse is sooo sweet. They have a lab on site and your ultrasounds are done in the office as well. I rarely have any wait at all (only if there was an emergency of some kind). They have several Dr.'s in the group so whoever is on-call at the time will deliver your baby. In my case Dr. Lebo delivered my first ans Dr. Elfelt delivered the second. They were both great but I preferred Dr. Lebo because I like women Dr.'s. In my mind the really important thing is my prenatal care, the birth is just about who catches the baby.
Good luck to you!
P.S. - I didn't care for Inland or Rancho but who wants to drive very far when they're in labor. I also wanted o make it easy on my husband to get back and forth.
Also, check out the breast feeding support group and the newborn nurturing center at Inland after the baby is born. It's a great help. Sandy Selgado runs the breast feeding group an she is awesome! They welcome toddlers to the Tuesday class at Inland but I think the Friday meeting at Rancho is all infants which is best in my opinion.

Honestly, I have had terrible experiences at Rancho Springs, and a friend of mine had a terrible experience at Inland Valley. For that reason, I chose to deliver my children at Palomar - it's not too far away! Plus, neither of the hospitals up here are equipped to handle a small child emergency - Palomar has a NICU just in case there is a need.

I love my doctor who's also based in Escondido - Dr Elizabeth Cerrone of Escondido Ob/Gyn. I had an emergency, and my son had to be delivered 6 weeks early, and she was amazing! You never really know how good a doctor is until there's an emergency, I don't think, and I'll tell you that I will go wherever she is for any future pregnancies!!

Hi E....I recently had my first child and I saw Dr. Dimmette (Wildomar area). She was incredible and so was her office staff. The waiting time in the office was pretty long on occasion, but to me it was worth it to have a doctor that I was completely comfortable with (I just made sure I always brought a book with me). She delivers at both Inland Valley and Rancho Springs and was there with me through the entire time that I was pushing (2 1/2 hours) - very supportive doctor!!! My experience at Rancho Springs was also incredible - my labor and delivery nurses that I had (Lisa and Amy) were the best! They were very supportive through the entire process. Good Luck!

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