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Seeking Moms Who Have Teenage Boys with Pain in Groin Area

My 14 year old son, who does competitive swimming and very active at school,woke up on Thursday morning just fine, then about 1/2 hr later complained about a sharp pain in his testicle.One hr later the school nurse calls and tells us to pick him up and get him to a doctor as soon as possible.At first the Dr. thought it was a contortion which would need surgery immediately but after examining him - ruled that out. Then he did a urine sample and said that his urine was cloudy but not abnormal.He did not have a sports hernia,so he'a thinking it might be the beginning stages of the formation of a kidney stone. My son continues to be in discomfort,he does not have a great appetite (which is unusual)and complains about the occasional abdominal cramps.There's been no nausea nor any more sharp pains but there is discomfort and last night he did have a low grade fever.I'm just not sure what to do?? Any advise out there????

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Thanks to all who responded - What a great community!we finally were able to get an appointment with a Radioligist who will do an ultrasound of the scrotum area,then we take it to a Urologist who we hope will be able to tell us exactly what is going on.I really appreciate all your advise and encouragement.Thanks once again and I will keep you posted as to the final outcome

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My husband had this same pain a couple of weeks ago, he went to our family doctor who couldn't find any problems by touch. So he was sent to have an ultrasound done of his testicles and they found he had tubular inflammation. He is an ex-comp swimmer and is now very active, the doctor just told him to take it easy for a little while and wear boxers until the pain goes away.

And not to scare you, but boys/men from the ages of 15-35 are at a higher risk of Testicular Cancer and I would ask your doctor for an ultrasound to be done on your son. But for all you know he could have the same problem as my husband and he needs to give the speedos a break for a little while.

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We haven't had the accompanying fever, but when our 14-year-old was having groin pains, we bought a more supportive jock strap for all of his activities. That seemed to do the trick, so we never saw a doctor.

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Dear E., I have a 11 year old nephew who recently experienced similar symptoms after jumping into a cold pool! there was a small twist in vein that is attached to the testicle. he needed a sonogram to detect the twist. your son needs to be seen by a urologist asap! D.

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Having had 2 sons swim competitively and 1 swimming at the college level - I can say that yes, one of the swimmers on the team had a hernia problem - and I can see these causing pain in the groin. He underwent surgical repair last year and is swimming unbelievable this year. Do some research on kidney stones - they are indeed very painful - and I am not sure about them bothering the testicle. I would definitely get a second opinion -- maybe from a urologist - double check the info on kidney stones - there is foods, etc that he should stay away from until this is resolved. While you are at it do some research on hernias - and see if some complimentary medical website offer some practical approaches for getting him some relief. He may also have a groin pull - a stained muscle that connects to the testicle area - do they do alot of dryland exercises -- weights - running stadium stairs??? Just keep at it until you find solutions.

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Did the DR. consider an appendicitis? The pain can radiate to odd places, not just right side. Stay on top of your DR., see if he thinks further testing is neccesary. Watch the fever, if it rises, and the pain decreases, I would go to the ER and be suspicious of a ruptured appendix. If a kidney stone is a possibility, the test for that is called IVP, or even a ct scan. I wouldn't let the DR. brush you off, unless all symptoms cease. Please keep us posted?? God Bless you and your son, S.

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Go to a pediatric urologist. Not to frightrn you, but these things are not to be put off just in case, we found that out the hard way. At the age of 7 my son started having problems with his right testicle. At first the doctor said it was epididymitis, but the problem did not go away after several antibiotics. Then we were told he had a hydrocele, but got a referral to a urologist to be on the safe side. After sonograms and x-rays found he had a cyst and needed to have it removed. When they went in, they found he also had a hernia. The hernia had been present long enough to cause damage to that testicle and it will never function. Best wishes to you and I hope and pray it is something very simple to fix.

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Have him see a urologist just to be on the safe side.

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hi E., you may want to have your son's doc check for a vericose vein. Is it on the left side? apparently they are very common for the left side and in many cases can cause infertility. How about his back? Is he experiencing lower back pain that is either traveling up his back or down his leg as well? It's something that is easily fixed but if it is a vericose vein, it's best to be dealt with because he will have bouts with it for the rest of his life. My husband has always had these symptoms and did some research over the weekend. A doc years ago said there wasn't anything they could do about it, but that's not true. Just a thought and good luck!!! I don't know about the fever, but if it is a vericose, they get infected, which causes the pain and then that could be a sign that his body is trying to fight something off that it is unaware of. Good luck though and he'll be fine. It's just good to have avenues to investigate.

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