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I am asking for help... My two month old son got his two month shots earlier today and he is one mad baby!!! He only wants me to hold him. The doctor told me to give him tylenol, but its not helping. I honestly dont know what else to do. Please help, is there anything I can do to make it more comfortable for him?

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Thank you all so much!!! :) My son seems to be doing better. Now I know to give the tylenol before I take him for the next shot visit!!!! I know the shots are important! Well THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

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I always found that baby Motrin worked a lot better than tylenol because Motrin helps with swelling too.

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Well it's a bit late, and hopefully baby is doing better. But all you can do is hold him. If you are breastfeeding, let him gain comfort that way as well. He'll be fine in no time. :)

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Please read what Laura R replied in her comment. You son could be having an adverse reaction and it can only get worse with each Vaccination he gets. Immunization is not really what they are as they do not make your child immune to the virus, just partially so to some strains and with harmful side effects. You should really do some reading up on them before you subject him to any more of them. I have a great book called Vaccines: are they really safe and effective? and another one called Vaccination: the Issue of Our Times. Please read, read, read. good luck and I hope he is feeling better.

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I always found that baby Motrin worked a lot better than tylenol because Motrin helps with swelling too.

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Hello I understand what your going through. Both of my kids were like that. They would be fussy all day and night but ok by the next day. I would keep giving him tylenol and doing whatever it takes to comfort him. It will pass. It the shots caused a bump to form on his leg you can put a warm washcloth to it and see it that helps. Good luck to you and hang in there.

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The shots make them feel icky, a little sick. I give my son Tylenol before we head out to the doctor for shots and that REALLY helps. Like your son, giving him Tylenol after the shots didn't seem to help either, so give it to him just before you go. That way it's already in his system and working. Hope this helps.

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Becareful how much tylenol you give him after he gets his shots. Tylenol and Motrin reduce fevers so if your son has a reaction to the shots even though the its unlikely you may not be aware of it because you are masking the fever with meds. I was also told by my pediatrition that it is not recommended that you give an infant under six months old Ibuprophen because it can damage there liver and kidneys. You should ask the clinic where you got your sons shots what they recommend you give him. Almost all babies hate to get shots because it hurts. Like one of the other moms said rub the shot area gently, it also helps disperse the medicine and remove the lumps. Remember he is not going to remember it later or until next time he sees the needle comming at him. Don't give yourself a guilt trip over it. All mothers have that inate instinct to protect there babies, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Try not to make a big deal out of it either just treat it like any other day and then they are less likely to make a big deal out of it also. Benadryl is also excellent for allergic reactions just make sure that you ask your doctor what dose to give. You can also give Benadryl and tylenol at the same time or alternate tylenol and motrin. Motrin seems to help pain better and tylenol seems to fight fevers better. I have had a lot of experienc with meds. my daughter has leukemia.

Just for future reference dont forget the baby gas drops,, they are a life saver. You can get them at Walmart pretty cheap.

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Hi C.,
Getting shots is never fun for you or your baby. The shots will make him cranky and sore for a couple days. Sometimes they might even run a slight fever. He probably just feels yucky and wants to be cuddled. Sometimes thats all they really need, is just some mommy time to make them feel better. Once he gets older, it will get better. When I took my son to get his 6 month shots and the side affects didn't seem to last as long. To this day, he still loves to cuddle and I love it.

I would just hold and cuddle him. My son always got super tired after shots, so maybe with some cuddles yours will fall asleep. Hopefully, the tylenol will help, too.

The only other thing I would do is make sure you know any possible side effects, and when they mean you need to tell the doctor, but those are rare.

I will go on record and admit how little I knew the first time my son got his shots. ;) I had forgotten about the Band-Aids put over the injection sites, and left them on for hours. Well one of them got hooked to his diaper, and whenever he moved his legs, it would pull on his poor skin, which sent him into fresh bouts of screaming. The Band-Aids only need to be on there for a few minutes for the blood to clot and then they can be removed. If you haven't alread removed them, (which I didn't do the first time) go ahead and take them off. That might be part of his crying. Hope your mad baby starts to feel better soon! My son is always mad the first day, and then fine by bedtime. Goodluck!
S. P

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