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Seeking Lotion for Severe Dry Skin

Can anyone recomment a hand lotion for EXTREMELY dry skin? My hands are SO dry, they are cracked and red around the knuckles. Every time I bend my fingers, it feels as if my skin is splitting open. I've tried many lotions, but most only last about 5 minutes before the dry flakes come back and the knuckles start to burn again.

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Wow, ladies! There are a lot of wonderful suggestions. I wont' be able to try them all, but I did try a few. Satin Hands is what I had been using. It usually works, but sometimes during the cold winter months, I need something a bit more.
A lot of the over the counter lotions (Eucerin, Neutrogena, Palmers) didn't work.
Apparently the Jo Malone hand cream is VERY popular. I went to Neiman Marcus to get it and was told they were sold out all over Dallas. They gave me some samples to try. It helped, but the best is the Crabtree and Evelyn's 60 Second Fix hand set. My hands have stopped cracking and are on the way to healing and I just bought the stuff yesterday. There are several different "flavors". I'm using La Source, but Gardener's is also nice.

Thanks so much for all the suggestions!

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Sounds silly I know, but they have this wonderful hand and elbow creme at Walgreen's called 'say YES to carrots'. I do pottery, so my hands are always dry and tight. This stuff really works for me.

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There's a brand called Aquaphor that you can get in grocery or drug stores. It's a really thick rub-on gel.

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My husband has the same problem due to his job. He loves the Crabtree and Evelyn 60 second Fix Hand treatment packs. Haha, yes we give him a hard time for getting things from there. IN fact I have to buy it for him, but at this point he'll use whatever works! I have also heard the Mary Kay Satin Hands packs work well.

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There's a brand called Aquaphor that you can get in grocery or drug stores. It's a really thick rub-on gel.

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Hi D.,

I am an Arbonne consultant and we have excellent hand cream. It's the "cure all". All of our products are are hypoallergenic, plant based, free of dyes or chemicals, contain no mineral oil and are not tested on animals. If you use anything that contains mineral oil, basically, you are coated the skin and not healing the skin. You can check out my website for more information www.makana.myarbonne.com. If you have any questions, I would be happy to help!

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Aquaphor! My daughter had light ezema when she was just a little meatball, All over her legs and behind and it really helped!
I tend to get dry heels, So I soak in warm (not hot) water with safflower oil in it, then apply aquaphor. BTW< safflower oil is really close to the natural oil your body produces. Some even recommned slathering it on after bathing. I do during the winter and BOY! it makes a huge difference!
I have SUPER sensitive skin and tend to have issues myself so My heart totally goes out to you. Please give it a try, if safflower oil sounds kind of silly, please look it up and read up on it. You'd be suprised what research says it does for your skin. (It's always good to get a second opinion GOD bless GOOGLE!)
Take care D., Congrats on the new miracle in your life and hope this helps you!

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Okay this sounds crazy but it works and it is good to have around in the winter time. It is called Bag Balm. It is in a little green tin and I think you can get it at the drugstore. I guy friend gave me some because his grandmother used it on her hands and feet all the time (he thought it was for her Arthritis - so he thinks it helps that). . .whatever. . .anyway, it was original used to soften cow udders to keep them from getting chapped and cracked, etc. Here is the website www.bagbalm.com Look it up it is very interesting. I have used it on my hands, feet and elbows at night and it is amazing how quick it works. Remember how it was and still is where if you wanted to help your nails grow you could buy that stuff called "hard hoof" (horses) I think and wanted your hair to be thicker you could buy that mane and tale stuff for horses and put on your hair. Well, I think this is more true. It really works and is good to have around. The smell is not bad but they could work on making it scented! hehe

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You've had alot of what sounds like good advice lotion-wise. In addition to finding a good lotion, be sure to add some Omega-3 oils to your diet. This basically "oils" your skin up from the inside out! If you're totally lacking the essential omega-3 nutrients, your skin will remain forever dry. There are many kinds on the market, easily found at Whole Foods or any health food store. Flax oil and Fish oils are good. Put a teaspoon to a tablespoon in a fruit smoothie, milk shake, yogurt, or any type of fairly creamy food or drink (creamy textures help hide the oiliness). Start off with a teaspoon, and work your way up to a tablespoon 3x a day. (If you add too much too fast, you might get diarhea, so start at 1 tsp 2x a day and build up from there.) Another thing to do is to get flax seeds and grind them in a coffee grinder, then add that to salads, drinks, etc. The omega-3's are higher in freshly ground flax seeds than in oils, but it is more work, so the oils might be your first choice. Also, oily fish (such as salmon or cod) is great to have in your diet 3x a week or more.

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Sounds silly I know, but they have this wonderful hand and elbow creme at Walgreen's called 'say YES to carrots'. I do pottery, so my hands are always dry and tight. This stuff really works for me.

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My husband has the same problem due to his job. He loves the Crabtree and Evelyn 60 second Fix Hand treatment packs. Haha, yes we give him a hard time for getting things from there. IN fact I have to buy it for him, but at this point he'll use whatever works! I have also heard the Mary Kay Satin Hands packs work well.

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My sister has the same type of problem with her heels. She tried many different lotions and even some prescription stuff. A friend told her to try using coconut oil on them and it "heeled" the cracks and is making the thick dead stuff go away.

Sis had this problem for years! and now she has soft feet!

I agree with the gals who say don't use petroleum- or mineral oil- based products. Arbonne doesn't use that stuff so it's a good choice. I don't know about all the other products mentioned.

In the winter I used to get dry hands with accompanying cracks near the edges of the nails, especially on my thumbs. Then I learned to put oil on my hands and put them in rubber gloves before I did any handwashing of pots and pans or cleaning of any type. At first I used mineral oil (worked very well) until I found out it wasn't that good for you. Now I use olive oil (my hands don't absorb it quite as fast, but it has the same effect - soft hands, no bleeding cracks). I'm going to try coconut oil this winter! :)

OOPS! I only meant to write three words: Try coconut oil!


PS I think you can order it online. I got a small sample from my friend to experiment with.

I'm a nurse & all of the handwashing & dry winter weather has killed my hands! I've been using Corona Cream. It's behind the counter @ pharmacies. I found it @ Wal-Mart's pharmacy. It's greasy @ first but as you wash your hands it stays on & feels better! It's about 7 dollars. Good Luck!

L'Occitaine hand cream is the ONLY thing that works for me

Try Aquafor. It's in a big tub with a blue top, not a squirt bottle. Really good for kids eczema, too.

Country Comfort Baby Cream (or "green baby cream" as my sons call it) is the best!

You can find it at a few different places, but www.mothernature.com is usually the cheapest.

I have the same type skin during the colder months. Most hand creams burn my skin when applied so I've used vaseline cream and it doesn't burn like some lotions. Also Burt's Bee's makes a wonderful hand cream with almond milk. Apply it often and try to not use antibacterial soap, it's really drying to hands. Try good old fashioned Dove or Ivory hand soap.(bar form) Eucerin (not sure on the spelling) is also a great product. Hopefully one of these products will work for you.

There is a number of lotions out there in drugstores that you may be able to try (Eucerin brand, Nivea brand, etc.) labeled for extremely or severely dry skin. You can also try putting petroleum jelly on your hands, covering them with cotton gloves, and sleeping like that at night.

There is an amazing lotion called Glysomed. I get the unscented in a tube - it's about $3.00 at Randall's. The unscented tube is mostly white. The scented is green.

Anyway, it's an amazing product - I believe it was originally founded in Germany, but the Blistex people have recently purchased it.

The websute is: http://glysomed.com/

i would tell you to try Aquaphor.....i think that would really work.

Hello D.. I would most definitely recommend Aquaphor. It is the best! I use it for everything from chapped lips to hands, elbows, and heels. You do not need much because it is very moist similar to vaseline. Best of Luck.

Mary Kay has an emolient night cream that works wonders - I buy it for my father - its think and works great....

I hope this helps.

try rubbing virgin olive oil into your skin, (only takes a little or your really greasy. Olive oil is great for the skin!

WOW 86 responses!! My recommendation is Crab Tree and Evelyn's HAND THERAPY. I also use Neutrogena's shower oil after my shower and it helps TONS, especially in the winter! You should also try ONE MINUTE MANICURES. They used to sale it at Ulta but they've stopped carrying it and I have to order it on-line. I don't have the website in my 'favs'. I just google it. You will love it so much you want to stock up and give to people as gifts!!
Keep moist!

I LOVE Crabtree and Evelyn's La Source hand therapy set. The first step is an exfoliator that you rub over your hands and then wash off. The second step is a lotion that moisturizes and keeps your hands soooo soft. It works so well and smells really good, too!

I have heard about something called "Dream Cream" from the store LUSH at Northpark. It is an all-natural cure for eczema. My sister also recommends something from Walmart that is all natural sold in the baby section. Good Luck!

i didn't read all the responses, but Aquaphor is a healing ointment that works wonders. it is by eucerin, but it is not a lotion. it works in just a few applications.

There is the "hemp" hand lotion at the body shop...yes...hemp...but it truly works...this is what I am using right now.

NEVER use anything with Mineral oil, it is very drying, my grandmother use to put it on her heals and put her socks on WRONG,,,,who knew.... I will send you a Free Hand Cream of arbonne if you would like to try it... i can also put in a free sample of our skin care, it has NO mineral oil or alchol in it which is very drying... alot of products us mineral oil because its CHEAP... it feels like its making you soft but really its doing NOTHING... it just holds moisture in or blocks wind from your skin, I will do this for anyone reading this just email me .... ____@____.com.... goood luck L.

Jo Malone vitamin E hand lotion--the best. $40 It doesn't feel greasy and is absorbed but your hands feel protected...also, it has a very mild peaceful scent.

Aloe Vera 100% withhout alcohol will help not only your dry fingers and knuckles but also keep face wrinkles away.


Have you tried Eucerin, or Gold Bond? Also, go for a cream instead of a lotion.

With that being said, ask your doctor if a steroid cream will work. I have hand eczema and use a steroid cream. It is not at all scary like it sounds. When my eczema flares up, it can lead to the cracked and bleeding areas, and the steroid cream will clear it up within a few days.

Good luck. I know how horrible that feels.

My hands were very dry and red just like you are saying yours are. A friend of mine told me about Gold bond ultimate healing cream, you can get it at HEB or Walmart ect.
I put it on and OMG what a difference! I would reccomend it. I now use it daily and my hands are so soft and smooth.
I hope this helps!
best of luck ~J.

I worked in the medical field for several years and the best advice I heard from a doctor was to get a couple of pair of white cotton gloves and before going to bed at night cover your hands with vaseline and then put on a pair of gloves. Do this for serveral nights and use a good moisture lotion several times during the day. I tried this once and it really works, takes about 10-14 days but it does work and then you can use it just a few nights a week or month. The reason for 2 pair of gloves is so you can wash one pair and have a spare. I used a clean pair every night. This also works on the feet. M. B

Try This
Wet your hands and then apply Vaseline petroleum jelly. Wile they are wet. The Vaseline traps the water in your skin.
Let me know how this works for you,
B. Sanders

I have 10 year old twins and my hands got really dry after they were born with the constant washing. I went to several different dermatolgists and even received prescriptions for this. The best thing I have found is "Arbonne Hand Cream". It is wonderful. I have been using it for over two years now and I have not been to the dermatologist since. You'll need to locate an Arbonne consultant in your area.

Hi D. -
There is a store in Houston called Naked Body+Bath. They are also on-line at www.nakedbodyandbath.com They sell all natural body care products, and one of those products is a shea butter creme that is absolutely fantastic. It is sold "naked" (no color or fragrance), and you can customize with whatever color or fragrance you want. I would suggest giving that a try. My mother-in-law bought some, and for the first time in 20 years she was able to moisturize away the scales on her legs. It's pretty reasonably priced, too!
Good luck!

Try Eucerin's Dry Skin Therapy. It comes in a tube with white and turquoise packaging. Should be able to buy it at HEB. This stuff is amazing.

There's also another wonderful creme called vanicreme that can be purchased at People's RX. Good stuff.

You may be deficient in Omega 3 fatty acids. You need a good quality (no mercury and good potency) Omega 3 supplement.
Carlson's Cod Liver oil is a good source which also provides good quality (not synthetic so it is utilized by your body better) Vitamin D which many people are deficient in, especially in the winter. Or you could try Krill Oil which you may purchase through www.mercola.com and then you are not also getting the Vitamin D. I use both with more of the cod liver oil in the winter when I need the Vitamin D. Get the Carlson's brand. It is good. They add lemon to it to improve the flavor.
This is an important food for brains!! It is important for pregnant women and growing children to receive enough Omega 3 fatty acids (to balance the Omega 6's which most people get too much of). It is important particularly in cases of inflammation in the body and also for ADD pr ADHD.

I HIGHLY recommend my Therapeutic Essentials Hand & Body Lotion! It is very rich and creamy, and you can feel the difference on your skin after using it. I have it available at my office: LA's Hair & Scalp Clinic
2304 W. Pioneer Parkway, Suite 6
Arlington, TX 76013
L. Amerson, DT, IIT

Have you tried almond or olive oil. These oils are good for the skin especially when aborbed in the body. You may have to by an empty lotion bottle to keep some in your purse.

Wish you well!!

I am currently 8 nearly 9 months pregnant. I am having the same dry skin problem, mine due to pregnancy/winter combo. My ob suggested lanolin lotion and it seems to really help. It is a little on the greasy side but my knuckles are no longer blistering and bleeding. I apply it once during the day and then every time I get up to go to the bathroom at night or tend to my two other little ones. Hope this helps, I know how painful it can be.

Aquaphor is a find treatment for dry, cracked hands and feet. I use it before going to bed every night. It takes a bit for it to sink in and if you could possibly wear cotton gloves every now and then after applying, that will help. On my feet I can put on a pair of cotton socks after applying. Aquaphor is a vaseline base. Another good one is Neutrogena unscented hand cream. Lotions contain a lot of water, so hands dry out quickly after using.


I have a hand lotion obsession. Try Hemp hand lotion from The Body Shop, it is the best I have tried and I have tried everything. I hate dry hands and have to put lotion on about 20 times a day, it is the only thing I am OCD about. This lotion works wonders!

I have the same problem ... well HAD the same problem. I started using Renew lotion and it literally corrected the problem after two days of using it. As long as I put it on once in the mornings and once at night my hands stay soft. You have to order it online but it is reasonably priced and you just need a tiny bit to cover your hands. It is definitely worth it! It's by Melaleuca (www.melaleuca.com) if you are interested in getting it. If you prefer store bought lotion, I would recomend Eucerin, Aquaphor, and Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion..... and what my dad used until I showed him the Renew... Bag Balm. It's for cows udders when they are milking but it works really good too!

I get cracks, especially on my thumbs from shelling pecans. What works for me is wearing rubber gloves when I know my hands will get wet, like doing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, etc. Every time my hands get wet, they end up even drier. At night, I put the greasiest stuff I can find all over my hands. Think Vaseline, Burt's Bees foot creme or Extra Emolient Night Cream from Mary Kay. Then I put gloves or socks over my hands and go to sleep. In the morning my hands are good as new.

I have the same problem! The ONLY thing that has ever worked for me is L'Occitane shea butter hand cream (silver tube).

Aveeno baby lotion, one that says for exzema

I know it's been recommended before, but I really recommend Aquaphor. The absolutely best solution for skin that has already cracked at the knuckles is NEXCARE 3M skin crack care. It seals painful cracks and promotes healing. It comes in a bottle like finger nail polish. I'm not sure if it is on the Band-Aid aisle or the lotion aisle- ask the Pharmacist. This will give you instant relief- you'll be able to bend your fingers again! I promise!

Try olive oil. Limit use of hand sanitizers. Use gloves when washing dishes.

So it's been 2 months...I came accross your posting and just HAD to give my two cents worth. Sorbolene Cream by Blue Lizard is a lotion you will undoubtably LOVE. The Dermatologist recommended it for my son that has skin issues at times. I have begun to use it on my feet, and now I LOVE it for me as well.

I absolutely have the same problem. I have found 2 lotions that work fabulously and don't leave the oily feeling. My favorite is Archipelago Botanicals Soy Lotion Milk. My back up and more portable is Hemp. Hope it helps!

My mom has severe eczema - so bad that it causes her skin to crack and sometimes causes her skin to bleed. She complained about he same things with her lotions - that they only lasted about 5 minutes. She started using Arbonne hand creme & body lotion & it has helped her a lot. If you are interested in trying it out - I can send you a sample.

I just bought some Palmer's Olive Butter Formula with Vitamin E cream. It's a small tube I bought at Wal-Mart, I think. Anyway, my son's face was very chapped and we used it on his face and it was cleared up within 2 days. The stuff works so good I couldn't believe it. I also use it on my hands because they get so dried out from washing my hands so much and I can't believe how well it works. Good luck, I hope you find someting that works for you.


I would suggest that you place a generous amount of vaseline on your hands and then cover them with cotton gloves each night, and in the morning you can wash your hands with soap and water (if the vaseline is not completely absorbed)and then apply a moisturizer. This method worked for me and I hope it helps you.

La Source Therapy from Crabtree and Evelyn - it's the BEST

I have the same problem. My feet also and legs. I know vaseline is ok but prefer baby oil. I kept putting in on all week end and by the end of the day much better. They are dyhydrated and also hard on the nails. G. W

Have you ever tried Special Attention Cream by Warm Spirit. It's wonderful www.warmspirit.org/yasteki

D., in the baby aisle, there's a gel form of baby oil. It's inexpensive, very moisturizing, and lasts for quite a while. You should wear gloves at night after you put lotion on so that your skin repairs really good.

I have been trying Nivea from Walmart and it seems to be helping mine....there is a hand cream. My hands do the same thing and my 23 month old is using the Nivea Essentially Enriched (blue bottle) for her dry skin...I put it on in the evening before bed and she wakes up and her cheeks are not chapped anymore. So far I am impressed with this brands products, and they are not outrageously priced.

Eucerin or Cetaphil are good ones. My son gets that on his hands and the doctor told him to use those ones. Cetaphil is frangrance free. HOpe this helps.

Try Neutrogena Hand Cream, not lotion. I am a nurse, and I use it when I leave work after washing my hands all day. It really helps. It works great. You may have to play catch up, but you can use it as often as you can. I leave lotion everywhere in my house, by the sinks, the computer, bedside tables, so when I am just sitting down, I use see the lotion, and am reminded to use it, especially in the winter.

You may need a doctor's help for this. From the way you describe it, anything you might buy without a prescription may not work, or may do more harm. Also, you might consider getting a water softener system if the water in your area is extremely hard. My husband and I just bought a new house, and the water here is extremely hard, so we purchased a water treatment system for the entire house. Hard water can dry your skin a lot, and it also requires the use of more soaps and detergents, which also dry skin.

JAFRA ROYAL JELLY...my hands cracked for years and once I started putting Jafra's ROYAL JELLY on my face I noticed that my Hands TOO were reaping the benefits! Contact me for more information! OR how to order~ ____@____.com

I use Gold Bond Healing lotion. It has a very nice smell and heals what cracks you already have, while keeping your hands moisturized to prevent any other cracks. I use it all winter on legs and arms too. Hope it works for you!!

Try Eucerin or Cetaphil, both of which are available over the counter at drugstores.

I had eczcema on my hands a few years back -- severe itching with little bumps. I used a cortisone cream along with the Cetaphil until it got under control. You don't want to use cortisone long-term, but it could help get the dryness under control for now.

For sure do the following: ALWAYS moisturize after ANY contact with water!! Also consider how often you are washing your hands. My dermatologist told me I was washing mine way too often; far more often than necessary. Also, NEVER wash dishes or do any cleaning without wearing gloves.

Finally, you could have a food allergy on your hands (ha ha) that's causing this, particularly if it's not new. I attended a great workshop at Whole Foods in Austin about it. Here is a link to the woman who ran the workshop: http://www.yourhealingdiet.net/

Good luck!

at bedtime put some vaseline on your hand's then put you some gloves on (you can find them at bath and body or sallys) let them stay on for fifteen minutes.

Try Satin Hands by Mary Kay. Believe me, it will work. You can go online to find a consultant in your area. I'm lucky because I have 2 sisters and 2 nieces who sell it, so I can always get it fast. It comes with a hand scrub, a hand cream and the extra emolient night cream. The night cream is what really makes the difference (but it all works together)and you can use it all day long!

If you're using a lotion that has mineral oil or petrolatum, that is probably the cause of the lotion not working. I'm sure you already have had a lot of suggestions, just make suer what you decide to try doesn't use those ingredients, because they do not even benefit your skin. Even if it says there are moisturizers in it, they cannot be absorbed into your skin because mineral oil (aka baby oil with fragrance)makes a barrier. The only purpose for it was to use on babies when using cloth diapers, because it kept soiled diapers from sticking to their bums. Now a lot of the companies that make lotion use it as a cheap filler, so we as consumers have to pick through them to find good lotions. My husband did a bunch of research on line about it, sorry for the long explanation. I just hate having dry hands too, and I used to try Vasaline thinking it would work, but it was a never ending cycle...my hands just stayed the same! I finally found and use Arbonne, cuz Arbonne is the best! :) Good luck!

I have the same problem. It got so bad that in the winter my nuckles actually crack and split. I found a hand cream called NO-CRACK SUPER HAND CREAM. They have a daytime and nighttime lotion. The night time stuff is like putting wax on your hands but it heally helps repair them. I found it at Restoration Hardware on Lemmon Ave off of 75. You could probably find it on their website too. This lotion has saved my hands.

I am an ER nurse and we are constantly washing our hands. The best ever lotion to use is Bath and Body works True Blue Spa "Lay it on Thick" intense moisture body ceam w/shea butter. It lasts for several hand washings. It is a little pricey @ about 20 bucks or so, however well worth it. Good Luck.

Gold Bond medicated lotion. I use it on my girls too.

Use mineral oil. It is best to apply it before you go to bed at night, then wear some cotton gloves or mittens with it so the oil can soak into your skin. Try to do it at least two nights a week, maybe you may need to do it more since your skin is very dry. Also, Gold Bond lotion has a lotion that is good for very dry skin, it is advertised on TV with the nurses that have to wash their hands so much, thay may work for you also. You can also use Vaseline petorline jelly on your hands also.

Hello D.,

I'm not sure if you're of age to recall. Maybe your mother aunts and grandmother can let you know the hundreds of benefits of aloe-vera for skin care.

Please go to www.foreverliving.com. Browse around the different lotions. I can have any product(s) shipped to you in a matter of only 2 business days.

Please feel free to contact me at your convenience. Thank you D..

D. Peña, LMT
Forever Living Products
e-mail: ____@____.com

D. W, Hello I am a Mary Kay Director.
I suggest Satin Hands. The creams are great for supper dry skin. The founder of our company 45yrs ago was a tanner. Transforming cow hide into leather.
I can send you samples to help you.
E. M

D. - I know you have received many great replies, but I have to give another testimonial for you. I'm not certain if you age will permit you to remember a tv show many years ago called the Partridge Family or not. One of the stars, David Cassidy, wrote this incredible testimony after his wife introduced him to Arbonne Intelligence. It works and does not contain mineral oil. Please read the following and let me know if I can help at all. J. Peters ____@____.com .....

"My husband, David Cassidy, is well-known around the world as an accomplished singer, musician , composer, actor, and producer. What most people don't know is that he has suffered with a myraid of skin conditions his whole life. In an effort to ease his sensitive skin he has tried just about everything. Nothing has soothed his dry, cracking and bleeding hands until now.

One of my good friends, Aldis Higgins, who is now my sponsor, told me about Arbonne and she gave me some samples to use. I loved them and when David had a recent flare-up, I gave him the Intelligence Hand Cream and Intelligence Skin Conditioning Oil.

David used these products six or seven times during the course of the day for about 5 days and the conditon completely disappeared!

In David's words' "Sue, this product is incredible!! I want to order more." And so began our relationship with Arbonne."

There is a great inexpensive lotion called Udderly Smooth. You can find it at Walgreens or CVS usually. It is only about $2 a tube. Great stuff!

I have 2 babies with extememly dry skin. I use Keri lotion on them and it works wonders. This is also, the only lotion the dr. could recommend.

Since I have to bath in extremely thick lotions after my shower, I have started using gels and body wash first. I am finding the Cetaphil THERAPUTIC Hand Cream works great. I have to order it from Wal-Mart Pharmacy, but it only takes about a day. The box has two three-ounce tubes in it.

I also have found some things with Dead Sea minerals help a lot.

Hope this works.

Try Eucerin lotion. It works great.

Out of curiosity is your maiden name "Deaton". Anyway, I have similar issues with dry skin and stumbled upon using a humidifier when my baby was sick and that really seemed to help my dry skin.

I have used Avon Skin So Soft.It worked good.

I also have severe problems with dry skin. You can coat your hands in Vaseline and wear silk gloves over it at night while you sleep. During the day try to use moisturizing soap if you need to wash. The only lotion I have found that truely works is pure Vitamin E lotion. I prefer "genes" and I can only find it at Sam's Club. It is yellow in a large tub. I use it all over and it stays on almost all day.

My hands were like that too but not anymore. You can use any kind of lotion or even Vaseline. Put it on really thick at night before you go to bed (don't rub in) and then put gloves on (the kind you get in the cosmetic dept) or socks on your hands works also. In the morning when you get up your hands will be 100% better. If your feet are really dry it works for them also. Hope that helps.

Can you make one? Go on line and google body cream recipes or email me off list (you can make a lotion by adding more liquid).
You would/will save money making your own and you can create a formula just for your dry skin that is far superior to what is in the stores. I make a cream because of living in the dry southwestern states. S.

hi! i am new to mamasource and i am just now reading your request. i am w/MOTIVATED MOMS...we are a group of women who work for ourselves not by ourselves...we are affiliated w/a wonderful wellness company and they have a lotion that i know would help you. if none of the others keep working "continuously" let me know. i can get you a travel size tube for $1.49+tax. it's not over the counter but it's not prescribed either. if you are interested in becoming a preferred customer to shop online w/this company let me know. take care. peace~A

I use Renew. My Dad sells it. I had the same problem and it is the only lotion that works for me and I only use it about once a day.

Corn Huskers Lotion. You can get it at any drug store. It's kind of gooey and gross and doesn't smell all that great, but put it on and rub it in till it disapears. I drove a cement truck for a while, cement will eat through your hands just like your clothes and shoes. This is the ONLY thing that I found that would heal my cracked bleeding hands without burning them or requiring a million applications!

Hi D.! I use some awesome stuff...Renew lotion. It gets rid of dry skin, can help with excema, is gentle, isn't greasy, is easy to go into your skin (doesn't stay on your skin) and heals from the inside out.


I had the same problem until I discovered Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream...seriously, it works like magic! Just put a little on at night right before bed, and you won't believe how soft and smooth your hands will be in the morning. And best of all, it's sold at most grocery stores, and isn't expensive at all. The first time I used it, even my husband coulndn't believe how soft it made my hands...he kept on touching my hands in amazement. :)

I have this aloe lotion. It's called Corium 21, I got it online. I can't remember the website but you can probably google it. My grandmother used it once (for dry skin) and she ordered her own. She loves it for that. It's one of those things that can be used for lots of uses. I use it for fever blisters. They are usually gone in a few days as opposed to a week with other stuff. Good luck!

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