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Seeking Information on the MMR Vaccine.

My 1 year old baby girl is only 17.5 pounds so I am waiting till she is twenty pounds to give the MMR vaccine to her. I know they recommend it at a year. I am still undecided though and researching. Does anyone have any advice or information regarding this issue. Thanks a bunch.

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I was concerned about the MMR and autism so I spoke to my doctor and she agreed to do the shots separately each one month apart. We have not issues and have a happy health 7 year old

Wait at least until she is at least 20lbs. My son is 16 months and still hasn't had it. I have gone back an forth on giving it to him or not because of the of autism and the MMR shot in boys. I don't think it is much of an issue in girls but I would wait until she is healthy and she is of weight.

Google Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and you will get lots of excellent researched information on vaccines.

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Hi S.,

I am an Alternative Health Practitioner. I have beaen in the field for 30 years. I am an advocate of no vaccines. When you realize that by the time a child is 6 months ol, they can have as many as 30 vaccines in them. Also when youlook at the increase in autism from 1-10,000 to 1-l50, we have to look to the cause of this debilitating condition. As someone who realizes that big pharma is constantly putting things into our bodies that are destructive and cause so many side effects, it is important to become knowledgable about these things so that we can make decisions about them that will help us to create healthy children and healthy adults as well. You may contact me through my e-mail ____@____.com if you would like further information.


J. Sanders
Alternative Health Practitioner

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this is a really personal decision as so many other moms have said. i just believe everyone should make an educated decision. i am posting my list of resources below - feel free to ask me any questions or add to my 'collection'!!! as for us - we have chosen to wait. it's a daily consideration - and one we have been happy with so far. my 3 1/2 year old has never had antibiotics, tylenol, tradtional medicines. most kids i know who are not vaxed - are very healthy but they also have parents who make sure they are eating healthy which definitely makes a difference to one's immune system. we treat all of our illnesses with homeopathic remedies, traditional osteopathy, accupuncture and chinese herbs and supplements. we are not anti western med at all - see a time and place for it - but view medicine as preventitive rather than reactive. if you do decide to vaccinate - just make sure your child is not sick and hasn't been for a few days before. if you can - make sure they are as calm as can be for the actual shot. and if you notice any reaction - report it and keep note of it for future reference.
hope this helps!

Vaccination Information

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations By Stephanie Cave, M.D., F.A.A.F.P. (pro vaccine)

Vaccines: Are They Really Safe And Effective? By Neil Miller.
The Vaccine Guide By Randall Neustaedter (non vaxer).

Natural Family Living By Peggy O'Mara, the publisher of Mothering Magazine.

I village has some great message boards – for vax debate, non-vax support and many other boards (breastfeeding, etc)


Deadly Immunity by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – EXCELLENT article!!! I have a copy I can email to you.

Dr. Jay Gordon’s seminar at the Skirball Cultural Center – the first event in the “Well Loved Baby” series called “Vaccinations?” - www.childcaremedia.com/dvdproducts.php




http://www.909shot.com/state-site/state-exemptions.htm - state exemption laws




http://www.mmrfacts.nhs.uk/library/timeline.php?t=showall or search NHS





http://www.medalerts.org/ (where also is found an online, searchable version of the VAERS database. Just have a look at what that thing is saying about the Hepatitis B vaccine! )






And, the following article on the Hep B vaccine is excellent:
"The EPA limit is 0.1 micrograms of mercury per kilogram body weight per day. It doesn't take a genius to do the calculations when on their day of birth children are given the hepatitis B vaccine, which is 12.5 micrograms of mercury. The average newborn weighs between 6 and 7 pounds, so they would be allowed 0.3 micrograms of mercury - but in this one shot they are getting 12.5 micrograms. That's 39 times more than allowed by law. And it gets worse when you consider that children are getting multiple vaccinations at 2 months. And this limit is for *oral ingestion* and not injection, which is much worse."

http://www.vaccinesafety.edu/thi-table.htm (the vaccines shaded in grey are no longer produced)

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It's so nice to see so many Moms with such gentle and supportive advice!! :) I wanted to add that Dr Lauren Feder who is an MD as well as a certified homeopathist has a new book out entitled The Parent's Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccinations (Practical Medical and Natural Ways to Protect Your Child). This is a very well-balanced book and has some excellent information on every vaccine out there as well as alternative vaccination schedules. She also gives several things that you can give your child before and after vaccines to help the body deal with the insult of a vaccination. Her office offers homeopathic alternatives to vaccinations and can seperate any vaccination (including MMR which is advised). Note: the DTaP vaccine cannont be separated because the pertussis vaccination is not available in single dose. She is in LA. Her office # is ###-###-####. I hope this is helpful :)

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Mothering.com has a very active a knowledgeable anti-vaccine discussion board.

The current magazine article has a shocking article on how much aluminum is in the shots. Way above the current safe levels for babies, according to the FDA.

To my knowledge weight is not a contraindication to the vaccine. You can check the CDC website and also the Merck (manufacturer of the vaccine) website for further information regarding the MMR vaccine. The vaccine is given to children as young as 6 months if there is an outbreak in the area they live in. The problem with giving the vaccine under 12 months is that the immune system is not capable of developing a high titer of antibodies to the virus. Therefore, the vaccine is not as effective and the child must be revaccinated and you want to try to avoid having extra shots. Studies have found that infants over 12 months have a much higher rate of successful vaccination. I would speak to your health care provider if you have any concerns.

My daughter did not reach 20 pounds till she was about 18 months. She received her vaccinations without any problems. Hope this info helped.

Here is a good start...


Also, www.mothering.com is a great source for vaccine info.

I applaud you for doing the research instead of just doing what your doctor tells you to. We do all we can to make sure what our kids eat is healthy, but then we so easily let them be injected with an insane amount of chemicals (vaccines) - there is a disconnect somewhere, I think. We have not given our 1-year-old ANY vaccines at all, so you are not alone in questioning this :)

One more thing, if you look at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) website (www.cdc.gov) and you look at the statistics on how prevalent mumps, measles, rubella, polio etc. are, it might give you some insight into how rare these things are that we are vaccinating for.

Good luck!

I am an educational therapist who has seen autism on the rise. Many parents who have children with autism noticed the autism appear approximately 6 months after the MMR. Doctors don't tell you this, but you can split the shot into 3 separate shots over 3 months, which diminishes the amount of the mercury containing preservative that potentially causes autism. It is painful and your doctor may disapprove, but potentially exposing your child to autism may be more painful in the long run.

My daughter was only about 15 pounds at one year and we gave her the mmr vaccine. She is 21 months now and has had no reaction to the vaccine. She is extrememly healthy and I did a lot of reading and talking to her dr. before I finally agreede to give it to her.

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