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Seeking Individual/orginization to Donate Used Baby Items To

My twin boys have outgrown all of their 0 - 3, 3 - 6, and 6 - 9 month clothing and I would love to donate them to someone who needs/wants them. I hate the idea of giving them to Salvation Army or similar where someone would have to pay for them. Since they are fall babies most items are ideal for winter so they would be great for someone expecting late summer / early fall. We are moving in a few weeks and do not want to bring these along, so if you have a need for them or have a great suggestion, I would love to hear from you.

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RespondNow in Park Forest is a great place to donate too, they give everything away to the community.

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I have a friend who works with the following organization and is looking for baby items :)

Here's her message to us ......

Hello Ladies!
I'm currently working with an organization called Newborns in Need, a 501(c)3 charity that serves the needs of sick and needy premature and newborn babies, and those in crisis. [I've also started the application process to start a local chapter, so if anyone is interested in continued support (being a part of the local chapter's team or leadership board, or if you're the crafty type, sewing, knitting or crocheting would be helpful too!), please let me know!] I recently went through all my infant items and have come up with several boxes to donate, and was wondering if anyone had any items (for preemies/infants/children) they also might want to donate - consider this as you're doing your spring cleaning! (All donations are tax deductible). Our little ones are truly a gift from God, and we can all make a difference to better the lives of those that are less fortunate than us. Newborns in Need is in need of the following:

No matter what the weather is - spring, summer, winter or fall - babies are in need of clothing, blankets, and essentials to keep them warm. Some of the items urgently needed at all times of the year are:
* Sleepers (preemie and newborn)
* Gowns (preemie and newborn)
* Pacifiers (many hospitals don't have pacifiers to give babies to calm them after surgery or while babies are stressed, this is an urgent & most important item)
* Baby hygiene items (baby powder, baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby soap, diaper rash cream, etc are in seriously short supply - please help)
* Receiving blankets, quilts, baby afghans and blankets
* Crib sheets - we have a huge need for crib sheets at this time.
* Baby formula - all kinds. Please check and make sure that the expiration date is not up.
* Bassinet Sheets
* Outfits - tops, bottoms, sets, clothing
* Burp cloths
* Diapers - preemie, newborn, and older disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are appreciated.
* Bottles - preemie, 4 ounce and 8 ounce bottles - all types. Bottle lines are also appreciated.
* Burial layettes - burial gowns, bonnets, blankets and memorial items are needed (Reading this one broke my heart!)
* Comfort toys
* Booties, socks and shoes
* Diaper Bags
* Changing pads
* Bibs
* Baby hats
* Undershirts
* Baby furniture - cribs, bassinets, changing tables, dressers, high chairs, and play pens.

Think of your own children or children of a friend - What was needed when they were born to provide them quality of life? That?s what is needed. Newborns in Need asks that items be in new or like-new condition (similar to what Once Upon a Child stores want - I have never been to one so I don't know their items, but that's how it's described!) with no staining, rips/tears, piling, etc.

I really appreciate anyone taking the time to read through this. I realize that it seems like everywhere we turn people want from us, but I also know that it's sometimes easy to take things for granted. A small donation in our eyes will make a big difference to a needy newborn. And remember, this organization helps babies survive and gives them and their families a chance at better and happier lives - like the ones that we enjoy. Please consider a donation of any kind!

Thanks again!


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try to join www.freecycle.org
it is an awesome way to give away items just like these to individuals who really appreciate them!

Cancer federation will come pick up at your house. They came to my house after my garage sale and took EVERYTHING. It is sooooo freeing! They are located in (i think) waukegan or grayslake.

good luck!

i would love to have your baby clothes i am expecting a little boy in september thats if the offer is still good thank you J.

Are you anywhere near Highland, Indiana? St James Church supplies Birthright with donated items which they give away free.

You may want to post them on Freecycle - then you know people who will use them are receiving.


RespondNow in Park Forest is a great place to donate too, they give everything away to the community.

I don't want to be pushy and I don't work for Salvation Army but I do donate to them. Here is my thought. Yes people pay a small price for the items but that money is not just going into the pockets of who runs the program. It goes to pay for a lot of different programs that help a lot of people. This way someone who has a little money can get gently used items and support those who have a greater need at the same time.

That being said I also suggest freecycle.org

You should post on Craigslist. There are always people looking and in the last month (or few weeks I don't remember) there was a teenage mom of twins who was posting looking for people willing to donate stuff.

Hi R.

Call the American Red Cross and state that you have some clothes that you would like to donate to a family/families of tragedy. There have been a few fires in my area of Indiana and I know these families have lost EVERYTHING! My next door neighbor just called because we both had clothes and household items and we ended up giving a family all that we had. I know what you mean about places who 'sell' the items, which is why we called ARC. This way, we were able to help a family with no cost to them.

God's Blessings

i'm due with a little boy in aug and if the clothes are still avaiable i would love to take them off your hands i'd give you something for them to just let me know what you would like for them please let me know.or you can call me 1224-###-###-####.
thanks M.

Lake County Right To Life
100 N Atkinson Rd
Grayslake, IL 60030


This foundation donates to women in need.

You could always try freecycle.org. It's an Internet group with the purpose of giving and receiving free items that would otherwise go in the trash or to Salvation Army. When our twins outgrew their infant double stroller, we used freecycle to give the stroller to a single mother who couldn't afford to buy a new one.

How wonderful of you to think of others! I work at a hospital and the social worker is always talking about mom's without anything. You could call a local hospital and ask her/him to accept those things and give them out to families. She could not give you the names of anyone due to the privacy laws, but most will accept those things if they have room. Good luck with your move.

There are some resale shops in the south subs that accept clothes and the proceeds go to battery women. They also let the women shop there for free, so I bring my donations there. They will also give a tax write off donation slip for your items. The one I go to is in Worth on 11th Street, one block east of Harlem ave. I want to say it is called NEat Repeats. I would check the phone book and make some phone calls. :)

not having twins myself, I don't know the name of the organization, however, if you are really interested, I have a friend who has 4 yr old twin boys and she belongs to a "twins club" where they exchange and/or donate. Seems there is always someone ahead of you or behind you in needs and as far as I know they are all in good condition. If you want to know more, let me know and I'd be happy to call her and get you the details.

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