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Seeking in Info on Home Schooling

I have a 15 year old godchild who will not go to school. She wants to be home schooled. Her mother does not have time so I have offered to help. I do not know what to do to get started or if she is too old to be home schooled. I appreciate any advice that anyone can give me.

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Just search the web there are many private schools that also do home schooling. Richardson has the largest homeschool population.

I started homeschooling an 11th grader when we moved and she didn't want to start a new school. I've homeschooled my 10 children for 17 years now.
There is a LOT on the internet. Here in Grandview, we have a place you can come and buy Rod and Staff.

I would suggest Alpha Omega's switched on schoolhouse. I've used it for 6th -9th and 11th and 12th grades for my daughter. She went to a private school in 10th grade. Their website is www.aop.com and you can get a catalog and everything. Good luck. p.s. she's not too old to homeschool.

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There is a big homeschool bookfair/conference in August at the Plano Convention Center (http://www.nthen.org/index.php/conferences/conference_info/). At 15, it might be good to have her (and her mom) go with you so you can look at all the curriculum available and make the choice together. They have classes you can attend as well.

I don't know anything about your godchild, but it concerns me that you said she "will not go to school." Is she a fairly compliant child who is having a rough time or is she just refusing to go? I ask because if she is 15 and is more defiant, then you may have problems. I have homeschooled my children for the past 10 years. My oldest son (3rd child as my oldest 2 are girls) was a more defiant child. Homeschooling him was rough until he mellowed some when he turned 13. Even though he is doing much better (behavior wise), I still know that I have a rough road ahead of me as he enters high school, whereas my girls were a breeze.

As you can see from my experience, I am not saying you shouldn't homeschool. It is a great option for a lot of different kids and sometimes necessary for the troubled ones. The curriculum you choose really should be geared around your god daughter's learning style. If she's had a real rough time in school, then she may need some down time. If that's the case, I would hesitate to go through an online school right off.

I'll be glad to answer any other questions you may have. I think it is great that you're offering this opportunity for her.

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I would do it through Texas Tech. You can enroll them on-line, there's a virtual "school district" that you enroll in and she can take all her classes through them. You mail in homework or do it on-line, depends on the class.

It's structured, well planned and meets state requirements. It's not expensive.


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Hi L.. I recently did some research on this subject because I was going to homeschool my niece but she changed her mind. Some that seem to be good are Alpha Omega http://www.aop.com/home/Curriculum_index.php and Abeka http://www.abeka.com/. Another one is PACE http://www.pennywiselearning.com/ACE-School-of-Tomorrow.html. Go to Mardel's they have a huge section for homeschooling. Or even Lifeway Christian Bookstore. A website that has a bunch of different curriculum is http://www.christianbook.com/html/specialty/1016.html?p=1.... This website might give you some infomation about Assesment http://www.tea.state.tx.us/student.assessment/parents.html. Also the state has a link to previous Taks Test and the link for that is http://www.tea.state.tx.us/student.assessment/taks/bookle.... If she decides to go back in public school she will have to pass the TAKS for the previous grade. I know its crazy. For example if this next year she is working on 9th grade, then she decides to go back for 10th, she will have to take the TAKS for 9th grade in order to go into 10th grade at the public school. Be sure to check with the public school because they may have to have you fill paperwork out that says you are homeschooling her. All districts are different some don't require that. This is pretty much the stuff I found out. Also, you could call some private schools because their are some that let you homeschool through them. I discovered that. Texas Tech is an online high school. All I can say is do research on the internet because now there are so many options available. Good luck.

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L., she is definitely not too old to be homeschooled. There are tons of options for curriculum. You just have to see which type you want to do. some are literature based - like Sonlight (I know lots of families who have used this with great success - and we are using it to). Konos is more hands on - projects - good for the tactile learner. You've gotten advice to go to the homeschool book fair in Plano in August - it is a great idea. There are also some homeschool groups - just do a google search for your area. I'm sure there are homeschool moms in your area who would be more than happy to offer advice. Just give the groups a call and they will put you in touch with someone.

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You have already gotten some really great advise, just thought I would share my experience as well. I am currently homeschooling my 16 year old son. He attended public school through his 9th grade year, so we have only been homeschooling for one year now. We use the Penn Foster Accredited High School Program(www.pennfoster.com). You can transfer credits from their high school that they have already received credit for. The tuition price includes all the text books & suplements needed. The textbooks are also available online if you prefer to use that method. They have instructors that you can call on the phone or email if you need help. The writing assignments & writing tests have to be mailed in but all the other work can be entered online or mailed in (your choice). My son is able to do most of his work without my help, but I do spend aprox. one hour a day going over his work & answering any questions that he may have. He really enjoys homeschooling because he can work at his own pace. He does his school work about 4 hours a day and based on what he has completed so far, we anticipate that he will likely be graduating by the end of this next school year when he would have normally been finishing his 11th grade year. Penn Foster also offers a wide variety of Career Courses. Depending on the high school electives you choose, some of them give you credit towards a career course diploma. Penn Foster is also affordable! You may want to check this out, but I heard that if your homeschooler wants to participate in graduation ceremonies, Texas State Law requires your local high school to allow homeschoolers to participate in their ceremonies (you just have to provide the diploma to them). Good Luck to you & your God-Daughter

So much advise and so little time :-) I homeschooled my youngest and had the best of time getting to know him. For more information try:
If nothing else, you and your godchild will learn how to deal with each other good, bad and otherwise which will help her become a responsible adult.

You have had a lot of good advice so far. It is not something that yhou want to go into lightly. She needs to understand that homeschooling is not "the easy way out." Much of the time it is much more difficult that public school. She will have to be self-driven and truly willing to work at it at MASTER the concepts she is trying to learn. (No just "passing"). However, if both she and you are willing to work at it, homeschooling can be a wonderful thing. You should check out www.k12.com. It is excellent! God bless!

One more thing...my daughter & I are attending the Texas Homeschool conference in the Woodlands in August. There is an opportunity for the teens to work the bookfair & enjoy activities & adults have lots of info. sessions. You should go..maybe we could meet! It is like $15 each plus hotel. We are planning some field trips while we are there to Houston to the aquarium, health museum & some history stuff.

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