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Seeking Ideas for Tween Girl Birthday Party Locations

Our daughter is turning 11 in February. She would like to invite 10 friends to her party, which is too many to have at our house. And of course there is a good possibility of rain, so it needs to be inside.

She's not interested in a bowling party. She did some research in the internet (!) and came up with the idea of a "Salon Party", where the girls go and have their hair, nails and make-up done. I am SO not ready for that. Even if we just did hair and/or nails, I think they are too young, but I could be persuaded... Has anyone ever had a Salon party for their tween? How did it go? Was it hard to arrange? How much did it cost?

We both like the idea of a party at a roller rink. I found rinks in Redwood City, San Jose and Milpitas, but those are all a bit far. Anyone know of one closer to Mountain View?

Any other ideas for a birthday party location for tween girls?

Thanks so much!

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My daughter (age 16) still likes LaserQuest for Lasertag. (Mountain View near Shoreline and 101). They have birthday packages and you can order in pizza

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For my daughter's 10th birthday we had a spa party at home. We got the idea from American Girl, but did it ourselves.

She had 7 or 8 friends over and I had another mom come to help. We did "facials" to talk with the girls about the importance to taking care of the your skin. They gave each other new hairstyles. And I borrowed enough of those back rub contraptions so the girls were paired up and gave each other "massages" while sitting up and clothed in PJs. We had a mom that is wonderful with nails give the girls manicures (it was sort of an assembly line) complete with the little sticker jewels. Most of the girls slept over and we had home made fruit smoothies and granola for breakfast. Their goodie bags were really cute washcloths (from Target) with travel sized lip balm, shampoo, pocket brush, hair elastic, and lotion. It was a lot of fun to plan and the girls loved it. We had healthly snacks and bottles of water neatly arranged for them to eat during the party, they arrived just after dinner.

A friend of hers had a party once where they all went to lunch and then got professional manicures complete with the little flowers.

If she's crafty, you could look into a Pottery painting place like Color Me Mine, or a beading store. We've done both of those as well. The Place to Bead in San Ramon does beading parties, and I think The Bead Shop in Palo Alto has a back room, you could check there.

For her next birthday she wants to have a proper Victorian High Tea party at a tea shop.

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Hi D.,

I've helped one of my sister-in-laws' with her daughter's 11th salon birthday party. The salon was actually in Mt. View, but I'm sorry I can't remember the name. However, this salon advertised that she hosted pre/teen salon party's. The lady had an area reserved for food and snacks...then a couple of girls at a time were able to get their nails done, while I had some side activities for the other girls waiting. We allowed them to just paint their fingernails and toe nails...it wasn't a real manicure/pedicure...just a clean up and paint. The other nice offer in this salon were massages..since I knew my SIL needed some R & R, I let her get the massage while I watched/hosted the party. It went fairly well...after a couple of hours...parent's came to pick up their kids and we called it a day. The girls enjoyed it and it was just enough time to not go crazy...btw, we had about 10 girls...

Hope this helps.


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I don't know if this is going to help but....There is a place in Westgate mall that caters to "girlie" parties. I don't know the name of it, but maybe someone on here will! My neighbors girls went to a party there which was "rock & roll" themed and they came back with great hair and nails. Good Luck!
Okay, I got curious and looked it up....It's called Raspberry Lips. Here is the webpage: http://www.clubrazzberry.com/faq.html

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Rock climbing at Twisters Gym in Mt. View was good for our 10yo girl.

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This is the perfect age for young ladies to learn proper skin care. Many of my clients with "tween" girls have scheduled a skin care pamper party as the Birthday party for their daughters. One gal even had her party at a local hotel and had a sleep over for the girls (5 friends invited). The Birthday girl's Mom + one other stayed over as chaperones. Goodie bags consisted of travel size skin care sets which I provided. We covered proper skin care, then brought out the color samples and let them practice make-up application. Though they're still way too young for make-up, most girls love to play with it and this was a controlled environment with lots of guidance.

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My daughter (age 16) still likes LaserQuest for Lasertag. (Mountain View near Shoreline and 101). They have birthday packages and you can order in pizza

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I have a 9 year old daughter and she loves Razzberry Lips and Blush. The Razzberry Lips is at Westgate Mall in Saratoga. I'm not sure if that's too far but you should go to "http://clubrazzberry.com/index.html" and check it out. It's great for 7-15 year olds for a cute and fun make-up theme. Note, the colors are pastel and light so it's not a heavy make up look. Hairstyles are done with glitter added. Read the party information. Nearby they have Willow Street Pizza place, Fresh Choice, Johnny Rockets, etc for a lunch after if you were planning that as well. All inside, music, make-up, hair fun and pictures. Check out their "gallery" of photos to see what it's like.
If Saratoga is too far, look at other local malls under children's section and maybe a name will sound like a make-up and hair fun place. You might have something similar closer to your area.
Have fun, regardless of what you decide to do for your daughter's birthday!! J.

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Hey D. -

I have the perfect solution -- have her birthday at Opal'z (just down the street from Winter Lodge in Midtown Palo Alto). The girls can make soaps, lip glosses, scented lotions and liquid soaps, bath bombs, all kinds of girly-girl things, but in a crafty sort of way, and all with natural ingredients. They have a big room upstairs just for parties, you can bring your own food, bevs, etc. Easy, perfect, and the girls will LOVE it!


Have fun!


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