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Seeking Ideas for 8 Year Old Sleep over Birthday Party

Moms, I am in need of some fun crafts/ideas for my daughters 8th birhtday. She is having 5 girls come to our house for a sleep over. I want them to have fun!

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I think it is fun to have them paint t-shirts and then wear them home teh next day. You can find all the supplies at Michaels craft store.
You will also find that they will not need to many planned activities. They will have enough fun being together with a movie playing.

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I have an 8-year-old daughter, and she and her friends really like making beaded jewelry. All they need is a bag and something to thread them on, and they have a blast.

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My daughter is about to have her first slumber party birthday at 10 years old. She has chosen the theme "A Day at the Spa". We are planning a nail polish bottle shaped pinata and cake. We will have a nice sit down meal w/ chicken, carrots and salad (my daughter planned the menu with her favorites). There will be plenty of snacks (fruit, veggies, popcorn). I have asked a few of my friends to come help with the facial mask, nail polish (with foot baths), and hair styling (braids). We will then have a fashion show and the rest of the night is the girls. They will be in our play room (next to the kitchen) with 2 blow up beds, dvd player and WII. My daughter is asking her 3 friends to bring their favorite movie and WII game. Then we will be having a pancake breakfast with sausage, eggs and fruit (if there is any left over). Hope this helps.

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Do a Manicure and Pedicure Party I did one for my 10 year old and they all had a great time

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You could buy some plain pillowcases and fabric markers (usually about $10 for a pack of 6) and the girls could decorate their own pillowcases! It would be a fun craft and a special remembrance of the party, plus it would be a take-home thing so one less goody bag to buy!

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we just had our sleepover in june. They had so much fun. We had pizza to start and I made cupcakes decorated like popcorn- super cute (let me know if you want info on those) Then we made ice cream sundaes- we bought ice cream, syrups, nuts, sprinkles and whip cream and let the girls go at it- they loved that. My neice went to sallys and bought a simple mudd mask and did facials for each girl and painted their nails. Then they went upstairs and put on fashion shows. We ended the night with movies and a big mess in the house. Have fun and try not to stress- they will find something to have fun with.

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Some great ideas you have gotten! I also really like the idea of the pillow cases. They are a craft and a party favor all in one. Write each girl's name on hers really large and really neatly with permanent marker. Then let them all autograph each other's with different color permanent markers, and decorate. (I guess you might want to do this at the kitchen table so the marker doesn't get on anthing else.) -- My son still has a pillow slip from a 1st grade sleepover and he is in 7th grade. He takes that cover to camp, other sleepovers, etc. A fun momento.

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I bought some plain white pillow cases and each of the girls put their hand prints on in differant colors then they wrote their name under their hand print. That way any time they slep over with each other they would bring their own special pillow.
Anther thing would be to make their own banna split or icecream sunday.

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We just did this for my 8yr old and it was great. We had 10 girls. What we did was first we didnt start the party till 6. I ordered pizza and had a movie ready. I put them in the floor let them eat and watch a movie. Lasted about 45min.

I went to the dollar store and bought bonnets and all sorts of decorations. I put them at the table and had them all make hats. This lasted about 30 min. I then took a big group picture. Sent my husband to CVS to print one for each girl. While he was gone we then made photo frames, also came from the dollar store. We then had cake and opened presents. At this pint it was around 9:00. Then I let them run around and play till 10. Then we pulled out the sleeping bags and put the rest of the movie back on. Made popcorn and they were mostly asleep by midnight. It was great. Then I took the picture and put in the frames for them to take home.

I was great and was so smooth, not but one fight the whole night. Good luck.

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Craft ideas could be decorating pillow cases with fabric paint, or decorating flip-flops (look for ideas on the internet for that).

When my daughter turned 8, she had a diva/rock star slumber party. We had everyone come dressed as a rock star or diva then I had a friend come over who did their hair and make up. Then they walked on the "red carpet" (red plastic table cloths that I cut in half and taped to the floor) while I took photos. Afterwards they sang karaoke - I bought a cheap $25 karaoke player at Walmart which was part of my daughter's birthday present. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

HTH. Have fun!

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