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Seeking Help with Pregnancy Rash on Face

I am pregnant with my 3rd child now and I have this rash around my mouth that i can't seem to get rid of. When I was pregnant with my second child I had the same rash that wouldn't go away until after I had her and then my skin was back to its clear self again, but now I am so frustrated on what to do. I am so self conscious about going into public feeling people are looking at my face and I don't want to just add creams to see what works. The rash seems to go down in the evening time and when I wake up in the morning but when I bath or use any water it only flares up again, keep in mind I have tried not washing my face or using my bathing soap (I only use natural oatmeal soap) for a few days with only just running water on my face and even that doesn't help but only makes the rash more red. Are there any women who have encountered this before? PLEASE HELP, I have five more months of pregnancy to go and just can't sit and wait until the birth of my child for my skin to clear up.

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I want to thank everyone for their advice and encouragement to me for my rash that i am dealing with. I found a very good product at Whole foods that works very well and its all natural ingredients (no chemicals). Its gradually going away with time and attention so it doesn't even appear noticeable anymore so thank you all for your support. I love this site with other mothers and women who care.

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I have been reading about rashes on the face because I have eczema, and it too seens to be affected by water. I thought that it was just another come-on when I was told to rub the inside of a bananna peel in the rase, but it worked. What have you got to lose? you can always eat the bannana.
Good luck! Jeannine

Try Cetaphil cleanser and lotion. I have rosacea and it helps me. I use in on my 2 year old as a cleanser. It's very gentle, safe and avaialable at the drugstore. You might want to see a dematologist. Mine recommeded it to me.


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OMG, DON'T try proactive-you're not supposed to use that stuff when you're pregnant-it's dangerous...you have to watch out for these relentless salespeople, that's the only bad thing about this site. Call your dr. and only do what he/she recommends.

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Hi C.,

This happened with my second baby. My kids are just about the same age as yours, btw (4 and 19mos.). I saw my dermatologist and she said it was a type of dermatitis and the pregnancy seems to make it flare up. She prescribed an erythromyciyn ointment that was safe to use while I was preggers. It took a couple of weeks of using it twice a day, but my skin returned to normal and has looked great since. Get in to see a dermatologist and don't buy things just to try. Get a diagnosis and get the right thing. We have plenty of things to spend money on (like college!). Good luck.


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I can sympathize with you, although I'm not a doctor and have no quick fix remedy :( I just wanted to share with you my experience. About two years ago I developed a rash around my mouth and for the life of me could not figure out why. I eventually went to the doctor, and she said it was my Chapstick. I thought she was crazy because I've been using the Chapstick with the black label for years, and this had never happened, but then realized when I ran out I started using two other brands in the interim. My doctor said to stop using any kind of lip anything for a whole week, and no licking my lips! told her I would die if I couldn't put anything on my lips because they are so dry (I'm the girl you see around town with a chapstick on her keychain, applying it every 15 minutes) and she assured me I wouldn't. I took her advice, and even though it was really hard to do, I made it through it. She said to reintroduce the lip brands one at a time, and I narrowed it down to either the new Burt's Bee's stuff or the Carmex I had been using. Thankfully it wasn't my trustee Chapstick. LOL Anyway, you're probably wondering why I'm telling you this, since yours is clearly pregnancy related, but I just wanted to share. I had forgot about the other two lip products I was using, because they were a temporary fix but thought about it later. I'm not saying this would be your situation, but I feel like any and all information can't hurt! Good luck with that!

P.S. I was interested to read what the other mom's thought, and noticed that one mom suggested petroleum jelly. You are free to do as you please, of course, but thought I'd share another interesting piece of information. When I was in dental school, one thing I learned really amazed me. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline, etc..) is not water soluble. Therefore, while it protects the skin, and acts as a barrier, it is also a breeding ground for germs, microorganisms, etc... because they are basically "stuck" and if you are using it on an open sore, or lesion, well, you're asking for trouble. I used to love to use petroleum jelly on things, thinking it was safe, but that section of class really opened my eyes. I know most if not all doctors will agree that using petroleum jelly on an open sore is more harmful than good, and even though you have a rash and might not think you have any lesions, every time you open and then close your mouth, you open tiny little tears into it, not visible to the eye. If you are still skeptical, try this at home: rub some petroleum jelly onto your hands, kind of like lotion. Then run your hands under water. You will notice the water beads up, as it can not penetrate the hands directly. It seems like that would be good, but like I said, mix some germs and bacteria in there, and they’re there to stay. Also, to get it off, you would almost have to virtually scrub your skin raw (or use a good salt or sugar scrub) to get it off of your hands. Doing that to an area of your skin that is already problematic, would cause more irritation, if not tears. Sorry for going on so long about this, I just wanted to express my strong opinion against using the p.j. on anything but un-cracked feet.  Thanks for listening, and again, good luck!!

Sorry to hear, I feel you! I had the same thing happen to me when I was pregnant. I actually went to urgent care because at one point, I felt that my face was on fire. The doctor on site couldn't figure it out as he didn't know what to give me since I was pregnant and he called my ob/gyn and because it was the weekend and really, not urgent, I couldn't get in to see my doc until the following week. So, I went to Rite Aid and got Cetaphil cleanser and the lotion for sensitive skin and OMG, it worked! My face stopped burning and it took a day or two to get rid of the redness. Because of this, I also had to change my make-up, but it was all worth it. Good luck.

I am sorry to say this, but that rash you have I believe is caused by hormones. I too got a rash around my mouth (red, bumpy and kind of dry) at the end of the pregnancy and I had it until about a month after I gave birth. I have never had a rash on my face before ever. I tried everything. The only thing that worked enough so I at least could conceal it was to put Neutrogena hand creme on first, then concealer.

Those hormones aren't good! I think also a lot of it is just "system overload". The organs get squeezed and are just not able to do as good a job as normal to rid toxins from the system. The result is that the skin (also an elimination organ) takes over some of the job from the kidneys and the liver. Eating less sugar and other acid-creating foods will also help. (Do a google search on alkalizing food and you'll know what I mean).

Good luck!

Ok Please help me, what was the product from whole foods??? I am almost five months pregnant with my fourth child and have never experienced this before, my rash is exactly how you explained yours and I have tried it all!!! I don't live anywhere near a whole foods but my mom does and would ship it to me asap...Please, please,please

Try Rescue Remedy cream available at Whole Foods market. It comes in a yellow tube. It is a very gentle bach flower remedy cream that has cleared up all the rashes in my family. (It might sting at first but bear with it, it soon fades.) It is non greasy and quickly absorbs into the skin. Also I wouldn't use oatmeal soap, look for a cream based cleanser at Whole foods. One without any perfumes.

Good luck


Try Cetaphil cleanser and lotion. I have rosacea and it helps me. I use in on my 2 year old as a cleanser. It's very gentle, safe and avaialable at the drugstore. You might want to see a dematologist. Mine recommeded it to me.


Sorry to hear about your rash, I, like others had the same rash on my face, around my mouth and near my nose. I went to a Dermatologist and they said that the only meds that work can't be used during pregnancy and nursing. I too felt awful about how I looked. But there was nothing to be done. I tried all sorts of stuff and super expensive cream. Right after I had my daughter it cleared up in 2 days!!! Only thing I noticed was it was bad some days and good others. Hang in there!!!!!

You could ask your dr about a steroid dose pack just to see if that might help you. I got a pregnancy rash with all 4 of my children, but it was all over me and felt like one huge mosquito bite. The dose pack took the itch away but I still had to wait until after delivery for the rash to go away. I hope your dr can give you something to make it go away, but you may just have to deal with it. When people asked me, I would just say that I was allergic to pregnancy. This would make them laugh and I didn't quite so self conscience about it. Good luck, I know how you feel.

Hi C.,
The rashes are a normal part of pregnancy for many women. They occur because of hormonal changes and all the other good stuff that comes along with it. I suggest talking to your OB and seeing what he/she recommends. If it is really bothersome, you can always consult with a dermatologist. Good luck with baby! Just remember -- you are beautiful. :0)


I'm not yet a Mom unfortunately but was sent a tree and am now on the list.

I am a business consultant and work with many Naturopathic Physicians. They attend eight years of school and take state boards to be licensed etc...but are not the main stream in this country. There are two of them in Vegas that would be able to give you some alternative answers for your rash. You may want to also consider Acupuncture. You would be surprised what an amazing difference it can make and a good Acupuncturist may be able to clear your rash up quickly and easily.

Good Luck,

My daughter had a similar problem. She found that she could not use most soaps and makeups, the scents and perfumes that are used in those products caused her to break out more. Stress, worrying about it will also make it worse. She suggested that you talk to your ob/gyn about anything that they might suggest, or go see a dermatologist. Most of the products out there, over the counter, will not work. She said that minimal makeup was best.

She also has three children, 9, 4 and 3. Three boys, by the way, and very energetic guys. "ALL boys in their behavior."
She survived and said to encourage you, that it is well worth it.



UGH! I had the same thing with my last pregnancy. We just found out that I am pregnant again and was thinking about that rash hoping that it doesn't arrive. However, if it does, I am going to go to this AMAZING organic pharmacy that I have found and use with my 2 year old. It is called Green Cradle and is located right next to the Juvenile Shop on Ventura Blvd in Studio City. They are on-line although all of their products might not be posted yet as they are relatively new. They are SO knowledgeable and definitely worth a look!

Good luck!

I have an inflamatory rash on my face, palms and soles. I take flax oil, natural e, c, and other supplements every day, and they are a big help.
The BEST product I have found, )and I have tried hundreds of them) is one my sister has used onher baby who (HAD!)severe excema. It's called CALIFORNIA BABY CALENDULA CREAM it comes in a little yellow tub, and it is so soothing, & not greasy. It literally puts the fire out and is all I ever use on my body for over a year now, including my face And it smells sooo good on. No chemicals, just goodness.
I hope it works for you, I bet it will help a lot. They have a website if you cant find it at a health food store. Target sells some of their products, but calendula is the one that puts out the fire!

Isn't oatmeal soap exfoliating your skin? When I was in beauty school, the natural oatmeal soaps were used as an exfoliant.Try just plain old Dove soap-The plain white bar/original. That has a moisturizer in it and it's very gentle on the face, wash only with warm water.Hot water can make the skin more sensitive by opening the pores and the shock of cold water closes your pores.So plain old warm water and dove white soap, hope that helps.

I am a consultant for Arbonne international. Our skin care products are wonderful and completely natural. I don't want to use this forum as an advertisement but I'm sure their baby line will work wonders for you. If you want to visit my website at T..myarbonne.com, sign my guest book, and I will send you free samples. Good luck in your search and congratulations in advance!

I would ask your doctor if he/she has any advice. I hope you feel better soon! :)

Vitamin A deficiency can contibute to skin rashs. Check with your doctor and see if he has any lab test to check for it.

Dear C.,

Not sure if this will help, but I suffer from eczema, as do many friends and family members, and it flares up with weather or lots of washing and such. I have recently discovered Aquaphor Baby Wash, which several people on Drugstore.com have sworn is great for eczema and psoriasis. You might be able to find it at Target, or other drugstores, by most definitely at Drugstore.com. As well, Aquaphor ointment works wonders on your skin as a "moisturizer". I use it on my sons mouth and lips at night as it does not have any odor or taste. He, too, has eczema around his mouth, especially in drier weather. It really flares up when we travel to Las Vegas!

Anyhow, I hope this helps! Good luck! I know how embarrassing something like this can be (I also suffer from acne and have for most of my life!). I wish you the best of luck in the rest of your pregnancy! I just delivered my second son on April 8th.

With things this awful, a sense of humor really helps, don't you think? Are you ready? I had the same thing except it progressed into a giant, brown SCAB! I looked like a bearded lady! EEEEK! I had to work like that and could only joke about the "indignity" of it all.

Now, there was one thing that helped me and healed the giant scab so that I went back to the red and brown scaly skin (which I was then REALLY grateful for!) and that was...petroleum jelly! That's it! Just so you know, it works really fast if it's going to work at all so just give it a couple of days.

Also, remember that this IS normal and anyone who looks at you is probably ruefully remembering when it happened to them!

Best wishes!


Have you seen a doctor for eczema? I have had the condition on and off since I was 20 and it seems to always come on with hormone fluxes and/or stress. I had mild cases with each of my children (I have 3). I always get it around my mouth, chin and outside of my nose and I don't ever get it anywhere alse. It always shows up as a red rash. Sometimes it is accompanied by small white bumps that might even itch. I went to my general practioner after a bad case and he diagnosed the condition as eczema. He prescribed a topical and it did help clear it up after a few days. Nothing else seemed to work and I completely understand you not wanting to go out in public! I have also found that when I do get a break out using a natural mineral makeup keeps from irritating it. It doesn't hide it completely but it does help. I hope you find relief and have a wonderful pregnancy! Good luck!

Hi! Oh my gosh, I had the same thing, it's called Peri Oral Acne. I got it right after I was married and was on birth control pills. It is so irritating!! I finally went to a dermatologist and he told me immediately the diagnosis!! The only problem with you being pregnant, he prescribed Tetracyline, which I took for about a year and I had a perfect complection for a long time. But, you can't take it when your pregnant becuase it will make your baby's teeth a real dark yellow that you can never change (not else to mention what it may also do to the baby). I get a flair up once in a while and I know my hormones are out of balance. That's what causes the rash. I do take an herbal supplement when it happens called Don Quai, but I don't know if you can take it while you are pregnant. In my pictures of my last baby, it was really bad after I delivered, but after six weeks, I was fine. I really feel for you, it's miserable. I still get it only now in a pin head size pimple, that if I pop, it swells up and sort of goes away - but when I was pregnant, it made the rash even worse. I was so amazed at the first visit when I was about 20 - he had pictures that were so right on, but only worse!!! It's very common when you are teenager and when you turn about 30 and also going into menopause. It's basicaly a hormone imbalance. See if you can take any hormonal herbal product while you are pregnant. I am through with menopause now, but every now and again, I still have to take my herbal supplement to balance things out - then I am fine for a while. Boy!! The rash is nothing compared to the hot flashes you get when you are going thru menopause!!! lol
Good luck to you!

I have been reading about rashes on the face because I have eczema, and it too seens to be affected by water. I thought that it was just another come-on when I was told to rub the inside of a bananna peel in the rase, but it worked. What have you got to lose? you can always eat the bannana.
Good luck! Jeannine

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