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Seeking Help in Early Pregnancy Issues

I am pregnant with our second child. The doctor seems to think that I am only a little past four weeks pregnant. I am concerned for two reasons. First, my doctor put me on Prometrium because my progesterone levels were low on the first blood test (the day after my missed cycle--last week). I was retested two days later and my HCG levels tripled, but they did not retest the progesterone. Today, I had an appointment with my ob and they did a vaginal ultrasound and could not see anything. My levels keep rising and I definitely feel pregnant, but has anyone ever had this happen? I know it is really early, but I have to watch my cycle very closely because I am on blood thinner and had to begin a new type as soon as I missed a cycle. My first pregnancy was easy with no problems and I have never had any other pregnancies. Does anyone have any experience with something like this?

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yes this happened to me. I was preg. had a sack and my body thought I was pregnant but somewhere along the way my levels were low causing the baby to just not form... no heart beat, no nothing and it just withered away. They put you on the meds because they were afraid that you would do the same thing that I did. About week 11 or 13 I had labor pains and passed the sack. It was a whole sack and I looked and there was nothing in it. They were right. I was told not to get preg again for 3 months. On the 3rd month I was preg. This time had no problems with levels being high or low and the preg went just fine.

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Hi A.
i had the exact same problem - my levels kept going up but they couldnt see anything on the ultrasound - i hope you ready for what im about to say................. I was pregnant with twins!!!!! Thats why it was so difficult for them to see anything at first - so if i was you i wouldnt worry - you could very well be carrying multiples! I am now 3 months pregnant with the twins and super excited! They werent able to see the babies until i was about 7 weeks so keep your head up and try not to worry too much. Stress this early in your pregnancy is really not good - so take a deep breath and relax until you know exactly whats going on. Hope this helped - good luck and god bless!

A. --- I hope this is helpful information, but your situation sounds very similar to the beginnings of my 1st two pregnancies which resulted in unviable (and even dangerous) situations. THE first most critical is the potential for ectopic pregancy (when the fertilized egg develops INSIDE the TINY felopian tubes) - This can BE VERY DANGEROUS FOR YOU!!! My HCG levels were increasing, yet vaginal ultrasound revealed NOTHING in the womb - A more high tech ultrasound procedure of tubes, etc revealed a "bulge" in the tube that was the growing egg!!! A quick surgical removed the egg and SAVED MY TUBE!!! Secondly, I have endured a molar pregnancy -- once again HCG levels were increasing VERY RAPIDLY, yet this time the ultrasound revealed a cluster of cells that were non viable in the uterus --- safely removed with D & C. FINALLY, HOPE!!! The first ultrasound with my BEAUTIFUL baby girl DID NOT reveal anything in the womb - I was devastated!!! and was sent home to AWAIT MY MISSED ABORTION!!! When I came back in 1 week to check levels, etc...another ultrasound was done and THERE WAS MY BABY's BEAUTIFUL HEART BEAT!!! Therefore, I caution you that it could be something serious or your little one might be taking its time to develop like I believe mine did~!!!
Take care.,..would love to find out what you discover!!!

This happened to me too. However, even after taking Prometrium, my levels were hardly going up. They didn't find anything at all during my first ultrasound :( They told me, during my first couple of appointments, that the pregnancy was "probably not viable."
But.....I now have a 20lb 4 month old :)
Stay positive!!

Hi A.
I had very similar symptoms with low progesterone and above average HCG ranges. It could be something copletely different but when I had these symptoms it was a partial molar pregnancy, the baby is not viable, which can be caused by the lower than normal progesterone levels. To give you hope, it may not be this at all just what I went though. However if it is a molar pregnancy you need to have it diagnosed immediatly as it can be dangerous to you. That preganacy had to be surgically removed but I am currently 7 months pregnant again with a healthy pregnancy this time. I was put on progesterone and have before I got pregnant and am still on progesterone now just to ensure the baby is safe. If the baby is currently fine you can ask your doctor to keep you on progesterone throughout the pregnancy because it cannot hurt you or the baby and gives me great peace of mind. It is a safe supplement that ensures healthy development.
I pray that you come through this dvelopment well and that everything turns out ok for you.
Kind Wishes

4 weeks is very uearly for an ultra sound and it was probably just too early to see anything yet. i would say they have to do another one in a few weeks to really be able to see anything. jsut stay positive and keep praying.

It sounds like it's ectopic, but i sure hope it's not! Good luck to you

What did your OB say when they couldn't see anything on the internal ultrasound? I don't want to scare you but my only concern would be that you are having an ectopic pregnancy. I had one about 12 years ago and my hormone levels kept increasing but they couldn't find anything on the internal ultrasound. Finally they had me go the emergency room and they ended up having to a laproscopy and remove the blockage from my tubes. I sincerely HOPE this is not the case for you but something you might want to ask about. Good luck!

i did know a couple who had a diagnosed miscarriage. they were sure that the doctor was wrong and that they had not miscarried. she went to another doctor a week latter, and when they did an ultrasound, they found a healthy pregnancy. she carried to term and has a beautiful baby girl now. i think this is very rare, but i have known it to happen.

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