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Seeking Hair Salon/Barber Shop for Special Needs Children

I have a four year old son who has PDD (Austism Spectrum Disorder), Sensory Intergration Disorder, Speech Delays, Lead Poisoning and we are still not potty trained. We have MAJOR problems getting a haircut, which is done every two weeks. I think we may be wearing out or welcome at Cool Cuts for Kids (we broke the clippers this past Saturday, he knocked them out of the stylists hand and snatching the cords out of the socket). I am in need of somewhere or someone who can help us with getting a haircut. My son usually gets a 1 or 0 cut, nothing fancy, no designs or parts in his head. He refuses to wear the cape to keep hair off of himself. With the cut hair all over himself we them have another issue because he does not like the hair on him, so we have to come out of our shirts and wipe the hair off with wipes as well as the seat and he also has to use the blow dryer to remove the hair. There are other little things we have to do to try and make it through this process. I thought the more we went, as time pasted he would get used to it. It only seems to be getting more difficult. Please help. I have two weeks till it is time to get another haircut.

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Thanks to all of you who sent a response. I decided to use Kazaam's Kutz in Arlington. They were great. They were very accomodating in setting up an appointment before store hours to give us some privacy and allow some time to get to know my son. Words can not express how wonderful Ms. CC was with my son. We still had to go through some of our usual routines like taking the shirts off because he will not wear the cape and having to have wipes on hand to wipe himself and the chair. He became a little antsy and started to stand up but Ms. CC kept moving and working with him and was able to get him calmed back down. She was so great she even got in an edge up with no problem. Words can not express how wonderful a job Ms. CC did. She truly has a gift for working with special needs children. I was not tired, sweating or exasperated. It was truly an awesome visit. I can not wait until our next appointment. Thank you again for all of the wonderful responses.

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Hi S.,

I know you have a lot of issues to handle with your son but I had a couple of suggestions--could you go longer between haircuts so you don't have to face the trauma so often? Since what you are doing is getting more difficult, maybe try something else. Are there other things that work well in a different environment that could be adapted to this situation??? (what do you do to give him medication??? or when you try on shoes??? Another idea might be to learn to cut hair yourself and do it at home, maybe outside on the patio so that the hair is not such an issue (except on him). Maybe he would be more comfortable in his home environment. Could he have a little pool to play in after the haircut? Maybe you have a friend or relative who could be the barber, so that you could work on making him more comfortable and more cooperative.

Also, is it possible that he is picking up on your stress in the haircut situation and that that is making the situation more difficult?
Good luck--you have lots of special challenges to deal with regarding your little boy. I hope you get the support and the solutions you are looking for.

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The Star-Telegram featured Kazaam's in Arlington in a story about how the owner works with special needs children. She'll schedule cuts before the store is open to minimize noise and works with the children's personalities. Kazaam's is on Arkansas and Cooper in Arlington.

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My 4 year old son has ASD, and SPD, so I am very familier with your stresses. We have to keep my son's hair cut extreemly short, otherwise he claws and scratches at the back of his neck when ever he gets the least little bit hot. Is that why you keep your son's hair cut so short also? Does it grow quickly so that you have to do it that often?? We found that if I can wait 4 or 6 weekes between the hair cuts, it seems to be less stressfull for him. I had been going to cool cuts as well, but found it was just as easy to do them at home. He and my husband get hair cuts at the same time, and since I just shave my husbands head down to a 1/2 all over, and my son has a high and tight, it is super easy!! I sit him down in front of the tv, maybe give him a snack, let him feel the clippers while on with his hand and tell him that they are going to tickle him. As soon as we are done, he gets to go jump in the shower with daddy and wash off all of the hair as quickly as possible. (OH, and I got my clippers at walmart! they were only $19.99, and came with all of the gaurds and a carry case!!)

If you are not comfortable cutting his hair, or if he holds grudges, then ask the hair dresser from Cool Cuts if she makes house calls! (I was concerned at first that my son would be mad at me or scared of me for cutting his hair becuase it is so stressfull for him, but becuase we made it a game, it was a lot easier than I had thought it would be. And he doesnt stay mad or upset for long.) And because he LOVES the shower and taking baths, we get in it as quickly after the hair cut as we can, he takes his mind off of the stress of the hair cut, and I can just grab the vaccuum and clean up the floor and it takes 2 minutes!! It is still a matter of stress for us and he puts up a little bit of a fuss just before we start, but he rebounds quickly when it is all said and done.

I know how stressfull it can be to have a child with the special needs that ours have, so if you would like to ever message me personaly, please feel free to! I know some days, I feel so lost and no other mom understands what I go through daily with my child, and it would be nice to have some one arround that understands, and trade tips with!

Good luck! I look forward to hearing from you!!!

Be Blessed!,

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I work at at Salon called McKenzie's Salon Studio's in Mansfield. We have a lady that works there that spealizes in children.###-###-####
Call and ask the owner for her phone number.
The address is 209 North Walnut Creek Drive in Mansfield.
She is very good and patient. I can't believe that I can't remember her name, but she is the only lady there that spealizes in children. She has some special needs clients as well. I hope this helps.

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I work at an elementary school with a lady who also cuts hair on the side out of her home. I asked her about it and this was her response: "A., does she live in the area? If she does I would be happy for her to come to my house for his haircuts. If they want to continue in a salon, there are things she can do while he gets his haircut. She can use the neckduster brush (the big one they dust off the boys with after the haircut) to rub his arm with it or let him hold. She can take a kush ball for him to hold, squeeze or bite. She could take some chewelry-necklace that is for chewing-Madison wears one-. Let me know if se lives around here." If you are interested in talking to her-send me a message with your phone number or email and I will pass it on to her. She lives in Watauga. Hope this helps and good luck!

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Hi S.,

I have asked a friend to recommend the place where she takes her son. In the meantime, I want to tell you that I am a licensed Yoga for the Special Child (R) therapist working in Fort Worth. I work with children with developmental delays. We use a variety of yoga practices to help concentration and lower stress by providing coping skills.
If you are interested, my website is www.yogapotential.com

Peace and Joy,

My friend's recommendation: Beau at Gold Wave

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