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Seeking Creative Ideas to Tell Parents We're Having a Baby Boy

Hi Ladies, my creative juices just aren't flowing right now. I'm in need of a creative, yet simple and not too expensive, way to tell my in-laws and my parents on Christmas Day (we'll see them at separate times that day)that our second child is a boy. Neither set of parents knew that we were having a sonogram to determine the sex of the baby yet. On my husbands side, this will be the first grandson (there are 4 granddaughters). We have a 2 1/2 year old little girl. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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At 7 months, my doctor slipped and told me we were having a girl. My husband didn't know, so I bought a baby girl bathing suit and let him open it. J.

I bought my mom a baby bootie charm and gave it to her in a gift box. I gave my dad the test...his generation didn't have those, so he didn't realize he was holding a pee-stick pregnancy test.

You could wrap them up a beautiful present and put a note inside saying Its a boy or with a "boy" ornament.

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My brother-in-law and his wife went to build-a-bear workshop and put the news in the "voice box" of the bear "It's a Boy!". You can record anything you want in there. Bears are about $10 (voice box a few dollars extra). Congratulations!!

get a sign with a blue stork and a sign that reads your last name and approximate "birth" date.

Go to Babies R Us and they have sonogram picture frames for boys or girls. Those are really cool gifts. Ours was the first grandbaby so we got copies of the sonogram picture (ask your doctor they may print you out several) you can copy them at Wal-mart or Wal-greens or places that have photo copy machines, and find a cool little frame and put them in there. Wrap it up and there is your good news plus a Christmas present. We got our little black frame at Wal-mart for $7. It was a 2X3 frame I think! Hope this helps.

Don't kow if this has been said, but find a really cute baby frame and print something out on computer with a really cute boy item and say "IT'S A BOY" OR YOU COULD EVEN COPY THE SONOGRAM AND PUT THE BABY'S NAME ON THERE IF YOU HAVE IT PICKED OUT YET. SAY SOEMTHING LIKE TO GRANDMA AND GRANDMA FROM BABY'S NAME. I HAVE HAD PEOPLE DO THIS BEFORE AND IT TURNS OUT REALLY CUTE.

An additional gender telling stocking...then see who speaks up!

How about giving the grandparents a small gift to unwrap at the table once everyone is seated, just before you have your meal. You'll have everyone's attention then. Inside the gift can be any little boy item, like blue booties or a cap.


We bought cheap birthday party invitations in a 'boy' theme. We wrote on the inside where it said When: May-ish What: Birth of our baby boy, etc. We just handed them the envelope and let them open it. It was cute and easy and inexpensive.

Our neighbors just told us that when they told their parents at Christmas that they were having a girl, the Dad had strung a string of lights on their tree all in pink. So their tree was lit with colored lights and then all of a sudden, he unplugged the multi-colored ones and all that was left were the pink ones. It's something different!

And if they're not coming to your house, you could bring them a small tree as a gift and plug it in for them at their house with blue lights and maybe blue tinsel or boy ornaments and tree topper. You could also have a little stocking hanging on the tree with a picture of the sonogram inside.

Have fun!

My husband and I shared the news to my parents on our summer vacation, we bought a sheet cake at the local grocery and had the cake person write Baby Girl on the way! We were meeting them for dinner and said we'd bring dessert. Make sure to cover it if it has a clear plastic box.It was a hit,my parents were in happy tears and my neices and nephews were thrilled to have a new family member coming soon and cake! Super simple and inexpensive!

My friends had a tshirt made with the sono pic that said "boy parts" or whatever it said and on the shirt (for their daughter) and under the pic it said "my little brother worships me". I thought it was cute...you could make your own if you can't afford to have the sono put up, just have her wear a shirt with a saying on it and make them figure it out on their own. It would be fun seeing how long it takes to "click"! Congrats on your baby boy!!

You could wrap up a little boy bib for them to open, and before they open the gift, just say this is a baby gift for them to keep at their house to use when the new baby comes to visit--then when they see it's a boy one--it will be fun to see how long it takes them to realize it! The stocking idea is cute too! Congrats and Happy Holidays!

If you already have a name picked out, you can put the name on a stocking with cute baby boy things in it. Or if you don't know the name yet, just find something else to put on the stocking. This is how we're going to tell my family that we're pregnant with baby #2, but with gender neutral baby things.

Or you could wrap up little baby boy items (like a blue sock, a blue passy, etc.) and give one to each family member, and have them open them at the same time.

A couple years ago we made little gingerbread families with one for each member of our family plus one that said "Baby August 2007". It took about an hour before someone picked up that cookie, but it took barely a second for everyone to take notice.

You could wrap them up a beautiful present and put a note inside saying Its a boy or with a "boy" ornament.

When we found out we were pregnant with our son it was around Mothers day and we gave our parents sonogram pics in a grandparents gift frame, you could find one that says Grandma/grandpa and grandson and put the sonogram pic in it.

Have your daughter pat your tummy and say 'I get a brother!'
That's what my daughter did when expecting her daughter. My grandson announced it to all - it was wonderful!

Give each set of parents a little newborn baby boy outfit for Christmas.

A friend of mine put little pink baby socks in her parents' stockings. Her dad didn't get it, but figured it out by her mom's reaction.

We told our families at Thanksgiving dinner last year. When they first arrived we asked whether they thought I was carrying a boy or a girl (I recorded this and made a great scrapbook page with the individual photos I took of everyone that day), and then right before dinner my husband put a centerpiece on the table that included our baby girl's sonogram images and a clear plastic bag with 11 ounces (her estimated weight at the time) of pink jelly beans tied with a pretty pink and white bow. We actually put it at my mom's seat at the table. When I asked how to tell, someone recommended a "golden ticket" (or maybe a blue one) taped to the underside of someone's plate, adding something to a game that you all play together at the holidays (like taping something to one of the cards in Monopoly), tying colored booties to the Christmas tree....

Why not something simple like a Christmas card that says from your first grandson.

Well, its a tad sexist, but may work if this is a guys thing in your family. Do you guys have a favorite football team? If you are a big fan.....not so much....Get a tiny jersey.

Or have a gift box for the baby to be and put in a little firetruck, action figures... Welcome to the world of boys! Let your daughter open it for everyone to see!

We gave them a gift to announce all of our arrivals, like a bib, ornament, picture frame, or something along those lines. You could also get the "It's a
boy" cigar or candy. Good luck and congrats!

What we did when we told my parents (1st grandbaby) that we were having a baby was to make a wanted poster, put "sepia" toned photos of each, my mom, dad, & brother on there, made it look all old with old "wanted" fonts and such...you get the idea. :) He had lots of cowboy things when he was a baby...

Perhaps you could tei-dye a cloth diaper blue and wrap it up? Or find a cute little boy outfit that says I love my grandma or something like that.

I like the boy gift idea. "Dear Grandma, here's a little something for me to play with (or use) when I visit." A cute boy bib, a book, cowboy boots and/or hat, Hot Wheels cars (these are only about $1 each), Thomas the Train, a Tonka dump truck, football, etc.

I bought my mom a baby bootie charm and gave it to her in a gift box. I gave my dad the test...his generation didn't have those, so he didn't realize he was holding a pee-stick pregnancy test.

We told my parents we were pregnant by signing the card we gave them (mom was in hospital recovering from a seizure from the medications she was on during Chemo because of breast cancer, now in her 6th year of remission!!!!) Robert G. and Baby Acosta.........have you chosen a name for him yet? You could always give a blank photo frame with a typed message saying something like... this is for "Daniel's" picture when he is born. or something cute like that....(Daniel is my sons name, that is why I put that).... Good luck and Merry Christmas

At 7 months, my doctor slipped and told me we were having a girl. My husband didn't know, so I bought a baby girl bathing suit and let him open it. J.

It was simple, but last Thanksgiving when we found out we were expecting, we got everyone together for a group picture (my husband was holding the camera) so everyone gathers around grumbling because they hate having to take a picture, and I said, "everyone smile,{long pause} because we're having a baby!!!" right then my hubby snapped the pic. It was great because we got this picture of everyone's surprised face. That picture is so cute in the baby book!

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