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Seeking Advice on Treating Diarrhea  and Vomiting in 8 Month Old

Help! My eight month old twins are sick with a stomach virus- vomiting and diarrhea. They also have running noses and chest congestion. Just when I think one of they is getting better- they relaspe. Does anyone have advice on treating these symptoms. They have been sick for four days now and are loosing weight. Do you know how much Pedialyte I can give them each day?

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Hi Carole,
Give them all the pedialyte you want. Will they eat anything cause if they will try rice. That will help the runs. For the runny nose'a a hunidifier always helps.
I cany give advice on the vomoting. I hope I have helped. I hope they feel better


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Vomiting and diarrhea can cause severe dehydration in children at such a young age. I would suggest that you take your children in to see a pediatrician for evaluation,and treatment. Pedialyte is good, but it may not be adequate treatment for your little ones.
Take care,

My pediatrician always recommends Acidophilus when my children get diarrhea. You can get it in the vitamin section of your local pharmacy. I don't know how much you would give an eight month old, so check with your Dr. first!

you would have to ask the dr (if it's not on the package) how much pedialite you can give 8 month olds. as for the diarrhea. .. my daughter had that for over a week. her dr said to stop ALL milk, and give just rice and water. now i felt HORRIBLE doing that to her because she really only wanted the milk. so i gave her the brat(y) diet (which i asked a nurse i knew 1st). bananas, rice, apples/applesauce, toast (or bread) and sometimes yogurt. now, since milk makes it worse when there's mucus, i didn't give her the yogurt until she was seeming to be almost all better. within a couple days she was good. and since she was just about as young as your 2, i mostly gave her banana and apple (mush) mixed in with her rice baby cereal. and let her chew on a slice of toast (she had more then 1/2 of her baby teeth by that point). hope this helps, but definitely double check with their pediatrician before giving them anything like pedialite, you don't want to give too much (my daughter REFUSED to drink it, or have the ice pops they have). hope the little ones start feeling better soon!

STAY IN CONSTANT TOUCH WITH YOUR PEDIATRICIAN! Dehadration at this age can be very serious. Give them as much Pedialyte as they will take. Mix it with formula (or breast milk if you are nursing?) if they don't like the taste (my children don't)Give them tiny amounts so that it doesn't provoke vomiting, but almost all the time. Make sure your doctor tells you how to recognize signs of serious dehydration so that you can react quickly. I hope they will get better any moment. Good luck - it must be very tough with 2 little babies not to mention sick babies!!! Take care!

My daughter was sick with diarrhea for a week not due to a virus but to teething and she was not vomiting. My dr recommended to give her pedialite with rice cereal to harden the stools after a couple of days with no improvement he then put her on formula specially formulated for diarrhea (I used Similac Isomil DF) for 1 week, this helped for us. Good luck and I hope your babies get better soon.


I would definately take them to the doctor ASAP. I have heard of a lot of cases of RSV going around - one of my DH's coworker's son ended up in the hospital after just a day of those symptoms. He also had pneumonia with it. I know we always hope it's not that serious, but better safe than sorry. Best of luck and I hope your little ones are feeling better soon.

Oh dear God C., I am so sorry. I know how hard it is when one has a stomach virus, but 2 simultaneously has to be impossible, especially at 8 months old.

There isn't much you can do about to treat the vomiting and diarrhea but if they have been vomiting for 4 days you should consult your pediatrician immediately. Dehydration is the biggest risk with stomach viruses. Call the doc now!

Runny noses and congestion are much easier to handle. Saline nose drops, clearing nose with nose bulb, cool mist humidifier with a vicks methol strip (the kind you plug into an outlet) simultaneously in a room with door closed while they sleep.

I really truly hope that they are feeling better soon. My best to you!

We had the stomach virus in my house two weeks ago, NOT pleasant I know. My daughter's pedi said to give her as much Pedialyte as what she wants, and that she will not want to eat too much, and to not be too concerned. That the virus has to run it's course. He also advised cleaning everything, clothing, bedding, and lysoling inbetween cleaning of stuff. To continue daily to ensure the virus doesn't reinfect because apparently the stomach viruses can lay dormant for a bit and then you come back in contact with it, and wham, all over again. Also, once my daughter was able to eat (and wanted to) I fed her binding foods to thicken her stools up because she also got a horrible diaper rash from all the diarrhea. Good luck!

Hi Carole,
Give them all the pedialyte you want. Will they eat anything cause if they will try rice. That will help the runs. For the runny nose'a a hunidifier always helps.
I cany give advice on the vomoting. I hope I have helped. I hope they feel better


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