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Seeking Advice on How to Travel Overseas with 6 Month Old

Hello. I will be traveling with my six month old daughter to South America and the flight is pretty long. What advice does anyone have for me and how to avoid her having ear problems and not getting bored. She flew with me before and had a bad crying fest on of the flights but I learned to put a bottle in her mouth when we took off and landed but what do I do if she does not want to take the bottle or falls asleep. I need advice badly.. Thank You..

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For the plane - finger foods if she's eating them or something to suck on like a pacifier, bottle, or one of those mesh feeders. Bring toys she has never seen before, or ones that she hasn't seen in a while (hide them a few weeks before the trip) Try giving her things she doesn't usually get at home that would be a treat. Also, taking the carseat with the GoGo Kidz Travelmate was a lifesaver for me. I was able to wheel my son through the airport, and when the flight wasn't full, he got to sit in his carseat which made it easier for him to sleep and be comfortable. Best wishes

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For the plane - finger foods if she's eating them or something to suck on like a pacifier, bottle, or one of those mesh feeders. Bring toys she has never seen before, or ones that she hasn't seen in a while (hide them a few weeks before the trip) Try giving her things she doesn't usually get at home that would be a treat. Also, taking the carseat with the GoGo Kidz Travelmate was a lifesaver for me. I was able to wheel my son through the airport, and when the flight wasn't full, he got to sit in his carseat which made it easier for him to sleep and be comfortable. Best wishes

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babywearing! wear her through the airport, you'll have your hands free! wear her through security- they most likely won't make you take her out (I have successfully worn both of my boys many time)- use a pouch or a Mei Tai (no metal like a ring sling)- where are you? find some local babywearers (a group) and learn all the ways you can wear her!
yes you'll have a stroller, but you must put that through the x-ray, so wearing her makes it so you have your hands free to load everything up onto the x-ray belt...

I travelled from Florida to California (5 hr flight) when my son was 6 mos old. He did GREAT!!
Are you nursing? If so, nurse when you take off & when you land. Try not to drink too much b/c you will have to go to the bathroom & who will hold your baby? I know I was leary about a stranger holding him. Have some small toys that dont make any noise to distract her...maybe some books. My son slept most of the way, maybe you will get lucky too!
Good luck!

The first time I flew with my daughter she was 8 months & it was a LONG day. I just made sure I had things she could suck on that she would enjoy. Although I was very against candy, I made sure I had lolly pops b/c as you know, the sucking helps their ears to pop. My daughter did very well. I could tell her ears were bugging her a little at times, but other than that I just brought some toys & was very exhasted from entertaining when we arrived at our destination. We flew alone with no help, I am not sure if you have help or not. Just her & I! I wish you luck.

bring her favorite books and toys

More power to you! The fear of flying with an infant scared me enough to never try it. So I'm sure others out there will offer way better advice.
We don't do tv at home, but I would totally get one of those mini dvd players...I have lots of friends (flight attendants) that swear by this for long flights. Also, if you ask for them to move you to an empty row, if there's one available that might give you more space to move around.
Bring a small bag with toys she hasn't seen in a while or maybe even get some new ones and whenever she gets fussy pull a new one out. Also, remember the odd toys. My son will obsess over a plastic cup or a piece of paper and those are things you can ask the attendant for.
Bring your baby bjorn and that way you can strap her in and your arms won't be so tired and you'll be able to move about more freely in the airport. I have several friends that are flight attendants and they all say that they do whatever they can for the moms so don't be afraid to ask for whatever it is you need.
Oh, a funny bonus....one of my friend's got her daughter a shirt that says, "Aren't you lucky! You get to sit next to me." How funny is that!
Best of luck!!!!! Sorry I couldn't be more help.

She wants to be held. She's got to be in the seat at take off and landing, stupid rules; but enforced. You are the calm one, get her into the car seat at take off and then take her out and nurse/bottle feed...Pacifier will help during this take-off/landing time because the air pressure is shifting. It hurts. Hey, babies cry for a reason. They want mommie to hold them. can't blame them! Hope it's a good trip!!! Love your baby!

Not sure exactly what to say for a 6 month old. Our son was 18 months. But the general idea is the same I guess. We made sure he had munchies, a drink and small toys to play with. And I think a bottle is definitely a great way to prevent ear popping for her. Someone else said that she'd be in a seat, but when we flew we were told that there is a "infant on lap" policy for kids under 2. It even said that on our ticket. If she is in a seat of her own, at least once you are in the air you can hold her.

Hi M.,
As another responder did, I put my son in a Snugli when he was 6 months old and we had to fly from Boston to ORlando. I wore him pretty much the entire time. However, with security, I did have to take him out of the baby-backpack and let them check it out. That was a little bit of a pain but oh well. Definitely use the bottle at take off and landing. Thankfully my son did well so I don't really have any complaints. The cat I was also bringing...LOL...she on the other hand, meow'd like crazy! Boy, what a sight I must have been....baby on the front and cat in hand! HAHAHA.

I wish you a safe & happy trip!

My son is 2 1/2 now but I took him from Miami to Buenos Aires when he was 4 months, and then Miami to London when he was 10 months old. Yes, bottle or breast feed for take off and landing. When my son was 4 months, I held him most of the way, but he did sleep on his usual schedule. When my son was 10 months, we bought the car seat onboard the plane and bought him a ticket (traveling at holiday time and knew we needed a car seat in London anyways). For 10 months old, I brought formula, my breast pump, baby apple juice and nursery water as well as plenty of finger foods and Gerber jar foods. I had no trouble getting through security in the U.S. but I took enough Gerber for our week in the UK and the way home, and had trouble getting the food through security in Heathrow, coming home. My son has severe food allergies, so I wasn't planning to expose him to anything new. I cried and they let the Gerber onboard that time:)

I agree with the Bjorn/sling for use going through security, in the airport, etc. Strollers are a lot harder overseas, many places don't have elevators, lots of stairs, the ADA doesn't apply outside, so we had a tough time with stroller in both locales. If you have any other specific questions, don't hesitate to ask. Oh, to this day, I take two outfits for my son in his diaper bag, and a compete change of clothes for all of us (my husband when he is with us) in a carry-on bag. I also gate check stroller.

Good luck and enjoy!

as far as the ear problems the only thing I know is bottle or if she takes a pacifier use that. As far as getting bored, I have been traveling with our 3 year old since she was 3 months. I made sure I always tryed to travel around her sleep time when she was little. Over seas a little different. I always made sure I made it a game and a routine. She knew we had to take the bottle at the time the plane took off then usually she would drink it and then go to sleep if not then we would take off and then just have alot of finger snacks and toys she loved to play with, also I always used a DVD player. Now I am sure you use baby Eistien with her so take those and at that age we would just keep the volume down, and she always loved to have finger snacks, and then take a nap. One thing I never really did was walk with her, because I wanted her to understand we do not get out of our seats due to safety. My daughter is older now, but we just got back from Europe this summer and she thought it was great getting dinner on the plane and haveing the TV to watch and she then went to sleep. Enjoy your trip!!

My daughter was just under a year when we flew from South Florida to Buffalo, NY and then took a 2 1/2 car ride (the longest she had ever been in a car before was maybe 25 minutes)to my husband's hometown in PA. She was a LOT more mobile then she was at 6 months so I would presume you may have to entertain your little one for most of the flight. You just stay calm and try your hardest not to get upset and she will follow suit, I'm sure. Snacks, paci and a bottle (unless you're nursing)are completely necessary. Nursing is what saved me on the way up and by the time we departed for our return flight, she was a natural and slept through most of it. If you are nursing, bring a thin sheet or blanket to shield prying eyes. My fellow passengers were respectful, but that made me no less shy. Otherwise, it looks like you have already gotten some great advise. Good luck!

Hi M.! The best advice that I can give is for you to be well rested so that you can entertain your daughter for the flight. I have flown a TON of times with my daughter (now 2). The longest flight was to Hawaii. To start, yes, it is a good idea to get her to suck during take off and landing. If she falls asleep, I would not worry about it. She will be sleeping, and therefore her she will sleep through any discomfort. Does she take a pacifier? I did not use those, but if so, have that handy as well. I am really not a fan of those portable dvd players BUT, it might not hurt to bring one with baby einstein dvd's. You can find one pretty cheap on ebay. Look for battery life...that is important. Some only last 2 hours. I bought one with a 6 hour battery. When I fly with my daughter, I am just proactive to stop her from getting bored. When she was young, I would sing songs, tickle her, play peek-a-boo, etc. It gets tiring for you, but makes her happy. Bring books, and a favorite stuffed animal. Here are a few ideas for when she gets a little bigger. Pack a clipboard with blank paper and a baggie of crayons. Also mini play-doh cans that can be used on the clipboard, and a mini doodle pro. Hope any of this helps. Don't be nervous...she may have had a bad flight last time, but keep peaceful energy. She will feel that!

Call up the ticket office and request a bulkhead seat. They have little bassinets that attach to the wall in front of you and this is a lifesaver! Also request an infant meal. Depending on the airline they may give you gerber jars, fruit or many other things. If you don't request it ahead of time you may get NOTHING the day of.

Hello M.,

Already great suggestions, make sure you have an umbrella stroller and check it at the gate so you get it back at the gate. that will help a lot at the airport. bring an extra set of clothes for your daughter (+ extra shirt for her and you) lots of wipes and extra diapers. once pass the gates, get some bottled water. don't give your baby airplane water. take one of those small hand sanitizer/germ wash with you. I love using essential oils, so I always carry 1 lavender, 1 peppermint and 1 rosemary oil bottles with me. (1 ounce or 1/2 ounce bottles are great) in case of stuffy nose I put 4 or 5 drops of peppermint on a tissue (not on the skin) and that helps a lot. if coughing, put peppermint drops + 1 or 2 rosemary drops on a tissue and keep it close to you. lavender is great for 'desinfecting' the air around you. just put a few drops on a tissue and keep it near by. it is also relaxing for you and everyone around you. and you can also use it as germ wash for your hands =)
I know how long flights can get so stuffy! after the trip if you have a sore back, you can rub some lavender oil on your back/neck and that will help you relax and with any muscle aches. Lavender oil is also great for any cuts and scrapes too. helps the skin heal faster.

Good luck in your trip and have a great time! ~C.~

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