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Seeking Advice on Breast Augmentation

I'm thinking of having my breasts "done." After four children there isn't much left of my chest. I don't consider myself absorbed with my looks. Just want to be feeling better in my clothing. I have been looking into the experimental silicone breasts for quite awhile. They have been used in Europe with much sucess for over ten years now. Any ideas, suggestions?

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I have decided to go for it! It will be another year before we can afford the breasts but in the meantime I am going to go for a number of consults and decide what doctor is right for me. I will keep everyone posted on who I choose, what exactly I decide to have done, such as a lift or not and the type of implants. And of course the price. Hopefully others can learn form my experience. Please, if you have a good doctor not too far from West Chester, PA, let me know! Thank you for all of the great support and information.

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Hi M.,
My name is N., I had breast augmentation after my two children. The same situation kind of. My chest was rather flat and did not match my body frame. I wanted to look more proportionate and enhancing my breasts definitely did the trick. I love them and I feel like my body is complete now.
If you want to talk you can call me
###-###-####. Good Luck.
N. S.

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I would say go for it!! That is long as you're doing it for that reason and you know you'll feel good about yourself when your done. If you're depressed or have other self-image issues I would suggest waiting on getting it done, work with the other issues first. However, if you just want to feel more like yourself before kids and BF'ing... I'm all for it!

Once again, another if... Sorry, I tend to think of things from all sides. Long as you have the financial means. You said yourself that you don't consider yourself to be absorbed in your looks. So having your breast done (in my opinion) wouldn't be worth getting a loan or putting your family in debt. Just my opinion of course!!

i say go for it. Notsure about which type is best but i have had friends have theirs done for similiar reasons and are very happy

Hi! I would do it if I were you too! I had 5 kids & nursed all. They don't look aweful but I would like to look alot better. I've been thinking about getting them for awhile now. My husband thinks Im joking when I tell him I want them. I am very serious. Unfortunately we aren't even close to having the funds for something like that. But eventually I will be getting it done. I think if you really want it & are very sure,then do it. I've seen the shows & read up on it. So I know the pain I will be in afterwards. But the lasting affects will be the best. Good luck!

Hi M.,
My name is N., I had breast augmentation after my two children. The same situation kind of. My chest was rather flat and did not match my body frame. I wanted to look more proportionate and enhancing my breasts definitely did the trick. I love them and I feel like my body is complete now.
If you want to talk you can call me
###-###-####. Good Luck.
N. S.

Hey M., I am an Independant Business Owner for Ameriplan. It is discount medical benefits plan which is as low as 49.95 a month and gives up to 50% off of all cosmetic surgery. You can see more at www.everyonebenefits.com/tdias (go to the bottom left where you see the female doctor). Please feel free to email me if you have any questions that I might be able to help with.

I say GO FOR IT! I plan on having mine done (possibly just picked up and put back where they're supposed to be) after I'm done having children. While they still look good now, they aren't quite what they were pre-baby, pre-breastfeeding. A lot of docs offer free consultations. I would talk to a few and see what type of implant, incision, etc they suggest for your body. Ultimately it's your decision, but they can help you make the best decision for you.

Good luck!!

I had a breast reduction in 1999 and in April of 2004 I had Gastric Bypass Surgery. My breast look like dried prunes. I need to have breast augmentation myself. I want to have the procedure where they go through your stomach and insert the silicone breast. I have seen several doctors and have gooten advice on this procedure. So if you have anymore questions, please feel free to contact me. Good luck.

I don't know how old you are but I would definitely say to do it. I have 2 children now 17 and 20 years old. I breast fed both of them which left my breasts deflated. I was a saggy, small B. I have always worked out and kept my body in good shape. After doing some research about it, I had a silicone breast augmentation 4 years ago at the age of 40. I chose a C cup and the implants were positioned under the muscle for the most natural look and feel. I wanted to avoid that rippling look and I did not want it to be overly noticeable. I am still very happy that I had it done. I am much better proportioned and I have not had any negative residual effects except for the scar under my left breast. Really, I wish I had gone just slightly bigger. However, most people recognized that something was different but not quite sure what it was. I didn't want everybody, especially my kids, saying "Wow your boobs are so big".
So, I would say "Go for it".


I plan on doing it someday. Just not until I am finished having children (and I have the money). Do what you need to do to feel good about yourself. You have my thumbs up!

I recently (5 weeks ago) had silicone implants put in under the muscle. I also had a lift done with it. I do have to tell you it was painful for the first two weeks even with pain medicine. I would describe the pain like allowing your milk to come in for breast feeding and then allowing to it dry up on its own cold turkey. But I feel it was completely worth the pain of two weeks. I love them now. Just research and get recommendations of doctors. If you ask around almost everyone I talked to knew someone who had it done and that is ultimately the doctor I chose as well. My doctor is in Annapolis, MD. It is a group practice and they are great. Just GO FOR IT!

i got mine done almost 2 years ago, i'm 40 and have a two and half year old daughter. i work out like a fiend so nursing and working out melted my breasts to nothing! so i just wanted to be back the way i was.. i got the saline implants under muscle of chest, and insisions are around the nipple area so i have no scars at all... i love em! only prob is after having kids and age u may need to get a lift also, which i hear isn't fun, u could lose feelings in your nipples. my doctor is in jenkintown and i would highly recommend him, most doctors give free consultations.. u should check it out! but i still wouldn't go with the silicone! if u need anything answered just let me know!

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