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Seeking Advice on Best Hospitals to Deliver At

My husband and I are expecting our 3rd son around the end of this year. Although we live closer to the Henderson area, my OB/GYN is at Summerlin Hospital (due to the side of town we lived several years ago), and therefore only delivers at the following hospitals in Las Vegas: Centennial, Southern Hills, Summerlin and Mountain View. My insurance will allow me to go to any of these hospitals. My Dr's nurse suggested I deliver at Centennial because it is so new and not very busy (yet!). Regardless of the hospital we choose, it's going to be a long drive (35-45 minutes) to the hospital for the delivery.

I was hoping to get some advice/input on where other mom's have delivered (at one of the above hospitals, please) and how their experience was for them. My 1st son was born in a different state, but our 2nd son was born at Summerlin. It was OK, but very busy then (back in 2003), as I was in the triage room for several hours until a room was available for me to deliver.

Thanks so much for any imput that you have for us!

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Thanks so much to everyone's suggestions. In the end, I went with what my OB/GYN suggested, Summerlin. He made some good points (i.e. his practice is in the medical building, NICU, etc.). It was a good thing, too, because when the baby was born (at 35 weeks), they put him in the NICU for 2 hours. If I had been at Centennial (where I was leaning towards), the baby would have been transferred to Summerlin, leaving me at Centennial. So I'm very grateful that I was at Summerlin. The nurses were amazing, the post-pardum care was pretty good (until it came time for discharge), the lactation consultant was HORRIBLE! But other than that, we had a good experience. Thanks to everyone for their help!

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I delivered both of my children at Summerlin. The first delivery was great. My daughter was born healthy and we were taken care of by some great nurses. My second delivery was mediocre. I had my son in August of last year and it was so busy. They had triage beds out in the hall. I went in because I was having contractions and they made me wait in the waiting room for two hours before they came to get me. I got sent home because my contractions were not productive enough and they told me to come back only if I had an arm or a leg hanging out. I was dilated to 5 cm already. When I finally delivered, I was not able to get a room on the postpartum floor. I was tranferred to another floor. I still had the nurses come check on me, but I didn't get my newborn baby picture taken and the nurses that I had were not specifically postpartum nurses. I am having my 3rd baby in April and I am considering another hospital as well. I wish you luck on your delivery and hope you find a hospital that you like.

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I delivered at Cenntennial Hills hospital in March. My first son was the 21st baby born there and we were the only ones in l&d for the 41 hours it took to deliver him, and the only ones in recovery for the 1st 24 hours. I believe 2 other babies were born in that period and then moved into recovery during the duration of our stay (about 36 hours). We could've stayed another day...but we felt great and had already been there for the birthing process for so long it was time to go! The nurses were amazing, we had awesome attention, and we never felt rushed to get out because they were short of rooms. I was trying so hard to have a drug-free, intervention-free birth...but circumstances didn't allow for it. They sure let me try, though, to get labor going after my water had broke and I had no contractions, and as we tried to naturally get them started...hours passed. They never tried to force pitossin on me just to get me out of there. Even though it did eventually come to that, which led to an epidural, they were patient and caring. We went back to visit about 2 months ago and they all remembered us and were so happy to see the baby. I have a feeling (and have heard) this is not always the case at the busier hospitals. It was worth a little extra drive to have that kind of attention and support (we live only moments from mountain view hospital, but opted to drive...though we weren't in a hurry at that point!). I suggest registering at all the hospitals your doctor goes to and taking tours and asking a lot of questions relating to the type of birth you want to have. You can get a really good feel for what the hospital supports by also taking classes. Good luck!

A. W.

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I delivered at Summerlin in Oct 2005 and didn't find it too busy, however I will say triage & ER is always busy. I haven't been there in a year, but they do have signs out that say the new ER is now open. You might visit your top hospitals because things change unless someone has delivered within the last 6 months.

Congratulations and best of luck!


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Hi J., I delivered at Mountain View hospital last year and had a wonderful experience there. I had a great nurse, and they have a nursery, so they can take the baby for a few hours if you want to get some sleep. I was supposed to deliver at Summerlin and ended up not, and was pleasantly surprised with my experience at Mountain View. Good Luck.

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I just delivered my twins at Summerlin hospital in August. I had a high risk pregnancy and had to deliver at Summerlin b/c the little ones were premature and we needed to utilize the NICU. The post partum care was excellent - and all the staff were very knowledgeable. The nurseries - all of them were very busy when I was there (for the duration of August). I hope this helps and I know it has been suggested that you visit all the L&D depts but that seems like a big task. I actually asked my perinatologist which hospital she would deliver at if she were in my position and she gave me her honest opinion - Summerlin or Southern Hills.
Congrats on your pregnancy and here's hoping you have a wonderful birth experience wherever you choose to go!

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Hi, J.! I delivered at Mountain View back in 2004. They were great then and it was the one recommended by my OB/GYN. He said he preferred Valley obstetrically (but my then hubby was opposed to that facility because of past experience for another family member) and Mountain View for it's nursing staff. And they were really wonderful! Hopefully that hasn't changed in 4 years.

I agree with one of the other posts that said your best course of action is to take a tour of each facility to get a first-hand feel for the place and some of the staff. And ask your OB/GYN which one he/she prefers and why and take that into consideration, too.

Good luck! :-)

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I would steer clear of Mt View it is right by my house and they simply do not have a strong Ped unit. Should your baby require advanced care, she would be transferred to UMC probably. I have heard good things about Centennial Hills Hosp.

Tour your choices, speak to some nurse, speak with your OB about your birth plan. Find out all polocies on Vit K injection exemption, Eye goop, Hep B shot (not needed, unless your baby is having sex/using IV drugs) ect before you deliver.

I strongly urge all women who choose to labor in a hospital to bring in a labor partner other than Hubby. Hubby can concentrate on you and you still have an advocate with you who can protect your rights. My sister made a wonderful advocate, and she understood why the things on my birthplan were so important to me. And she doesn't take NO for an answer. :)

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I delivered at Southern Hills 3 weeks ago, and had a great experience. I was induced, so I was in L&D for quite awhile (three different shifts for the nurses) and everyone was great. The only time I felt at all neglected was completely not their fault - I had a question my OB needed to answer, but he was busy in the room next door to mine delivering a premie baby. My little guy ended up in the nursery for a few hours after birth due to fetal distress which led to a c-section (which all went very well, with great support from the staff), and they took great care of him there.

I was in the Maternity unit for a few days, throughout which I had great nurses. I had trouble feeding my boy at first, and any time I asked for help, a nurse would be right there showing me how to do it, then watching me do it to make sure I could do it on my own. They were very kind and supportive. I didn't have a single problem during my stay there.

They do not have a "well-baby" nursery, though. If your baby is healthy, he will be rooming in with you. There isn't an option to have him taken away for a few hours so you can rest. I really wanted him rooming in with me, so that was great, but it might be a consideration if you want the choice to have someone else take the baby for a little while.

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I'm also stuck with this problem! ;) But I have heard amazing things about southern hills! i have about 7 friends who have delivered and LOVED it there!! I would totally deliver there, but its so far from me. :(

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