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"Seeking Advice on 6 Year Old Bed Wetting"

I am wondering if anyone has any advice on how to handle a 6 year old boy who wets the bed every night. He is in such a deep sleep that he doesn't even know that he has to go. I have been waking him up at night to go to the bathroom, but he is so asleep that I have to practically carry him in there. I am getting less and less sleep every night. This is getting to be a real drag. Any advice from people who have been through this would be welcomed! Thanks

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My son will be 6 in a couple of weeks and does not wake up in the night, he wears a pull up to bed & we both get sleep! He doesn't do sleep overs yet so it really doesn't affect him that way! It works for now!

My nephew is having the same problem he is 5 years old my sister has taken him to different doctor's and there is no health problems it is just something kid's are going thru now unless there's stress in the house hold or school thats not being accounted for and the child is reacting by wetting on his/her self.My sister stops his drinks b4 8pm she wakes him up thru out the night and nothing seems to be helping. I saw a website for something like pull ups for kids over five its called underjams try those and see how it works it did my nephew fine now he can go to sleepovers and other invites without other kids knowin he wets himself overnight. Hope this works for you must of all hope they grow out of it really really soon!

That is so common in boys for some reason. I know three 6 and 7 year old boys that wear pull ups to bed.

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I know your pain all to well. My son also did the same thing. We started out on medicines from the doctor with no help and then we went to the pee detectors. It took a couple of months to train him, but he did it. It vibrates and makes sounds like a fire truck is coming into the room. Very loud, but never woke up any of his sisters that have room's right next to his. One time I woke up because I heard it through the babys monitor and I could barely get him up to deal with it. But he did get up and it taught him to not pee the bed. He has had two accidents in the last year and we are all happier! He is now nine and can spend the night at his friends house with out the embarrassment! THey are pricey at one hundred dollars, but so worth it. My cousin is using it for her boy who is having problems. Good luck I highly recommend trying it. You can also try ebay for a used one. I have no idea the advice people gave you, so I hope that I am not repeating the same advice again.

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My 5yo son still wears pull ups to bed. Sometimes he's dry, sometimes soaked. Dr. said there is really nothing he wants to do about it. My husband wet the bed until 8 and my sister until 7. I know that at a certain older age, there is a prescription to help the bladder muscles develop and get stronger, but I think most doctors only want to use that in extreme cases. It's really no big deal as long as no one is trying to hurt their self esteem.

My son is 10 and we still go through this, just not every night anymore.

The first thing I did was take him to the doctor to make sure he didn't have an infection or problem. The doctor then told me that one of the worst things I could do with the kids was to wake them up at night to go to the bathroom. What this does is confuse their system into thinking it is ok to go to the bathroom when you are still half asleep or in some cases, they are actually walking in their sleep. Limit his liquids after a certain time and then invest in pull ups. They finally are making a variety and making them so that the older kids don't have to be embaressed by this.

Both my kids see a therapist for various other reasons, and even he has told me, get the pull ups and they should grow out of it. I also make sure that on nights I have to give them any kind of medication that will make them drowsy I really watch the liquids and make sure they make extra trips to the bathroom.

Good luck
Chelle E

I wouldnt worry - my one daughter (I have 4 kids :)) did it past 11... as did my sister. We used "nightime underwear" (pull ups) she knew there was nothing wrong with it. we never made it a big deal nor did we ever take her to the doctor for it because I saw my sister go through several invasive tests only to find out it was something she would eventually outgrow.

helpful hint - if he spends the night at friends have him take his own sleeping bag and put "nighttime underwear" at the foot of it - he can then put it on after he is safely tucked. I also included a plastic bag for quick morning disposal and it stayed at the foot of the sleeping bag :)

My son did this also. The good news is eventually they out grow it. In the mean time make sure he's not drinking anything at least an hour before bed and make sure he goes to the bathroom right before bed. My son was also a deep sleeper. It gets to be a drag changing sheets everyday but it does get better.

My son will be 6 in a couple of weeks and does not wake up in the night, he wears a pull up to bed & we both get sleep! He doesn't do sleep overs yet so it really doesn't affect him that way! It works for now!

My brother and I both wet the bed till we were at least 10. He was a very heavy sleeper (still is). my mom would make sure he didn't drink for a while before he went to bed, that helped sometimes, and she tried waking him up for a while like that too.. but she got really tired as well... He eventually grew out of it. I on the other hand had an under developed bladder, where i couldn't help but do it because i was a heavy sleeper and i didn't notice really at all even after i had gone i would sleep through the entire thing and wake up in the morning all wet. We ended up getting me pull ups. I hated wearing them when i had friends over or when i was at their house but it was better than wetting the bed and it helped my mom sleep better too... but i guess till he grows out of it maybe pullups? that way you aren't up all night too. (less sheet washing)

Hi S.,
It looks like you are getting some good advise. My daughter too is a deep sleeper. She is 5 1/2 now, and still is a deep sleeper. She would also wet the bed occassionally- not lately- and we thought that it was because she was a deep sleeper. Limiting liquids before bedtime helped too, as well as sugar. Now she cries in the middle of the night, because she is so out of it, but knows that she has to go to the bathroom, and I have to assist her to the toilet- by her walking. She is getting better- sometimes she goes by herself. It takes time and patience, but I can see that slowly she is going to outgrow it.
I also had a step son who at age 6 wet his bed every night, and we tried the above, and it wasn't working, so we bought him an alarm for his bed (it was made specifically to stop bedwetting- I forgot the name of it), and once the bed had any kind of moisture, the alarm would sound, which would teach him to get up to go to the bathroom. In the beginning he didn't wake up right away, but evenually it worked for him. When he would wet his bed, he would also change his sheets.
Good luck!

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