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Seeking Advice on 6 Month Old That Won't Stop Tossing and Turning

My 6 month old son tosses and turns most of the night. He has been sleeping in his crib in his own room for about 4 months now and has always tossed and turned (he has no blankets, toys or pillow, of course, which makes me think it's a comfort issue). This used to keep me up, but now I sleep sound (my son doesn't cry, so I am able to ignore his restlessness); however, my husband stays up most of the night worried. I will probably ask my pediatrician, but I wanted to see if anyone has any experience with this. My son is well rested and very happy when he wakes; he gets two 1.5 hour naps at the same time each day and sleeps through the night for 11.5 hours (Very consistent!) Can anyone help?

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I am the mom of 2 little ones (21/2 and 13 mos) they were/are restless sleepers. We always use the baby "sleeping bags" that you zip them up in a night so you don't have to worry about them kicking covers off or smothering in a blanket. My kids love them. I say as long as you son is waking up happy and is sleeping soundly, count your blessings and get some sleep.

Hi T.,
Honestly this sounds like more of your husbands problem then your son not sleeping well... If your son is waking up well rested & in a good mood I would not worry. He WILL let you know if there is a problem. My point is... sometimes first time Daddy's worry way too much. My husband still does, & our daughter is almost two :) And they make you worry as well. It sounds like you are doing a great job as a Mom! So don't fret, get some sleep & good luck to you!

My son who is 10 months old today, sleeps with a little stuffed animal that is a bear head with a little blanket "Body". I used be so nervous about it that I would take it away when he fell asleep but now (and probablt has for 3 or more months) sleeps with it all through the night. I have also used the zippered sleep sack and still do on cold nights. I agree with the others, if he is not crying don't worry. (Or let your husband worry and you just sleep!)

Hi. You should get your son into see his pediatrician for the best answer. I'm not a nurse or doctor, but in my experience my nephew(he lived with us) as a baby did the same thing. He ended up having a breathing problem along with allergies. The poor little one must be tired. I hope it's nothing. My thoughts are with you. God Bless.

My daughter (now 16 months) has also always been a "restless" sleeper. As a newborn, she slept in our room in a bassinett and I would hear her moving around and think she was awake and hungry. I constantly checked to see if her eyes were open and she was awake or if she was just moving in her sleep. Then I read that babies spend more time in R.E.M. or "active" sleep than adults. During this time, they will move around a lot. I think it's totally normal. We have a white noise machine in her room that blocks out noise for her but also blocks her little noises from us. I know that when we are traveling and have to sleep in the same room as her, it is much more difficult for us to sleep. I would check with your doctor, though, just to make sure everything is OK.

Your son sounds perfect. I have an 11 month old. He was very restless, w/out crying until that age or maybe 7 months. It eventually goes away. He does have a little stuffed animal with a very small blanket stitched to it. He also is a pacifier junkie, he goes to sleep with one and I put a couple others in his crib. Sometimes he wakes up with a different pacifer in his mouth. We had to close the door to his bedroom because of his restlessness, this helps us sleep and him from being disturbed. You can ALWAYS hear him if he cried. My guy takes two naps and sleeps 11.5 hours at night also.
Don't sleep with a monitor in your room. Everything will be amplified, and your husband probably listens to the monitor. My husband would put a monitor in our room when I worked late, I am not sure why because our son's bedroom is right next to ours. We can hear the clock tick on the monitor. I turn it off when I get home. We can both hear him if he cries or coughs anyhow.
Good Luck, eventually he will sleep more soundly.


Hi T. - it looks like we are similar in a lot of ways. I am a full-time working mom of one son who is now 8 months old. When he was around 3 months, he started having very restless nights. The only difference between my son and yours is that sometimes his restlessness would wake him up. I asked the doctor about this and he said that sometimes babies will have restless nights because of growth spurts.

I also know that we have gotten used to sleeping in our room and turning off the monitor so we don't hear all the little sounds he makes at night. However, one weekend we went to a friend's condo and had to sleep in the same room as him. He was the loudest sleeper and kept us up all night! He kicked his feet, rolled from side to side, sighed, hiccuped, passed gass and made all sorts of noises, all while sleeping soundly. Of course, my husband and I didn't get much sleep at all!

If your son is healthy and taking regular naps, then I wouldn't worry too much about how he sleeps. You should let your husband call the doctor to put his mind at ease though. The doctors are there to help answer the parents' questions.

Good luck and congratulations on such a well-rested baby!

Welcome to the noisy sleeping child club!! My son was sooo rambunctious in his sleep he only was allowed in our room for 1st night after he came home from the hospital. He continually flopped his arms and legs for the first few months until he was able to roll around and increase the noise level. Fortunately, he was our second child so I had no problems sticking him in his crib early. (My daughter was in her bassinet in our room for 4 months--1st child and quiet). I would still discuss it with you pediatrician even if it is just to make your husband feel better because restlessness can also be a sign of sleep apnea. However, it sounds like your son is well rested and there is no mention of snoring so this is probably less likely. Good luck!

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