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Seeking Advice for Fungal Infection

Hi there. My daughter is 14 years old. She has a fungal infection on her great toe. Her podiatrist suggested washing it with clorox 3 times a day and then placing this fungal cream. We tried that but she also keeps painting her toenail every day because she thinks it looks ugly. The oral medication for a fungal infection cannot be given until she is 16. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I am willing to try just about anything.
Thank you for any suggestions.

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Thank you all for the incredible responses. It was so helpful to show her what everyone had to suggest. Thank you!!!

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The nail polish is keeping the fungus in the nail and nail bed. I can recommend a website if you are interested in some anti-fungal herbs that will not only help the toe when soaked in but when drank will also help internally to reduce the fungus as well as to clear and heal the liver, kidneys, pancreas and spleen of any pharmaceutical damage. As an RN you should be aware of the dangers to the filtering and elimination organs from pharmaceuticals. I only give my family healing herbs and we don't have to visit the doctor anymore. We don't get sick except rarely now and when we have we recover extraordinarily quickly. Let me know if you want the web link.

I have heard that Listerine is supposed to be really good for that. Soaking in the AM and PM for 10 mins. I havent tried it myself, but if it works, then YAY!:) Good luck!

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I've told people to use the vicks vapor rub too and it worked for them. You just put a ton of it on the area and then put a sock over it and do it over night for several nights and it should help. but there are other good ideas on here too.

My sister is diabetic and she went to her podiatrist and they told her to use vicks vapor rub everyday. It worked! Good luck

Try using grapefruit seed extract!! Follow the directions on the bottle. I would take it orally and put it directly on the nail, but again you must dilute it and follow the directions!!! It is a little expensive, but the bottle lasts forever and can be used for so much. Also she does need to stop painting them. It will not get any better until she stops. The clorox and fungal cream can actually be making it worse!!!

I have heard that Listerine is supposed to be really good for that. Soaking in the AM and PM for 10 mins. I havent tried it myself, but if it works, then YAY!:) Good luck!

My dad had the same thing and now my boyfriend does so this has been a hot topic of discussion here. He ended up using Listerine.... yes it has tons of uses. He put some in a bowl, and dipped his toes in for 10 minutes each night, pat it dry and don't wash it til the next morning in the shower. Daddy did it for a month, and now my bf is trying it and starting to see a difference.

Apparently you have to do it every day til the toenail grows out, but my dad did it about a year ago and hasn't had a problem with it since. Hope this helps!

I like the listerine idea, I think that may work. If it is at all possible, tell her not to paint the toenail. I know it looks bad, but it needs to have air. Try putting tea tree oil on it after you wash it. I just slop it on. Unfortunately, a fungal infection of the toe will take a while to clear up. There are other essential oils that can help with fungal infections as well, but I like using tea tree oil even if it smells medicinal.

This may sound silly but try soaking her foot in Listerine mouthwash-straight. Take a small dish or something her foot will fit into and pour the listerine over the foot and let it soak for about 10 minutes and do this for several nights before bed and dry foot. It is great- try it. I had this condition for along time and used medicine for it but it never seemed to do the job and the Listerine did it for me.
I am a retired nurse.

I had the same issue and was told to put vic's vapor rub on it and the other toes (to keep it from spreading). Most of the time it spreads and then the toe nail falls off, but mine is just tiny now and has not spread at all...just rub it on dry toes in the morning and in the evening...if it's really bad you can put a lot on at night and then put a sock over it...no side effects and I've even been able to keep my toenails polished:)

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